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The Beauford Club

Spring 2021 Issue 124

The Beauford Club Magazine


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Nigel Whitworth

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Liz Ovenden

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Magazine Editor

Owen Copeland

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Michelle Copeland

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Tony Ovenden

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Dennis Murphy

Paul Hicks

6 Mabledon Close, New Romney, Kent TN28 8HT

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Rosehill, Kellow, Looe, Cornwall PL13 1LE

01503 262069 Member

Keith Woolfenden

Oak Tree House, Green Lane, Pamber Green, Hampshire RG26 6AD

01256 851406 Member

Colin Ingley

101 Fox Hollis Road, Sutton Coldfield,

B76 2RN

07940 260338 Beauford Cars * There is no current web site available

Dave Young

7 Brindley Court, Victoria Business Park, Knypersley, Stoke on Trent ST8 7PP

07850 699944

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The Beauford Club Magazine

Editor Owen Well, Summer is almost here and more of our freedoms are due to be reintroduced, but here it is, your Spring 2021 club magazine which has been patiently awaiting the announcement of potential car shows over the coming months. Thankfully I have been in receipt of a few articles from members about their own cars and these will be featuring in future editions, in the meantime Liz has news of shows that have at this time been confirmed although Stoneleigh Kit Car show has still to be confirmed for 2021. Nigel has been back on the road with small weddings and in the workshop with routine maintenance . He has received a few entries into his Chairman's choice and this edition featured Dennis & Maureen Murphy's on the front cover from one of many previous outings they enjoyed before Covid stopped even these events happening. Michelle & I have remained busy as always working as our small 2 person team on our Church conversion that seen steps forward on our first floor including its own independent heating system, plumbing for supply and waste and the first fix of the upper floor electrics is well underway. As the weather has warmed up we have also started on our courtyard garden between our 2 buildings laying over 4000 reclaimed driveway blocks and reclaimed handmade paving. We have even started to venture out now that we have received vaccines in our household and commenced dog training with our beloved Bernese Mountain Dogs. May thoughts are now turning to having to service the caravan that has stood in the same place for 18 months and the wheelchair accessible van we use to pull it that hasn't been serviced since we bought it over 2 years ago. These will all be necessary things if we plan to have safe reliable motoring over the coming months as some type of normal life returns for us.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Now for a cautionary tale. This happened back in April now when Michelle & I decided to use my car, that hadn't moved since November. Seeing that my car has only covered 54k miles and only 7 years old., passed its MOT with no advisories and I do service this every year

Total Brake failure, 5 miles away from home. I approached a roundabout and foot on the brake, straight to the floor! Thankfully the approach to my right was clear and I was able negotiate the roundabout and bring the car to a stop on the upward hill leading off it. The dash had lit up like a Christmas tree and now had low brake fluid warning so going nowhere except back home on the back of a recovery truck. I eventually found some time to get under my car and found that the factory standard steel brake pipes had corroded through above the rear differential. I still had to remove 6 plastic under trays to replace both rear brake pipes with the same copper alloy I've used for years on my older cars & my Beaufords. The cautionary tale is to make sure you have items like this checked on your everyday cars regularly. Your Beauford is likely to be built with materials that are not as susceptible to corrosion from British weather, unlike mass produced “modern “ cars 5

The Beauford Club Magazine

Chairman Nigel Whitworth "Gentlemen start your engines " (Am i still allowed to say this?) ...Well firstly I thought I would just explain about the delay of this edition of your Club magazine but it was decided to wait for news on car shows to released so we could let you have any in sight of what the Summer hopefully brings...Speaking with several Club members like ourselves most Beauford's have been SORN for a while now gathering dust and cobwebs...Luckily I find with the Beauford Club most of our members are seasoned owners so you know the normal checks to do before venturing out on the roads again after standing for a while... We had to get " Boudicia " mot'd a couple of weeks ago for an outstanding Wedding appointment planned over a year ago. The couple had also booked "Bonnie" our extended Beauford for the bridesmaids but due to the Covid rule regarding mixed households we couldn't fulfil this part of the booking. So pre mot had to begin. I had forgotten to disconnect the car clock so alas the usual flat battery. Fresh petrol is always a must as it seems to loose it's strength over a long period. I didn't drain the old petrol out as there were only a couple of gallons left in the tank anyway. I just topped it up with a fresh gallon and once we were up and running I popped around the corner and topped it up with a further £25 problems at all it ran as sweetly as ever. It took quiet a few turns to get the petrol up to the carburettor from the tank as I'm on the original mechanical pump on the 2.0 Ford Pinto. This never bothers me too much as it gives the oil a chance to get up to the higher end of the engine before actually firing up. 6

The Beauford Club Magazine

A few general checks ,clearing the window washer nozzles lights etc and away we went to our local Ford garage for the MOT. Being a small run family business for 3 generations they have plenty of experience with the Classic Fords and there knowledge is priceless to me. This is the same garage that did the full restoration 4 years ago that featured in one of our earlier editions so they are getting to know Beauford's pretty well now. Apart from a loose bolt on the manifold heat guard and a re tighten of the battery clamp all system go for the last mot completed. Is it just me who sits in the waiting room with my fingers crossed waiting for the "mmm you'd better come and have a look at this” or similar comments from the examiner or does everyone have the same nail biting hour. I don't know what all the fuss was about as it had only clocked up a couple of hundred miles since the last mot. Being registered as a Beauford in 1982 we will be mot exempt from next year 2022. This doesn't mean the standards will drop though far from it I probably will have an inspection from time to time just for peace of mind. Without giving it a thought and being only 30 minutes away from the Queens residents at Sandringham we decided to give the cobwebs a blow and off we went. Jane said with a smile about getting used to being looked at again after such a long time off the road. I must say it was great having to actually drive a car again. My everyday car is an Automatic BMW and you just have to sit there really and point it in the right direction.

It was the same weekend that the people were in mourning for the Duke of Edinburgh so when we arrived the roads around the vicinity were closed to traffic...It is such a beautiful place surrounded by Woodland areas so we just stopped off for a couple of photos in the trees and set off back again. 7

The Beauford Club Magazine

With the mot passed the Wedding booking was a success with the Beauford getting the usual attention especially from everyone at the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston Lincolnshire where we arrived with the Bride and Groom to meet the Brides work colleagues as a surprise .On the way to and from Boston we got stuck in loads of traffic all queuing for Primark and Greggs no doubt. The clutch was gripping right at the bottom so I had to use the old double de clutch method a few times to change gear cleanly. It has a cable clutch with the automatic adjuster being on the pedal end (white ratchet) of the cable. On further investigation i found the cable had somehow dislodged from it mounting, a quick trim and it slipped back in fine but me being me a new clutch cable is being fitted next Wednesday . Next on the list is the extended Beauford "Bonnie" now in my workshop on axle stands. It had an advisory on the last mot when we bought it of the top suspension bushes having play on the passenger side. So I jacked it up, put it on axle stands and removed the wheel. The wire wheels were black on the inside but after a good soak in WD40 and a gentle rub with wire wool they came back to chrome quiet easily. Also a track rod end rubber cover had split and the tie bar bushes were looking a little worn so having those in my garage these will be also be all replaced at the same time so ready for the summer as good as new. We are certainly looking forward to getting them both on the road again and to start enjoying the classic driving experience once again. Hopefully with a lot of you all getting out and about again this Summer you will share your outings, trips and car shows with the Club magazine. Don't forget your Beauford pictures for the Chairman's choice along with a write up of the background of where the picture was taken. Please keep your Beauford stories coming in for the magazine along with any of your memorabilia pictures etc. Just piece an article together and send it directly to Owen- .Well I do hope to see some of you personally during the next few months and make up for lost time...stay safe everyone. Regards Nigel 8

The Beauford Club Magazine

Chairman’s Choice Award Congratulations Dennis and Maureen Murphy on your entry for the Chairman's Choice competition..Dennis took this picture whilst enjoying their holiday in the Coffee and Cream stunning Beauford in East Anglia..

EllinghamWater Mill is situated on the River Waveney on the Norfolk/Suffolk border near Bungay and Lowestoft..

Ellingham Watermill Ellingham watermill was built of white weatherboard over a brick base with a pantiled roof. As can be seen from the photographs, it changed dramatically over the years as it was enlarged and developed. Along with Earsham, it was one of the only two Norfolk watermills on the Waveney.


The Beauford Club Magazine

The mill was built on an artificial semicircular cut made to the north of the River Waveney. This allowed the mill to retain its head of water while the nearby lock on the main river controlled the levels for the Bungay Navigation. At one time the mill had 3 locums, as can be seen on the photographs. The Waveney was fully navigable for many years using a series of locks, one of which was next to Ellingham mill, thus grain and flour were both transported to and from the mill via wherry as well as road. c. 1935 The last waterwheel to be fitted was 17h.p. and made of iron. John Munnings (1916-1987), grandson of the artist Alfred Munnings and great grandson John Munnings, miller of Mendham Mill related that the wheel was supplemented by a 8-10h.p. German turbine c.1895 and the wheel was then eventually removed and replaced by a much larger Armfield 90h.p. turbine. (This possibly happened around 1908 after the Walker brothers had taken over). John Munnings also mentioned that apparently the Armfield turbine proved to be too large for the river and could only be used to full capacity when the river had a good head of water and the tail water in the millpool was low. However, he was complimentary of the mill stating that it was Once one of the most up-to-date mills on the River until flour milling ceased (in 1949) and that it was one of the few country mills using plansifters instead of centrifugals – i.e. flour sieves as opposed to flour dressers.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Car Triva Quiz 1 What year did Aston Martin win the French Grand Prix and claim its first motorsport success? 2 What do the initials DB (eg DB11) stand for? 3 Which was the first Bond film to star an Aston Martin? 4 What does BMW stand for? 5 What year did BMW build their first electric car, the BMW 1602e? 6 What is the top speed of the new BMW S 1000 RR motorcycle? 7 How many times have BMW motorcycles won the Dakar Rally? 8 Where is the Ferrari Factory and Museum? 9 What was “Dino” Ferrari’s real first name? 10 How many miles can the electric SUV Jaguar I -PACE do on a full charge? 11 What did the Jaguar manufacture before they began to make automobiles? 12 Where was the steering wheel of the first Land Rover? 13 How many bond films have featured a Land Rover so far? 14 Which hapless Rowan Atkinson character famously drove a green MINI? 15 MINI hold the record for the fastest two-wheel lap around which circuit?


The Beauford Club Magazine

Club Secretary Liz OVENDEN’S OFFERING Welcome to the latest edition of the Beauford Club magazine, a little later than you would normally receive it this time of year but due to the current Covid situation and all shows having been cancelled or postponed we thought it would be better to send out this edition once we had a bit more news on shows which we could share with you all. I do hope that despite the lockdown and restrictions you all had a good Christmas. Ours was just the two of us and I really enjoyed it. I ate far too much chocolate and probably drank far too much alcohol but hey ho, it was Christmas Hopefully by now the majority of you will have had your injections, if not both, then at least one. I am due to have my second one in three days time which will be exactly 12 weeks to the day since I had the first. I was just about phone my doctor’s surgery (a minimum of an hour’s task) to find out why I had not heard about it when my phoned pinged and the link to book came through. Thinking about things I don’t think we all realise how lucky we are in this country to have the injections and that these, coupled with the lockdown has brought the rate of infection down so much. I have heard from members in Europe that some countries are in a dreadful state with high rates of infection, a very high death rate and a very slow roll out of the vaccinations. I know that we do tend to moan about our country but we don’t always realise how lucky we are compared to others. However, I do hope that all our European and overseas members make it safely through this dreadful time. Meanwhile on the home front, I have spent a lot of hours doing the garden, planting seeds in the greenhouse and digging and planting up the allotment, all of which is very good exercise and keeps me nimble! 12

The Beauford Club Magazine

A couple of weeks ago I got the great urge to do some sewing so having a rummage discovered some suitable material and a pattern and I now have a summer dress to wear, although when I will wear it remains to be seen, but I did enjoy the making of it. I’ve not done a lot of my miniature stuff recently but that tends to be more of a winter hobby, plus anything I make now I have to find a home for as space is becoming a premium. Whilst typing all this I am being distracted by the fact that we have a bird box in the garden with a camera in it. Currently there are blue tits nesting in there, one or other of them is sitting on six eggs and every so often they start to do a bit of DIY and when it get noisy in there I have to switch over to the camera to see what is going on. They have already pecked out an indentation at the back of the box so the eggs don’t roll (I assume that it why) but there is about an inch of nesting material in there and the bird sits on the eggs and pulls all the nesting material around her so she is comfy. Just now there was a lot of noise going on and when I looked he/she is making the entrance hole more to their taste. Anyway, I’m sure you all wanted to know that!! Since the nice weather Tony, who is now a fair weather mechanic, has been working on the Beauford. The new chromed radiator is fitted and the wings and wiring are all back in situ. When he went to start the car it did not want to know (having petrol in it helps). Having pulled out the dashboard and checked all the wiring, which was all ok, he by a process of elimination, discovered it was the petrol pump which had seized. Last year we had a new pump put on the car plus a petrol filter which we asked to have put on line before the pump. This was done before the petrol pipes leaked and had to be replaced. What we did not realise was that they had put the filter on line after the pump, not before, so when the pipes leaked and we were losing petrol the car got very low on petrol and picked up a load of muck which lodged in the pump whilst it was off the road (this was when Tony discovered that the filter was in the wrong place). Tony did wonder if he could dismantle the pump and free it up, but it was one cleverly constructed so it would not come apart and therefore a new one had to be purchased. However, the car is now fixed and reminds me of the saying “All dressed up and nowhere to go”. All we need now is a show or two so we can take it off SORN. Good news on that front – see the update on shows in this magazine. 13

The Beauford Club Magazine


Top to bottom, left to right: Non Member Flying lady £165 Headlamp rim £25 Beauford scroll £25 Heavy chrome badge £25 Sew on badge £2 Blue/chrome badge £25 Bumper end tube £4 Bumper tube cap £10 Vin plate £10 R/Board strip caps 2 types £1.75 Lapel badge £3 Old style key ring £3 New type key ring £5

Member £150 £20 £20 £20 £1.50 £20 £3 £9.50 £9 £1.50 £2.50 £2.50 £4.50

P&P £10* £5.00 £1.00 £3.00 0.60p £2.00 POA 0.80p 0.60p POA 0.80p 0.80p 0.80p

*includes insurance Postage is UK only and on Multiple items will be adjusted


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine

As its now twenty-five years since I first became Secretary of the Beauford Club, I really thought I should update my picture, and I don’t think I have changed that much, so here is what your Club Secretary really looks like on a good day!

Subscriptions Many thank to all the members who paid up their subscriptions on time – I really do appreciate it. However, I still have about a quarter of all members who have not yet paid up. I usually send out individual emails to unpaid up members but this is quite a time-consuming job, so I have decided to use the “sticker on envelope” method this time which will remind those members that they have not paid. Therefore, if you have a little red sticker then that is the reason. I do not want to upset anyone by this but it really is the easiest way of reminding. Please note that this will be the last magazine you receive unless you pay up. As a reminder the subscription fee is £20, which this year includes entry on the wedding listing and payment can be made by either cheque made payable to The Beauford Club (please put your membership number on the back if you are not using the renewal form) and sent to me (Liz) or you can pay by bank transfer, the banking details of which are: The Beauford Club HSBC Sort Code 40 39 11 Account No. 82095203 Please use the reference your membership number plus surname (so that I can identify who the payment is from. Don’t forget if you are about to move or have moved or changed your phone number or email address in the last year do let me know.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Europa – new address I know that many of you buy from Europa who were at Fauld Industrial Park, but I recently discovered that to celebrate their 40th birthday they have now moved to new premises, not too far away, but far enough to confuse anyone who goes to visit them and finds them not there! This move happened a couple of months ago. Their new address is: Europe Specialist Spares Unit 6 Lakeside Newborough Road Nedwood Burton on Trent DE13 9PD Their contact details and phone number all remain the same. Shows for 2021 And now for the bit we have all been waiting for: I have now heard from Grosvenor Exhibitions, who organise the Stoneleigh and Newark shows that they are working on some new dates for Stoneleigh but the Newark show will hopefully go ahead on Saturday/ Sunday 24/25th July. The following events have all been confirmed by Classic Motor Events (formerly Gemini) as taking place. To book or contact them you need to go to their web site then to the Events page, click on the show you wish to attend or if you need to speak to them on the telephone they do not at the moment give a telephone number but there is a “contact us” form you can fill in and I guess they will contact you.


The Beauford Club Magazine

All shows are Sundays 20th June Motorfest, Chetwynd Deer Park, Newport, Shropshire TF10 8EU 27th June Classic & Retro, The Lawn, Rochford, Essex SS4 1PJ 3rd/4th July Baston Car and Bike Show, Grimsthorpe Castle, Bourne PE10 0LY Tickets £10 pp or £5 each for a Club entry Please contact Liz or Nigel if you would like to attend this show 3rd July Deal Classic Motor Show, Bettshanger Park, Sandwich Road, Deal, Kent CT14 0BF Organiser Chris West tel 07841 598076 http:// £5 adults, children under 16 free, car with 4 passengers £8 (prebook) 11th July

Classic Motor Show, Walsall Arboretum, West Midlands

24th/25th July Newark kit car show, Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire 25th July Nostalgia Show, Beaumanor Hall, Woodhouse, Nr Loughborough, LE12 8TX


The Beauford Club Magazine

15th August Classic Motor Show, Beaumore House, Braemore, Hampshire SP6 2DF 29th/30th Aug Classic Motor Show, Knebworth Park, Herts (Bank holiday)

5th September

Himley Hall, Nr Dudley, Staffs DY3 4DF

26th September Classic Motor Show, Ragley Hall, Alcester, Warwickshire B49 5NJ

Turvey House and Catton Hall – dates are still to be advised Trentham Gardens – postponed until 2022 Other Shows 15th August Classic Car Show, Stonham Barns Park, Pettaugh Road, Stonham Aspel, Suffolk IP14 6AT. Exhibiting driver and car free, all passengers £12, children under 12 free. Entry forms available from their web site or email Ray Witton at telephone 01394382295 for all other queries. This show has been recommended by member Danny Johnson, who has booked to go himself.


The Beauford Club Magazine

26th September Cars at the Spa, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire . Cars to be booked in advance at £10 per car, visitors free. Situated right on the edge of town with easy access to the shops. A very local show to us. If anyone knows of any other local shows to them, please give me a ring and I can put details in the next edition of our magazine Please contact the web sites for further information. Bill Buckley Most of you will either know Bill or will have heard of him. He has been our Club Chairman on two different occasions, firstly in March 1996 when he took over from Tim Greathead until April 2000 because he thought that he ought to let someone else have a go! The position of Chairman was then taken over by Chris Rudge but in May 2005 Chris because of redundancy and starting up a new company resigned and Bill was asked to take over as Chairman again, which he agreed to do. However, in May 2012 Bill, for various reasons, decided that after a total of 11 years as Chairman he would resign and our ex-editor, Dennis Murphy took over the position.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Whether as Chairman or as a Committee member Bill has been an outstanding part of the Club and it is with great sadness that I have to tell you that following the death of Debbie, the love of his life, Bill too has been struck by the awful ailment of dementia which came on very quickly. Bill has been looked after for the last couple of years by his loving daughter Janet and granddaughter Faith, but unfortunately, due to this change of circumstances, the great loves of Bill’s life, next to Debbie, Janet and Faith, were his two cars, a Jaguar XJS and his Beauford. The XJS was sold a couple of months ago to an enthusiast who will look after it and the Beauford last week was taken away to be auctioned by Mathewsons in Yorkshire. Tony and I were at Bill’s house to see the car being taken away on the back of a trailer and it was a very sorry affair but hopefully someone will buy it and love it like it deserves. If anyone is interested the next auction date will be the 4th and 5th June on when hopefully the Beauford will be sold and go to a loving home.


The Beauford Club Magazine

The Beaufords Tea Party at the Palace Danny Johnson

My visit to Buckingham Palace only came about because of a chance meeting, in 1946/47 with a sailor called Ted Cope. I first met Ted whilst out playing with my next door neighbour Tony Edmonds in Darnley Road, Hackney – we were on the lookout for his Uncle Ted who was due home that day on sick leave following an injury he had received whilst serving on a Minesweeper in the Royal Navy and ever since that day he has always been known to me as Uncle Ted and we have always kept in touch. During the 1990s Ted moved to St Osyth in Essex with his wife Marion, and that was when we started taking them out in the Beauford for rides and the odd pub lunch. It was during one of these trips when Ted told us of his invitation from the Not Forgotten Association to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. My immediate reaction was to offer to drive the pair of them in the Beauford rather than them having to go on the organized coach trip, but the only snag was that without an official parking permit I would only be allowed to drop them off at the gate and pick them up later. 22

The Beauford Club Magazine

On the 25th July 2002 the day dawned and it was a glorious sunny day for our trip to London, and driving around past Big Ben into Parliament Street was like being on a photo shoot, with people stepping up to take photos. We moved slowing on past the Cenotaph and then up past Downing Street we stopped at traffic lights, where a lady approached me and asked if Marion was a Princess. We all had a good laugh, carrying on up to Trafalgar Square we turned down through Admiralty Arch and headed down the Mall for the final leg of the journey.

On arrival at the Victoria Memorial the traffic was chaotic and because the Beauford was getting so much interest I decided to chance my arm and just slotted into the waiting queue, with fingers crossed, slowly creeping towards the gate. On arrival at the gate we were just swept in with the flow, through the arch, and into the car park, parked up and all three of us walked arm in arm, unchallenged through the Palace and into the gardens for tea on the lawn. What a magical day. The Not Forgotten association is a registered charity for serving and ex-military men and women and was founded in 1920 by Martha Cunningham. Its present Patron is Princess Anne.


The Beauford Club Magazine

For Sale Here is an opportunity for a club member to build your own Beauford from a part completed build that was bought by me your editor in 2015 but I never got around to getting on with it. I sold it on to Richard Newman and at the time it had approximately 70% of the car present. I am aware Richard has been dipping in and out of the necessary work but can no longer continue and is downsizing his workshop. Here are some photos from the time it was in my possession

The engine is a 3.5ltr V8 with an Auto Gearbox Richard is asking only £1000 and needs the car gone as soon as possible. So if you would like to build and own you own hand built Beauford ( Liz has access to a build manual ) that has never been registered so will require to undergo the IVA process then grab yourself a bargain. Contact your club secretary Liz and she will put you in touch with Richard Newman


The Beauford Club Magazine

Quiz Answers 1 W hat year did Aston Martin win the French Grand Prix and claim its first motorsport success? - 1933 2 W hat do the initials DB (eg DB11) stand for? - David Brown 3 W hich was the first Bond film to star an Aston Martin? - Goldfinger 4 W hat does BMW stand for? - Bayerische Motoren Werke 5 W hat year did BMW build their first electric car, the BMW 1602e? 1972 6 W hat is the top speed of the new BMW S 1000 RR motorcycle? 186 mph 7 How many times have BMW motorcycles won the Dakar Rally? - Six times 8 W here is the Ferrari Factory and Museum? - Maranello 9 W hat was “Dino” Ferrari’s real first name? - Alfredo 10 How many miles can the electric SUV Jaguar I -PACE do on a full charge? - 298 11 W hat did the Jaguar manufacture before they began to make automobiles? - Sidecars for motorcycles 12 W here was the steering wheel of the first Land Rover? - In the middle 13 How many bond films have featured a Land Rover so far? - Four. Octopussy (1983), The Living Daylights (1987), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), Skyfall (2012) 14 W hich hapless Rowan Atkinson character famously drove a green MINI? - Mr Bean 15 MINI hold the record for the fastest two -wheel lap around which circuit? - Nurburgring


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine