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Beware Hotel Bed Bugs Most dwellings are still free of bed bugs, particularly outside the cities. However, in the cities the story is marginally different, because most dwellings are still clear, but bed bugs are moving into new dwellings every day. Therefore, as time goes by, the chances of bed bugs moving into your home are growing. So, what can you do to prevent that happening? Well, the answer is a bleak one. There is no barrier that you can lay down as you can to prevent termites because most pesticides do not have a lot impact on healthy bed bugs and the one that does, DDT, is banned. This means that your only real defence is vigilance. However, it helps to know where you run the most risks of picking up bed bugs and taking them home. This is how most bugs get into your home, you carry them there yourself. Bed bugs are fantastic hitch-hikers, so if you do get them, it will most likely be because you carried it into your household. The easiest location to pick them up (although you only need one pregnant female) is in a hotel. This means that you should just unpack what you require and take all worn clothing home in sealed plastic bags. It makes sense to pack your clothing into plastic bags before you leave home as well. Roughly all you can do is inspect the bed for tell-tale red or brown smears on the sheets, but there is one ploy that catches them occasionally.. Fill the sink an inch deep with water and let the soap stand in it. Go lie on the bed and read a book for thirty minutes, then jump up, grab the soap and pull the sheets back. Dab up any bugs for proof. You body heat will have drawn them. Use a suitcase that has a waterproof seal or a zip and keep it closed at all times it is not in use.Keep your suit in a plastic bag too. When you return from your journey, wash your dirty clothing in very hot water or dry clean them. The next easiest place to get bed bugs is on any form of public transport: buses, taxis, trains and even planes. In other words you are almost as likely to get a bed bug on your way to or from the hotel as while you are lodging there. You may not be able to tell where they will be, but all it takes is for one to pop up from under a chair and crawl into your pocket or under your collar and you are in trouble. This is a very hard thing to deal with unless you hang your coat up in a plastic dust jacket and inspect it when you have the time or blast it with steam, which is not that easy. You could place the coat in the tumble dryer on hot if you have one. Bed bugs and their eggs die at above 46 degrees centigrade (115 degrees Fahrenheit). Owen Jones, the writer of this article, writes on lots of subjects, but is currently concerned with Bed Bug Covers For Mattress. If you want to know more, visit our website now at Pest Management at Home.

Beware Hotel Bed Bugs  

Most homes are still free of bed bugs, particularly outside the cities. However, in the cities the story is marginally different, because mo...

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