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Summer 2020 Issue 121

The Beauford Club Magazine


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The Beauford Club Magazine

Editor Owen I do hope everyone is well and safe in these strange times. Myself , Michelle and our family have still been “locked down” and effectively only at home for these past few months as our eldest son is classed as extremely vulnerable. This has meant relentless days of work on our property conversion from a former church to our everyday home. There have been days that we were full on with putting up plasterboards and decorating fresh plaster—which was eventually all plastered in our ground floor only 4 weeks ago due to a shortage of British Gypsum plaster as they had closed down all production. There have also been days that we just couldn't be bothered to work on our own property as seven day working weeks do eventually take there toll. As the country is now trying return to a “new” normality we have been thinking about the tasks required for weddings that had been booked and now postponed. My Beaufords are still awaiting a full service each by me followed by a new MOT and eventually road tax but as weddings are still very restricted for the foreseeable future I will keep my cars on SORN and tucked away probably for the remainder of 2020 meaning I will not be out enjoying the open road either with the enjoyment only being a Beauford owner can give. There has been a few engagements on the Facebook pages of the Beauford Club & Owners club showing that at least some of you have found ways to either get out & about or get round to some of the improvements & tinkering that you may have been putting off. Just a reminder though that as Members we get the benefit of these quarterly magazines, discounts on regalia and on Insurance and of course most valuably access to the priceless resources and experience that our club secretary & husband Tony have –so if you are corresponding with Beauford owners on social media, please remember to promote the benefits of club membership. 4

The Beauford Club Magazine

Mechanical activities I have undertaken in the past few months have been very limited, one of our sons is only learning to drive and his Vauxhall Corsa has been parked up for the past few months. The battery had given up ( it seemed to be the original Vauxhall one at 10 years only) and thankfully I had a similar one lying around that I keep as spare for my Beaufords so this was a simple fix. I have started to taking him to and from his work 2 miles away in this car and noticed last week that the braking had become unusual with the majority effort on the rear. So up came the bonnet & my first observation was that the brake fluid reservoir fluid was green! My DOT 4 knowledge was that it should look like sunflower oil. Front end off the floor and wheels off I’m ready to bleed fresh fluid into the brake lines. Resoviour siphoned and fresh supply in—next came the task of bleeding the callipers the old fashioned way, yes that means Michelle in the car stroking the pedal whilst I have the bleed screw released. NO FLUID and the pedal remained hard. 2010 Corsa blockage from the reservoir –NO. Blockage to the ABS pump—NO. The ABS is electronic instead of a mechanical reluctor ring on each wheel so diagnosis is ABS pump. This was confirmed then I removed the pipe to the front brakes and tried the pedal –NO FLUID and unusually this was on both front wheels. Thankfully I don't have any of this to worry about with my Beaufords as they are simple non ABS braking systems. The only issue is breaking on damp roads when most of the other cars on the road are modern with superior brakes. Trust me I know this as I've had a close encounter with a driver in front of me suddenly turning off the road with no indication forcing me to emergency stop in my Beauford—complete with a newly wed couple in the back. I hope you enjoy the content and most importantly look after your Beauford and understand what you driving. Many of us owners are of an age that understand why I am putting a picture of a Haynes manual here and just how valuable they can be. There are, and may be some younger owners that would find having one of these ( maybe Sierra) an extremely valuable item to keep you & your car safe. Its one thing owning a classic car –its something else to keeping a classic car. 5

The Beauford Club Magazine

Chairman Nigel Whitworth Welcome to the next edition of the Beauford Club magazine. I hope you are all well and keeping safe in these strange times which 2020 has brought upon us in the UK and around the globe. Apologies on the club's behalf if the content is a little below its normal standards but our editor Owen is doing a fantastic job in trying to fill the pages. Normally this edition would have been our biggest edition of the year, with The National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh and AGM content plus other Summer show pictures etc. As you are probably aware Stoneleigh had previously been postponed from May until the August Bank Holiday but has now been cancelled altogether for this year. If the world is getting back to some sort of normality in 2021 it would be great to see as many Beaufords as possible at next year’s meet, so let’s make it a Beauford Bonanza with as many members (and cars) attending as possible. We are always looking for Beauford stories for our magazine, no matter how large or small you want to make the article, so if you have anything you would like publishing please do not hesitate to email your information to us. Stories of your trips out, modifications, your Beauford's history, breakdowns and so on. Owen is finding that it is the same contributors all the time, so hopefully we can look forward to new articles from all our member. Our editions are Spring, Summer and Autumn & Winter so if you could send your articles to Owen by the second week in March for Spring, July for Summer and October for Autumn & by the end of December for Winter. This is to allow a couple of weeks for editing, publishing and postage it would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to introduce a motoring Quiz page so if there are any volunteers to do this on a one off or permanent basis, we would appreciate your participation, so please let us know. Any new members will also be invited to do an introductory article on their personal stories in connection with their Beaufords, with a little about themselves etc. I'm sure our overseas members must have some good stories to tell.


The Beauford Club Magazine

I would also like to introduce a "Best Beauford Picture" competition for each edition. Simply take a single (one car) Beauford picture with a scenery backdrop, a famous landmark, bridge, stately home, road sign or any significant things you can think of and email the pictures directly to myself A small prize will be given out to each winner. The only rules are it must be just of the car, so no decorations on the car and no people in the photos, just your naked Beauford and a brief description of its surroundings would be fantastic. To give you an idea of the type of thing I have included my own picture as an example. This is Sutton swing bridge on the South Lincolnshire/ Norfolk border over the River Nene leading out to the mouth of The Wash and the unforgiving North Sea. The area was famous at one time with Sir Peter Scott residing in one of the lighthouses at the mouth of the river. Sir Peter Scott was also known for his bird wildfowl paintings which were painted on the marshes on the river mouth. This was formally a road bridge on one side and a Steam railway on the other. It still swings occasionally allowing small ships and vessels into the Port of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire. I do hope that you will find these small facts of local areas interesting. We look forward to hearing from you all and don't forget one big push for Stoneleigh next year would be great, but in the meantime, please stay safe everyone.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Club Secretary Liz OVENDEN’S OFFERING At the time of writing this Its nearly five months since lockdown began and gradually things are returning to what is known as the new normal. I do hope that you have all managed to avoid the virus and are keeping well. Looking back the time seems to have flown past and I’ve still not managed to catch up on all the jobs I had to do, plus I seem to have accumulated a few more. All the paint and coving we bought at the start of lockdown is still in the garage where it was put four months ago plus all that sewing and clothes alterations I was going to do remains undone and a lot of the clothes have now been put into a bag ready to go to the charity shop as I have become a fan of buying on-line they are being replaced not altered. I’ve still got my miniatures to do, but at least all those apartments which Tony had to make are all finished now and distributed to their various new owners for individual finishing off. For his birthday in June I bought Tony a new toy, a laser cutter/engraver. The first thing he did when he got it was to dismantle it (as you men do) and rewire it as he had read somewhere that they are made in China and the laws on electrical items are not so strict there, and in fact this proved to be the case as some of the wiring was dangerous, no earth wires, no automatic cut off switch, etc. Now that he has fixed it all, he is spending many a happy hour in the workshop making things.


The Beauford Club Magazine

We were hoping that there would be some car shows to attend this year, but having finished the carpeting on the Beauford and making some slight adjustments to a couple of the doors which were not closing very well, we were all ready to attend some shows. Unfortunately, however, one by one they have been cancelled, which in a way although its sad, I’m quite relieved about, as I am not sure about how I feel about going to crowded places. This has meant that our Beauford remains in its garage on a SORN until next year, although it will have to come out for its annual MOT in October, but seeing that it has not done any mileage since the last one, apart from the four mile round trip to the MOT station, there should not be any problems with it passing this year. How time flies, I really only thought it was two years since we put the subscriptions up to £15, but having been looking through old magazines I am amazed to realise it is actually getting on for five years, scarily, but at least I’m not feeling too guilty about this year’s increase. The cost of printing of the magazine goes up as does the cost of postage which is unbelievable and I am sure is above the rate of inflation. I have been asked by our Chairman to write a piece for the magazine about Tony and my Beauford journey, and this I will do in the next edition (might even have to be in two parts). Before I do so, can anyone guess how many years I have been Secretary of the Club. No prizes for guessing correctly but as a hint I can only say it may make you feel older (as it does me)! MOTs I believe that the Government’s 6 month extension on cars which are due for an MOT, has now expired so don’t forget that if your Beauford is liable for an MOT, you should get it done, even if it is on a SORN because this may affect the insurance, although I am not completely clear on this point. Even if you have a tax and MOT exempt car sometimes it is worthwhile getting it MOT’d just for peace of mind that everything is working correctly.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Number plates: black and silver v. reflective One of our members has emailed me to say that his car has just failed its MOT because he had the old type back and silver number plates on it. This has led me to investigate what the rules are for these plates and I have now found the following: To display a traditional number plate, your vehicle must meet two criteria: Firstly, in 2015, the DVLA ruled that vehicles manufactured more than 40 years ago were permitted to display black and silver number plates. This means that if your vehicle was manufactured before 1 January 1975, you are eligible to display a traditional number plate. It’s important to note that this date is fixed and does not roll over each year, so if your vehicle was manufactured after this date, you are not permitted to display a black and silver number plate. Once your vehicle has reached this milestone, you must then apply for the historic vehicles tax class. As you may already know, vehicles over 40 years old are exempt from vehicle tax, but you do need to inform the authorities by either applying for the historic vehicles tax or by declaring it as off the road using SORN. Can you help? I have received a letter from Stephen Forrest a long term member in Worthing. Stephen is wondering if there are any members out there who would be able to help him. He has been building his 2 door car for 16 years and for one reason or another has not got it on the road yet. He had a “car builder� who advertised in one of the kit car magazines and who had the car for two years but did not seem to do anything with it. Finally (to cut a long story short) Stephen got the car back in a very sorry state, but he then suffered with ill health resulting in him having to have a leg amputated. Undeterred he has continued to work on the car but now requires the interior to be sorted including the seat belt posts and dashboard and instruments with centre console. He is wondering if anyone can either sell him some relevant parts or advise him or even help him to get the car sorted and into a state whereby it will pass its IVA test. He is will to pay a fair price for any help or parts provided. If you feel you can help Stephen then please contact him on 01903 446477. 10

The Beauford Club Magazine

Wedding Web Sites I occasionally go on to various wedding company web sites just to look at the cars. I have noticed on one or two of them that Beaufords are being described as Vintage Wedding cars or 1930s cars. May I please remind you that by describing Beaufords as vintage you are breaking the Trade Descriptions Act. Beaufords can be described as vintage type or 1930s style but describing the cars as being something they are not is definitely illegal and could lead to prosecution. Googlegroup Several years ago Tony set up a Google group which you can access through the web site. This is a form of forum whereby members can ask questions of others if they have any problems or questions they need answering. Tony has just told me that it has not been used for over two years now, so the thought occurs to me that perhaps members had forgotten about it or maybe did not even know it existed. If you need to go on it your query will automatically come via us and will go out to all those members who have used it in the past. Hints and tips Just been going through some old magazines as it was six years since I last browsed through them. I was originally looking for useful articles which resulted in the following which I thought might be of interest to some of our newer members. The original list was up to magazine No.100, Winter 2014 and I have now been through the next 20 editions to bring the list more up to date. If any of these would be of interest to any members please let me know or if you think they may be worthwhile reprinting them in future editions then also let me know.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Magazine No. 79 Rear door locking mechanisms by Tony Ovenden 84 IVA compliant door handles by Tony Ovenden/Dennis Murphy 87 Curing a fuel starvation problem by Hamish Freeman 88 Rear Seat belts by Tony Ovenden with an Addendum by Dennis Murphy 88b Notes on building our second Beauford by Tony Ovenden 88b Datsun engine overhaul by Trevor and Z Garage 90 Exporting a Beauford to Australia by Chris Lewington 91 Let’s build a Beauford by Terry Vickers 91 SU carburettors by Trevor and Z Garage 92 How to keep bumper ends on by Tony Ovenden 92 New hood frame for 2 door by Tony Harkett 93 Under bonnet tool storage box by Dennis Murphy 94 Tonneau cover and covering B post top sections by Tony Ovenden 95 Changing Datsun 240Z engine crankshaft rear oil seal by Tony Harkett 95 Waterproofing windows at rear of car by Dennis Murphy 96 Building a Beauford, Part 1 by Colin Ingley 96 Fuel system modifications to eliminate vapour lock by Hamish Freeman 96 Fitting a tow hitch for IVA by Hamish Freeman 97 Building a Beauford, Part 2 by Colin Ingley 97 IVA test by Terry Vickers 98 Building a Beauford, Part 3 by Colin Ingley 99 Building a Beauford, Part 4 - IVA test problems by Colin Ingley 99 A stretched Beauford by Michael Crozier 99 Door hinges explained by Tony Ovenden 99 Windscreen rubber insertion tool by Hamish Freeman 100 IVA compliant door handles by Tony Ovenden 102 Buying a second-hand Beauford – Tony Ovenden 103 Ford Pinto Engine – Owen Copeland 104 Creating a Perfect hardtop – Tony Harkett 105 Nissan 6 cylinder engine – Owen Copeland 109 Improving suspension – Albert Henneman 111 Cornering lights – Tony Harkett 112 p.16 ) MOT and Tax exemption – Liz Ovenden 116 p.15 ) DVLA Taxing Historic Vehicles & MOT’s 12

The Beauford Club Magazine

Stoneleigh National Kit Car Show – rearranged for Saturday and Sunday 29th and 30th August (bank holiday week-end) - Cancelled You have probably heard by now that the Stoneleigh show has been cancelled for this year. I am not surprised as I had heard that a lot of the kit car exhibitors were feeling a bit wary about going to Stoneleigh show because of the number of people who would be attending and the social distancing thing. I had also been thinking about how we, as a club, would manage the social distancing on our stand. I had stocked up on hand sanitiser which I had planned to bring with me for club use plus had decided that we would not be able to have members sitting in the gazebos – they would be allowed in for tea/coffee (paper cups) and I had not even thought about how we would manage food. However, the problem has now gone away as the show has been cancelled for this year. Hopefully, 2021 will be a better year for everyone concerned. Annual General Meeting In the last magazine I set out the agenda for the meeting (as below). One of the items in the Agenda was rule changes and these proposed changes were also set out in the magazine. I asked all members to let me know if they agreed these changes or if there was anything they would like changed. I also said that in the event of the AGM not happening then any comments received from members would be taken into consideration and that anyone who did need contact me, However, if you are in agreement with them then there is no need to make contact with me as no comment will be classed as agreement. As I have not heard anything from any members with comments, and a majority of the committee are in agreement with them, then the rules will now be adopted. An amended version of them will be sent out with the Autumn magazine and to any new members who join between now and the next edition.


The Beauford Club Magazine

The Agenda for the meeting was as follows: AGENDA Welcome by our Chairman Minutes of the 2019 AGM to be approved Chairman’s Report Treasurer’s Report Secretary/Membership Secretary’s Report Editor’s Report Webmaster’s Report Election/Resignation of Committee Chairman Treasurer Secretary/Membership Secretary Editor Web Master Committee Members Rule Changes (see below) Club Activities (different shows/places to attend Club facilities (improvements/changes) Any other business Item 2 The Minutes of the last meeting have been approved by a majority of the Committee Items 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 – individual committee member’s reports These will be given to the next meeting in 2021. However, I would mention that the number of new members has considerably dropped during the previous year to an all time record low of 12 (there had been 20 new members in the previous year). I suspect this is due in part to Facebook as people are joining the club’s Facebook page and assume that they are members of the club which of course they are not. As a Facebook member they do not get any magazines nor a discount on regalia. 14

The Beauford Club Magazine

8. Election/resignation of Committee As we are un able to vote on any new members, the Committee as such will remain as it now stands. 9. Rule Changes The following changes will be: Rule 1 – “lose” not “loose+ (typo) Rule 2 – A tidying up on the wording plus the addition of the last sentence. The Rule to now read: One BC membership card covers the purchaser of the membership and members of his/her immediate family (spouse, children, parents) who will be referred to as affiliated members. The membership cannot be in the name of a trading company or business. Rule 4 – this refers to membership fees and has been brought up to date. The Rule to now read: The BC year starts on 1st March. The membership fee is £20.00 (or future amount agreed by the Committee) for the full year per membership card. New members who join the BC between 1st September and 30th November in any year shall pay half the subscription fee and new members who join between 1st December and the end of February shall pay a quarter of the annual subscription. In both these cases renewal will be due on the following 1st March and will be the full subscription amount. There shall be no refund of any part of the membership fee to persons who cease to be members of the BC during any financial year. Rule 7 – reference to Beauford Cars Limited has been removed. The Rule now reads: No person may use the BC stand for any commercial gain. However, members may advertise their own cars and spare parts for sale on the BC stand. 15

The Beauford Club Magazine


Top to bottom, left to right: Non Member Flying lady £165 Headlamp rim £25 Beauford scroll £25 Heavy chrome badge £25 Sew on badge £2 Blue/chrome badge £25 Bumper end tube £4 Bumper tube cap £10 Vin plate £10 R/Board strip caps 2 types £1.75 Lapel badge £3 Old style key ring £3 New type key ring £5

Member £150 £20 £20 £20 £1.50 £20 £3 £9.50 £9 £1.50 £2.50 £2.50 £4.50

P&P £10* £5.00 £1.00 £3.00 0.60p £2.00 POA 0.80p 0.60p POA 0.80p 0.80p 0.80p

*includes insurance Postage is UK only and on Multiple items will be adjusted


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine

Rule 9 – just a tidying up of the wording. The Rule now reads: BC members may not act as a representative of the BC unless authorised by the BC Chairman first. Rule 10 – The addition of sub-paragraph f), added due to the lock down situation we now all find ourselves in. The Rule sub paragraph reads: f) If the BC Committee agree (see Rule 12) that for whatever reason it is not possible to hold an Annual General Meeting then members should be invited via the Club magazine, in which will be a copy of the AGM Agenda, to give their agreement or otherwise to any proposed changes via email/telephone to the Club Secretary within 28 days of the despatch of the magazine. Only current paid up members’ votes will be valid. The vote of any current member who does not reply will be assumed by the BC Committee as being in agreement. Rule 11 – Deleted as obsolete (responsibilities of each Committee Member) Rule 14 – Addition of wording relating to Honorary Membership. The Rule now reads: Any Committee Member who has not or does not attend an Annual General Meeting for a period of three consecutive years will automatically have been deemed to have resigned from the Committee and his position will become vacant. Any member who resigns or is deemed to have resigned from the Committee will no longer qualify for Honorary membership of the Club and therefore a subscription will be payable as a normal member commencing the following March unless it is agreed at the AGM for him/her to be given free membership. Items 10 and 11 – Club Activities/Facilities Nothing to report at this point in time Item 12 - Any other business Nothing to report 18

The Beauford Club Magazine

Other Shows: At the time of writing the Knebworth show is under consideration by Gemini with the Knebworth House authorities on whether to hold it for just one day on Sunday 30th August. I have received an email from Gemini asking whether the Club would be interested in attending on this day, but after due thought I have written back to say that we would not be going, but that if any of our members were interested in attending the show then they would be going as individuals. You can always check on their website to see if Knebworth is on or not There is also up to date news on there for the Classic & Retro show at Himley Hall, Dudley - 6th September 2020

Plus Classic Motor Show at Wentworth Woodhouse, Wentworth Rotherham 13th September 2020


The Beauford Club Magazine

Dennis & Maureen Murphy

Our Beauford in France September 2019 While I was building my Beauford I read about the Millau viaduct being opened, it was one of the highest and longest in the world and Norman Foster was part of the design team. I thought it looked like something I’d like to see; fifteen years later I was able to be driven across it by my son Ian, who was visiting from Australia! Our daughter-in-law had agreed to let Ian go on a week’s golfing holiday in Thailand, then come on to the UK for a fortnight if my wife, who wasn’t really interested in going to France, went over to Melbourne to help with their two boys. Everybody’s happy. Ian was here at the start of September. I bought an extra 1000 miles on the insurance and added him as a driver. We only had 11 days away, but I managed to plot a route to take in le Mans, the viaduct, the Pont du Gard, Nice, Monaco and Reims. I had booked all our accommodation through airbnb, looking for places outside of big towns and cities and with what looked like secure parking. A couple of places offered bed and breakfast, but mostly it was just beds. Of the seven places we stayed only one car park was a little worrying as it was a communal one for a block of flats on the outskirts of Grenoble, but in the event all was well. We used the Eurotunnel from Folkestone on the way out but came back from Calais to Dover on the ferry. Got to get that iconic view of the white cliffs!


The Beauford Club Magazine

As well as our accommodation I had entered various places of interest into the sat nav and it and the car behaved perfectly. We avoided the toll roads apart from the Millau viaduct which is part of the motorway network and the last leg on our way back to Calais. Our first night was at TrangĂŠ a small town near le Mans, and in the morning we went to the 24 hours museum. As well as racing cars and motor bikes on display there is a model of every car that has run in the race since 1923. Then we drove down the Mulsanne Straight but at a fraction of the speed the racing cars manage. Before the chicanes were added Roger Dorchy managed to reach a top speed of 251 mph. On to Mansac where we stayed for two nights in a farmhouse out in the countryside, which had an outdoor pool. We had been told about various towns in that area that we should visit. As well as quite a bit of driving there was a lot of uphill walking involved, especially in St-Cirq-Lapopie and Rocamadour, both medieval hill top towns. Then we were off to Nimes (via the viaduct). The house we were staying at was on the outskirts of the city, with parking in the driveway. We had a half hour walk down into the centre and saw the floodlit Roman amphitheatre, which is more complete than the Coliseum in Rome. We had an evening meal before getting an Uber back to the house. Next morning we drove into the centre of Nimes and found an underground car park while we had breakfast before going on to see the Pont du Gard.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Built 2000 years ago as part of the system to carry a reliable water supply from springs at Uzés the 30 miles to Nimes, it is one of the best preserved examples of Roman engineering. I thought we would just go and have a look, take some photos and then move on; maybe we might have time to go south through Arles and look at the Carmargue before heading on towards our next stop near Aix-en-Provence. But what we found was that from the car park on the south side you walk towards the aqueduct, climb up to various viewpoints, and then walk across. The site was added to the Unesco world heritage list in 1985 and on the other side now is a museum, displays, restaurants, shops and a cinema. All very interesting and, of course, very time consuming. Then you have to retrace your footsteps back to the car park, so it was mid-afternoon by the time we were back on the road. We went past the bridge at Avignon on our way to Beaureceuil where we stayed overnight before moving on again towards the coast. We thought we’d have a look at St Tropez to see what all the fuss is about, but clogged roads and signs saying car park closed meant we didn’t get to see anything of it, but we found a nearby beach at Pamelonne. We had been getting used to people waving and taking photos, but as we drove back from the seafront a chap in a Morgan actually stopped right in front of us and wanted to know all about the Beauford. I had a translation of my information sheet about the car and the club website. I wonder if there were any hits. I had booked three nights in Drap which is between Nice and Monte Carlo. Only when I got the final directions did I find out that the apartment was way up in the hills above the town, along a very interesting road. One hairpin bend turned into a three point turn going up for the first time and parking was on a platform built out from the road. Beautiful views of the mountains though.


The Beauford Club Magazine

In the morning we took the park and ride tram down into Nice, much easier and safer than driving. We watched some of the iron man competitors finishing after their 70.3 mile swim, cycle, run course, had a wander and some lunch then went up in the lift to the old town gardens. On our second morning in Drap we went to Monaco and did the usual touristy things like driving round the circuit, visiting the casino and taking pictures of expensive cars and yachts. One that we rather fancied, Aquila, was available to hire for $945,000 a week, plus expenses of course.

So far the weather had been gorgeous and we’d had the hood down all the time, but when we got back in the evening from Monaco, our hosts pointed out the clouds gathering over the Alps, and so we decided not to take any chances and put the hood up. Just as well we did because the next morning when we left to drive to Grenoble it was raining and misty as we went up through the mountains. Eventually though the weather cleared and the evening was fine. Again a walk into town, a meal then Uber back. Then hood down again in the morning for the trip to Reims. We went through the Bresse region, which is famous for its chickens but avoided Dijon where the mustard comes from.


The Beauford Club Magazine

The house where we stayed in Reims was only a few minutes walk from the Taittinger cellars. I had booked a visit there and we had the first tour and tasting of the morning before heading for Calais. I did most of the tasting as Ian had volunteered to drive. It’s about a 180 mile run so we decided to use the toll road as it’s the shortest and quickest way. Coming close to the ferry terminal we could see the high fences either side of the road. On the one hand reassuring but on the other a bit scary; I wouldn’t want to be driving along there at night. Anyway we arrived without any problems and were put on an earlier ferry than the one I had booked and were soon back in New Romney. This was on Friday afternoon, we had dinner in the pub that evening, laundry and local visits next day then early Sunday morning we were in a taxi to Heathrow, for our flights to Melbourne. Soon over, but many happy memories.


The Beauford Club Magazine

New Member -Jonny Sproule Hello everyone. I'm not one for writing about myself, but I guess who would be unless you're in the midst of writing your auto-biography. I feel very privileged to have been asked to write an article and hope it's a little more interesting than Saturday night television. First off, I hail from Northern Ireland specifically Belfast. You may have heard of it. It's a small place that's famous for many things; one of which is building a large boat. I will stress that it was fine when it left us so not quite sure what happened on the English side. Northern Ireland boasts some of the most unspoilt driving roads in the entire UK. Indeed, the North Coast drive is rated as one of the best driving roads in the world and I'm lucky enough that this road starts outside my front doorstep. My Wife and I drive it whenever the weather is nice, which isn't very often but we still go. I spent 13 years in London though as a member of the British Army as a professional musician as part of the Band of the Welsh Guards. I was very fortunate to have travelled extensively with the Band including tours to Cyprus, Germany and Europe countless times, Falkland Islands and Canada to name but a few. My passport has been very well used. The Band of the Welsh Guards is one of Five Household Division Bands. You would think that being from Ireland that I would be in the Irish Guards, however it doesn't quite work that way. I feel very honoured and humbled to have been able to perform at the Changing of the Guards and also the Queens Birthday for Trooping the Colour. Of all the large concert halls and high profile events, the most humbling is always the act of Remembrance at the Cenotaph. I feel truly privileged to have played a small part in this National act to remember and respect our real heroes.


The Beauford Club Magazine

For those who want to know what instrument I played it's called the euphonium and I spend more time actually describing it than what I do anything else. So much so that I have perfected it down to a tee. It's around half the size of a tuba, however it doesn't play the same musical lines as the tuba. The tuba is a bass instrument and the euphonium is a solo instrument. It's actually the brass equivalent of the cello. For those who like their trivia it's name means 'sweet sounding instrument' when translated from Latin. If you win any pub quizzes feel free to pop the cheque in the post. Everything usually starts with a girl, however and so I decided to move across back home to Northern Ireland to settle down after meeting Nichola, my wife around 5 years ago. I made many trips across the Irish Sea during those times and could probably do that journey with my eyes closed, including probably flying the plane. I now work in Cyber Security and teach music at the School of Music at Belfast. I'm also a performing artist of a company called LefreQue. More than enough to keep me busy. I love anything with an engine and have done for a long while now. As a musician I'm drawn to the lower notes that some engines produce like the V8 rumble and even as I have discovered the L24 straight 6 engine that's in my beautiful Beauford. For me it's not about the speed of getting somewhere, it's about the journey, the experience. Which is where my eyes became set on the Beaufords. British classic cars prefer the smaller shapes like the MG's etc, however I've always thought how good it would be if there was the US style cars over here in the UK. I watch many car shows and became fixated on the tourer style Dussenbergs with the large wheels on the sides and the sheer beauty of the car. I also love my steering wheels and those brown wheels are a piece of art in itself. I've always found the steering wheel is obviously something you touch all the time so why shouldn't it be great. My daily driver is a BMW Touring and the 3 spoke design is one of the first things I noticed about the car. I started researching the market and saw a nice Beauford come up for sale in Randlestown in Northern Ireland from a Wedding company called Acorn Limousines. After seeing it advertised I couldn't stop looking at it. The colour for me was amazing.


The Beauford Club Magazine

The blue with the chrome and that nice 6 cylinder sound had me hooked. I then began to look online for reviews which led me to Tony and Liz's YouTube videos. I remember watching these over and over and could probably take that journey to their supermarket myself now. I'm a big fan of Aldi although here in Northern Ireland we only have Lidl after only just getting the witchcraft of electricity. The previous owner had the vehicle SORN'd for around 2 years, however I'm nearly almost certain it was still being used as a Wedding car. After test driving there were some issues that needed fixed, however this was used to lower the price of the car. On the day of the collection I was looking forward to the sun splitting the trees and feeling the wind in my follicly challenged hairs, however it wasn't the case and the drive back was in the rain. I would like to say a huge thank you to both Nigel Whitworth and Owen Copeland for their help with the various issues on the car and for their support. I wasn't quite aware that I was speaking to the Chairman himself though. It brought me back to the Welsh Guards days and thought I should get the Troops to salute or perhaps arrange a fly past. Nigel has an impressive list of responses lined up for those who tend to think the Beaufords are a mere tongue and groove build. Owen has also been immensely helpful, as he's not only purchased them but built his own two Beaufords. Very impressive from where I'm sitting and something I admire. Both Nigel and Owen have been answering the silly questions I've been asking and troubleshooting some of the issues on the car and I'm very grateful! Some issues were the windscreen washer not working, main beams, hazards and lately discovered the broken front spring. One of the main headaches is the electronic Smiths speedo not working. I've now had the car in with a top notch mechanic who has now fixed all issues except the speedometer and the front spring. The spring has been ordered and the speedo is on the way to being fixed.


The Beauford Club Magazine

As part of my discovery of these amazing cars I reached out to another Beauford owner in Northern Ireland. George Graham wasn't a member of the Club and he was all too keen to join when I mentioned how helpful and active the Club is. I believe George has now joined, so hello George if this is your first magazine expertly produced and edited by the very same Owen that has been helping me with my Beauford. Looking forward to catching up more with George over the coming months. It would be great to get more members from this small island and perhaps make the journey across someday once the pandemic has subsided. That's my plan and I hope to meet you all one day and see what you have all done to yours. One thing I do find strange is the fact that Nichola and I had a Beauford at our Wedding and I never thought we would someday have the pleasure of owning one. I think that about sums me up for now, as I don't want to take up too much ink. Thanks for taking the time to read the article but more importantly I hope everyone in the Club is healthy and safe. Thank you. J


The Beauford Club Magazine

David A Cornforth, Wharfedale Wedding Cars Looking for something to do during this Pandemic as life hasn't been quite normal –David Cornforth had an idea........ Back in November last year (2019) he was exhibiting at a hotel in Harrogate and whilst wondering around the hotel saw some wonderful paintings in the hotel by a Canadian artist called Brent Lynch. One in particular caught his eye. A vintage convertible car with a beautiful girl in a red dress and a guy stood at the side of the car, the painting is called " A Coastal Drive". So intrigued with the painting he bought one, 2 feet square and had it framed. He now has the painting in his house and with not a lot going on in the last few month's came up with the idea of trying to replicate the painting in photography. David contacted his 18 year old granddaughter Eva and asked her if she would like to pose for this and as she wishes to be an actress and modelshe agreed. Living near Ilkley Moor in West Yorkshire on a lovely sunset evening with Ilkley Moor in the background his daughter (Eva’s mum) took the pictures with David’s camera used for his wedding pictures. David took the place of the guy in the painting of course with his Beauford took the place of the vintage car. The results are on the front cover of this edition of the club Magazine. David & Eva hope you enjoy it


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine


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