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Helping Out In Swimwear If you are interested in charity work, then you will understand how hard it is to come up with new approaches for helping individuals or raising money, especially if you are on 'the committee'. Not everyone agrees with charity effort, imagining that governments should take on the role of charity worker, but no one can deny that governments are not doing enough, so individuals and charitable associations have to step in. As a donor or as a charity worker, you naturally have the right to decide whom you support. A hundred years ago, middle class charity workers tried to help the local poor; then after the Second World War, charities started searching further afield and Africa and other places became the focus of their assistance. Nowadays, the cycle has turned full circle for a lot of people and they are starting to look to the local poor again. The old expression that 'Charity Begins At Home' appears to be ringing true with people again. So what can you do to help out the local underprivileged? The YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids, USA, has come up with a fresh idea. They discovered that numerous people bought at least one swimming suit every year. Those people might keep them until the next year, if they particularly liked them, but they would still purchase a new swimming costume every year. The thing is, that individuals hang onto their old swimming costumes until one day, they find them at the back of the drawer and it occurs to them to toss them out. Occasionally, for ladies, the top half will break - a strap or the clasp - and they are left with a pair of bottoms. Men tend to hang onto their bathers for years. At the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids, they resolved to initiate a campaign to collect all the old swimming costumes, jumble them all up and invite parents and kids in to select a 'new' swimming costume. A lot of the kids that turned up, particularly the girls, had never had a swimming costume before - they had always worn cut down jeans and a t-shirt. Now, there are several ways you could go about this, once you have collected your boxes of swimming costumes. You can try to create sets for girls - tops and bottoms that match - or you can just throw them all together and let people have the fun of making up a two article swimming suit. If you are attempting to raise money for something like school books or a new church roof, then you could make a fixed charge per swim suit. However, if you are trying to attract adults or kids to your establishment - say a Sunday School or a local community centre - you could place a promotional leaflet in with each costume as it is bagged. You could also have volunteers standing around willing to give fashion advice or you could sell tea or coffee and homemade cakes. Whichever way you look at it, this is a

very clever idea for helping individuals acquire an affordable/free swimming costume and get your concept across. Owen Jones, the author of this article, writes on a number of topics, but is now involved with Strapless Swimming Costumes. If you want to know more, just visit our web site at Swimwear For Big Busts.

Helping Out In Swimwear  

If you are into charity work, then you will understand how difficult it is to come up with new approaches for helping individuals or collect...