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Give up Smoking For Good It is common among smokers that it is so difficult to stop and so depressing when you fail, that numerous smokers just give up giving up. They sadly accept their fate, their failure and their lack of willpower and get on with their lives as steadfast smokers. This is very sad, not least for the smoker who is condemning himself and possibly loved ones around him to ever-worsening health and possibly a painful death. They also say that if you do not plan for success, you plan for failure, so it is almost certainly a wise concept to have some type of strategy in mind if you intend giving up tobacco. A lengthy plan is not a lot of good either; the plan has to be short and decisive - almost like a mantra. So here is an easy four-step plan for giving up smoking. 1] Try to analyze why you smoke. Is it because you spend a lot of time in bars? Is it because all your acquaintances smoke? Is it a way of getting out of the office for ten minutes? Is it out of boredom? Is it because of stress? Do you simply enjoy it or do you just like burning money? Once you comprehend why you smoke, then you can do something about it on the psychological level or lifestyle level. In many ways this is the hardest change to achieve because it means lifestyle changes, but it has to be done if you are going to be successful. You need to fight the psychological as well as the physical dependence. 2] There are numerous aids to quitting smoking on the market but some of them are quite expensive. If you plan to quit smoking dead, this is not difficult because you will be saving on cigarettes, but if you plan to phase smoking out, it might become a problem. In the latter case, purchase the nicotine patches and gum bit at a time for a few weeks before you start attempting to stop so that you have all the supplies you need. However, give some lengthy consideration to going cold turkey because it is the most successful strategy and the advantages are instant. 3] Record your progress in a diary. On the first page set out your goals. Eg: quit smoking on Tuesday 11th, walk one mile each day, swim every Saturday etc etc. Or Begin Tuesday 11th, reduce smoking by 50% by Tues 18th and another 50% every week until down to one a day. Stop one week later. This means marking cigarettes down on the packet as you smoke them and keeping honest records. It is a very practical way of checking your progress and keeping your spirits up if you do well. It will also deter you from slipping off the straight and narrow. 4] Set targets in your diary and then treat yourself as you hit them.Reward yourself for even the minutest successes. I know someone who saved 50 pence for every cigarette he did not smoke and went on holiday to Africa for a month with the takings. Smaller

treats are also beneficial. Tell friends what you are doing, it makes it more difficult to backslide. Owen Jones, the writer of this article, writes on many subjects, but is at present concerned with exercise to quit smoking. If you have an interest in stopping smoking, please go over to our web site now at Health Risks To Smoking.

Stop Smoking For Good  

It is common among smokers that it is so difficult to stop and so depressing when you fail, that numerous smokers simply give up giving up....