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Financial Stress There are various kinds of financial stress, because it can stem from your business activities, from your personal situation or your family life. However, in essence they all from an inability to pay bills. However, financial stress does not always result from a lack of money it can also come from having handled money badly. If you are suffering from financial stress, then maybe we have a few tips that can help. The first step is to get your paperwork and bill-writing kit organized. This can be as complicated or as easy as you like. You could have an envelope rack hanging somewhere prominently like in the kitchen. (An envelope rack is like what they display newspapers in at a newsagents). Get yourself a box and put in it pens, paper, your cheque book, envelopes, a calculator and stamps. Decide on a day every week when you will handle bills, say a Sunday evening. Every time a bill comes in, you ought to open it and put it in the letter rack. If it does not require your immediate attention, which can occur, over the first month, mark on the outside of the envelope the date you have to post the cheque, say seven days before the due date. Mark your bill-paying days on your calendar. Make a list of the bills you have paid and try to keep them grouped together. For example, all your monthly electricity bills on one page, gas on another, mortgage etc. In this manner you will be able to predict what your bill will be next time and the date it will arrive. This will permit you to maintain a basic financial plan. Predictability takes some of the stress out of finances, thereby reducing your financial stress. If some bills are a bit random, coming in at different times of the month, try writing to the firm and asking them if they can consolidate the bills into one monthly bill that will arrive in the week of your choice, normally the first or the fourth week of the month. In the stsrt, you might have to write a couple of letters to explain that you have taken your finances in hand but that it might take a couple of months before you are on top of them. This should ward off any litigation if you have let things slide too far already. You should find that the level of your financial stress should steadily reduce as you get used to your new financial system and as you see that this system works. One last tip is to pay some bills every time you get paid yourself. It is worth a couple of months of financial hardship or overtime to reduce your financial stress and get on top of your finances again. Financial stress, like all types of stress, is a killer - don't let it get to you as well. Owen Jones, the author of this article, writes on numerous subjects, but is currently involved with cheap First Aid kits. If you have an interest in First Aid too go over to our site now at First Aid Courses Online.

Financial Stress  

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