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Spring 2018 Issue 113

The Beauford Club Magazine


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The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine

Editor Owen Here we are again -Spring ( or so it should be) but snow & sub zero temperatures seem to be ruling this Easter weekend. My last few weeks have been taken up with moving all last remaining items from our bungalow to our Restoration project -converting our former church & church hall into our home and garage store for all of our vehicles. There have now been a few changes that Michelle & I have agreed on including owning less vehicles in our Wedding business so tough decisions have been made. Our 4 Door Nissan 6 cylinder powered Pearl white Beauford has been provisionally sold however will carry out one more wedding with us at Durham Cathedral next weekend. My beloved Red V8 powered Beauford is also for sale. I can no longer cope with heavy use of my clutch leg. Michelle & I want to concentrate our time, energy & money on creating our family home. I truly hope that "Ruby" finds another loving home with someone who will appreciate her with her amazing power, design ( unique windscreen design) & versatility ( tow bar fittings). As a Wedding car Ruby has been a true hit for those that wanted something different to a white/ cream car. Her real place is as an example of the engineering that can go into a kit car and the end result of something that is truly timeless and full of enjoyment. Over the last few days I have also been struck down with a new flare up of my back problems - at least this time I didn't pass out trying to stand up in the bathroom & need emergency help. My latest event has seen me try to get ahead of the symptoms that seem to be from another prolapsed disc and are slowing me down. This is not ideal as I have last minute wedding preparations for a Beauford & Daimler to deal with. 6

The Beauford Club Magazine

I have also not yet been able to open the front of our Hall building due to delays in selling our bungalow so I have a very cramped private car park and having to suffer the prolonged winter weather amidst all of our necessary internal & external valeting. I often get asked about the care & maintenance of all of my cars from wedding guests plus family & friends. I have the same answer having owned some of my Beaufords for over 7 years plus having the pleasure of building and registering one too. The beauty is the steel box chassis is so simple & strong that as long as this has been painted or under sealed then the rest of the car care is relatively straight forward. The aluminium and GRP construction of the rest of the body means that corrosion is not a problem for the main components. The running gear that all of mine are built on is Mk4 or Mk5 Cortina which is coincidentally the first car I owned at age 17 and where I gained a lot of knowledge of car maintenance -A Haynes Manual also comes in handy now & again to remind me of OHV clearances etc. Despite each of my cars covering only limited miles each year they do all get regular check ups on all important components and safety items plus an independent inspection from my local trusted garage for annual MOT. Anything that needs to be done, I am fortunate to be able to attend to myself especially relating to the Ford Pinto engines. I do have to confess that if I needed to do any extensive work on my Nissan 6 cylinder or Rover V8 engines then I would need to invest in more research to back up my knowledge. A few years ago now my wife Michelle found a new insurance provider "WedSure" -Wedding Insurance Group who offered a fleet policy for all of my cars used in our business Rose-Weddings and allowed myself & Michelle social domestic & pleasure use of all of my cars with an unlimited number of weddings and no mileage limits for any experienced, clean driving license driver over the age of 25. They were highly competitive in price and I have experienced nothing but excellent service from them over since joining them


The Beauford Club Magazine

Chairman Jonathon Berg I must open with an apology: my newly awarded email address was not working at the beginning of last month so if you sent me anything in reply to my previous article on attitudes about kit cars in general please can you send it to me again? I am actually very interested in what you have to say, so please make the effort to drop me a few words. Extending that discussion, I am keen to see what can be achieved in gathering knowledge from all corners of the UK to share. Can you please let me know what your car is used for, how many miles you do, who you use for insurance and who from and, perhaps most importantly, if you know any garages or providers who you routinely use (mechanical or otherwise). This last point I believe could be a great benefit if shared between Beauford owners as a community. I, for example, am no mechanic and have my Beauford looked after by Duston Motors in Old Duston, Northampton. This is an old-fashioned garage that has its roots in an era before diagnostic units and sealed engines. The featured picture is their Christmas card from 2002 featuring my Beauford along with other antiques they have littering the place, photographed and then realised as a painting. John, the proprietor, owned my car before I did and so has a sympathy for it, not begrudging the fact that a spare part cannot simply be looked up on a web database but needs to be worked out using detective skills, and often can no longer be purchased directly (Cortina Mk V in my case) but hunted down through eBay or auto jumble sites. But even with his wide knowledge he occasionally comes up dry these days – I currently have no speedometer as we cannot track down a Smiths clock of the right specification despite several attempts‌


The Beauford Club Magazine

I would like to gather such insights from you, today’s Beauford owners, and provide them back to you as insights and perhaps some simple statistics, in an effort to illustrate where Beauford ownership may be going. As well as trying to look forward the next year or so, I would like to see if we can predict what the situation will be in 5, 10 or even 20 years when I think a Beauford on the road will be a truly rare sight. Do you already view your vehicles as unusual? Remarkable? Exceptional? I am sure I am not unique in saying that if I turn up somewhere other than a wedding, such as I did for the Silverstone Grand Prix last summer, the car attracts more attention than the glamorous new rocket ships that might be about, even those which cost 10 or even 20 times what a Beauford does, both to buy and to maintain. For me there is a certain pride in that. So is it possible that over time the focus of Beauford ownership will move away from weddings and towards being venerable collector’s vehicles? What do you out there that run wedding businesses’ have to say? Are you increasingly concerned about reliability as the cars age? Or do they gain more kudos as they become rarer? And for those that drive our chosen marque for pleasure, do you observe interest is increasing as the years go by? I hope you make the effort to let me know your thoughts and I will share them in the next edition of the magazine. Jonathon Berg


The Beauford Club Magazine

Club Secretary Liz OVENDEN’S OFFERING No holiday for us this winter so far but we hope to go away for a while between now and Stoneleigh, so here is the Spring edition in time for then and perhaps we might see a few (or more) of you there, and perhaps we may even get some nice weather. All this talk of global warming etc does not seem to make sense to me when we have had so much snow this year and more is forecast for Easter (this coming week-end as at the time of writing), but I am convinced that some of the seasons are changing. When we first joined the Beauford Club back in the 1990s I remember that the bank holiday at Stoneleigh was always glorious weather and sun tans were often acquired with very occasional rain, unlike the last few years when we seem to get rain at the bank holiday. With regard to rain, we have had yet another “go” at keeping the two gazebos rainproof (especially overnight) and the latest guttering between the two of them involves two lengths of pipe threaded through each side of the guttering material. We are pretty confident that this will work, but only time will tell. Tony has finished putting our newly chromed radiator grille onto the Beauford and it does look very smart. The only problem we had with the grille was that it was a different one we had chromed and he discovered that no two grilles seem to be identical. It was not until he took the original one off, which did involve a lot of dismantling of the front part of the car, he discovered that the original grille had had a piece cut out of the bottom of each of the two side flanges to enable it to fit between the two front wings. As the new grille had already been chromed this meant that he had to very carefully reshape the flanges so that the new one would fit. Also the holes for the wiring also had to be made through the new chrome – a job which involved very careful drilling so as not to crack the new painted chrome. However, all is done now and all the car needs now is a jolly good clean! 10

The Beauford Club Magazine

Subscriptions As you all know subscriptions were due on the 1st March and I would like to thank all those members who have renewed. However, at the time of writing this there are still quite a lot of overdue members and I will be putting a reminder on the front of the envelopes, so those who do not read the magazine straight away will know that their subs are outstanding. Don’t forget it’s £15 for the subscription and another £10 if you wish to remain or go on the wedding listing on the web site. I will leave the wedding listing as it is until after Stoneleigh then anyone who has not paid will have their listing removed. Please note that this will be the last magazine you receive unless you renew your subscription to the Club. You may also find that when your insurance is due for renewal your insurance company may ask for proof that you are a member of a car club, otherwise your premium may well be higher. Don’t forget that the club is here to help members locate spares and give advice and if we do not know the answer then we quite often are able to give you details of someone who may be able to help. If you wish to pay your subs directly into the club’s bank account, details are as follows: HSBC Sort Code 40-39-11 Account 82095203 The Beauford Club Please insert as a reference your membership number or name (number is better as we do have a couple of members with the same name) All membership cards are in individual names not company names. Of course, if you would like to carry on sending cheques then that is fine just make cheques payable to The Beauford Club and if your details (address, phone number email, etc) have changed then please let me know. 11

The Beauford Club Magazine

Flying Ladies Some good news. The ladies ( Isadora Duncan) have now been cast in brass and are in the process of being polished prior to chroming and I am told that I will be able to pick some up at Stoneleigh. Not sure of the price yet but I think they will probably be in the region of ÂŁ130 plus postage. Forthcoming Events Stoneleigh National Kit Car Show Sunday and Monday 6th and 7th May 2018 As previously mentioned I have booked our usual spot for the club stand in the grassed area opposite Exhibition Hall 3 (cattle sheds). For those of you who are not sure where this is a map of the showground is also in this edition.( marked with an Orange Spot) We will be setting up the gazebos, etc. on Saturday afternoon at about 2.30 pm and my thanks to those members who have already offered to help up but if anyone else would like to help then this would be very much appreciated. On Sunday cooked bacon sandwiches for breakfast will be available (up to 11.00) along with the usual tea and coffee plus buffet lunch at 1.00 for all members on a free of charge basis. Please help yourselves to tea and coffee from the water boiler and washing your mugs up afterwards would be appreciated. Also if you notice that the water boiler is getting a bit low, then please top it up from the water containers. I would ask that if you are attending the show on Sunday and have lunch with us, that you give up an hour of your time at 3.00 pm to attend the AGM, which is held for the benefit of members, and we welcome fresh comments at this meeting. 12

The Beauford Club Magazine

Annual General Meeting The following is the Agenda for the next AGM. If anyone has any subject they would like to discuss then please bring it up at the meeting under Any Other Business. The meeting is scheduled to be held at 3.00 p.m. on Sunday 6th May in the Warwick Hall Conference Centre, NAC Stoneleigh, in the downstairs room to the left of where you go in. AGENDA 1. Welcome to our new Chairman 2. Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting to be approved 3. Chairman’s Report 4. Treasurer’s Report 5. Secretary/Membership Secretary’s Report 6. Editor’s Report 7. Webmaster’s Report 8. Election/Resignation of Committee a. Chairman b. Treasurer c. Secretary/Membership Secretary d. Editor e. Web master f. Committee Members 9. Club Activities – different shows to attend 10. Club facilities (improvements/changes) 11. Any other business – Association with Quantum Owners Club Full information Quantum cars and the club can be found on Cars range from the Fiesta based ‘use every day’ Saloon, 2+2 and H4 to the Sierra based ‘Sevenesque’ Xtreme. The club was founded in 1991, we have an active membership of approximately 150, a quarterly magazine and an active club forum for both Social and Technical information.


The Beauford Club Magazine


Non Member Members A. Beauford scroll £25 £20 B. Flying ladies £165 £150 C. Heavy chrome badge £25 £20 D. Blue/chrome badge currently out of stock E. Sew on badge £2 £1.50 F. S/steel bumper end tube £4 £3 G. Bumper end tube caps £10 £9.50 H. New type key ring £5 £4.50 I. R/ board strip end caps £1.25 £1.00 J. Lapel/tie/cap pin £3 £2.50 K. Old style key ring £3 £2.50 Headlamp rims pair £55 £40 (not shown) L. VIN plates ( not shown) £10 £9

Postage £0.76 £10 (incl insurance) £2.50 £0.58 POA POA £0.75 POA £0.54 £0.75 £5.00 (pair) included

I have currently run out of item D above, the blue/chrome badge. This was originally designed, ordered and made some years ago but the company who made them is no longer in business. There appears to be quite a few companies selling badges on ebay and thanks to our member Rod, who gave me the name of a recommended one, However, most of these badges are in plastic/acrylic and I really wanted one in metal. I really don’t have the patience to search the internet for these things but fortunately Tony does and he has come across a company in Birmingham who make metal badges. We have now placed an order with them for some badges which are identical (I think) to the old ones apart from the central “B” which is slightly more italic than the old badge, but looks very good in the picture. I am hoping I should have the new ones to bring with me to Stoneleigh and I am pleased to say that these will only be slightly more (£1) than the older badges at £17 plus postage. Not bad considering the old ones were made some 10 plus years ago. 14

The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine

Other Events Gemini Shows The following events are all organised by Gemini Events, The Beauford Club is now registered with them and as such we can have a designated club area but only if there are four or more cars attending. You can go on line and book yourself in to these shows but please let me know if you are attending at any of them and I can book a club space. Please remember that all bookings have to be 28 days before the date of the show. May Sunday 27th & Monday 28th May - Motor Show: Ragley Hall, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 5NJ. If you wish to attend this show then please let me know on receipt of this magazine so I can book a club space within the 28 days booking window. June Sunday 3rd June - Classic Motor Show: Madeira Drive, Brighton, BN2 1AE Sunday 17th June - Father’s Classic Day Out: Trentham Gardens, Stone Road, North Staffordshire, ST4 8JG Sunday 24th June - Classic & Retro Show – The Lawn Rochford Essex SS4 1PL July Sunday 15th July - Classic Motor Show: Walsall Arboretum Extension, Broadway, Walsall, WS1 2QA Sunday 29th July - Nostalgia Show: Beaumanor Hall, Woodhouse, Nr. Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 8TX


The Beauford Club Magazine

August Sunday 12th August - 7th Hampshire Classic Motor Show: Breamore House, Breamore, Hamps., SP6 2DF Sunday 26th & Monday 27th August - 28th Annual Knebworth Classic Motor Show: Knebworth Park, Herts., SG1 2AX September Sunday 2nd September - Classic & Retro Show: Himley Hall, Nr. Dudley, DY3 4DF Booking online is quicker and cheaper with immediate confirmation via email. Alternatively visit the website for further information or to download a manual booking form. If you, as an individual, or as part of your club are interested in joining Gemini’s marshalling teams you will receive completely FREE ENTRY in 2018. Please email for further information. More shows: Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th July – Hollowell Steam and Heavy Horse Show. This is a local show to Tony and I and hopefully we will be attending this one. Please see their web site, and downloaded an exhibitors entry form. There is no charge for exhibiting and it is a lovely show. Entry for visitors is £10 adults, £8 OAP and £5 for children CRASH Box and Classic Car ClubHistoric Vehicle Gathering, Powderham, Devon Saturday/Sunday 7th/8th July. I have not received any information yet regarding this show but details can be got from their web site Final entry closing date is usually 30th June.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Sunday 15th July – British Transport Rally at the British Ironworks Centre, Oswestry. Again a lovely show, with plenty of exhibits to see and buy. Register for this show and get a free snack/meal and drink. Cost of entry £5 for a car and two passengers. Entries can be made on line at Sunday 22nd July – Kent’s Kit, Custom and American Car Show, Aylesford Priory, Aylesford, Kent. 10am - 5pm See to download a booking form. Cost is £5 per car which includes driver and one passenger. Additional passengers are £2 each. Trade and autojumble and food is available. Vehicles must be on site between 10.00 and 3.30

Sunday 9th September – Kent’s Classic Car Show, Aylesford Priory, Aylesford, Kent See to download a booking form.


The Beauford Club Magazine

The Swedish Beauford Soren Hallberg Chapter 1 Ever since I was a child, I have been fond of cars from 1920-30, those with long sweeping fenders and running boards. Since the age of 20 I have also wanted to build my own car, just in that style. The chance to build a car did not come until I was 60 years old and moved from the big city to the countryside. I bought a house, built a garage, and built my first car, a Locost, a Lotus Super 7 replica. A few years later when the car was finished, I began to think about the next project. Now I wanted a car with a roof. One night when I was browsing the Internet, I found it! A Beauford! The car I have been dreaming of for well over 40 years! I also found The Beauford Club and on the webpage was an advertisement for a Beauford kit - a two door with hard top that had hardly been started. I contacted the seller and we agreed on a price. Now all the car parts had to be moved to Ludvika in Sweden from London, 1200 miles away. The deal included a lot of parts, so the easiest way was to travel to London myself and get it all. I hired a suitable trailer and hooked it onto my old Citroen Estate. People thought I was crazy to do this adventure at the age of 72. The seller had collected lots of car parts over the years. Consequently both the Beauford and the Citroen were full to bursting - chock-a-block! When I was home again friends asked me, "Did you buy any tax free?" I replied that the only empty space was under the brake pedal where maybe a beer can could fit, but I did not want to drive such a distance without brakes. The trip went well. I went away with two credit cards in my pocket, no cash, no foreign currency. However, on the ferry Harwich to Hook of Holland, none of my cards worked when I tried to pay for my dinner. Tired as I was I thought I mixed the PIN codes. It later turned out that my bank had a computer failure. If I’d had cash I would have avoided an embarrassing situation but, as a solace, I had a free dinner. 19

The Beauford Club Magazine

To get a Kit Car approved in Sweden, two inspections are required. At the first one, among other things, all the welds are checked. Steering, brakes and brake lines etc. are also examined. I had to start by dismantling the floor and other things that concealed all the welding points. The car was RHD (right hand drive) and I wanted to rebuild it to a LHD to better suit Swedish traffic regulations. When searching for a LHD rack, I discovered that the vehicle's suspension is based on the Ford Cortina and parts for such a vehicle are hard to find today. I think I found the only steering rack available in Sweden. I also needed to certify that the frame material is of approved steel and that the welds are made correctly. Such a certificate could not be obtained from Beauford Cars, but in the end, Liz Ovenden arranged one issued by Beauford Club. (Thank you, Liz, you're an angel!).

Scrub radius Another problem that appeared was the scrub radius. SFRO, the Swedish organization that examine kit cars, advise against using Ford Cortina front suspension. The scrub radius becomes too big. What is scrub radius, then? Wikipedia: “The scrub radius is the distance at the road surface between the tyre centre line and the SAI line extended downward through the steering axis. SAI (The steering axis inclination) is the angle between the centreline of the steering axis and vertical line from centre contact area of the tyre (as viewed from the front). Too much scrub radius gives poor road handling and excessive load on bearings and components. Maximum approved scrub radius by SFRO is 60 mm. The recommendation is 10-20 mm. It's not easy to measure the scrub radius but the calculation I did, with the nice chromed wheels delivered with the kit, came to about 110-120 mm. Panic!!! What to do??? The nice chrome rims had zero offset. Could Ford rims with another offset solve the problem? The Internet is wonderful when you have a problem to solve. Old Ford Mondeos have rims with an offset of minus 40 mm. A little luck, a thinner wallet and rims with suitable new tyres, solved the problem! The scrub radius is now close to 60 mm.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Engine The seller of the kit had bought a donor car for the engine, a Nissan Laurel. The car had a straight 6 cylinder 2.4 litre engine with an automatic gearbox. I was asked to take that one too but I had no way of taking it with me and to transport it to Sweden would cost more than the value of the car. I also hesitated to put a Japanese engine in a Duesenberg replica. The correct engine had of course been an American straight 8, but where to find one? I drove home with the heavy loaded poor Citroen. After a month the seller contacted me and insisted I should have the Nissan engine, even offering to transport the engine themselves to Sweden. As the chassis was made for this engine and gearbox, it would of course make it much easier for me. We agreed on a price including the transport. The seller now asked a mechanic to disassemble the engine and gearbox from the Nissan Laurel and load this into his van. Then husband and wife rented this van and drove to Sweden! They drove the same way I did, through Holland and Germany, ferry to Gothenburg, and then up to Dalarna where I live. They stayed a few days and we enjoyed each other’s company spending many hours chatting together! The engine had only done 65,000 miles but was rusty. All the aluminium parts were covered with a thick layer of white oxide. I took me many days to clean, sand and paint. And hours and hours of aluminium polishing! Finally I could mount the engine and gearbox together. Between the two there is a torque converter and a little shaft with splines. The strange thing is, the splines look the same in both ends, but in one end there is a little hole. Which end should be in the torque converter? The mechanic had a guess, but to be sure I sent an email to the Nissan dealer and asked. The other end, they answered. My son lives in Tokyo, so then I asked him to contact Nissan in Japan. He got a drawing showing the same end as the mechanic had guessed. So much can you trust Nissan Sweden! Finally it turned out that it was only possible to put the shaft in one way. Then I made the same discovery as other Beauford builders. You cannot lift the engine and gearbox into the car, you have to lift the car and lower it over the engine. It was a hard but exciting day! Suddenly I had a car!

To be continued........... 21

The Beauford Club Magazine

Isadora Duncan Who was Isadora Duncan? What is the story behind her?

Isadora Duncan was born in 1877 in San Francisco and moved to Europe to become a dancer when she was in her early 20s. She had always loved to dance–in her teens, she worked as a dance teacher at her mother’s music school–but Duncan was not a classically trained ballerina. On the contrary, she was a free-spirited bohemian whose dances were improvisational and emotional; they were choreographed, she said, “to rediscover the beautiful, rhythmical motions of the human body.” In contrast to the short tutus and stiff shoes that ballet dancers wore, Duncan typically danced barefoot, wrapped in flowing togas and scarves. Female audiences, in particular, adored her: In an era when classical ballet was falling out of favour with many sophisticated people (and when the scantilyclad dancers themselves were, more often than not, “sponsored” by wealthy male patrons), Duncan’s performances celebrated independence and self-expression.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Duncan lived a self-consciously bohemian, eccentric life offstage as well: She was a feminist and a Darwinist, an advocate of free love and a Communist. (For this, her American citizenship was revoked in the early 1920s.) Meanwhile, her life was a tragic one, especially when it came to automobiles: In 1913, her two small children drowned when the car they were riding in plunged over a bridge and into the Seine in Paris, and Duncan herself was seriously injured in car accidents in 1913 and 1924. Duncan's ex-husband Esenin was found dead in a hotel in St. Petersburg, on December 28, 1925. His mysterious death was never completely explained. On the day she died, Isadora was a passenger in a brand-new convertible sportscar that she was learning to drive. As she leaned back in her seat to enjoy the sea breeze, her enormous red scarf (“which she had worn since she took up communism,” one newspaper reported) somehow blew into the well of the rear wheel on the passenger side. It wound around the axle, tightening around Duncan’s neck and dragging her from the car and onto the cobblestone street. She died instantly.


The Beauford Club Magazine

And Finally Ladies Page –Beauford magazine Issue 17 –Christmas 1993 LADIES If you can no longer afford to run a car, who not try this alternative “Man – a Guide to Buying and Owning”. Before acquiring your man test the market thoroughly as appearance can be deceptive. Choose a reliable long lasting model as changing at a later stage can be expensive. Foreign models are often worth considering. Remember to keep the guarantee which you sign on delivery as this should be surrendered if you subsequently trade in your man for a newer model. Do take out sufficient insurances, as failure which occurs due to lack of maintenance will not be covered under the guarantee. However, with care your man should last a considerable time. Performance may show a marked deterioration in later years, although with some models performance improves with age. Fuel capacity from Monday to Thursday is approximately pints, but from Friday to Sunday can be anything up to 12 pints a day. Short measures of additive may sometimes be needed. Turning circle on most models is approximately 2 feet but more room will be needed with a full tank. This will also affect the steering. Warm weather starting will probably require gentle shaking but on failing to start try washing down with a bucket of cold water while awaiting second attempt. In cold weather you will probably have to push. Refuel at least twice a day but do not overfill as permanent damage may occur to chassis and the appearance will suffer. Check regularly for signs of vandalism, if you suspect that the hand brake may have slipped and your man escaped. If a fuse has blown allow time to cool down before attempting to rectify. This also applies to overheating. Smoke may be noticed issuing from your man, this is a sign of weakness in manufacture but some models can be ignored but increase your insurance cover immediately. Treat your man as you would your husband and he will give you a lifetime of satisfaction and service! There is a man’s versions of women as well but perhaps that can appear in a later edition, but meanwhile all I can say is we love you men dearly.


The Beauford Club Magazine


My Stunning Red & Black 2 Door Beauford 3.5ltr V8 Ive owned & used this car for over 6 years ( along with my other Beaufords) and enjoyed faultless performance from her. Serviced annually MOT exp 9 July 2018 V5 correctly lists my car as Beauford and is dated 1974 making her TAX EXEMPT With this combination of engine & low body weight, fuel economy is exceptional in mid 30's mpg The car electrics also feature tow bar electrics ( and i have the tow bar ready to bolt back on) making this car ideal to be part of a wedding car fleet or as a private unique classic for touring short or long distances ÂŁ12500 Owen & Michelle Copeland tel 07519654526


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine

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