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The Beauford Club Magazine

The Beauford Club

Spring 2020 Issue 120

The Beauford Club Magazine


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The Beauford Club Magazine

Editor Owen Hi everyone, what on earth happened ? Please accept my apologies for the delay and limited content to this edition of your Beauford Club Magazine. I had spoken with Liz & Nigel over the last few weeks about the situation that we are all in and I think overall we agree that even though tomorrow is currently on hold and we can see cancelled events throughout the summer months, it was still important to keep some normality to our club publications. Michelle & I have been at home since the 2nd week of March ( after our attendance to Crufts 2020 ) and shielding as our eldest son falls into the category that was announced eventually to do so from 23 March. Grocery deliveries started out very difficult to get a slot for delivery but as time as gone on this has become easier. The necessity to plan ahead is always needed as we still have to wait 2-5 days between placing an order and eventual delivery. One thing that this lockdown has done for us is to keep the work on our church conversion ticking along at an acceptable pace with Michelle & I as the only available labour. Add to this a little forward planning of a delivery of materials just before Travis Perkins closed its branches to everything except emergency materials for tradesmen. We are now stuck with the need of 3 days plastering needed but there is currently no plaster to be bought as British Gypsum closed down production at the end of March. Our Kitchen is just about fitted and I'm currently toying the idea of investing in a Router and Worktop Jig plus some You Tube videos how to do Mason Joints to complete the kitchen & Utility Room—or wait for a tradesman to come & do the job for us. Our Downstairs bathroom is part tiled and all plumbing prepared—but again needs some plastering of a cupboard we built meaning that we will not be able to complete the wall tiling until this is eventually done.


The Beauford Club Magazine

On Car matters , we have not been able to take our Beaufords out for the 1 and only wedding we had booked in at the beginning of May as the couple have of course had to postpone their wedding until this virus is under better control and large( er) gatherings are permitted again. This has meant I have put off bringing Rosie & Phoenix out of hibernation for a full service, full valet and Mot each until such time as it is advisable that we no longer shield as a family. I have all of the necessary oil, filters, and fluids to carry these out at my leisure—when I get round to it that is. My knowledge upgrade last year to a qualified household electrician has thankfully given me a few new ideas to improve parts of the aged wiring on both of my Beaufords engine bay that is– as I’ve already improved the dashboard electrics of both of my cars. I seem to have so much happening in our lives that I often find it difficult to prioritise what Michelle & I get up to each day. Due to the world we now are living in I am finding that the weather plays an important aspect of what work we get done each day. I have to confess that I like to work in comfortable conditions this year –I can only recall one day that I had to work outside in cold damp weather and it was car related. My step son who works as a carer needs his car each day for work but it had suffered a broken front coil spring so I had the joy of replacing this for him. I didn't mind really as he does a very important and valuable job ( as the rest of the world has now come to realise). I do hope that you get some enjoyment for this latest edition of the Club magazine. The overall content may be limited in this edition as I no longer have any input in reserve from Club members to publish at this time. I have however included an article from Goodwood Festival of Speed & Revival for your enjoyment as I myself as a life long “petrol head” find all things automotive enjoyable. I hope that future editions of the Club magazine can include an article from you or about something you like so don't forget to contact me Stay Alert, Stay Safe, Save Lives Thanks –Owen


The Beauford Club Magazine

Chairman Nigel Whitworth I hope this finds our members and families both at home and overseas bearing up under these uncertain times. The Coronavirus will have affected every one of us in many different ways and I hope you are keeping as well as can be expected. To be honest I did phone Liz our secretary and ask if we should suspend this next magazine as I know what work she puts in to get the magazines posted to you all but she was insistent that she could carry this out safely (who am I to argue ) so thank you Liz for you continued dedication from all of us. The only good thing to come out of the pandemic is that our garden now looks as good as the neighbour's and this only normally happens when it snows. With having no weddings or car shows on the horizon I have also been busy on our four door converting the radiator (turns out it was a Ford Capri one) from the standard viscous fan system to a larger core aluminium electric fan system. The Ford Pinto engines are not too keen on idling and tend to overheat. Cooltex from Nottingham supplied me with a separate thermostat control and I fitted inline on the top hose a temperature probe which is wired directly to the temperature gauge for a more serviceable reading and an alloy header tank. All is working well so I’m pleased with that and along with replacing the headlight to p700 ones, the rocker cover and sump gaskets replaced and new accessory fuse box. As some members know we purchased a stretch Beauford in September from a very reputable builder from Bradford. We decided to have the paintwork improved again by our local Ford Dealer Leesons of Sutton Bridge and once again with excellent results. We have probably had them out together now around half a dozen times and they certainly seem to have the wow factor. Looking forward to seeing some more of you later in the year circumstances permitting and please everyone STAY SAFE.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Club Secretary Liz OVENDEN’S OFFERING Who could have guessed that when I wrote my last piece for the Winter 19/20 magazine that we would all be in the position we are in now. I have left writing this until after the initial 6 weeks of lockdown to see if there would be any release from restrictions but the last broadcast from Boris, apart from getting everyone confused, has made very little difference if any to Tony and me. It now seems that you can go out to a park and if you happen to see a couple of friends out you can speak to them from a 2 metre distance, but if they happen to be family members then you can’t, well I think that’s how it works. Hopefully, if everyone obeys the rules then it can only get better. I really thought that during the lockdown Tony and I would get bored and argue but it was not to be on either count. As mentioned in the last edition Tony has been building 8 apartments with balconies which will form part of Rugby Miniaturists’ next show at the NEC in September (hopefully). These are now finished and are with their new owners for decoration and completion, so his next task was to build two separate but identical service blocks, which were to separate the blocks of apartments and give tenants stairs and lifts to get to their apartments. Having finished these we have had to make identical windows (6” x 3”) and double patio doors for each of the 8 apartments. Starting with the windows (18 in total) they have been made by both of us at the rate of with luck, one a day. I have given each window 2 coats of gloss paint before sticking them together and adding glazing and they are now finished and then we had to make the patio doors, each door opening inwards. To keep the costs down Tony bought a couple of planks of


The Beauford Club Magazine

planed wood which he cut up using his band saw. The poor thing (band saw not Tony) worked so hard that last week it gave up. Motor seems ok but the capacitor has gone so a new one has been sent for and should be with us any day now. It must have known when to conk out as he had just about cut enough wood for me to make the patio doors and these are now painted, glazed and ready to be sent to their owners. My next thing to do was to sort out the balcony railings. I sent of for 16 sets of railings, 2 per apartment, and have managed to sort and cut them out so that they will form two sides and a middle of the balcony. Have now done a prototype so just need the spare part for the band saw to arrive so Tony can cut me posts to hold the railings in place. (this following bit put in the next day) Capacitor has now arrived, fitted to band saw and its now working, yay, I’ve got my posts – all 40 of them. The other things we have been doing is our allotment which we acquired just before Christmas last year. It has been dug and weeded all over. There were some excellent specimens of dandelions and dock leaves in it, but I guess you don’t get one without the other. I ordered some seed potatoes which have been planted but I think I may have overdone them, as there are 9 rows of spuds with about 13/14 plants in each row. Still all the neighbours will have a share of them. I’ve also planted onion sets, peas and broad beans so far. There are also about 40 odd runner beans planted by my neighbour plus carrots and parsnips, both of which have yet to make an appearance. I also bought some cabbage plantlets and not until I had planted them did I realise that they were half red and half white cabbages and at the moment you can’t tell which are which but I guess when they grown the colour will show. Meanwhile Tony has now decided to give our Beauford some TLC. He has decided that the rather cheap carpet he put in when the car was first built should now be changed to a better quality one which should be with us soon. He has also ordered some better-quality soundproofing which means that we should be able to hear the radio when driving in the car which will be quite a novelty. As I type this, he is outside in the garage remaking the things which the front seats stand on. Previously the runners were on blocks of wood – the seats had to be higher as they were too wide to fit in the car when standing 8

The Beauford Club Magazine

on the floor. Anyway, he has now welded some metal stands for the runners to sit on and this will mean that we have more storage space under the seats. This reminds me of something which happened some years ago now. Tony and I were out with Ken and Carol Price in their car. Carol and I were sitting in the back and every time Ken drove over a bump it was really painful on my bottom. It was some time later that Ken remembered that he had put his tool box under the upholstery of the back seat which meant that between the toolbox and my bottom was just 2-3 inches of foam, so it was no wonder I felt battered and bruised. Needless to say, everyone except me thought it was extremely funny. What next, oh yes, Beauford business. I hope you don’t mind all my rattling above but there really is not a lot to put in the magazine this time but thought we really ought to let you know that we will still be publishing one. Anyway, once the magazine has been sent, I can concentrate on sitting in the sunshine in the garden with my book and a drink and imagine I am on holiday by a swimming pool (afraid the pond will have to do for sound effects). Meanwhile the big question is, when do we take our car off SORN. Its been on since October and was due to come off on 1st May for Stoneleigh but now it looks like it could be July for Oswestry, but you never know. Do let me know what you have been up to whilst in your lockdown. MOTs In case anyone did not know the Government has given a 6 month grace on cars which are due for an MOT. This temporary measure that was introduced due to Covid-19 happens within the 7 days before your MOT due date. The electronic record on the Gov.Uk website is updated to your expiry date plus 6 months and will allow you to tax a vehicle as normal. Once restrictions have been relaxed you should arrange your MOT at an appropriate convenient date -don't wait for the 6 month extended date.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Subscriptions Thank you very much to all those who have now paid your subscriptions. I am not sure if the standing order thing worked very well as there were quite a few came in still paying £15 instead of £20. However, a quick email did meant that I received all the outstanding £5.00. I have now worked my way through the membership list and have successfully contacted all those who had not paid and they have now done so, apart from 8 members whom I left messages with who have not contacted me, but it may be that I have the wrong phone number or email address. I don’t know how anyone else feels, but I think our postmen and women are doing an excellent job but are perhaps finding it hard to cope and post is not getting delivered as fast as it should be and I suspect some may even be getting lost. There must be a black hole somewhere which is full of undelivered mail and parcels going back years. I have given up using first class and now just send everything second as it seems to get there in about the same time. I digress, what I was going to say was that anyone who has not paid (apart from one or two with legitimate reasons) will not get this magazine anyway. Beauford Visits The proposed visit to Beaulieu and/or Coswold Motoring Museum have now been cancelled. Perhaps next year when things get back to “normal” then we may be able to arrange something, but meanwhile if you would be interested in attending one of these PLEASE let me know, because there is no point in arranging a date and place if no one wishes to attend. Stoneleigh National Kit Car Show – rearranged for Saturday and Sunday 29th and 30th August (bank holiday week-end) After all the trouble that Grosvenor went to in re-arranging the Stoneleigh show due to the VE day bank holiday to the week-end before it was cancelled due to Coronavirus. However, they have now reinstated it for the Saturday and Sunday 29th and 30th August, which is the Bank Holiday week-end. 10

The Beauford Club Magazine

We will be setting up on Friday from about 2.30 onwards and as usual would appreciate any help which members can give. Tea, coffee and lunch will be available on both days but as this show is slightly different being on Saturday and Sunday (I’ve no idea why they did not have it on Sunday and Monday but there is no one in their office working at the moment to ask), I would be grateful if you could let me know whether you will be attending on the Saturday (for catering purposes). The usual buffet lunch will be available on Sunday but this year’s AGM has been re-arranged for 12 noon on the Sunday. Slightly earlier than normal, but we will have to pack up sometime in the afternoon. However, the meeting will be followed by lunch and a quick last look round the show for those vital bits you have forgotten to get. Don’t forget to bring any auto jumble with you which you have for sale and/or swapping/giving away. I have camping forms for anyone who wants to attend the show and I’ve just remembered that the last few August bank holiday have been fantastic weather so fingers crossed. Annual General Meeting The following is the Agenda for the AGM. If anyone has any subject they would like to discuss then please bring it up at the meeting under Any other business or if you cannot attend the meeting then please either phone or email me to let me know what you would like the meeting to discuss. The meeting is scheduled for 12 noon on Sunday 30th August in the Warwick Hall Conference Centre which is at the far end of Avenue M. Our meeting will take place in the small meeting room downstairs to the left of the entrance doors. We would be grateful if any member attending the Show would be kind enough to spare just under an hour of their time to attend the AGM. Lunch will then be available afterwards for them and their families.


The Beauford Club Magazine

AGENDA 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Welcome by our Chairman Minutes of the 2019 AGM to be approved Chairman’s Report Treasurer’s Report Secretary/Membership Secretary’s Report Editor’s Report Webmaster’s Report Election/Resignation of Committee Chairman Treasurer Secretary/Membership Secretary Editor Web Master Committee Members 9. Rule Changes (see below) 10. Club Activities (different shows/places to attend 11. Club facilities (improvements/changes) 12. Any other business Changes to the Rules 9. above) I propose the following changes: Rule 1 – “lose” not “loose+ (typo) Rule 2 – A tidying up on the wording plus the addition of the last sentence. The Rule to now read: One BC membership card covers the purchaser of the membership and members of his/her immediate family (spouse, children, parents) who will be referred to as affiliated members. The membership cannot be in the name of a trading company or business. Rule 4 – this refers to membership fees and has been brought up to date. The Rule to now read:


The Beauford Club Magazine

The BC year starts on 1st March. The membership fee is £20.00 (or future amount agreed by the Committee) for the full year per card. New members who join the BC between 1st September and 30th November in any year shall pay half the subscription fee and new members who join between 1st December and the end of February shall pay a quarter of the annual subscription. In both these cases renewal will be due on the following 1st March and will be the full subscription amount. There shall be no refund of any part of the membership fee to persons who cease to be members of the BC during any financial year. Rule 7 – reference to Beauford Cars Limited has been removed. The Rule now reads: No person may use the BC stand for any commercial gain. However, members may advertise their own cars and spare parts for sale on the BC stand. Rule 9 – just a tidying up of the wording. The Rule now reads: BC members may not act as a representative of the BC unless authorised by the BC Chairman first. Rule 10 – The addition of sub-paragraph f), added due to the lock down situation we now all find ourselves in. The Rule sub paragraph reads: f) If the BC Committee agree (see Rule 12) that for whatever reason it is not possible to hold an Annual General Meeting then members should be invited via the Club magazine, in which will be a copy of the AGM Agenda, to give their agreement or otherwise to any proposed changes via email/telephone to the Club Secretary within 28 days of the despatch of the magazine. Only current paid up members’ votes will be valid. The vote of any current member who does not reply will be assumed by the BC Committee as being in agreement. Rule 11 – Deleted as obsolete (responsibilities of each Committee Member)


The Beauford Club Magazine


Top to bottom, left to right: Non Member Flying lady £165 Headlamp rim £25 Beauford scroll £25 Heavy chrome badge £25 Sew on badge £2 Blue/chrome badge £25 Bumper end tube £4 Bumper tube cap £10 Vin plate £10 R/Board strip caps 2 types £1.75 Lapel badge £3 Old style key ring £3 New type key ring £5

Member £150 £20 £20 £20 £1.50 £20 £3 £9.50 £9 £1.50 £2.50 £2.50 £4.50

P&P £10* £5.00 £1.00 £3.00 0.60p £2.00 POA 0.80p 0.60p POA 0.80p 0.80p 0.80p

*includes insurance Postage is UK only and on Multiple items will be adjusted


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine

Rule 14 – Addition of wording relating to Honorary Membership. The Rule now reads: Any Committee Member who has not or does not attend an Annual General Meeting for a period of three consecutive years will automatically have been deemed to have resigned from the Committee and his position will become vacant. Any member who resigns or is deemed to have resigned from the Committee will no longer qualify for Honorary membership of the Club and therefore a subscription will be payable as a normal member commencing the following March unless it is agreed at the AGM for him/her to be given free membership A quick explanation of Rule 10(f). The current rules needed to be changed/amended to be brought up to date with the current situation and any situation which may evolve in the future. Normally any rule changes would be voted on and passed/amended at the AGM and I hope that this will happen this year. However, as the future is a bit of an unknown quantity at the moment, should the AGM not happen then the Committee Members have already agreed the change in Rules prior to my putting them in the magazine above, and would ask members for their comments on the changes. This can be done before the AGM, so we can gauge the members’ feelings on them. If you have any comments then please let me know by either phone or email. In the event of a non happening AGM then any comments received will be taken into account. However, if you are in agreement with them then there is no need to make contact with me as no comment will be classed as agreement. I would also like to point out that Rule 12 is regarding the quorum of a Committee meeting being four people. An on line meeting was held and agreed by 8 members of the Committee, but as already mentioned hopefully the AGM will take place.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Other Shows: Please note I am keeping the web site diary page as up to date as I can, so if I learn of anything changing to the following I will pop it on the diary page. London to Brighton Kit and Sports Car run – Sunday 31st May This has been cancelled. British Ironworks Centre, Oswestry Saturday and Sunday 18th and 19th July 2020

As at the time of writing this show is still on. I have checked their web site and although the Centre is currently closed the show is still showing as going ahead. I suspect it may be a few weeks before we know for certain. Anyway, if it is still on Tony and I (and hopefully a few others) will be attending on the Sunday. I’m really looking forward to a day out and perhaps even a night away as well.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Newark Kit Car Festival Saturday and Sunday 25th and 26th July 2020 Grosvenor have decided to bring this car show back so again only time will tell if it is on or not. Again, if its on it will be Sunday when Tony and I attend so hopefully a few of you will turn up. Just a mention we will not be bringing all the club facilities with us so if you are coming please bring a couple of chairs, a flask and a picnic. I’ll supply biscuits! Gemini Car Events A lot of their events have been cancelled but suggest that you go on to their website to check if one you fancy going to is still on. Sunday and Monday 30th and 3lst August 2020 Knebworth Park, Herts The Sunday clashes with Stoneleigh but if you are feeling up to it on the Monday you could have a trip down to Knebworth for the day. I cannot say at the moment if we will be going on the Monday, but tickets are usually free if booked through Complete kit car magazine so might get a couple just in case. I think that’s about all for now, hope my ramblings have not bored you too much so I will finish up by saying I hope you are all keeping well, staying in, keeping calm, being alert, looking after your Beaufords as well as the NHS and I hope to see some of you soon. Liz


The Beauford Club Magazine

Goodwood Estate History The first Duke of Richmond, illegitimate son of Charles II by his French mistress, Louise de Kérouaille, originally rented Goodwood to enjoy the foxhunting with the nearby Charlton Hunt, then the most fashionable hunt in the country In 1697 he bought the house, built in 1616-17 by the 9th Earl of Northumberland - known as the ‘Wizard Earl’ - whose main home was at Petworth. There is evidence that a house had existed at Goodwood as early as 1570. Colen Campbell’s floorplan of 1724 shows the small Jacobean house with gabled ends and, later, sash windows which must have been added by the first or second Duke. The second Duke of Richmond employed Matthew Brettingham to enlarge the house to the south, with a pedimented front based on William Kent’s Devonshire House in Piccadilly. This was unfinished when the Duke died in 1750 so it was left to Sir William Chambers to complete the interiors. His son, the third Duke of Richmond, employed a young James Wyatt to remodel and extend the north wing (now mainly demolished) in 1771. This included the Tapestry Drawing Room which was decorated in 1776-7. In 1791, the family’s main seat, Richmond House in Whitehall, London, burnt down. Much of the great art collection was saved and James Wyatt added two great wings to showcase it, taking advantage of the sweeping views across the park. To give unity to the two new wings and Brettingham’s south wing, Wyatt added copper-domed turrets framing each façade.


The Beauford Club Magazine

When the third Duke died in 1806 he left massive debts, so the wing containing the Ballroom was only completed in 1836, when the fifth Duke of Richmond inherited the Scottish properties of his maternal uncle, the last Duke of Gordon. When the tenth Duke and Duchess of Richmond moved into the house in the late 1960s, the north wing was riddled with dry rot. The decision was taken to demolish the wing but preserve the Tapestry Drawing Room. During this period, the external colonnade and modern kitchens were added to the rear of the house. In 1994 the Duke’s son and daughter-inlaw, the eleventh Duke and Duchess of Richmond, moved into the house and completed an extensive refurbishment programme, restoring the rooms to their original Georgian glory. The first Duke of Richmond and Lennox (1672-1723) Loved hunting and gambling and bought the original house at Goodwood as a hunting lodge. His wife, Anne, was the daughter of Lord Brudenell and granddaughter of the Earl of Cardigan. He was succeeded by his son, Charles. The 2nd Duke of Richmond, Lennox and Aubigny (1701-50) Was very cultured and went on the Grand Tour (1719-22) as a young man. His love of art and architecture led to the rebuilding of Richmond House in London and additions to Goodwood. He was the longest serving Master of the Horse of the eighteenth century. His other interests included gardening, natural history (he had a menagerie at Goodwood), cricket and hunting (he was Master of the Charlton Hunt). He fought at the Battle of Dettingen and under the Duke of Cumberland in the ’45 campaign against Bonnie Prince Charlie. When his grandmother died in 1734 he became Duke of Aubigny. The 3rd Duke of Richmond, Lennox and Aubigny (1735-1806) Inherited from his father when he was only fifteen. He went on the Grand Tour and studied at the University of Leyden where he read medical science. As a soldier, he distinguished himself at the Battle of Minden and was made a Field Marshall in 1796. He was British Ambassador to the 20

The Beauford Club Magazine

Court of Louis XV at Versailles in 1765-6 and took an active role in the House of Lords. From 1782 he was Master of the Ordnance and founded the Royal Ordnance Survey to map the whole of Britain at one inch to the mile. Like his father, he was interested in art and architecture. His marriage to Lady Mary Bruce, daughter of the third Earl of Ailesbury, produced no children, so he was succeeded by his nephew, Charles. The 4th Duke of Richmond, Lennox and Aubigny (1764-1819) Was a military man, becoming a full General in 1814. Owing to the considerable debts left by his uncle, he spent very little time at Goodwood. In 1807 he was made Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and from 1814 he and his wife lived in Brussels. In 1818 he was appointed Governor General of Canada where he died tragically of rabies the following year, having been bitten by a pet fox. His wife, Charlotte, was the eldest daughter of the fourth Duke of Gordon. Their eldest son, Charles, inherited the titles. The 5th Duke of Richmond, Lennox and Aubigny (1791-1860) Was also a soldier, serving in the Peninsula War as ADC to the Duke of Wellington and at Waterloo as ADC to the Prince of Orange. He was Postmaster General and ADC to Queen Victoria. In 1836, he inherited the Scottish properties from his maternal uncle, the fifth and last Duke of Gordon, changing his surname to Gordon Lennox. This enabled him to finish the additions begun at Goodwood by the third Duke. He married Caroline, the daughter of the famous Marquess of Anglesey who lost his leg at Waterloo, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Charles. The 6th Duke of Richmond, Lennox, Gordon and Aubigny (18181903) Was a prominent politician serving as President of the Board of Trade (1867-8) and Lord President of the Council (1874-80). Queen Victoria recreated the title Duke of Gordon for him in 1874. A model landlord, he carried out many improvements on the Estate and built two hundred cottages for Estate employees. His wife, Frances, was the niece of the diarist, Charles Greville. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Charles. Charles, 7th Duke of Richmond, Lennox, Gordon and Aubigny (18451928) Served as a soldier and M.P. for West Sussex and Chichester. A widower 21

The Beauford Club Magazine

for much of his life, he enjoyed going to Gordon Castle in Scotland each year for the sport. His first wife was Amy Ricardo (who died in 1879) and his second wife was Isabel Craven. His eldest son, Charles, inherited the dukedoms. Charles, 8th Duke of Richmond, Lennox, Gordon and Aubigny (18701935) Also served as a soldier and saw active service in the South African War as ADC to Field Marshall Earl Roberts. He was unable to fight in World War I as he had contracted polio which left him wheel-chair bound. He wrote two books: Records of the Old Charlton Hunt (1910) and A Duke and His Friends, The Life and Letters of the Second Duke of Richmond (1911). He married Hilda Brassey, granddaughter of the famous railway pioneer, Thomas Brassey. Tragically, their eldest son, Charles, was killed on the British Eastern Front in 1919, where he was supporting the White Russians against the Bolsheviks, so the titles went to their second son, Frederick. Frederick, 9th Duke of Richmond, Lennox, Gordon and Aubigny (1904 - 1989) Was passionate about cars and planes. He trained as a motor mechanic on the shop floor of Bentley and became a racing driver, winning the Brooklands Double 12 Race in 1931. He sold the Scottish Estates in 1935 to settle the death duties on his father’s death. During World War II he served in the Royal Air Force. After the war, he turned the wartime Westhampnett airfield into the Goodwood Motor Circuit which was Britain’s most prestigious circuit for eighteen years from 1948-1966. He married Elizabeth, daughter of the Reverend Thomas Hudson and was succeeded by his eldest son, Charles, the 10th Duke. The 10th Duke of Richmond, Lennox, Gordon and Aubigny (1929 2017) The late Duke was a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. As Chairman of the Goodwood Group of Companies he developed and strengthened the estate, with particular focus on the Racecourse. For many years he was involved in the Church of England, as a member of the General Synod and a Church Commissioner. He was involved with numerous charities at both an international and national level. He married Susan Grenville-Grey in 1951 and for twenty-one years they hosted the international dressage championships at Goodwood. 22

The Beauford Club Magazine

The 11th Duke of Richmond, Lennox, Gordon and Aubigny (born 1955) The current Duke took over the chairmanship of the Goodwood Group of Companies in 1994. He is the founder of the Festival of Speed (1993) and the Goodwood Revival Meeting (1998). Before taking over the management of the Estate, he was a successful advertising photographer in London and continues his photography career as Charles March. He married the Hon. Janet Astor, daughter of the third Viscount Astor, in 1991 and they live in Goodwood House with their children


The Beauford Club Magazine

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The Beauford Club Magazine

And Finally We all should take our current situation seriously, following the recommendations from the Government, Scientists and the WHO, we also need to laugh, and to have at least a few moments in the day that are without stress. A few COVID-19 jokes might just take your mind off the apocalypse-adjacent state of the world and serve as a reminder that there’s always something, however small, to smile about. The grocery stores in France look like tornadoes hit them. All that’s left is de brie. I’ll tell you a coronavirus joke now, but you’ll have to wait two weeks to see if you got it. Finland just closed its borders. You know what that means. No one will be crossing the finish line. What do you tell yourself when you wake up late for work and realize you have a fever? Self, I so late. Did you hear the joke about the germ? Never mind, I don’t want to spread it around. What types of jokes are allowed during quarantine? Inside jokes! Why do they call it the novel coronavirus? It’s a long story…. Yeah, I have plans tonight. I’ll probably hit the living room around 8 or 9. What’s the best way to avoid touching your face? A glass of wine in each hand.


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine