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Winter 2019/20 Issue 119

The Beauford Club Magazine


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The Beauford Club Magazine

Editor Owen Hi everyone. Liz isn't going to like me tempting fate but -have we had a Winter yet? I can only remember defrosting my windscreen twice in the last 2 months. I do remember growing up with a definite Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. Snow & Frost are normally associated with Winter but these seem to be very lacking this year. The only clue for this time of year has been the very early dark nights & dark mornings on the way to work. Small reminder ( not the only one in this edition) that the early May Bank holiday has moved to Friday, May 8 to coincide with Victory in Europe Day, or VE Day, to mark the 75th anniversary of the formal end of World War II. It will be the first day of a long weekend featuring numerous commemorative events across the country. This affects the National Kit Car show at Stoneleigh which incorporates our Beauford club AGM, instead of Sunday & Bank holiday Monday this is now scheduled for Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd May 2020. I fully intend to be at this years Stoneleigh show however probably without either of my Beaufords as I need to incorporate this event plus a few days near Silverstone with my new Bernese Mountain dog carting friends followed by a return home for a wedding that has been planned for the last 2 years & then back to Priors Marsden for a few days with the National Bernese Mountain dog club. Our chosen mode of transport will be our Wheelchair accessible van plus our caravan and the joy of the van being limited to 56mph. Back at home we have taken some sizable steps in our conversion of our former church. We had very short notice before our final level floor screed was laid just before Christmas, just 3 days before they wanted to come & start Michelle & I hadn't started to put down the 1200 meters of under floor heating pipes so we had a very busy 3 days. Next we managed to secure a new team of plasterer to make a start early 4

The Beauford Club Magazine

January and next thing we know we have 3 completed rooms ( seven sizable ones to go). And finally just a few days ago our plumber arrived to commission our boiler, water tank & under floor heating system. My next couple of weeks will be a mixture of more building work ( plaster boarding - lots of plaster boards and very high ceilings)

I will also finally be bringing both of my Beaufords out of hibernation. Phoenix and Rosie both need a service and MOT, even though Rosie is registered 1979 making her MOT exempt I will still prepare her and present for test. I do now have the pleasure of Tax exemption for Rosie so hopefully I should be able to have some extra pleasure use out of her this year.




The Beauford Club Magazine

Chairman Nigel Whitworth I would like to take this opportunity to thank Club members for letting me take on the appointment of Club Chairman. After meeting several of you in person at Stoneleigh, Gaydon and Knebworth I was certainly impressed how friendly and helpful everyone was within the Club. This made my decision quite easy to stand for the position when it became available late last year. It was our first Stoneleigh last year and we enjoyed the weekend chatting and making new friends whilst looking around each others Beaufords, swapping ideas, compliments etc. Myself and the good lady (Jane) who is also a petrol head, live near Spalding in South Lincolnshire close to the Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Northants borders. In the summer we have an abundance of local classic car shows in our area and were really surprised by the amount of interest the Beaufords portrayed. With this and running a successful Wedding Car Business our love for the Beaufords began 3 years ago. In previous years I had the pleasure of working up through the ranks at our local football club Holbeach United Youth's and eventually became Chairman for around five years. I used to run this on a team input basis not on being Mr Big in the Chairman's seat. It worked very well and I would wish to carry on this approach at The Beauford Club, so folks I am just one of you with a posh title. We are looking forward to meeting with a lot more members this year as we are spreading our wings to the Newark Kit car show and a trip to Beaulieu (tba) amongst all the other regular shows being attended. Please help to keep this great Car Club alive and kicking with your stories, views and new ideas. Many thanks, Nigel


The Beauford Club Magazine

Club Secretary Liz OVENDEN’S OFFERING I will start first of all with the good news – we have a new Chairman. Nigel Whitworth has been a member of the club for nearly four years and those of you who attended Stoneleigh and/or The British Motor Museum at Gaydon may remember seeing him as he was at both of these with his wife Jane. I am sure that Nigel will be writing something about himself in this edition’s Chairman’s Report but I would like to thank him for volunteering to take on the position and to help me in running the Club. Before I forget, I hope you all had a good Christmas and wish you all a good new year. As I write this it is almost February and so far the winter weather has been fairly kind (apart from all the rain). A lot of members have their Beaufords tucked up for winter – ours is snug in its own garage and is currently on a SORN. Last week we had a bit of a dilemma on whether or not we should tax it as our main car had acquired a puncture and we had no way of getting the car or its wheel up to the garage. Tony did try and pump it up but it had a large hole on the wall and the air came out as quickly as it went in. Fortunately, however, one of our neighbours took him up the garage to get it changed, which turned out to be an expensive way of bumping up a kerb! Meanwhile, back on the home front, we are just having our en-suite revamped into a wet room – its being tiled as I type this. Tony has done all the plumbing and electrics but the tiling we are leaving to an expert. Meanwhile he has been building miniature apartments for my miniaturist club’s next project. There are four shops as a base with two apartments above each shop making four blocks in all and each set of two will be joined in the middle by access stairs. The theme for the apartments is 7

The Beauford Club Magazine

French so the shops will be a ballet school, a patisserie, a boulangerie and a furniture shop. Each apartment will be French themed with a balcony so its going to be great fun in seeing how each club member interprets their individual apartment. The other thing which we have been doing is that we have acquired a half share of an allotment (as if I have not got enough to do). Tony bought me a rotavator for Christmas, so we have been up to our plot and tidied it up a bit and I’ve bought loads of veggie seeds which I can start off at home in the greenhouse, plus I have supervised the rotavating process, getting lots of fresh air at the same time. Should be absolute bliss up there in the summer. Back to Beaufords, it makes a pleasant change not having to have work done on our car (touch wood) and this is typically a quiet time of year, hence my above ramblings but I am now getting details of various shows throughout the year which I will list where I can. Currently we seem to be booking up for every week-end throughout July, which is good. Subscriptions This is just a reminder that subscriptions are due on the 1st March 2020 and with effect from this date will be £20 per annum (as agreed at the Stoneleigh AGM). Many thanks to those of you who have either completed your standing order instructions and sent them off to your banks and thanks also to those who have sent me cheques in readiness for the new financial year. I have not paid any of the cheques in yet as I did not want to confuse this year’s accounts with next year – I have learnt from experience that mixing the two years together makes problems trying to separate them. If you have not completed one of these forms it is not too late to do so – as long as you get it off to your bank before the end of February. Also enclosed with this magazine is a membership renewal form. If you have completed the standing order form then you do not need to complete this but if any of your details, including 8

The Beauford Club Magazine

email address and phone number then please do let me know. Also, if you have paid up by cheque unless any of your details have changed then you do not need to complete it. However, if you are sending me a cheque then please send the form back with it, complete with your name and membership number (this appears on the envelope which the magazine comes in). Just a reminder - a standing order form can be cancelled by you at any time if you no longer wish to be a member of the club. Visit to Beaulieu in 2020 – provisional date Sunday 12th July 2020 As mentioned in the last magazine we are proposing to arrange a visit to Beaulieu motor museum. We wanted to book a date before the schools break up for summer and hopefully when members will be free. The only available date in July (see below for other shows) will be Sunday 12th July. For those of you who are not sure where Beaulieu is, it is on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire. If you Google Beaulieu motor museum you will see everything there is to know about the motor museum. I have checked the date on line and it appears that 12th July they are holding a Landrover show but will still welcome other clubs should they wish to attend. If you would like to attend this club get together then I would be grateful to have numbers of those who wish to attend. Because we need to book up in plenty of time, I have set a cut off date of 29th February and would be grateful for a response by that date. I have asked Keith Woolfenden who now has the email address of if he will collect names and organise tickets etc, as he did for Gaydon last year. The following is all conjecture as I am not sure of the actual ticket price but I think it will be £12.50 for an adult with a slight concession for senior citizens. Keith will let me know if there is a discount for bulk numbers, but I am sure that the club will be able to offer a discount to anyone who would like to go. I would also like anyone who would like to go to pay a small deposit as a gesture of goodwill. All this can be confirmed once we have numbers. If you do not have access to email then a phone call to me will suffice. 9

The Beauford Club Magazine

Alternative venue for 12th July Cotswold Motoring Museum and Toy Collection Our new Chairman, Nigel, has come up with the idea of visiting the Cotswold Motoring Museum and Toy Collection which is situated in the picturesque village of Bourton-on-the-Water. There are seven galleries covering an area of 7500 sq.feet packed with vintage car collections, a fascinating and unique toy collection, a History of Motoring exhibition and children’s TV favourite Brum. The museum itself is within an original 17th century watermill. Bourton-on-the-Water is a lovely place to spend a day and the Motoring Museum has parking for 8 cars and should we need more parking spaces these are available at the British Legion which is just a few minutes walk away, but of course, parking places need to be booked beforehand as otherwise parking is at a premium in the Village. There are lots of restaurants and places to eat in Bourton and the museum itself does have a gift shop (of course). Ticket prices are £6.25 for an adult, £4.50 for a child under 16 and free for under 4 years. I would suggest that you visit to have a look at their web site and to see everything which is available. If you are interested in attending this outing then please let me know by either a phone call or by emailing me at so that I can organise the day. Please do not leave it too late to book.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Stoneleigh National Kit Car Show Saturday and Sunday 2nd and 3rd May 2020 This is not a Bank Holiday weekend but I am sure we will all enjoy ourselves none the less. I have booked our usual spot on the grassed area opposite the cattle sheds/Exhibition Hall 3 and we will be setting up on Friday and as usual will welcome any help available. I appreciate that this is a working day (for some) but if you can help then that would be fantastic. I always forget to mention that if you have any Beauford related auto jumble you wish to sell then bring it along to the club stand and you can put it out for other members to view – you never know you might have the exact part that someone else has been searching for. Tea, coffee and lunch will be available on both days but as this show is slightly different to most years, if you could let me know if you will be attending on Saturday, it will be easier for catering purposes. The usual buffet lunch will be available on Sunday. This year’s AGM will take place at 12 noon on Sunday. The Agenda will be printed in the next magazine, but if you have anything you think we should discuss then please let me know soon. The one thing that I would like to discuss is the Rules, which I will try and update before the AGM, but will need the agreement of those present to agree them. The meeting will be followed by lunch, then a last look round the show before we start to pack up the gazebos and again any help would be appreciated. If anyone needs any camping forms for the show then let me know and I can let you have one.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Cars at the Spa, Leamington Spa, Sunday 28th June Tony and I attended the inaugural show of Cars at the Spa last year. It was a lovely day both weather wise and the show. The show itself takes place on the park grounds next to the local Spa Centre and library on the very edge of Leamington Spa’s extensive shopping area. There will live music and I am told that this year there will also be food stalls (as well as the cafeteria in the Spa Centre) plus there are numerous eateries in the town itself. The show runs from 10.00 to 4.00pm and the cost of entering is £10 per car which goes to various local charities. All applications must be received by 31st May and if you require an application to attend form then please let me know and I can send you one. Further details can be found on . Hollowell Steam and Heavy Horse Show Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th July Now this is really what I call a grand day(s) out. Although it is a two day event we will probably only be going on the Sunday. It takes place in some farmers’ fields which have been loaned out for the occasion. There is an arena set up in the centre with displays from vintage lorries, cars and motor cycles, steam engines, beautiful heavy horses plus Bernese mountain dogs with carters. For refreshments there are so many stalls selling all manner of goodies to eat, plus a beer tent and an afternoon tea tent. Assorted animals, birds and pets to meet. There is also my pet hate, Titan the 7 foot robot who just gives me the “willies” but I know he is very popular with the kids as long as he does not come near me! A fun fair and Music is provided all day in various styles from jazz, Caribbean and folk to the old fashioned music organs. Plus of course all the stalls selling lots of things that you never knew you needed! Part of one of the fields is for classic cars (and kits) so if you would like to put your car on show you can enter as an exhibitor for free. I have not yet received the entry forms but if you would like to go then then me know and I will let you have one. They should be arriving within the next few weeks. More details available on 12

The Beauford Club Magazine


Top to bottom, left to right: Non Member Flying lady £165 Headlamp rim £25 Beauford scroll £25 Heavy chrome badge £25 Sew on badge £2 Blue/chrome badge £25 Bumper end tube £4 Bumper tube cap £10 Vin plate £10 R/Board strip caps 2 types £1.75 Lapel badge £3 Old style key ring £3 New type key ring £5

Member £150 £20 £20 £20 £1.50 £20 £3 £9.50 £9 £1.50 £2.50 £2.50 £4.50

P&P £10* £5.00 £1.00 £3.00 0.60p £2.00 POA 0.80p 0.60p POA 0.80p 0.80p 0.80p

*includes insurance Postage is UK only and on Multiple items will be adjusted


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine

British Ironworks Centre, Oswestry – Saturday and Sunday 18th and 19th July 2020 It is now the 6th year of this show and it has grown so much that they have now decided that because of its popularity to split it into a two day so that everyone who wants to go can. This too, is a lovely venue just off the A5 outside of Oswestry. There is a huge grassed area for the cars to park interspersed with various “animals” which have been designed and made by the Centre. There is a large exhibition hall with a café (fantastic cakes) and lots and lots of things to look at. Outside there are assorted workshops where you can watch, talk and buy from artisans making artistic things. Last year I think we had 5 or 6 Beaufords there, but because we were not booked in as a club, not realising how many cars were going to attend, our parking spot could have been better. Again I think Tony and I will go on the Sunday and if anyone else wants to meet up there please let me know so we can meet up and all go in together. This show is free to enter and entry forms can be downloaded from their web site . Could you also let me know if you are going so I can book a club stand. Newark Kit Car Festival Saturday and Sunday 25th and 26th July 2020 I am pleased to report that the organisers of Stoneleigh have decided to resurrect the Newark Show. However, instead of being mid June as previously, they have decided to hold it in July. I have spoken to them and have booked us a club stand. I am not sure at the moment what club facilities will be available for this show as it’s a long way for us to tow the trailer. Also, I am not sure what days Tony and I will be there. I think possibly as this is the inaugural show we may only attend on the Sunday but whichever day we come we will at least bring a small gazebo which will at least give shade from the sun (it may well be hot in July!!) More details will be available in a later magazine. There is also on site camping available and if anyone needs a form I have some. 15

The Beauford Club Magazine

Other events: I have not yet received a list from Gemini Events with their dates for shows for this year but I have been onto their web site and found dates for the following: Sunday 19th April – Motorfest, Chetwynd Deer Park, Newport, Shropshire TF10 8EU. Sunday 3rd May (clashing with Stoneleigh) Classic Motor Show, Catton Hall, Nr Alrewas, Derby DE14 8LN Sunday and Monday 24th and 25th May, Motor Show, Ragley Hall, Alcester, Warwickshire B49 5NJ Sunday 21st June Fathers Day Classic Day Out, Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire ST4 8JG

Further details of these shows can be found on the above web site Sunday 31st May London to Brighton Kit and Sports Car Run. Entry fee for this is ÂŁ110 which includes the car, the driver and one passenger (navigator). More details are available from


The Beauford Club Magazine

Modern driving aids & conveniences in a Beauford As those who went through the process of building your own Beauford ( myself included) you will already know that these cars are built on the running gear from a Mk4/5 Ford Cortina or an early Ford Sierra all circa 1980/90. The first of these cars were built 1985 and were unlikely to include Anti Lock Braking Systems , Power Steering, Electronic Ignition, Fuel Injection, all things that we now take for granted in our “modern” cars. There have been approximately 1500 Kits supplied over the years and some may not have ever seen any road use ( incomplete mid life crisis builders). As each car has been built they will contain almost any engine & gearbox although the most common is the direct transfer of the Cortina/ Sierra engine and box from the donor but could have other likely choices could be a L24 straight six Nissan engine ( from the Laurel) or a beautiful sounding V8 ( usually from a Rover of some kind). From my own experience, the kit I completed and registered in 2014 had and still has only basic mechanical components transferred from my donor Mk5 Cortina plus the appalling heater matrix and boxing from a classic Mini. Michelle has often commented that “Phoenix” & “Rosie” are lacking a few refinements that we take for granted now. Top of her list is Power Steering ! You will find another article in this magazine about power steering from Ablert Henneman that is well worth a read too. There are a number of options available to upgrade basic running gear such as a fully hydraulic power steering that will involve the changing of the whole steering rack plus addition of hydraulic piping and of course a pump to move the fluid when required. There are however alternatives such as electric power steering units that are simply part of the steering shaft from the wheel inside the car, however there are a few other requirements to make the system work such as a upgrading your car power supply as they can draw upto 80 Amps when in use plus the associated wiring and addition of an ECU for the Power steering motor. There are lots of advantages of the electric system over the Hydraulic such as less drag on the engine power and the capability to adjust the weight of the assistance the motor gives the driver which can also be adaptable based on the speed of the car. 17

The Beauford Club Magazine

One upgrade I have made to most of the cars I have owned ( with carburettors ) is the removal of the traditional points distributor and replacing it with a fully electronic system. There are lots of brands out there to choose from but I found that “Powerspark '' provided me with the reliability that I was looking for at the right price too. They also supplied the whole distributor as a direct replacement with all of the necessary components securely fitted & tested. I have had 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder ( for my Daimlers) and even an 8 Cylinder version for when I owned Ruby by Rover V8 Beauford. Heated seats was a very popular suggestion from a number of club members, not least our club secretary Liz who made sure that Tony had the seats of their Beauford built with integrated heating pads on the seat & back, providing comfort and warmth on their many outings around the country every year.


The Beauford Club Magazine

I too would like to get around to doing this for both of my cars ( when I can find the time that is) but it has led me on a voyage of discovery of the many different products on the market now to provide this comfort discreetly in our 1930’s style of car. There are hundreds of suppliers on the online world but my preference would be an easy purchase from Amazon for a set of 4 heat pads including all of the relevant wiring, switches and relays. ( featured on the previous page & only £39 ) Integrating these into my seats only requires a basic knowledge of upholstering a car seat to remove the clips holding my leather seat covers securely in place and to re-cover & reclip these as necessary. The slightly more complex part of the job would be to mount a switch for each seat that can be easily accessed but also discrete too to retain this hidden upgrade. There is however much simpler solution but would be very obvious to admirer peering in the window of your Beauford when parked up & empty slip over heated seat mats that simply sit on top of your existing seat cover and only require a power input to the cigar lighter in your car ( supposing you do have one in your Beauford). These are priced similar to the fully integrated ones but a final choice is with the you. Heating as most of us know is a big problem in our Beaufords as most ( not all) rely on the box & matrix from a classic Mini. Our new Chairman Nigel Whitworth has shared with me that he has recently replaced his with a universal 3 speed unit from Car Builder Solutions with an output capability of 3.8Kw. He is currently working on adapting his centre console to discreetly install this plus the ducting for the air flow. He is aiming to include vents under the front seats too to provide warm air to the rear seating area of his Beauford too. 19

The Beauford Club Magazine

For those of us that can drive & park using the “force” - that is that we know the length & width of our car we are driving plus our spatial awareness is still accurate than upgrades such as reversing cameras and rear parking sensors may not be necessary but inclusion of these can be a very useful addition to protect your precious Beauford. I previously installed combined radio units into my Daimler DS420’s that incorporated reversing camera technology. These proved very useful even for me as I frequently had to manoeuvre my Daimlers in very tight parking/ storage spaces. Even I wasn't immune to the overwhelming size and poor driving position of these cars. If anyone has a reasonably modern stereo in a centre console of their Beauford then these are very straightforward to install with only the optical cable being routed to the rear of the car and then picking up a reversing light input from either an existing reverse light or traced back to the reverse solenoid on your gearbox ( even an old 1980’s gearbox will have this). The reversing cameras are also very discreet with some being incorporated in a number plate surround or if independent most now are about the size of a 50p piece. Last year I changed the van we have for our son to allow safe travel for him with his wheelchair plus our two Bernese Mountain dogs safely in individual large dog crates to a long wheelbase Renault Master which was a former council minibus. Removal of several seats then with the inclusion of a desk unit bolted down to create a mini kitchen I discovered the vast array of neat 12v charging ports and USB charging ports. Most of these are listed online as either universal or Boat units. I had previously included single ones of these when I redesigned and rebuilt Rosie’s dashboard. This meant I could have a sat nav unit or mobile phone charger directly to the accessory socket ( as it's called now to be politically correct) or as I installed - a dedicated dual USB socket. There are even products on the market now that plug fully into an accessory socket to convert this to a dual USB charging socket.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Cup Holders -who would ever think of buying a car now without a space to securely hold upright your favourite drive through on takeaway beverage. Turn the clock back to the 1980’s & early 1990’s never mind 1930’s but such a thing was never heard of. How to have such a convenience in a Beauford? In my opinion to retain an old car image I would only suggest using a temporary add on and thankfully these can now be found all over the online world for very little money. There are obviously very cheap ones available and without the experience of trialling a range of the options available, I am of the opinion that you get what you pay for plus Michelle keeps telling me “buy cheap, buy twice” which has proved very true with some of the work tools I now own thanks to our church to home conversion. I certainly wouldn't want to spill the contents of my favourite drink all over the interior of my Beauford -would you? I have had many items for the magazine over the past few years from Tony Harkett and once again he has shared with me upgrades that he has carried out to his wonderful Beauford. Some successful, such as reversing beepers, upgraded LED rear light clusters, Remote central locking and upgraded braking servo to name but a few. Tony seems to have the talent of engineering solutions with great success and I would like to quiz him some more on his successful installation of Cruise Control -I can only assume that he has quite a modern engine set up with an ECU to monitor road speed calculated either from the gearbox or the road wheels.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Another installation that Tony provided with featured in edition 111 Autumn 2017 -Cornering Spot lamp. This is a relatively low tech solution to poor visibility on dark nights that Tony took inspiration from a 1950’s Citroen. It incorporates cables attached to the steering track rod ends to a central spot lamp that swivels upon application of a change of direction. I've included a few pictures of this that should be self explanatory.

Tony also fitted electric windows too but in his own words - “ these were so hopeless that I took them off again”. If anyone has successfully installed electric windows then I would appreciate a download of information so I can share your success with everyone in the club & hopefully Tony will find new inspiration to have another go.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Albert Hennman My car sprung a leak on the power steering rack & required a repair/ overhaul action, so I went on the internet to do the necessary scouting; two options are available; 1)

buy the seals your self,

2) have the rack overhauled by a specialist, which I did, found a good address in Holland

They did the work in 1 day !! and could pick it up the next day !! the reason for this failure is negligence, on the MOT of the car in the advisories it was indicated "damaged gaiters" when scouting for a car in the UK, I found this statement on many MOT docs. people seem to think that it is necessary to act on this, which is wrong, the result is that the steering rod starts to oxidize and thus damages the seals hence the leaking, note that this is true for non power steering racks as well !! the steering rack design used on my car is from the Cortina MK5 but the ford Taunus MK3 has the same parts can be bought from MOTOMOBIL in Germany I have used them quit a lot for parts you can also get some parts for the running gear from Burton in the UK, but their offering is limited even for other things, where as the parts available with MOTOMOBIL is enormous, this because of the link with the TAUNUS MK3 model, in fact these parts are heavier then the Cortina Parts.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Albert Hennman Some more info that might interest colleague owners of Beaufords equipped with a L28E engine see below, This pertain to those Beauford's equipped with a L28E engine dating the years 1979 to 1983 only !!! Following the Fuel line replacement, I noticed cracks in the in the air duct part, see picture below

This may result in a situation whereby the engine will not start when the cracks are thru and thru hence the requirement to replace this item ! For this I checked the various possible suppliers including e-bay and in the end I found a California base supplier offering such parts new. I must say having this hobby I learned a lot about cars in general as well as for my Beauford, it slowly gets up to the snuff I say. I also will be improving on the breaking system disc & drums as well as the differential to a limited slip system, not to race or rally with the car, only to improve on road holding during bad weather, Rain & Snow. for the limited slip system Burton UK seems the best option so far by using gears to obtain the objective rather than friction discs as in the system from Quaife ATB I have well progressed in the require information & spec's. Hopefully I will get this done soon and I can update you on my findings & results


The Beauford Club Magazine

And Finally Just a bit of fun –or is there a serious message in this about our future & climate change?

Long range weather forecast? Blackpool Beach January 2022?

London August 2022.? Average daytime temperature 12 degrees


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