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The Hello Kitty Brand Just Keeps Getting Better and Better Over twenty years ago, I remember going to my local mall and purchasing all things Hello Kitty. Back then, Hello Kitty was something new for little girls and even older girls. Today, Hello Kitty is still around and my twins like Hello Kitty as well. That is cool how I liked Hello Kitty fifty years ago! Wow, that is a long time to share the love of Hello Kitty with a lot of generations and now my twins love her as well. This lovable toy (character) seems to find its way through each generation. I remember when Hello Kitty was introduced into the marketplace, at least when I first saw her in stores and malls. I remember my mall had a Hello Kitty store, full of all this Hello Kitty merchandise. I must have been nine or ten when I purchased my first Hello Kitty toy. I was buying this adorable kitty cat and so were my friends. All my friends, from my neighborhood and school, had this little kitty and I remember taking mine to school and showing off my newest “pet� toy. You might think the Hello Kitty toy (character) was created in Japan, but that is incorrect. As it turns out, Hello Kitty and her family, was created in Europe in 1974. Now, the company that makes this cute character is Sanrio, a Japanese company, but she was created in Europe. Did you know Hello Kitty has a twin sister? Yes, her twin sister’s name is Mimi and her parents are George and Mary. It is as if these characters are real, in a sense. As I stated above, now my twins, who are not identical like Hello Kitty like them and are friends like Mimi and Hello Kitty are. The Hello Kitty brand has expanded in a big way. When this product was first created, all that was available to little girls were some toys and stationary. Now, almost everywhere you go, mall, strip mall, mass retailers and online, you will find clothing such as tank tops, shirts, sweaters, socks, umbrellas, boots, flip flops, umbrellas, watches, rings, necklaces, backpacks, lunch boxes, clocks and so much more. Anything you want can be found in their stores and online. There seem to be more products online than in stores, but it seems more and more Hello Kitty products are being created and added everyday. Some more items you child might like are a variety of video games, there are various video games to play today. Along with video games, there are movies, books, stickers and tattoos. The theme of Hello Kitty goes on and on. It does not matter where your child is, they can have and or use Hello Kitty. If your child is having a party, you can purchase party plates, cups, decorations. If you or your child has a cell phone, you can now use a cell phone cover or case for your iPhone4.

Little girls, or older girls, can purchase Hello Kitty bedding as well. For adult women, if you use a credit card, a Hello Kitty Credit Card is now available. Hello Kitty has been and continues to remain a very popular brand for kids and adults alike. Owen Jones, the writer of this article writes on many subjects but is currently concerned with Hello Kitty face painting. If you would like to read more, please go over to our website entitled Kitten Cannon 3.

The Hello Kitty Brand Just Keeps Getting Better and Better  

Over twenty years ago, I remember going to my local shopping center and buying all manner of things Hello Kitty. Back then, Hello Kitty was...