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Intelligent Industrial Wireless Solutions


Powerful, cost effective customised solutions from Maxon Australia Controlmax is a range of customised intelligent industrial wireless M2M and SCADA communication solutions developed and based on your specific requirements. Ideal 3G/4G single box solutions for automated management and control of remote applications for data retrieval, two way communications and control. Maxon Australia’s customised M2M and SCADA solutions are housed in IP rated enclosures and can be discretely mounted giving integrators access to a diverse range of standardised and modified communication devices that allow them to deliver unique offerings.

Controlmax Features




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Durable IP67 rated solutions developed based on your requirements

3G/4G Mesh compatible communication

Expansion with additional I/O and relays, optional power, solar battery, 240V

Customising egineering services a speciality

CONTROLMAX CUSTOMISATION Do you require project specific solutions? Or perhaps you have an existing enclosure concept to complete? Maxon specialises in customisation of the ControlMax solutions. We can install your existing enclosure. For options such as implementing/upgrading to 3G/4G & Mesh communication, machining, assembly of terminals, cable glands, and much more. Maxon can provide a fully finished Controlmax solution ready for installation. Examples of Controlmax Solutions


CM 1005 Includes • Controlmax Enclosure • Unimax+ Router • IO Board


Road Signs

CM 1010 Includes • Controlmax Enclosure • Smartmax Modem • Mini IO Controller


Data Logger

Power & Gas

CM 1050 Includes • Controlmax Enclosure • Smartmax • IO Board • Relays

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Controlmax intelligent industrial solution  
Controlmax intelligent industrial solution