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Winter 2018/19 Issue 115

The Beauford Club Magazine


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The Beauford Club Magazine

Editor Owen Can someone tell me what happened to the last 5 months ? I seem to have lost track of all sense of time following a family tragedy that began last August Bank Holiday weekend and although day to day life has carried on and Michelle & I have been busy in between things building our new home by converting a former church -I still feel as though life is currently a bit too fast for me. Maybe I need to get one of my Beaufords out from winter hibernation and have a ride out to clear my head. Another question –when will winter actually arrive this year? We have had some long spells of unseasonably warm weather over the past few months and even Christmas day was an unusual warm day here in the North East of England with temperatures in double figures. Maybe our winter will actually arrive in February 2019 and last for at least one day. In this latest edition of your Beauford club magazine you have all of the usual round ups from Liz including lots of 2019 Classic car show events to attend this year and I'm hoping that lots of our club members will attend these events to show off your amazing Beaufords. Please remember that photos & stories or round ups from our club members are very welcome and will be included in future club magazines. Forward anything you have to me at There is also a continuing article from our Chairman Jonathon about the record keeping of Beaufords with the DVLA. I have since noticed on both of the two cars I still own that mine are recorded as “Beauford Tourer” and Beauford Open Tourer” so maybe this could contribute to the spurious information that Jonathan keeps getting. Please check your own V5c documents and under the “Make” section please update Jonathon directly with any variations that your Beaufords are registered as.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Motoring items from me over the last few months have meant relying on modern day garages—Liz refers to them as “fitters” as my 2013 Mercedes E Class had developed a problem with its Diesel Particle Filter that meant plugging it into a computer via my car OBD port and obtaining the codes that point to the part that was suspect. Who would have thought that a car would have an “exhaust pressure sensor”. My experience of the internal combustion engine was that it needed fuel & air compressed and ignited at the right time then the gases leave the engine via en exhaust pipe. Exhaust systems had a turbo added to them to collect and reuse the exhaust gases to gain extra power and of course catalytic converters were added to the already muffled and silenced pipe work to reduce noise & reduce pollution. Thankfully both of my Beaufords have ford 2.0 Pinto engines with a standard Webber carburettor and standard exhaust system so my experience as a mechanic and rebuilding both of the engines that my cars run -this is more my expertise. Back to my Mercedes and even though it has had the pressure sensor replaced and a cleaning solution ran through the engine to clear any soot build up in the DPF it still isn't working correctly and apparently now requires a “flash” of the ECU to reset the DPF error. Thankfully the Diesel Particle Filter itself is not at fault as it casts aprox £2000 at Mercedes -Thank goodness for that. I think I will stick to my Beaufords when it come to my mechanical expertise -at least doing my own work of these will save me the money I need to keep my daily car happy


The Beauford Club Magazine

Chairman Jonathon Berg Welcome back Beaufordeers! In previous articles I said I would publish any assistance I received from club members on good people to do business with in the Beauford world and I am pleased to be able to that now: Leaking soft tops: (David Cornforth) American proofing called "303 Fabric Guard" which I purchased on eBay at around £20 also if you look on YouTube (search using "303 Fabric Guard") there is a video of how to apply, the guy says apply 3 coats but I found one coat did the job Replacement Windscreens: (Nigel from Spalding) Yorkshire Trade Windscreens at a very reasonable cost. They have depots across West Yorkshire but also in Manchester and Maidstone. Leeds 01133 930668 - Manchester 0161 3270098 - Maidstone 01622 962407 General bits and pieces: (Tony Harkett) Car Builder Solutions ( An Aladdin’s cave for Kit Car builders. They are near Maidstone in Kent and have a small showroom but deal mostly by mail order. Trims: Woolies ( For all your trimming needs. Friendly MOT & Servicing: Duston Garage, Peverill Road, Northampton NN5 6JW. 01604 756711 John, the owner, was a car builder himself back in the day. … and not forgetting our own Liz Ovendon ( who has access to a wide range of spares and an uncanny ability to trawl her memory for where other things can be found as well! -


The Beauford Club Magazine

To return to my keynote of considering the long term future of the club – and of Beauford cars themselves – I can say I received a number of emails from members who recounted stories of difficult IVA tests and harking back to the “good old days” when if you could get an MOT you could drive it... The consensus remains that there are very few young people coming into the kit car arena, and those that do are generally after replicas and not unique designs like the Beauford. I continued my research into how many Beaufords are actually on the road. The DVLA, after the threat of a Freedom of Information request, replied to me that there were TWO. Initially I thought this a nonsense, but further digging found a number of web tools that specialise in counting marques and generally they agree: TWO.

This is hard to explain. I found a couple of oddities elsewhere such as a “Daimler Beauford” registered in 1972 but I can only assume most of the Beaufords are still identified as their donor vehicles, presumably as a quirk of the database this data comes from. So while we can be sure there are definitely more than two, since there were at least twenty at Stoneleigh in 2018, I do not see a way to find out the real number of roadworthy vehicle in the UK or in the world. To continue the discussion and based on the correspondence I have received since becoming Chairman I shall make a guess of 200 cars with 40 of those being overseas.


The Beauford Club Magazine

If we assume these old cars and their issues with getting MOTs, insurance and spares are being scrapped at something like 10% a year then the population will diminish like this:

And while I am not claiming this is a scientific analysis and the values may be incorrect I believe in spirit it is fairly spot on and therefore there will be hardly any Beaufords left by 2040. If that is true – can anyone do anything about it? I believe the answer is “yes” if we can change the perception of the Beauford from being a wedding car with increasing challenges to being seen as an interesting car -enthusiasts opportunity to own something unique. Unusual, striking and relatively low cost to buy and to run. I have had some emails from members saying that although their cars used to be used for weddings they are now used as runabouts and as someone who treats his own in this way I am strongly of the opinion this is the way forwards. To generate such a change will not be easy – but the club should lead the way in this as the body that represents the Beauford owners in the world. To try to make some headway in this I am considering starting with a survey to circulate to the target demographic using social media. I see the ideal audience as being under 40-year-olds with disposable income and an interest in cars, who can be defined and targeted in the likes of Facebook as the news last year made very clear. Such a survey needs to ask what vehicles the respondents currently have, their age, occupation and bands of income, together with their priorities in the characteristics of a vehicle including reliability, speed, striking looks, uniqueness and so on. A mixture of leading questions and genuine research, culminating in the promise of a gift that can be a low-cost Beauford-branded item such as a pen or torch. 250 responses to this would be good, 500 even better and hopefully I can obtain some of the highly-protected club funds to both boost this survey visibility and also allow the reward for survey filling in order to get a statistically significant sample. Any opinion, advice or guidance in this respect would be most welcome.


The Beauford Club Magazine

P.S. Before I close off for this edition I have a rather odd request for you to consider. It *is* a fact that most Beauford owners are not youngsters. Probably few are on the right side of that 40-year-old line. One strategy to protect the marque might be to ensure cars are not cast aside when passed from one generation to another – better to pass a Beauford to another caring owner.

The best way to achieve this would be to itemise Beaufords in wills and leave them to the Beauford Club. I personally have now done this. Another subject for discussion at the AGM possibly‌.

Catch you next time. Jonathon


The Beauford Club Magazine

Club Secretary Liz OVENDEN’S OFFERING Firstly, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. Unfortunately, both Tony and I have, like most of the country, been suffering with a seasonal cold. Mine came on first and because when I normally get a cold I try very hard not to pass it on. This one caught me out as we were visiting Tony’s sister in Wales when I started to sneeze and as I have not had a cold for a couple of years, thought this was caused by being allergic to the two collie puppies which his sister had recently acquired. By the time I realised it was not an allergic reaction but a cold it was too late and I had passed it on to Tony. However, we are mostly recovered now and hopefully will not get another! I’ve just re-read my last offering to see how far I had got on our continuing Beauford saga and see I got to the bit where Tony had fixed the electrics and it was in our local mechanic’s garage having failed the MOT on its brakes. These have now been fixed and the new MOT acquired. However, the saga does not end there as whilst it was up on the ramps our mechanic noticed that it seemed to have an oil leak which upon investigation turned out to be several oil leaks. In fact, the only solution was going to be to take the engine out of the car and replace every gasket which was in it as it was leaking from every orifice on the engine. We do not have any idea as to why all the gaskets should fail, but they have so they have to be replaced. When the engine was originally put in the car Tony did it with the help of a friend and it is not something which he can now do on his own (or even perhaps with a friend) so we have left the Beauford down at the garage and they will sort it out, not as a specific job which would be mega expensive, but will work on it as and when they can, which will keep the costs down to fairly and not mega expensive.


The Beauford Club Magazine

We have told them that we do not need the car until April (well actually May but don’t want to leave everything to the last minute) so they should be starting the work shortly and meanwhile it is spending its time in a nice warm garage whilst we are saving up for its repair costs! Hopefully I will be able to report in the next (Spring) edition some better news. I have just had the opportunity to read through Jonathon’s article prior to it going in the magazine and was quite chuffed that he thinks I have a good memory for remembering things. As far as spare parts go, when Tony was building our last Beauford he created a spread sheet of where he obtained parts from and how much they cost. He is a great one for trawling through the internet and will spend hours looking for things, unlike me who will get bored after ten minutes and give up. This spread sheet has proved to be invaluable and I quite often consult it when asked where to get parts from so all I really need to remember is whereabouts on the computer it is! Having said that I do have a notice board in front of the computer desk which has several “reminder” notes pinned on to it so that helps as well. Just to add to Jonathon’s list of useful contacts, in the magazine Europa have an advert. They are very helpful and have a huge stock of parts. We have known the owner, Wayne Roper for many years. If you are ordering anything from them, then please say that you are a member of the Beauford Club and you will get a discount. Don’t forget to contact me by phone or email if you are wanting to know where to get a part from. Can’t guarantee we can help every time but will have a good try. We have recently had a member who was desperate for a back axle and I had tried every contact I knew of without success, but then put a wanted message in the adverts section of the web site. One of our members, Bob Claxton read this and was able to help, so many thanks to him. Following on from Jonathon’s request for useful suppliers I have received from Albert Henneman in Brussels an email as follows:


The Beauford Club Magazine

If in the future you would require parts, you could contact the German specialist Cortina/Taunus supplier; Motomobil, e-mail address;, website; (I have been on this website and it comes up in German but just click on the Union Jack symbol and it changes to English – Tony had to point this out to me!). This person speaks good English, in fact going to their website you can download their catalogue; Taunes MK3 pdf, which is written both in German & English and shows each time a drawing and related parts to that drawing The advantage is that the parts are original Ford parts or fabricated new to ford spec & drawings !!! It covers both engine and undercarriage. I have used them several times their service is very good, once they received the payment for the parts as ordered the goods are with you a few days later. Many thanks Albert for this information. I was amused by the DVLA telling Jonathon that there were now two Beaufords on their database, which must be his and ours. I just wonder where all the 250 plus cars which are on my membership database are, and not to mention the 1,400 ish kits which Beaufords have sold over the years. I realise that some of these kits may not have all been finished and there are probably some which have either gone abroad or have been written off, but not 1,398 as the DVLA seem to think. What about all the Beaufords which have been registered at the DVLA as still being Ford Sierra Beaufords or Ford Cortina Beaufords or a few other combinations. Over the last few years they have been contacting owners of cars which have not been registered correctly and informing them of this and insisting that they should be re-registered correctly which can quite often result in an IVA test having to be carried out. However, I do believe that Jonathon is right in that most owners are in the over 40s bracket. I suspect this is for several reasons. Firstly the “youngsters” all want sports type cars and cars which they can “pull the birds” in, then once they have a girlfriend/wife. (As an aside when I was young a nice sporty type car always enhanced the attractiveness of a young potential suitor). Once a wife and family come


The Beauford Club Magazine

along then it is only a basic car with a boot which can be afforded and its usually only until they reach their 40s that they have the time and/or money to get a kit car or build their own. Secondly, for some years now cars have become more and more computerised and mechanics have ceased to be and have been replaced by fitters. The majority of parts on a car now are not repaired but replaced. Once upon a time, old cars were used by young men who spent a lot of time tinkering with them and in doing so learned how a car worked, but these days young men spend all their time on their phones! There is also the myth about IVA. If you check in the IVA manual either online or downloaded, there is a full list of all the compliances which if followed should get your car through the IVA test. It requires more items than the MOT, but they are designed for your safety. An MOT is for cars which have been previously built to a high standard so the IVA is a one off to ensure that the car being built meets the safety standard, after which it just has the MOT – the first one being three years after first registration. Subscriptions Subscription for the forthcoming year are due on the 1st March and enclosed with this magazine is a renewal form for your use. If you would like to set up a standing order payment with your bank, I am going to ask Tony to put the necessary form on the web site so you can download and print this off for your use. Please remember that you will need to complete this form before the 1st March this year as any form completed after this date will not pay out until next year. You can send me a cheque for this year and create a standing order for next. Overseas members can pay by Paypal using address or if its easier for you, I can, if you let me know, send you an invoice. I would be very grateful if you could let me have your payments in March so I will not have to send out reminders. Once again, if for any reason you don’t want to renew your membership then please let me know so I can amend my spreadsheet and not keep pestering you. 13

The Beauford Club Magazine


For those who have wanted either Beauford badges or scrolls– New Stock will be arriving soon, plus headlamp rims are currently being chromed. Top to bottom, left to right: Non Member Member Flying lady £165 £150 Headlamp rim TBA Beauford scroll £25 £20 Heavy chrome badge £25 £20 Sew on badge £2 £1.50 Blue/chrome badge £25 £20 Bumper end tube £4 £3 Bumper tube cap £10 £9.50 Vin plate £10 £9 R/Board strip caps 2 types £1.75 £1.50 Lapel badge £3 £2.50 Old style key ring £3 £2.50 New type key ring £5 £4.50 *includes insurance Postage on Multiple items will be adjusted. 14

P&P £10* £1.00 £3.00 60p £2.00 POA 80p 60p POA 80p 80p 80p

The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine

Stoneleigh National Kit Car Show Sunday 5th and Monday 6th May 2019 I can now confirm that the Stoneleigh kit car show will be on Sunday and Monday 5th and 6th May this year and that I have booked our usual club space on the green outside the cattle sheds. I have also booked the usual room in the Warwick Suite (Avenue M) for the Club’s AGM on Sunday 5th May at 3.00 p.m. AB Tools Following on from the last edition I can now confirm that AB Tools can offer members a 10% discount on all their tools purchased on line at or by phone on 01782 642122. See their advert on the back page of this magazine. This 10% discount does not apply to tools purchased from them at Shows. Miroxol Metal Polish I have received details of this new metal polish from Australia which following its introduction at the NEC classic motor show in November seems to be fairly popular. It has only been on sale in the UK for about 8 months and they are offering a discount to our club members. I am told that the key attributes of Miroxol® are, but I have to state that this has not been tested by us:  Less Abrasive - Miroxol® Metal Polish is a smooth cream without grit. It is less abrasive than other metal polishes so won’t scratch your metalwork.  Restores Metal to a long-lasting brilliant shine, easy to apply and buff off.  Miroxol® leaves none of the residue that other brands leave behind  Deposits left by insects, are more easily removed by Miroxol® with very little effort.  Low odour  Can be used on all unpainted metal surfaces including chrome, aluminum, brass, silver, copper, zinc, stainless, pewter, nickel, bronze, titanium, tin, platinum, gold, magnesium and more… (not anodised aluminum) 16

The Beauford Club Magazine

Preserves and protects metal surfaces. Its unique formula uses quality ingredients to create a protective surface layer that is resistant to tarnish and other effects of weathering.  100ml Tube New to the UK The recommended retail price for this is £8.50 for a 100ml tube but if you wish to purchase any on line you can do so at quoting the code Beauford30 and this will give you a discount of 30% bringing the price down to £5.95 (a saving of £2.55). Other Events Saturday 13th April 2019 Daventry’s Classic Car Show at The Hollows, Daventry. Classic car exhibition, food, entertainment, family games and more. Sunday 30th June 2019 Royal Pump Room Gardens, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Food and drink stands, live entertainment, picnic area Gemini Shows I have now heard from Gemini Events ( the following dates for shows. The Beauford Club is now registered with them and as such we can have a designated club area but only if there are four or more cars attending. You can go on line and book yourself in to these shows but please let me know if you are attending at any of them and I can book a club space. Please remember that all bookings have to be 28 days before the date of the show.


The Beauford Club Magazine

The opening event on Easter Sunday has a new home for 2019 – after over 30 years and due to a change of direction at Weston Park they are moving to Chetwynd Deer Park, just 10 miles from Weston Park, Chetwynd Deer Park, the home of the renown Newport Show, will host the 2019 Motorfest. Chetwynd is a beautiful location and will feature all the usual awards and live arena with professional commentary. Exhibitor camping is also available on Saturday night. They are also pleased to announce that we will be back at Wentworth Woodhouse in 2019! A truly fabulous venue and the show takes place in front of the East entrance – the longest façade of any country house in Europe. Herbert Austin spent his childhood growing up in Wentworth and a special Herbert Austin award will be presented to the best Austin vehicle on display to commemorate Lord Austin’s link with Wentworth. Sunday 21st April and Monday 22nd April – NEW VENUE Chetwynd Deer Park, Newport, Shropshire, TF10 8EU (Motorfest) Sunday 5th May – Catton Hall, Nr Alrewas, Derbys, DE12 8LN (Classic Motor Show) Sunday 26th and Monday 27th May – Ragley Hall, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 5NJ (Motor Show) Sunday 2nd June – Brighton Beach, Madeira Drive, Bighton - in association with the London to Brighton Run Sunday 16th June – Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire, ST4 8JG (Father’s Classic Day Out)


The Beauford Club Magazine

Sunday 23rd June – The Lawn, Rochford, Essex, SS4 1PL (Classic & Retro Show) Sunday 14th July - Walsall Arboretum Extension. Walsall, WS1 2QA (Classic Motor Show) Sunday 28th July – Beaumanor Hall, Leicestershire, LE12 8TX (Nostalgia Show)

Sunday 11th August – Breamore House, Breamore, Hampshire, SP6 2DF (8th Hampshire Classic Motor Show)

Sunday 25th and Monday 26th August – Knebworth Park, Herts., SG1 2AX (29th Annual Knebworth Classic Motor Show) Sunday 1st September – Himley Hall, Dudley, DY3 4DF (Classic & Retro Show)

Sunday 8th September – Returning to Wentworth Woodhouse, Wentworth, Rotherham, S62 7TQ (Classic Motor Show)


The Beauford Club Magazine

Renovation Nigel Whitworth Nigel Whitworth and his partner Jane had owned their Beauford for a while now and used it for a number of weddings during the summer of 2017 – this is a tale of the love affair that takes hold of you once owning one of these cars and the pride that it creates by the admiration of something that looks vintage but in fact isn't as old as some of the owners who enjoy them. They decided it would be well worth a little spent on improving it (little being the ultimate word) The intention was to have a few stone chips removed, the obligatory scratches caused previously by the roof stays on opening the top on the rear doors and a few other age related marks, but alas being so impressed by the attention received from day 1 at their local garage “Leesons” Sutton Bridge, South Lincolnshire they decided to go the whole hogg with a renovation...and 3 months later rolled her out of the garage into sunshine looking stunning. Dont be fooled by this first picture –this is Nigel on the day he first became a proud owner of his Beauford and although it looks stunning, a true enthusiast knows that something isn't perfect. The paint colour is Old English White but little did Nigel know was that when the car was first built its original colour was Yellow ! All of this became apparent when the body was stripped back to its original primer for repainting. As there were a few areas all over the car to be re-sprayed it was decided that a full restoration of this magnificent looking car would be undertaken—and for anyone who has built one of these cars themselves knows , this is no small job. The windscreen and all door glass was removed. The front wings were removed plus all of the bumpers , bumper supports, wheels plus too many other parts to name as the guys at Leesons set about improving Nigel & Jane’s car and returning it to a freshly assembled state as it was—when it was yellow.


The Beauford Club Magazine

This is a familiar site to a Beauford builder –however this time its in reverse as this is during the strip down process revealing the front Cortina suspension that was in need of some serious attention and would be undergoing a full rebuild to remove the excessive front camber.

Rubbing down and removing many layers of paint

Nigel did not provide me with any pictures of the yellow paint -maybe there wasn't a strong enough filter for his camera , but you can make out a few areas where the removal of paint layers showed the uneven finish of the old paintwork -hence why the decision was made to give this girl a full fresh coating of Old English White was made in order to restore. Here is one for a mechanic – top & bottom ball joint replacement on the front suspension. All bushes replaced too with poly bushes for long life, even though they produce a stiffer ride ( not actually a bad thing in a Beauford) 21

The Beauford Club Magazine

At last the repainting begins starting with a few coats of lovely white primer all over the entire body . The Doors and bonnet are all re- sprayed too at the same time but off the vehicle The rear bumper support brackets / luggage trunk support have all been shot blasted and re-dipped for a durable quality finish along with the front bumper irons. All of the Stainless steel bumpers have been treated to a overhaul too simply by machine polishing the metal ( something that can easily be done on any Beauford ) Final paint layers were applied of fresh Old English White as Nigel & Jane wanted to keep the car the colour of the Beauford they fell in love with. Next was the delicate rebuilding of the rest of the car without damaging the fresh new paint. The door hinges were fitted with new pins and the front grill replaced with a new diamond stainless steel mesh. The rear fog and reversing lights along with the number plate lights were all replaced with new stainless steel items at add to the transformation.


The Beauford Club Magazine

In a busy workshop she slowly came back together including upgraded new sealed beam headlight conversion plus new stainless steel spoke wheel trims that were imported from California. The bonnet top hinge had been removed and polished back to its original chrome state. The Windscreen was carefully reinstalled and all of the remaining car glass without any damage to the fresh paint. The hood was cleaned and reinstalled making this “tidy up� well worth the 3 month renovation it became .

The guys from Leesons garage were happy and sad to see this renovation come to a close but Nigel & Jane were truly delighted with the final results -even after paying the final bill too. Their Beauford that had received so many compliments from first ownership during the Summer of 2017 was now ready for many more years of happy motoring and ready for a new round of compliments during 2018. The front cover of this edition of the magazine features the finished car after a 3 month renovation and to the untrained eye not much has changed -however a true Beauford owner knows that many more decades of ownership have been added back to the original car Nigel purchased. Well worth it !


The Beauford Club Magazine

For Sale FOR SALE Cream 4 door long wheel base Beauford with split black hood Registered 1977 as Beauford Series 3 .Tax and MOT exempt Nissan Laurel 2.4 engine with auto box. Six seater(4 adults 2 children) Full service history. only used for weddings. garaged. Runs and drives very well. Available to view Orpington Kent Area. ÂŁ14500 ono Further photos and details available. Contact Roger at

Now retiring after 20 years in the wedding trade. Whole established business up for sale along with other cars. First to go is above car plus a Daimler State Limousine ÂŁ6500.00 ono .Further Photos and details available via email address Any enquiries or emails on both cars after 25th February please. Both available for viewing etc after 25th February Tel: 07956344778 or 01689-852168


The Beauford Club Magazine

And Finally Owning a classic car can be very rewarding. You can relive the glory days of automotive manufacturing – when the chrome was thick and cars were built to last. You can enjoy the envious stares of other drivers as they admire your shiny car 

The availability of parts is one of the biggest challenges classic car owners face, and it can be a tough one to overcome. You can increase your chances of getting the parts you need by attending car shows, being part of a club and sharing supplier information. Also some more modern alternatives for parts could be a solution in the long term.

If the classic car in your driveway hails from the 1960s or 1970s, it should have no trouble keeping up with modern traffic. However driving on back roads could be safer as you may distract modern car owners on a motorway

Over the years the octane in petrol has been decreased, and that could pose a problem for your classic car engine. Some old cars simply do not run well on lower octane fuel, so you may need to seek out a fuel station that sells the high octane stuff.

Older cars are big and imposing, but that large size does not always mean safety. but you can make sure the safety equipment you do have is in working order. Checking the tire pressure regularly, making sure the engine is in great shape and having the vehicle inspected at least once a year can all help you stay safer behind the wheel.

The process of diagnosing automotive problems by sound alone is becoming a lost art. Modern mechanics rely on a host of computer readers to determine what is wrong with an engine, and that equipment does not work with most classic cars. If you are having trouble finding a great mechanic for your classic car, you can seek out fellow owners and ask who they use. Better yet, you can educate yourself and learn to do the work yourself. If you know your way around an engine, you may be able to fix simple things on your own. 25

The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine


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