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A Computer Game Environment Of Your Own Do you have a spare room in the house or could you convert your bedroom if you wished? If so, would you like your own games room? Imagine it: a complete games environment and home movie theatre in your own home. Actually, the space does not have to be large and the system does not have to be expensive or at least you do not have to purchase it in one go. It is best to buy decent quality items, but you could purchase something new every month until your video game environment is complete. You can start with only a games console and a secondhand TV If funds are tight, you can fill out the early days by mapping out your video game environment. How serious do you want to take your hobby? How about having glass cabinets around the walls so that you may display a collection of memorabilia? And a few shelves to exhibit your films and games? These items are not that hard to construct and maybe you could get some help. Begin by acquiring some graph paper and mapping out your room to scale. You can keep redesigning and building as you are saving. In the meantime, you can still be playing with your machine and secondhand TV set. It is up to you whether you purchase a big screen first or whether you buy the first three speakers out of a 7:1 surround sound system first. Whatever you purchase, be sure that it is upgradeable. You might want to plug your flat plasma screen into an HDTV receiver one day and you may want to add more speakers one day too. Do not forget to leave space for a small fridge for drinks and a microwave for snacks. How many seats do you have to make room for? Two? Four? You could have two recliners for the contestants (or parents) and large bean bags for the kids. A few of side tables would be very handy as well. Do not forget that you will require lots of electric points as well. Decoration is important. You will require a blackout curtain and the walls should be darker rather than light, but not black. A dark pink is pretty good and then have a number of small wall lights or sconces for candles dotted about. You will also require a powerful light for cleaning and this could be on a dimmer. A couple of spotlights are helpful near plugs and shelves so you may see what you are doing. Pay special attention to wiring. If it is lying on the floor, you will require good lighting so people may stand up and go to the bathroom without tripping over or you could mount the speakers on the wall. If you ca afford it, free-standing wireless speakers are a good idea and normally give the best sound. Perhaps, you could purchase speakers that can be converted to wireless later when you have the money, but in the meantime, you could hang them on the wall and run the wiring behind or on top of your cabinets.

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A Video Game Room Of Your Own  

Do you have a spare room in the house or could you convert your bedroom if you wished? If so, would you like your own games room? Imagine it...