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Summer & Autumn 2018 Issue 114

The Beauford Club Magazine


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The Beauford Club Magazine

Editor Owen First of all i would like to apologise for the delay in this current edition of the club magazine. Not all delays were down to me ( some were of a technical nature) as technology glitches had a hand in matters. I have taken the decision to combine a round up of club activities ranging from the AGM is Stoneleigh earlier this year plus some members articles about their own Beauford ownership and adventures right across the Summer months & now into the Autumn of 2018– which already feels like Winter as we had our first snowfall that covered the ground here only last weekend. You will notice on the front cover that this edition ( #114 ) is Summer & Autumn 2018 As for my own personal adventures of the past few months, these have been filled with fatigue along with extremely hard physical work ( not easy to achieve suffering fatigue) with Michelle & I focusing on a move for our family and finally some progression on the conversion work of our former Church into our future family home. The following months also contained a number of personal tragedies for me and my family which sent me into a “ flat spin “ on occasions but as the saying goes “ what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, I am picking myself up and getting on with things. We have enjoyed a number of very pleasant weddings with our Beaufords in the past few months plus some short personal trips in our cars enjoying the shear pleasure of driving them and the reactions that they receive wherever we go. We have however sold two of our cars –Jill and Ruby but the difficult decision had to be made as we couldn't really justify holding on to all of our cars whilst we slowly brought our wedding business to a “pause” and allow us to concentrate on the self building work of making our new family home. Still remaining in our ownership is our first Beauford “Rosie” plus the one that I built and registered “Phoenix”. Lets just hope that we can put a few pleasure miles on our cars in 2019 as they are now heading to hibernation for the rest of this year.


The Beauford Club Magazine

One of my last weddings I attended this year was in Michelle’s family village of Bearpark. Big or small, its always a please to be part of a couples special day. Liz & Tony had an experience of Weddings this over the summer and suffered a simple breakdown caused by an electrical fault. Its always a worry being so responsible for a couples transport however as I always say “ a car is made up of hundreds of different components & despite the best efforts to keep everything perfect –failures do happen” Its one thing to own a unique or classic car – it takes a special owner to keep it on the road. Well done Liz & Tony on getting everything motoring again. Over the summer this year I lost my dog Zander, my 7 year old gentle giant Rottweiler. We have other dogs at home but Zander was mine & I was adamant telling Michelle that I didn't want another dog of my own. Well that didn't last long! A couple of months later we were making arrangements to adopt a stunning Bernese Mountain Dog. He’s another gentle giant ( or will be giant). He travelled all the way from Hungary to join our family and has a personality to suit is name “Maximus”. I cant wait to take him out in one of our Beaufords next year.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Chairman Jonathon Berg Greetings to all the owners and admirers of the Beauford marque. In this issue I want to return to the theme of considering the future, and how to both underpin and expand the club over future years. In the previous issue I asked for tips for each of you to pass to others – I have to say I have not had much of a response to this (although it is fair to say I had dreadful timing as the request coincided with the moving of the club website and email, which we believe led to a certain loss of incoming messages – I am pleased to confirm that is all settled down now. I will take this opportunity to apologise to anyone who did send in a message. If I didn’t reply then I didn’t get it. I replied to all the messages I received, so if you sent one and didn’t receive a reply, please do me and the community a great service and send it again. Now it could also be that the level of response reflected the fact that I wasn’t clear enough in what I was requesting, so please forgive me being pedantic and say I am after the following: General advice that would apply to all owners regarding such issues as donor vehicles, MOTs, V5s, insurance and other complications of building, owning and running a Beauford Recommendations for mechanics, garages and other resources that you have found that are “Beauford Friendly”, such as those that will attempt to identify and source a mysterious spare part


The Beauford Club Magazine

Likewise recommendations for other services such as Re-sprayers Restorers Upholsterers Vehicle electricians Tyre suppliers – especially white-wall tyres AV equipment installers It is my intention here to start a register that lists general advice and resources that have benefitted owners and to make this available to all club members – but more importantly, to me, to be seen by prospective new owners. This brings me back to my theme in the previous edition of the magazine: what about the future? How do we protect and nurture the dwindling number of Beauford to ensure they remain seen on our roads? One interesting question here is how many Beaufords are there? There are just over 200 club members, but some members have more than one car, but I suspect there are a considerable number of cars held by owners outside the club or sitting part-built in garages. As a first action to answer this I have approached the DVLA and asked them how many registrations are active or SORN (i.e. not taxed for road use). Of course, this proved not to be simple and once I found the relevant department in the DVLA they first ignored my requests and when I persisted refused to tell me. Presumably I might use this information to bring down the economy. Or something. For goodness sake – I wasn’t asking for owners details, only the counts. Anyway, I am now trying again, but this time armed with a Freedom of Information request. Hopefully that will at least tell me, and therefore you, how big the population is. At least in the UK – and it is worth mentioning we have had a surprising number of enquiries to the club over the past year from outside this country – including Sweden. I did finally get an answer from the DVLA which seemed woefully inaccurate when you consider the current distribution of our club magazine & the recent pictures from Stoneleigh earlier this year, I shall endeavour to stay on the case Jonathon Berg 7

The Beauford Club Magazine

Club Secretary Liz OVENDEN’S OFFERING We are now into Autumn and unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control (life does throw some things at times which can knock you for six) this edition which originally was going to be the summer one, is now the summer/autumn edition which also means that this year we will only be having three editions instead of the usual four. This summer proved to be one of the best, weather wise, in quite a few years and hopefully you have all been out in your Beaufords making the most of it. However, I suspect that because it has been so hot that it’s been too much for most to have the hood down as any type of lengthy journey could result in getting burnt, especially if the sun is behind you and if you have short hair and in the case of the ladies a low neck top, sunstroke could quite easily happen. However, not in our case! After a lovely week-end at Stoneleigh, our next main outing was to be to the Ragley Hall show at the end of May and we set out nice and early on the Sunday morning (or was it Monday, I forget) when on the A46 about 5 miles from our destination, the car engine just stopped with no warning, just as if the petrol had suddenly run out, but without the usual coughing etc you get when getting low. That part of the A46 was a single carriageway with nowhere to stop, but fortunately on the other side of the road was an entrance driveway leading to a leisure club and as luck would have it no traffic coming the other way so we just managed to roll across the road and into the entrance.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Tony had a quick look round the car and said that he thought that the petrol pump had stopped in which case there was nothing he could do and we would have to call out recovery. This we did, and after nearly an hour a truck turned up, loaded us on and took us all the way home. Tony, after lots of electrical testing (apparently this could give the same effect) decided that the petrol pump had indeed conked out. A new one was purchased and fitted and the car seemed fine. Our next major outing was at the end of June when we had our niece’s wedding to do (the only wedding we have done in the last two years). Tony drove the car to Wellingborough with no problems, parked up outside our niece (the bride’s) house on a hill. Fortunately, he had turned the car round to face the way he would have to go to get to the church. The family and I set off for the church and waited the obligatory five minutes for the bride, but no one arrived. After 15 minutes I was starting to panic as to what had happened, I just knew that something was wrong with the car. Meanwhile back at the bride’s Tony got the car going by bump starting it down the road and managed to get it to chug the 3 minutes drive to the church! Luckily the bridesmaids had been taken to the church in a lovely old Jaguar belonging to one of the bridesmaid’s father so as the Beauford was going nowhere under its own steam, so we decided to ask the Jaguar owner if he would take the bride and groom to the reception some 15 minutes drive away and this he did. In order that we could go to the reception and enjoy the wedding breakfast and some of the reception we phoned for a recovery vehicle for 8.30 pm that evening which they agreed to. We went to the reception and then got a taxi back to the car about 8.15 to wait for the recovery vehicle, which did not turn up so we rang them again and were given an hour and a half wait (oh deep joy) but fortunately this turned into 45 minutes. Recovery home again to the embarrassment and various comments by our neighbours. 9

The Beauford Club Magazine

Another load of testing and investigation revealed an electrical fault, which is now (hopefully) fixed (fingers crossed) but whilst the dashboard was out Tony decided that he would replace it with a new piece of burr walnut. He carefully disconnected all the wires and marked them up with sticky labels so he knew what went where. However, as you probably know sticky labels do not like hot weather and so unstuck themselves and fell off, meaning every wire had to be tested and tracked back to find where it came from and taking us now into July. The next scheduled trip out was supposed to be to the Transport Show at Oswestry on the 15th July but life got in the way of Tony getting the car quite finished (why do other things break down when you are trying to get something finished) so we had to go in our “every day car” which in sympathy with the Beauford decided to have its air con pack up on us (apparently a Mazda recall but nice of them not to tell us) , but at least it goes, albeit very hot inside. Two days after Oswestry Tony was due to go into hospital for a double inguinal hernia operation and is now at home recovering with the car still not finished and probably won’t be until he can lift and stretch again. (but have just got air con fixed on Mazda hence the drop in temperature and rain – Mazda CX3 condensers are as rare as hen’s teeth). Despite being told that he had to wait 12 weeks before doing anything too strenuous Tony was out moving paving slabs in the garden after 8 weeks (the doctor did say he had to wait 12 weeks before digging the garden, so he avoided doing that) and then went on to have another go at the car, as it was still playing up, eventually finding a loose wire or two, so now it seems to be ok, but is currently in our local garage after failing its MOT on the handbrake performance, which in turn was caused by the brake drums going shiny (forget the actual proper term) due to lack of use – its done more miles on the back of a low loader this year than on the actual road! We are also having a pre fuel pump filter fitted to stop any crud getting in the pump and causing it to break down.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Subscriptions As you all know subscriptions were due on the 1st March and I would like to thank all those members who have renewed. At the moment, after assorted emails followed by phone calls we have 7 members who have not renewed and for some reason have not had the courtesy to say that they don’t want to rejoin this year. I am not an ogre, and if a member does not want to rejoin I won’t “have a go” or be rude to them, it’s just that it saves my time and effort in sending emails and making phone calls. Still on the upside we have so far this year had a record breaking 17 new members, which is a lot more than we have had for quite a few years. Regarding payment by cheque, because I don’t always get the time to regularly go to the bank to pay cheques in, it sometimes happens that I am sent a cheque, pay it in, some times up to 6-8 weeks later and it gets rejected as the sender has perhaps stopped the cheque because they think it may have been lost or something. This happened a little while ago, a cheque was rejected, but they re-submitted it and it was paid. This cost the Club a bank charge of £4 for a £15 cheque. If you think you have sent me a cheque which has not cleared your account please check and see if you have received your new membership car because if you have, then I have received the cheque or you could either give me a ring or send me an email – this will double up as a reminder to me to get my digit out and pay the cheques in! Whilst I think of it, if you ring me and I’m not there, you can leave me a message on the answer-phone but if I don’t get back to you within a day this probably means I could be away so please do send me an email as I always pick them up whilst on holiday and will answer you – I really don’t mind as it gives me less to do when I get home.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Stoneleigh National Kit Car Show Sunday and Monday 6th and 7th May 2018 The law of averages says that the weather should be good for at least one Stoneleigh Show in every so many years and this was our year, warm and sunny, in fact quite hot at times and it was lovely to see so many Beaufords and owners turn up for the show. The ground was a little big boggy, but we’ve known worse, due to the large amount of rain the previous couple of weeks. On Friday, wow, when we got to Stoneleigh to set up the gazebos there were so many helpful members who turned up and helped get everything set up and I’m sure it was done in record time, so we were able to sit down and have a quick drink and a chat before heading home. Due to the owners club next to us letting their car manufacturer who was exhibiting at the show, park his blooming great trailer next to them and on our pitch, we were unable to park our cars in the usual manner, so the site did look a bit higgledy piggledy and one or two members did get hemmed in. However, I think most members enjoyed their bacon and sausage sandwiches for breakfast (thanks to Ken Price for his culinary skills) and as usual lunch was provided, so thanks also to all those who helped put out the lunch and clear up afterwards. On Monday we did have a couple of cars besides ours but I would also like to thank Ted and Chris Byron who came to the show Monday afternoon and helped us pack up (they also came on Saturday to help set up) – it was really appreciated.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Annual General Meeting Thank you to everyone including new faces, who turned up for the meeting, the Minutes are as follows: Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting held at the Warwick Rooms, NAC Stoneleigh on Sunday 6th May 2018 at 3.00 pm ___________________________________________________________ PRESENT Jonathon Berg – Chairman Liz Ovenden – Secretary Tony Ovenden – Web Master Bill Buckley Keith Woolfenden Colin and Sue Ingley Ken and Carol Price John Forbes Ted and Chris Byron Robin and Samantha Beadle Pete and Maureen Horsfield Peter Bacon John Stirk Apologies

Dennis and Maureen Murphy Owen Copeland - Editor Michelle Copeland - Treasurer Kevin Jones

The meeting opened with Liz introducing Jonathon Berg, our new Chairman to the meeting. Quorum There were enough members present to form a quorum for the meeting. Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting It was agreed that there were not any matters arising from the 2017 Annual General Meeting and the Minutes were proposed and agreed. 13

The Beauford Club Magazine

Chairman’s Report Jonathon said that as he had only been appointed Chairman ten weeks ago, and although he had lots of ideas for the club, he did not have anything to report at this stage. However, he was pleased to say that following his article in an earlier magazine asking for feedback, he did actually get some. Treasurer’s Report Liz read out the Treasurer’s report which had been prepared by Michelle Copeland: 2016/17 £ Income 5,281 Expenditure 4,074 ------Surplus/Deficit for year 1,207 -------Opening balances 12,326 Surplus/Deficit for year 1,207 -------Closing balances 13,533 =====

2017/18 £ 4,271 2,968 ----------1,303 -----------13,533 1,303 -----------14,836 =======

A more detailed breakdown of income and expenses was available from Liz should anyone require them.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Secretary/Membership Secretary’s Report The membership has not changed much from last year and although we lose members each year we seem to gain new ones so the membership currently stands at about 180 but as at this morning there are 36 members who have not yet renewed for this year. There seems to be a trend that new members join in one year and then the following year do not renew. I suspect this may be because they get a discount on insurance because they belong to a club and then think that they do not have to continue as members. Reminders were sent out with the last magazine by way of a sticker on the envelopes, which did motivate a few. The wedding page is still proving popular and currently has 33 listings but with 15 more to be paid up for the year, but even with this drop in numbers it helps pay for the upkeep of the web site. Once again there is no news regarding Beauford Cars and I believe that David is in partial retirement. However, he will get parts for anyone who requires them. This year, having lost our Chairman and Treasurer, we now have Jonathon as our new Chairman and Michelle as our Treasurer whom I am sure will do splendid jobs. Unfortunately, Michelle and Owen were unable to travel to Stoneleigh this year. Editor’s Report Liz read out the Editor’s report received from Owen: “Hopefully members are still enjoying the editions of the Club magazine I have created and will continue to enjoy future editions. Content for the magazine remains the hardest part of the editor role, however, I will continue to share my own mechanical experiences to help make up the magazine. Feedback also remains very limited from Cont page 18…….


The Beauford Club Magazine


For those who have wanted either Beauford badges or scrolls– New Stock will be arriving soon, plus headlamp rims are currently being chromed. Top to bottom, left to right: Non Member Member Flying lady £165 £150 Headlamp rim TBA Beauford scroll £25 £20 Heavy chrome badge £25 £20 Sew on badge £2 £1.50 Blue/chrome badge £25 £20 Bumper end tube £4 £3 Bumper tube cap £10 £9.50 Vin plate £10 £9 R/Board strip caps 2 types £1.75 £1.50 Lapel badge £3 £2.50 Old style key ring £3 £2.50 New type key ring £5 £4.50 *includes insurance Postage on Multiple items will be adjusted. 16

P&P £10* £1.00 £3.00 60p £2.00 POA 80p 60p POA 80p 80p 80p

The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine

club members so without this I will assume that content, stories, articles and advertising is acceptable. The proposition of creating a link with the Quantum owners club will extend our readership without dramatically increasing publishing costs. This will also give an opportunity to share Ford related technical know-how too, therefore creating possibly more varied content in future magazines. Unless someone else comes forward and wants to take the role of editor, I am more than happy to continue as long as I have the support of the Committee members and the club members I had hoped to get to Stoneleigh this year however, I now suffer from driving fatigue very quickly so the three hour plus each way journey does not seem very sensible for myself and Michelle to undertake so self-preservation wins out so please accept my apologies for our absence at the 2018 AGM.� Owen was thanked for the excellent job he was doing with the magazine. Webmaster’s report The web site is currently in a state of flux. You probably read in a recent magazine about the site being hacked and how this resulted in it having to be completely taken down and rebuilt. This has meant that all the history on the site records has been lost so we are unable to report on usage numbers as previously. Jonathon Berg will shortly (through his company) be taking over the hosting of the web site and emails also will go to another site. Due to various changes made by our current hosting company, we feel that our needs will be met better elsewhere. Election of Committee All Committee members both present and unable to attend had agreed to continue and on a show of hands this was agreed.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Club Activities Last year the club attended Stoneleigh, Hollowell Steam Rally, the Annual Transport Rally at the British Ironworks Centre, Oswestry, Knebworth Park on the August Bank Holiday and Himley Hall. Anyone who would like to attend any of the above shows or those listed in the magazine should contact Liz to see if the club would like to attend. With Gemini events, we are listed as a Club, but they would like four cars on a club stand and also they require 28 days notice of attendees at their shows. Keith Woolfenden spoke about the Kop Hill Climb at Princes Risborough which is an event held for charity. It takes place on public roads which are closed to traffic on the 15th and 16th September and is about half a mile long. There are plenty of local hotels for anyone wishing to go to this event. Because of early entry it may be best to be a spectator at this next event and perhaps enter the following year. There are lots of classic and kit cars taking part. Club Facilities Once again bacon and/or sausage sandwiches were provided for the early arrivers courtesy of Ken and Carol Price and a buffet lunch as well as tea and coffee was provided for members. It was noted, however, that if members enjoyed lunch with the club, if they were still on site then they would be asked to attend the AGM. A new washing up stand and portable bin holder would also be useful, as the current washing up stand was definitely past its best, and the bin holder broke some years ago. It was agreed to replace these items. (Both these items have been purchased)


The Beauford Club Magazine

Any Other Business Quantum Owners Club – Regarding the letter we had received from the Quantum Owners Club about an “association” they were suggesting with themselves and the Beauford Club, Liz and Tony had had a meeting with Nigel Plant the current Chairman of Quantum that morning. Although Quantum had approximately the same number of members as us, most of their members on average turned up with their wives and children which meant that they had far more attending the show than us. At the Stoneleigh show they always hired (from the organisers) a large tent complete with carpet, tables and chairs and also had a huge barbeque on the Sunday evening to which most of their members attended. This show alone put a huge cost onto the club and Stoneleigh on average cost them in the region of £1600 (I think this cost excluded food). They did not seem to realise that they could hold their AGM in the Warwick Rooms like we did, and always held their meetings in the hired tent. The other suggestion they came up with was a shared magazine copies of which were left with us. We both agreed that we would discuss this at our respective AGMs and come back to them. After discussion about the above, it was decided that the Beauford Club did not mind sharing information on say, parts, but did not want to amalgamate our club with Quantum and we also agreed to keep our magazine to ourselves. Tony and Liz agreed to pass this back to them, as we had previously agreed to see them after the show finished. Regarding outstanding subscription fees, Jonathon suggested that we set up a direct debit scheme for all members to use. A standing order scheme is in place for members but it seems that the majority of people prefer to either pay by cheque or by BACS. However, quite often members forget that subscriptions are due every year on the 1st March. The meeting then had a discussion about the Club’s Facebook page. Unfortunately, because members generally are of a “certain age” and look upon Facebook as something for the younger generation the club’s page does not have that many members. Thought should be given on how to increase this membership and to promote the Facebook page.


The Beauford Club Magazine

The same would apply to the Club’s Forum which is available from a link on the web page. This Forum was set up to take over from the Googlegroups site, but so far does not seem to have had much input. The next Annual General Meeting would be held on Sunday 5th May 2019 (Bank holiday weekend) at a time to be advised. Jonathon thanked Tony and Liz for their efforts over the last year and those members present were thanked for attending. The meeting closed at 4.00 pm Quantum Owners Club Tony and Liz called in at the Quantum Club tent on the way home on Sunday. They have a huge tent which they hire and there are rows and rows of tables and chairs and lots and lots of people and children queuing up for burgers and salad. Apparently at their AGM their thoughts were very similar to ours and they wanted to keep their own identity and magazine, so it was agreed that we should leave things as they are but that as far as Sierra parts go we should be able to exchange information if necessary. AB Tools At Stoneleigh we were talking to the owner of AB Tools who told us that they were in the process of setting up online and that each owners club would be given a unique reference code so that if they ordered any tools on line they would be entitled to a discount (not sure how much at this moment but at least 5%). This would not apply to any tools purchased at a show, but if an order was placed online the item(s) could be collected from a show. As soon as I hear any more I will let you all know.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Beauford Cars I recently emailed David at Beaufords, who is enjoying his “semiretirement� because the question keeps coming up about the age of some cars. It can be confusing and I have had people tell me that their car was built in the 70s and early 80s which I say is impossible, so to clarify matters I have received the following information: The company started in 1986, the fiberglass 2 door came in 1988, the 4 door in 1990, and the long bodied in 1994. The Sierra came into use in 1998/9. I also asked David how many kits had been sold over the years and to this he replied that although there are not any full records available for the early years, numbers are a bit vague, but he thinks that they have probably sold approximately 1,400 kits which are a mixture of 2, 4 and long bodied. Interesting to know. (As a point of interest I have just had my 1001th member join – no number is issued twice) The following reports from Ragley Hall & Hollowell Steam fair are from Colin Ingley Ragley Hall The Ragley Hall motor show Sunday 27th and Monday 28th May. I couldn't make the Sunday, but we planned to do the Monday and meet up with Liz and Tony. Unfortunately they developed a problem (well the car did anyway) and didn't make it in the end. It was a big show with a wide range of cars and bikes from vintage to classic to kit car's. There were plenty of stands and some live entertainment, the house was interesting, all in all something for everyone. We had a look round and when we got back to the car were surprised to find we were not alone, Denis and Maureen had turned up in their Beauford.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Hollowell The Hollowell Steam Fair was on Sunday 8th July, Liz and Tony had said how good it was, so we thought we'd give it a go. We set off early Sunday morning, as we were travelling down the M6, Liz called to say their car hadn't been cured yet and although they had been intending to go they had decided not to. Tony was going to work on it before his impending operation prevented him. Anyway the fair was excellent, steam engines, steam rollers, steam pumps, tractors, heavy horses, fairground rides, stalls, oh and cars of the vintage and classic variety. The sun shone and it was an excellent day, we will certainly be going again. Just need to make sure I don't book any weddings for that day. Sunday 15th July – British Transport Rally at the British Ironworks Centre, Oswestry. Once again a lovely show and the weather was glorious. As our Beauford was off the road, as explained earlier, we travelled up to Oswestry on the Saturday in our extremely hot, non-air conditioned Mazda where we met up with Ken and Carol Price at the Premier Inn. In the evening we all decided to go out for a meal at a local pub about three miles away but so that we could all have a drink we ordered a taxi, the driver of said taxi informing us that we would have no problems in getting a taxi back to the hotel. After enjoying a lovely meal we phoned the taxi firm and were told that there were no taxis available until after 2.00 am! Several other firms were phoned and they all gave us the same reply “not until after 2.00 a.m”. Luckily for us one of the customers in the pub heard us phoning all the firms and offered to drive us all back to the hotel in his car. How wonderful to just out of the blue offer four total strangers a lift, but most welcome. This he did and when we went to give him money for a drink he was very reluctant to take it but we insisted that if he was not drinking then at least to buy his wife one. Quite restores you faith in people.


The Beauford Club Magazine

The show on Sunday was its usual high standard, lots to see and lots of people to talk to. Tony and I thought we would have to park in the general car park but no, we were allowed to park with Ken and Carol’s Beauford and to anyone who asked we just said it was a Beauford converted into a Mazda!. We all also had a free drink, a burger and salad for lunch and an ice cream, which for an entry fee of £5 was a bargain. Other Events Gemini Shows The following events are all organised by Gemini Events, The Beauford Club is now registered with them and as such we can have a designated club area but only if there are four or more cars attending. You can go on line and book yourself in to these shows but please let me know if you are attending at any of them and I can book a club space. Please remember that all bookings have to be 28 days before the date of the show. Sunday 26th & Monday 27th August - 28th Annual Knebworth Classic Motor Show: Knebworth Park, Herts., SG1 2AX Due to our Beauford being still off the road we were unable to attend this show, but had booked in as ever hopeful! September Sunday 2nd September - Classic & Retro Show: Himley Hall, Nr. Dudley, DY3 4DF It’s probably a bit late in the year now but if you, as an individual, or as part of your club are interested in joining Gemini’s marshalling teams you will receive completely FREE ENTRY in 2019. Please email for further information. 24

The Beauford Club Magazine

The Swedish Beauford SÜren Hallberg Chapter 2 I had seen that the doors were badly corroded at the bottom. Today it is not so easy to find a repairer who fixes rust damage. Repairers are a disappearing race. Today there are only installers at the workshops. If something is broken it will be removed and replaced with a new module rather than repaired. However, I found an older man who had a small workshop where he specialised only in rust damage. He worked mostly with classic cars. When I visited him, he was working on a Ford Mustang cabriolet. He undertook to repair my doors provided they were not required in a hurry. I left the doors with him and said he would spend the whole winter working on them. During the winter he visited my home three times where we tested the alignment of the doors. He studied the slots around the doors, measured the skew and marked accordingly. When spring came, the doors were ready to pick up. It cost me £500 but now I had undamaged doors which fitted perfectly! I had a Saab petrol tank, a left over from the Super 7 build. I had in mind to use it in the Beauford but realised now it didn’t fit. The Beauford chassis is prepared for a petrol tank from a Ford Escort mk1 or mk2 Estate. I have never seen such a car and I think it was never sold in Sweden. The Internet is great if you are looking for information or a product. But this time I failed to find what I was looking for. Nowhere in the world was there such a fuel tank for sale, at least according to the internet. I sent an email to the seller of the Beauford kit and asked if they knew where to get the fuel tank. Mrs Thomas replied that they also did not know but would help me in my search. Some day or two later, Mrs Thomas sent a message that she had found a used fuel tank at a good price. If I would like to have it she could buy it and send it to me. The question about money we could solve later. Problem solved! I made a filler neck out of bent exhaust pipes welded together. In the mean time I mounted the brake and fuel lines. The rear axle has drum brakes, the front axle has disc brakes. On the front axle, new parts 25

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were already installed but the rear brakes needed to be refurbished. It was a little difficult to find the right parts for an old Ford Cortina / Taunus, but I discovered that many parts were common with the slightly more modern Ford Sierra, so it resolved. However, I was looking for a regulator for a long time. The disc brakes at the front require a higher pressure than the drums at the rear. To prevent the rear wheels from locking up, the pressure must be regulated in some way. According to Haynes’s workshop manual for the Cortina, there should be a special brake pressure differential valve in the Cortina's braking system, but it was not possible to find one. I decided to use a Ford Sierra brake regulator. I used it on my Super 7 and it is easy to adjust if needed. With the engine, gearbox and rear axle mounted, I could now order a propeller shaft. It is essential that the measurements are accurate and that it is properly balanced. In Sweden, there seems to be only one workshop specialising in propeller shafts. They make them mainly for boats and specialist classic cars. They made one for me which looks very good. If it is properly balanced, I have not yet been able to test. But it has left another £500 hole in my wallet. When I mentioned the cost to my neighbour’s boyfriend who builds Hot Rods, he said "I could have made it for you". "Can you balance a propeller shaft?" "Yes, that's my job". Well, now I have a professionally made propeller shaft that I can count on. For safety reasons I wanted to mount a propeller shaft “catcher”. Just imagine this situation: You are driving your rear wheel drive car at 60 mph and suddenly the front CV joint breaks. The propeller shaft falls to the ground and acts like a pole vaulting stick and throws the car up in the air. So what I needed was a large bracket with “wings” that I could attach to the rails holding the gear box. Where to find such a thing?


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I had a pile of scrap metal which was supposed to go to the dump a long time ago and there I found exactly the right thing. It was perfect in dimensions like it was purpose made! It was a gearbox support for a Ford Sierra that I had in connection with the construction of my Super Seven. There you see the benefit of never throwing anything away! After painting it looked good. The engine was now painted and all the aluminium polished. It looked nice, but on the polished valve cover the word "Nissan" was embedded. Totally wrong for a “Duesenberg”! So... I took the valve cover to a machine shop and asked them to mill it away. They did! And I polished the cover all over again. Now it looks great. (Sorry Nissan!) Now I was ready for the construction inspection. I see this as the most important inspection. It is at this point that things like frame size and material, wheel suspensions etc must be approved. In the worst case scenario I would have to scrap the car and start all over again. Steering wheel should be mounted (collapsibility and joints are critical details to be checked). Pedal rack must be fitted. Mounting points for seat belts, attachment of tank and battery, hand brake control and much more. I was a bit nervous when the inspector came for his visit. In advance, I had made a detailed list of all the components in the car with accurate specification. He looked at the list and said, "If everyone did it like this, my job would be much easier!" Then he looked at the car in its present form and pictures of the finished product as he had never heard of a Beauford. A moment later he said, "It looks great!" and said goodbye. That was it! A piece of cake! I had no need to be nervous.

There will be more on this build as it progresses. Please spare a thought for Sören as this is only halfway, the construction phase has to be inspected then the final completed car. — Compare that to the UK IVA process!


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Bright Sunshine Dennis Murphy For some time I had been thinking that what my car needed was a pair of sun visors, but I’ve only recently got round to making the trip to the breaker’s yard. They’re not the sort of thing the yard takes off a crashed car, so I had to help myself. I found some with simple screw fixings on a Ford (Fiesta I think, it was badly damaged). Some larger cars had covered fixings which may or may not have been easy to re-use. When I got home I realised that the corner posts were too long for the surround, and would need a tapered hole cut at an angle. So I decided to shorten the post, cut a thread and replaced the spring and star washer with a nylock nut. Then I made up some spacers so that I didn’t need to cut any holes in the frame of the windscreen.

The outside ones needed a lot of trial fitting until they were at the right angle, then I painted them to match the car. The visors certainly came in useful during the recent sunny weather when the sun was low, but they couldn’t stop the glare off the bonnet!


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And Finally Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you. No matter what you're going through, there's a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you'll find the positive side of things. I don't believe one grows older. I think that what happens early on in life is that at a certain age one stands still and stagnates.. Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many. Everyone thinks you make mistakes when you're young. But I don't think we make any fewer when we're grown up Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional. No use thinking of the past for its gone, don't think of the future because it has not yet come, think of the present because that’s where you are now. STAYING POSITIVE does not mean that things will turn out okay. Rather it is knowing that YOU will be okay no matter how things turn out. As you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can't remember the other two.


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Beauford Club Magazine Summer/Autumn 2018 #114  

Beauford Club Magazine Summer/Autumn 2018 #114  


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