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Panel Mount Antenna ANT - PMRA

Specifically designed for use on enclosures; Maxon Australia is pleased to announce the release of its new 3G Quad band Panel Mount Antenna. (Part No: ANT-PMRA). With 3dBi gain and complete with a adjustable right angled base - this antenna at only 18 cm in length (excluding adjustable base) and is ideal for your many and varied application requirements where modems are installed inside enclosures (metal or plastic) which may restrict signal being received to the modem. The antenna may be mounted either on top or side of the enclosure or with the adjustable right angled base mounted on the side of the enclosure and the Antenna is terminated with a TNC (Male) connector To connect the antenna to the modem you have the the choice of either one of two (RG58) leads, each being 25cm in length or alternatively connect via a suitable adapter. TNC (Female) to SMA (male)

Item Colour Shell Connector

TNC (Female) to FME (Female)

FME-110 FME (Female) - TNC (Female) Adaptor

PCB Length Cable

Property Grey/Black TPE TNCMALE/ TNC Female FR-4 184mm RG178 RG316

SMA-150 SMA (Male) - TNC (Female) Adaptor

Specifications Item Frequency Range Tuned Bandwidth Input Impedence Gain Polarization Direction Map Antenna Pattern Operating Temperature

Property 824-894 880-960 1710-1890 1850-1990 1910-2170 Entire specific band @ < 2.0:1 VSWR 50 Ohm -3 to 3dBi linear omni directional 1/4 antenna -30˚c ∼ 60˚c

Maxon Australia Pty Ltd 36a Gibson Ave Padstow NSW 2211 | P 02 87073000 | F 02 8707 3001 |

3g quad band panel mount antenna  
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