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Exercise Will Help Cure Back Pain It has been asserted many times by health care professionals that it is likely that at least 80% of individuals will suffer from some kind of back pain in their lives and that number will almost certainly increase quite significantly as well. The causes are easy enough. More individuals are living longer and parts wear out; obesity is on the rise and more individuals are sitting at desks for longer than ever before. These are also reasons why lots of individuals do not take enough exercise. Some of them are self-fulfilling prophesies too: you get backache from sitting too long in a poor posture, so exercise becomes difficult, so you avoid exercise and your bad back becomes worse and so on. You put on weight because you do not exercise enough, so exercise becomes a problem so you pass up exercising, so you put on more weight, and so on. It is clear that people have to break out of that vicious circle in order to cure their back pain and obesity. One of the methods of curing lower back pain is to build up the muscles that support that region of the back. In fact, the muscles do not merely need to become strong, they have to become evenly balanced. It is hard for you to distinguish whether your muscles are evenly balanced or not without professional help, so you could look into that, or you could go about a light exercise routine which will have the effect of under-training your strong muscles and over-training your weaker ones, until they are back in equilibrium. . Yoga postures and breathing exercises are a good means of going about this or you could just try taking easy exercise regularly and adding some breathing exercises. The kinds of general light exercise that I mean are walking and swimming. Swimming is especially helpful as an exercise for sufferers from back pain as water not only takes weight off the back, it actually supports it. Walking and swimming are the best and cheapest natural normalizing exercises that there are. Yoga might do it faster, but walking and swimming will get you there as well. It is worth procuring a book on Yoga breathing exercises though as deep breathing will build up other, upper abdominal muscles. It is best to set yourself realizable goals and then extend them once you have been able to reach them for, say, a week without it taxing you too much. If you find that you have over-extended yourself, just take a few minutes break and then carry on. Once you are able to do the distance without the breather for a week without feeling way over tired, extend it again, but not so far as last time. You will soon be able to walk and swim further than you could before you got back pain. A bonus is that you will also start losing weight which will take pressure off your back, further reducing your back pain.

By the time you are able to walk 500 yards and swim 500 yards without feeling puffed, you will probably have lost 5-10 pounds or more and you will be feeling much better for it. Owen Jones, the writer of this piece, writes on a range of subjects, but is now involved with sciatica and acupuncture. If you would like to know more, please go to our web site at Sore Back Remedies.

Exercise Will Help Cure Back Pain  

It has been asserted numerous times by health care experts that it is likely that at least 80% of individuals will suffer from some form of...

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