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How To Give A Relaxing Massage Massage is more common in the West now than it ever has been before. In fact, it is becoming a normal part of life like it is in the East. If you would like to get more from your massage, you have to know a couple of things first. The first thing to do is make the right ambiance. It is best to give or have a massage in a warm (but not hot), airy room. The lighting should be subdued, but not dingy and you could use aromatherapy or scented candles to supply a relaxing aroma. You may play soothing ambient music, but it is not vital. If you are giving an oil massage, leave the oil to reach room temperature for a while before you begin. There are many oils, but jojoba, lavender or almond oils are popular. You can give a massage on a sturdy table, a massage bed or on the floor (but not on a regular bed). It has to be done on a hard base, but you may lay on a few blankets, if you like. It can be done indoors or outside on the patio (my favourite). Massage may be carried out naked or in a swimming costume, it depends on the person's personality and where you are giving the massage. Rub oil onto your hands or deep heat cream directly onto the person. Begin with the feet and move up the leg to the bottom in three phases. Massage one leg at a time. Massage the back from the neck down towards the bottom. Begin on the spine and smooth outwards. Repeat three times. Then move to the side of the person and draw the skin towards you. Massage the bottom with the fingers of a clenched fist for more power. Ask the client to roll over and then do what you did to the legs to the arms and hands. Pull the fingers and bend them both ways. Try to make them clack. Then move back to the feet and legs and start again The chest is a sensitive area for women, but you may massage the chest of a male as you did their back. Be gentle with the stomach, but smooth the flash outwards from the centre and down over the sides. Massage the hips and pelvis, avoiding the genitals with strangers. Move to the head. Massage the scalp without oil, although you can use oil or Tiger Balm on the temples. Use oil on the neck and position slices of cucumber over the eyes if you like. Rub moisturizer into the cheeks, nose and chin. Rub the temples with your finger tips in circular motions. Finally, the customer can sit up and you could massage the nape of the neck and the shoulders again. Ask the individual to move his head around in wide circles three to five times. After the massage, the client will probably appreciate 10-15 minutes rest, so just leave them in peace.

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How To Give A Relaxing Massage  

Massage is more popular in the Developed World now than it ever has been before. In fact, it is becoming a normal part of life like it is in...

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