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Career Change Myths There are a range of myths concerning changing jobs or careers. You might agree that they are myths or not, but that is up to you. Here are the points that I think are myths concerning jumping ship whether it's part of your mid-life crisis or not. The first one, and the one you will hear the most frequently is, do not mix pleasure with business. In other words do not try to create a business out of your hobby. Why ever not? Did some masochist come up with that one? Why shouldn't you enjoy doing your work? If your hobby is flying model aircraft, why should you not make a living out of selling model aircraft? What law is there against getting pleasure from what you do? It seems to me that if you are doing a job related to what you know most about - your favourite hobby - then you will get double the pleasure out of earning your salary. I do not know where this idea originates from, but it sounds like old fashioned Protestant work ethic. If you are enjoying yourself, it can not be good for you. Do not believe it. If you like what you are doing, it will be easier to get out of bed in the morning as well. Some individuals are put off switching careers because they are frightened that they will not do well. Well, welcome to the real world, because there are very few job guarantees in this day and age or any other for that matter. What happened to cowboys, print-setters and record stores? Just go for it, there are simply no guarantees. It is not a wise idea to take just any job that comes along, but equally, you ought to not wait for the perfect job. We cannot all become photographers at Playgirl or Playboy. Think about what you can do and focus your attention in that direction. If you take a job that you are not pleased with, it will not last long and if you hold out for the ideal job, you will be unemployed for a long time. It is a bad concept to ask other people what they think you would be good at. Here I am talking about careers advisors and Career Centre employees. They do not know you! Only you know you really. They can see your qualifications and can draw conclusions from them, but they do not know you. Do not try to pass the buck, it is up to you. It is not always a good idea to have a strong objective in life. Occasionally, most times, it is better to go with the flow. My headmaster would not let me study chemistry with the languages I was learning because he could see no relationship. However, I had an uncle who was travelling the world selling drugs for a pharmaceutical company and I knew that he wished that he had learned a foreign language at school. My headmaster could not see the connection and many people cannot as well. Look at your qualifications like cards and try to create the best sets with them like playing Bridge or Whist. You will realise that there are loads of jobs that those qualifications qualify you for but which you had never thought of.

Take charge of your future yourself - other people are doing their job trying to help you and then they will move on to the next client. You are the only one stuck with you! Owen Jones, the writer of this piece writes on quite a lot of topics, but is currently concerned with being Google Web Translator Services. If you would like to know more go to our website at Real Translator Jobs Advice.

Job Change Myths  
Job Change Myths  

There are various myths about switching jobs or careers. You may agree that they are myths or not, but that is up to you. Here are the thing...