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Headsets, Job Quality and Productivity One of the goals of every company is to hire the best workforce that it is able to afford in order to provide the best quality of service they can to its clients, so that they keep coming back for more. Lots of people think that the best salaries attract the best workforce and this is certainly a factor, but not the only one. Employees like to feel that they are appreciated contributors to the firm and that they have the best devices to do the job for which they were hired. For office staff, this means having access to the best office equipment available on the market. Computers feature at the top of the list of office apparatus followed very closely by the office telephony system. The office telephone system with its inter-office intercom, its switchboard and desk telephones has been around for a very long time - sixty or seventy years, but anyone who retired from office life more than five or six years ago would almost certainly find it difficult to recognize today's contemporary office telephonic systems. The switchboard operator has gone for all but the largest middle-sized companies. Substantial businesses use the much-hated 'Push button...' system to filter calls to the right office and the telephones of smaller businesses can be managed from a small unit by the secretary. Calls can be routed via landlines, mobiles or the Net. However, colossal changes have also taken place at the dialing and receiving ends of the call, the office desk. Office workers have not been attached to their desk by the cord of a telephone for quite a while now, but it still meant holding the phone, leaving you with just one hand free. These days, the whole telephone system has been built into a wireless headset for absolute liberty to roam. Nowadays, there is no necessity to miss a call because you were in another office at the filing cabinet and did not hear the phone ringing or could not get back in time, because you can answer your phone remotely from up to 200 metres away. This is fantastic for reps who often spend at least six hours a day on the phone. In a survey, reps said that the disturbance of a call close by and the cramps caused by being tied to the desk phone were major hindrances to doing there work properly. The wireless headset can solve these concerns, because the rep can stand up and move to a quieter region to take or make a call and can stand up for a walk without fear of missing an important call. If you would like to introduce this technology into your home office to give you the freedom to wander around the house without missing a call, try the Plantronics USB cordless headset, which can transform any traditional desk, telephone set-up into a wireless, completely hands-free set up, simply by plugging it into your present system. These headsets will bring your office into the 21 Century and release you from your office. Owen Jones, the writer of this piece, writes on numerous subjects, but is at present involved with the Plantronics CS 50. If you have an interest in technology, please go over to our web site now at Plantronics CS50 Headset.

Headsets, Job Quality and Productivity  

One of the aims of every company is to hire the best workforce that it can afford in order to supply the best quality of service they can to...

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