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A Day at the Beach for a Muslim Family The experiences and ways of spending leisure time differ across the religions. Places, foods, and clothes differ across cultures and religions. A day at the beach for a Muslim family is different from the people belonging to other religions. In Islam, it is obligatory for a woman to dress humbly without exposing her beauty. When a typical Muslim family plans to visit a beach, the way of spending that day is totally different from a non-Muslim family. Muslim women cannot opt to wear swimsuits which expose their bodies. The ways of enjoyment differ between cultures and religions. Muslim women also enjoy a day at the beach but their way of enjoyment is different. They may not bask in the sun in two-piece suites exposing their body. They have to plan for their trip to pools and beaches differently. A Muslim family spends time at the beach joyfully while taking care of the teachings and limitations preached by Islam. They cook some food to eat at the beach. Mostly, Muslims are family-oriented people and they plan to go to leisure places with their whole family. Kids play different games at the beach. Women spend most of the time watching their family swimming in the water or presenting food. There is no limitation on Muslim women swimming as well. The biggest concern for a Muslim woman is to wear very humble clothing. They avoid pomp and show in their dressing. There are some criteria which the swimwear of a Muslim woman should meet. The first criterion is to wear a three piece swimming suite covering all of the body including the head. Only face, hands and the feet can be exposed. Now very stylish and quality head covers are available in the market. The second important concern is to choose swimwear which is made up of such a fabric which does not stick to the body when it is wet. The swimwear should not highlight the body contours of the Muslim woman. The fabric of the swimwear should not absorb much water in it and it should be water repellent to keep it light in weight. Muslim women generally prefer to wear swimsuits made up of nylon or polyester. Wearing such clothing has a double advantage. Such cloths neither stick to the body nor hinder movement of the body in water. A Muslim woman also enjoys swimming while following the religious values and traditions. A trip to a beach always brings a thrill to the life of a Muslim family. A day at the beach for a Muslim family is not as dull and drab as it seems to be. They choose their own way of having fun and diligently sort out ways of spending their leisure time. It can be said undoubtedly that a Muslim family has to follow some restrictions and their trip to a beach is not free from many religious and cultural cares. Muslims make their way out by making pre-arrangements to make their visit as joyful as possible.

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A Typical Day at the Beach for a Muslim Family  

The experiences and methods of spending free time differ across the religions. Places, foods, and clothes vary across cultures and religions...