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How To Build Effective Teams For A Better Life Most events in life are built on successful teamwork. Families are teams relying on teamwork to make everybody's life better or easier. Production relies on team to produce a viable commodity and office staff have to work as an solid team to market the goods or services that the firm deals in and recover outstanding overdue payments. Even countries rely on teamwork: a country's civil service and bureaucracy is made up of thousands of teams from the uppermost cabinet ministers to the team of garbage collectors that keep our streets clean. Even if you work alone, you rely on others to provide your raw materials, keep the broadband going or to deliver your items by mail. None of us can truly work alone any more and maybe no one ever really could. When you realize this fact, you should look around you to see which teams you are in. A family team? Probably. A community team? Probably. Do you play a sport? Are you working? Or looking for a career with the help of a government department? Do you go to school? Even a class is just a big team. One rowdy pupil can destroy the concentration of the teacher and the pupils. Outside the microcosm and into the macrocosm, you are a resident of your town and a citizen of your country and even the world as a whole. Thinking about building the team is everyone's responsibility, because an efficient team is more successful at attaining its goals which usually include enriching the members of the team. Family members can try to pull their weight, strive not to become a burden and strive to help the weaker or younger members of the family. They can do their utmost at school or at work, so as not to be a worry to those who rely on them either for wages or for dreams for the future. All parents agonize concerning their children's future. If you were a member of a sports team, you would exercise in training sessions so as not to let your team members down. You would strive to stay fit and try to score points. You can attempt to do the same in any team situation. Pull your weight at work and one day the boss will notice and you will rise on faster than the one who merely does enough to hold onto their post. The same in your local community, keep your garden tidy. Nobody wants to live next to a junk yard. Ask your elderly neighbours if they need a hand with the shopping or getting to the GP's particularly if the weather is bad. Do not imagine that politicians have got all the bases covered. They have not and they are abandoning more bases each month. Take an interest in local politics. Maybe, you can do it better. Who knows where an interest in community politics will take you if you work for others and show you care. Too many of us ordinary individuals have left politics to the ambitious and greedy and look what they have left us with.

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How To Create Effective Teams For A Better Life