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Autumn 2020 Issue 122

The Beauford Club Magazine


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Nigel Whitworth

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Liz Ovenden

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Magazine Editor

Owen Copeland

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Tony Ovenden

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Bill Buckley

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The Beauford Club Magazine

Editor Owen I do hope everyone is safe & well. Here we go again‌. Where do I begin as things for us are the same as they were last edition & the edition before . Extreme caution is probably the phrase best suited to my family life as it is abundantly clear that a lack of common sense for a large part of the UK ( and world wide too ) population is playing a big part in what is happening right now in the ongoing threat that is defining 2020 . Despite major disruption to sporting events, social events including car related meetings have all been cancelled or postponed and just about everything have taken for granted in previous times, the future is not yet here. Our own dog show world has been decimated with no UK shows taking place to gain qualification for Crufts 2021 –who knows what 2021 will actually bring, but we can all hope that the Human race soon turns a corner and learns to live with this deadly virus instead of it disrupting our lives in just about every way. I’m sure my own opinion of how the UK government has handled the crisis will be controversial but it is without precedent. Some things have been done wrong and some things done right but we are all in this together and trying to make the best decisions day by day for the benefit of everyone. We are all individual and unique so some things imposed on us work and some don't. We all have a responsibility in what is happening and we can really only control our own actions which is why I simply say that common sense will have a large part to play in winning and moving forward. Enough from my soap box. In this edition of the club magazine you will find the usual selection from Liz with the addition of part 1 from the journey Tony & Liz have taken in the Beauford world with a promise of more to come in the future. Your Chairman Nigel has provided a light hearted, just for fun quiz for your entertainment and is inviting your input for future quizzes. 4

The Beauford Club Magazine

There is also the first Chairman's choice picture award that features the winner on the cover page of the current magazine edition. This is a lovely idea and helps me as your editor to select a suitable Beauford for the cover so please continue to support us by emailing your own car to Nigel –I'm sure you are fed up with my own cars that have featured since I took over as editor at the end of 2015 , my first edition was number 104 making this Autumn my 19th edition of the club magazine. I have spoken to a lovely gentleman in the last couple of months - Mike Akroyd who built his own Beauford with his wife in 1996 and sadly due to advancing years and now widowed has made the difficult decision to put his car(s) up for sale. His Beauford for sale features in this edition and his other car—a Triumph that has only covered a few hundred miles since he nut & bolt rebuilt it many years ago is still to find its rightful audience that would deserve it. Albert Hennman has provided me with a number of very detailed technical items that would be extremely useful to any classic car owner never mind a Beauford owner. I have included part of these in this edition to help car owners understand or remind us about the 12 volt direct current system that power our cars. Bringing them to life and keeping them running safely. Although many Beaufords may not have seen the open roads in 2020 it is still important to care for our cars to keep them ready & waiting for better times ahead. Don't forget that your quarterly magazine contains multiple insurance company adverts that can provide “laid up” insurance if like me you have not moved your car this year. You also have a number of suppliers of parts and tools advertising in your magazine too and although the internet can provide a number of solutions –some of what you may need are already in black & white right here, ready to provide modern day solutions for vintage items. I have personally used Euproa for example for a number of items when I built my own car plus Regalia from the Club for my Isadora Duncan and headlight rims. There's a great deal of benefits to being a club member and not just a social media user. Share the Club....... 5

The Beauford Club Magazine

Chairman Nigel Whitworth Hello again everyone. I hope this Autumn edition finds you all well. Well ! Just when we were cruising into 3rd gear and heading over the horizon Mr Covid 19 decides to hitch a lift in the middle of the road again and alas reverse gear is engaged and backwards we go once again....just when we are switching on the headlamps and turning the heater on (if you can find it that is Jonny ha-ha) Mr Coronavirus decides to depress us even more. Frustrating as it may be it's one of life’s many challenges we have to endure and deal with accordingly I suppose—Still on the bright side our local seaside towns of Skegness (Skeg vegas) and Hunstanton (Sunny hunny) will not bare the brunt of the blame as this time of year it should be relatively quiet for a Winters stroll along the beach. Seriously with some of you having to go into lockdown or near lockdown again around parts of the UK and Europe please take care everyone. I think our best outlook would be hope for a Vaccination in the early Spring so we can celebrate in style with our Beauford Bonanza party at Stoneleigh in May. I would like to say how pleased I am with the Beauford Club Facebook page and how well you all communicate and help each other out with various problems and tips. Also there have been some great memorabilia pictures appearing from the archives. If you wish to enter any of these into the best Beauford picture competition although I do appreciate it could be difficult with so many Beaufords being SORN at the moment just email me your pictures to with a short story of where the picture was taken to be able to take part. There have been some lovely pictures on the Facebook page but to qualify for the trophy you must email me your picture separately just so we know they are 100% from our members not just Facebook followers.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Also I had no takers on the quiz page so I did this myself again after my regular 60 hours at work. But again if any of you would like to put your stamp on the magazine please come forward and don’t worry we don’t charge for your services as they will be free. I also enjoyed our new member story in our last edition so thank you Jonny from Northern Ireland, you guys are well and truly now on the Beauford map. If any of you would like to feature in the next edition with your Beauford story, alterations modification tips etc please pass on your pictures and stories to our Editor Owen. I notice several Beauford's up for sale again and looks like it is due to the Wedding restrictions and owners either suffering financially or actually enjoying their free weekends. I even saw an entire Wedding car hire fleet up for sale last week including 3 Beaufords which didn't sell the first time around. With Jane and me running both "Bodicia" and "Bonnie" as Wedding cars we have certainly taken a financial hit this season and with being a small Ltd company aren’t eligible for any help with financial losses from the Government. We have only had 2 engagement's since March where normally we are busy most month's during the Summer and I know lots of our friends and fellow members have been the same...Let's hope the Beauford's all get good homes with enthusiasts to keep the Beauford mascot flying. I notice we are having posts from several of our European friends on Facebook which is fantastic. Hopefully they are official members and if they are I will be encouraging them to write a spread for us as I have our latest member Juan from Madrid in Spain. Anyway enough of Chairman's chatter for this edition. Please stay safe everyone until next time. Regards Nigel


The Beauford Club Magazine

Chairman’s Choice Award In the last edition of the magazine I announced my intention of a quarterly chairman’s choice award "Best Beauford Picture" competition. Rules are Take a single (one car) Beauford picture with a scenery backdrop, a famous landmark, bridge, stately home, road sign or any significant things you can think of and send it directly to me Many thanks to David Cornforth for taking time out to enter his stunning Beauford . Congratulations David your trophy will be on it's way to you shortly. The picture ( featuring on the front cover of this magazine edition) was taken on the beautiful Baildon Moor situated between Bradford and Ilkley in West Yorkshire. Baildon Moor is probably the most popular recreational area for the City dwellers of North Bradford and Western Leeds. The moor, a superb conical mound 282 metres high can be seen from miles around and on a clear day from the top you may see Bradford City centre lying approximately 6 miles to the South. Several etched cup and ring marks in stones on the moor shows evidence of Bronze age inhabitants many years ago. Also in World War 2 it was a great vantage point for air raid search lights to be situated searching the night sky's for enemy aircraft attempting to bomb the nearby Cities. David runs Wharfedale Wedding Cars with his lovely 4 door Ivory Beauford supported by a stunning Burgundy interior was out on the moors blowing away the cobwebs gathering over lockdown and the Summer months. Thanks again David. 8

The Beauford Club Magazine

Car Triva Quiz Nigel Whitworth 1. Who designed what was considered the world’s first car? A. Henry Ford B. Ferdinand Porsche C. Karl Benz D. David Buick E. Louis Chevrolet F. Antoine Laumet de la Mothe Cadillac 2. What famous auto maker is responsible for designing the Volkswagen Beetle? A. Bavarian Motor Works B. Walter P. Chrysler C. Henry Ford D. Ferdinand Porsche 3. What make and model is the General Lee? A. Dodge Charger B. Chevrolet Camaro C. Ford Mustang D. Mercury Cougar E. Plymouth Roadrunner 4. How did the Ford Mustang get it’s name? A. Herd of Wild Horses B. WWII Fighter Plane C. Henry Ford’s Wife D. Play on words for Horsepower 5. Which car is considered to be the first “muscle car”? A. 1963 Buick Rivera B. 1962 Chevrolet Imala C. 1967 Chevrolet Camaro D. 1964 Ford Mustang E. 1964 Pontiac GTO


The Beauford Club Magazine

6. What is the worlds largest automotive company? A. Volkswagen Group B. General Motors C. Ford Motors D. Toyota Motor 7. What company opened up the first drive-in gas station? A. Mobile B. Exxon C. Shell D. Gulf 8. When and where was the first drive-in theater built? A. Detroit Michigan in 1928 B. NYC, New York in 1930 C. Camen, NJ in 1933 D. Philadelphia, PA in 1929 9. What US Production car is the fastest from 0-60 mph? A. 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS 409 B. 1966 Ford Shelby GT 350 C. 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS 327 D. 1966 Dodge Charger 10. What is the name of the caped lady on top of the Rolls Royce radiators? A. Flying Woman B. Queen Elizabeth C. Spirit of Ecstasy D. Lady Liberty **Bonus Question –what is the name of the lady mascot on the front of a Beauford Answers at the back of this edition of magazine ( no cheating)


The Beauford Club Magazine

Club Secretary Liz OVENDEN’S OFFERING It’s now three months since the Summer magazine came out, and despite the fact that it was only July, we should have had a fair amount of good weather since then. It’s funny how you associate nice weather with certain events. For instance, Stoneleigh show which normally falls on the first weekend of May (bank holiday) had been changed to take account of VE day being on the 8th May to the weekend of the 9th and 10th May. At the time of the announcement of the change I did think that it was a bit of a bind having the show on a Saturday and Sunday but never dreamt that the show plus all the following ones throughout the year, would actually be called off. Anyway, come the first weekend in May I was thinking that the weather was not very good for a car show and again the following weekend when it had been rescheduled for. This year was going to see the reintroduction of the Newark show and which I remember in years gone by had been splendid weather, but again, it was not a good weekend this year so I did not mind so much the cancellation. The same was for the August bank holiday weekend which for the last three years had been so very hot and we had had to shelter from the sun under our portable gazebo. This year, I do believe it rained over the weekend so had the rescheduled Stoneleigh and Knebworth shows (and we had planned to go to both) taken place, they would have been a washout. I guess then that it’s not all bad news. Anyway, regarding the summer weather this year, I really don’t think it has been that good and this has not been helped by the doom and gloom hovering over us by Covid-19. The next important thing of this year will be Christmas and even that has a large question mark hanging over it, as none of us can make definitive decisions on what we want to do or where we want to go because none of us know what the regulations will be. 11

The Beauford Club Magazine

Tony thinks that the best thing we can do is stay at home and enjoy our own company and not worry about what might have been. This seems to have been our philosophy over the last eight or so months and it has worked so far, as we are still happily married and getting on, as I hope are the rest of you club members out there. I think the trick is to keep busy, and not get in each other’s way unless you can do a job or project together. Tony has in fact been very busy lately, as we had decided that we really needed new kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts as the ones we had were starting to delaminate. We had been out and looked at some, but nothing jumped out at us so Tony started searching on the internet and discovered where he could get a load of oak faced ply and lengths of solid oak and as he is very keen on woodwork, decided he would have a go at making new doors and drawer fronts himself, shaker style. A lot of measuring was done and a spreadsheet set up and a suitable amount of wood ordered. Whilst waiting for it to come we had a proper tidy up of the workshop and garage (did not last long) and on arrival Tony disappeared into the garage and could be heard using all manner of assorted machines which he possesses until we ended up with lots of piles of different sized pieces of wood, all of which somehow fitted together and made 24 doors/drawer fronts. The kitchen is now finished and I/we are very pleased with the finish – he has made a lovely job of it all. The kitchen being done his attention has turned to the Beauford which has now been on a SORN for almost a year. Apart from re-carpeting it earlier this year, the car has not been out of the garage, however, it was due for an MOT and as I am typing this the car is currently in the garage undergoing its MOT, (should not be too much as it has done 2 miles since its last MOT, which was back from the garage a year ago and down to the garage this year). The car is now back with us, passed its MOT but we did have a slight petrol leak, I say slight, but it used nearly 5 litres of petrol going the mile from home to the garage. Good job we had a petrol can which we filled up and took with us as it was needed. Turns out the rubber petrol pipe lines were all cracked and leaking, which is a problem now occurring in older cars thanks to the ethanol which is put in unleaded petrol – I believe that some of you may have already encountered this problem. 12

The Beauford Club Magazine

However, petrol pipelines have been replaced along with a couple of exhaust hangers which were showing signs of wear. The only thing which slightly puzzles me is that on the MOT certificate the car has done 388 miles since the last MOT not the 2 miles I thought it would have done. Will have to investigate. You may remember me saying that back in January 2018 we had our radiator cowling chrome sprayed. We were very pleased with the effect but sad to say that last year when the car was last on the road the chrome was starting to slightly yellow and having got the car out now it has yellowed even more, in fact it looks more like gold than silver. We have tried contacting the company who did it but for one reason or another they have deemed us unworthy of a reply to either phone calls or emails. We have not asked for something for nothing, just advice on what we should do, but still no joy. Tony has now found someone else who should be able to do something with it so has now in the process of dismantling the car prior to taking the cowling down to them (in Kent). Just so you can see what I mean I have taken a photo this afternoon I guess our bedroom decorating which was due to happen back in March will now be put off again!

Subscriptions The subscriptions for next year will be due on the 1st March and in the Winter edition of the magazine (due out in three months’ time) I will enclose a renewal form. Please remember that the renewal is once again £20 and I would very much appreciate it if the subscriptions could be paid more or less on time. I know everyone is busy (including me) but to make my life a little easier please do try and pay on time.


The Beauford Club Magazine

One of the “perks” of being a Committee member is that you get free membership. However, a reminder that Committee members who have not attended an AGM (excluding this year) for the last three years will be deemed to have resigned from the Committee unless they let me know that they wish to stay on and will try and attend a future AGM. If they do not contact me then I will assume that they do not wish to be a committee member and will therefore have to pay their annual subscriptions. This is one of the new rules. AGM and Rules The last two editions of the club magazine included in issue 120 a copy of the Agenda for the AGM. In issue 121 it was assumed that it would not be possible to hold an AGM this year and so the Chairman, Treasurer, Editor, myself and Tony agreed to stay on in the functions we have been doing for the previous year. All reports by those on the Committee will be carried over until next year and there have been no club activities nor any change in club facilities. The only change which has taken place is the adoption of new rules. The changes were set out in the last edition (121) and as I have heard no objections to the new rules, I believe they are now agreed upon. I have therefore typed up a new version and a copy is enclosed with this magazine for your perusal, if you so wish. Can you help? The following article appeared in the last magazine, but Stephen has not received a single phone call about it so I am leaving it in for this edition, with a slight amendment, in the hope that someone can assist: I have received a letter from Stephen Forrest who is a long-term member in Worthing. Stephen is wondering if there are any members out there who would be able to advise him. He has been building his 2-door car for 16 years and for one reason or another has not got it on the road yet. He had a “car builder” who advertised in one of the kit car magazines and who had the car for two years but did not seem to do anything with it. Finally (to cut a long story short) Stephen got the car back in a very sorry state, but unfortunately he then suffered with ill health resulting in him having to have a leg amputated. Undeterred he has continued to work on 14

The Beauford Club Magazine

the car but now requires the interior to be sorted including the seat belt posts, although he does tell me that he has a set of electric front seats which have built in mountings (the back seat “A” mountings have been done) He also needs advice or assistance with the dashboard and instruments and centre console. He is wondering if anyone can either sell him or advise him where to get some relevant parts or even help him to get the car sorted and into a state whereby it will pass its IVA test. Having spoken to him it does not sound like there is a huge amount to be done but he is willing to pay a fair price for any help or parts provided. If you feel you can help Stephen then please contact him on 01903 446477. Googlegroup Since the last magazine, when I mentioned the googlegroup, no one has been on it, and as I think that this has probably been overtaken by our Facebook page I will ask Tony to remove the link. On the subject of Facebook and the Beauford Club, there seems to be a misconception that you have to own a Beauford to be a member of the Club. This is not true, anyone can join the Beauford club regardless of whether they own a Beauford or not. The Club is for enthusiasts of the cars not necessarily owners which is why it is not called the Beauford Owners Club. As long as you pay the membership fee anyone can join our happy band. Beauford Build Manual - Ebay I spotted on our Beauford Club Facebook page the other day that one of our members had seen on Ebay a copy of the original Beauford Build Manual and it was up for sale at a snip for £147.00 ! This is the same manual that you probably bought from Beauford for £10 – it was partly typed and partly handwritten with drawings on how to build the car - so if you have one at home still, don’t bin it, just put it on Ebay as you never know… 15

The Beauford Club Magazine


Top to bottom, left to right: Non Member Flying lady £165 Headlamp rim £25 Beauford scroll £25 Heavy chrome badge £25 Sew on badge £2 Blue/chrome badge £25 Bumper end tube £4 Bumper tube cap £10 Vin plate £10 R/Board strip caps 2 types £1.75 Lapel badge £3 Old style key ring £3 New type key ring £5

Member £150 £20 £20 £20 £1.50 £20 £3 £9.50 £9 £1.50 £2.50 £2.50 £4.50

P&P £10* £5.00 £1.00 £3.00 0.60p £2.00 POA 0.80p 0.60p POA 0.80p 0.80p 0.80p

*includes insurance Postage is UK only and on Multiple items will be adjusted


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine

2021 - Future Shows Let us hope that next year, when we have an inoculation against Covid that things will start to get back to normal or should I say “the new normal� and that we can once more all meet again and show off our beautiful cars. ( your editor—Owen is keen to get out to shows in 2021 including the annual Stoneleigh event so he can show off his Beauford / Beaufords. He has even mentioned dividing his automotive love into another kit car build, that is if he ever has the time again thanks to the church conversion he & Michelle are doing ) Annual General Meeting In the last magazine I set out the agenda for the meeting. One of the items on the Agenda were rule changes and these proposed changes were also set out in the magazine. I asked all members to let me know if they agreed these changes or if there was anything they would like changed. I also said that in the event of the AGM not happening then any comments received from members would be taken into consideration. However, if you were in agreement with them then there was no need to make contact with me as no comment would be classed as agreement. As I have not heard anything from any members with comments, and as a majority of the committee are in agreement with them, the rules have now been adopted. A new version of the Rules is enclosed with this magazine.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Tony & Liz Ovenden Our Beauford Journey and memories – Part 1 Back in 1989 Tony and I, due to a company relocation, were waiting to move from Kent to Warwickshire and during the period when we were waiting for our new house to be finalised (having moved into my parents’ bungalow) we decided to visit a kit car show at Kempton Park racecourse. During our visit there we came across a beautiful Beauford, which I think must have been one of the first two door (non mini body) cars built. We both fell in love with it and as Tony had not long finished building a Spartan, he felt sure he would be able to tackle a Beauford.

We moved to Warwickshire in April 1990 and having settled in we visited (and I think this must have been 1991) Stoneleigh show to look at the car again. We then visited Upholland to see Gordon and Hilary and to sample the wonderful Manchester meat pies (one of my good memories) and to take their demonstration Beauford out for a test run. After a long and happy visit Gordon told us that he was shortly going to launch a 4-door version of the car and so we put our name down for one. In those days Beauford was turning out at least one kit a week and there was up to a six-month waiting list. In the meantime, Tony sold our Spartan (at a show in Donnington) and decided that he would build a diesel Beauford (diesels being all the thing) and also ours would be the first diesel car to be built. The day of collection arrived and Tony and a friend went up to collect our new kit. I believe at the time we had a Rover 200 and having hired a trailer all was going well until half way down the M1 the trailer developed a puncture and the AA had to be called out. I can’t remember now exactly what happened but they did eventually get the kit, trailer and Rover home.


The Beauford Club Magazine

It must have been early in 1993 that we visited the Stafford kit car show and joined the Beauford Club. My main memory of Stafford was that the club stand as such was on the balcony which runs around the two sides and back of the hall there. The club stand was to the right just above and along a bit from the entrance to the show. I remember that one or two club members had long pieces of string with a peg attached, and any member who wanted to get into the show would make themselves known to someone inside who would then attach a ticket to the peg and lower it out of the window to allow people to take the ticket and get in. Meanwhile Tony was getting on with the build. He had a 2.3 Ford diesel engine which sounded powerful but a few years later he changed it for the 2.8 turbo version from a DAF truck . As Tony and I were both working full time then the car was only being worked on some evenings and week-ends and it actually took him four years to complete it. I remember that when it was completed we took it (I think) for an MOT and then spoke to the DVLA in Coventry who sent out a chap to look at it. Having had a good look and I don’t believe he really knew what he was looking for, he gave us the nod and sometime later the registration document arrived or maybe he taxed it for us and the documents arrived later. I also remember that it was sprayed a Peugeot cream with a burgundy interior, of which I upholstered the seats and covered the door panels and dashboard in vinyl. We continued to attend shows around the country and in those days Beauford meets were better attended than these days as all members had the cars for their personal use and were not used for weddings. The AGM was usually held in conjunction with a dinner and dance and took place in many different parts of the country. The one thing I do remember about Club shows, especially Stoneleigh, was the Club tent. It was originally used by a scout troop for when they went camping and had been donated to the Club by then member Allan Razey. I remember it was about a 3 sq m (if that) tent in brown with three plain sides and a window and door at the front. It came with an assortment of tent poles which no one could remember how they went together and it took a good hour or so to get the poles right and the tent up. 20

The Beauford Club Magazine

Also, in those days the clubs were very competitive and every year the club stands were decorated to a high degree in order to claim the “best dressed club stand” trophy which I am pleased to say that we won most years, just by having ribbons on the car, bunting on all the tent guide ropes, loads of plastic flowers around and a polystyrene wedding cake (decorated by Debbie Buckley) standing on a table outside the tent. Unfortunately, these wonderful trophies suffered whilst in the club trailer (a standard six foot trailer with a lid on), rusted and had a couple of years ago, to be thrown away. On the subject of the trailer, one year Bill and Debbie Buckley had kindly stored the trailer over the winter period at their bungalow. In those days they lived in the middle of nowhere and had plenty of storage space. Just before one of the shows Tony and I drove over to Bill and Debbie’s, had a sociable evening with them, hooked up the trailer and drove home (about a 20 minute drive). On arrival home we discovered that the trailer was missing! Panic set in, we managed to contact Bill and (it being after midnight now) we decided that we would start to drive back to theirs and they would leave their house and head towards us looking for the trailer. Fortunately, Bill and Debbie found the trailer about 200 yards from their house, on a bend and lodged in a hedge. What a relief, as part of our journey had been down the busy A45 between Rugby and Coventry. Debbie had also been seen running down the lane in her nightdress and wellie boots! The ball catch on the trailer was found to be faulty, so it was quickly replaced with a new one, as none of us wanted that to happen again. I am going to stop here with my memories, but will carry on in the next magazine, as I need to go through some more old editions to refresh my memory. I do hope you have enjoyed reading about the early days of the Beauford Club. I know it’s a bit early but Tony and I would like to wish you all a good Christmas and let us hope that 2021 will be a better year than the current one.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Understanding car 12v Electrical System Albert Henneman Albert is a regular contributor to the club magazine and despite being on the continent , is always extremely helpful and diligent in researching UK specification and requirements to keep his own Beauford running and then sharing his experience within the club magazine. I am also aware of a few electrical questions that have been presented recently to myself, Liz and Nigel so I think this is an excellent article. I am an electrician ( 230v A/C) and amateur auto electrician ( 12v D/C) so its helpful to be reminded of the basics when it comes to wiring. This is the most important part of any electrical current carrying cable/ wiring to ensure protection against overload and electrical fires, so settle down, grab a cuppa and have a read ( a few times over if necessary) at this extremely detailed article –it could save your Beauford’s life. There are four basic units of measurement for electricity: Power, measured in Watts, commonly referred to as “P” Current, measured in Amps, commonly referred to as "I" Voltage, measured in Volts, commonly referred to as "V" Resistance, measured in Ohms, commonly referred to as "R" There are a number of formulas that relate each of these four things - they all change in relationship to one another such that if you know any two you can calculate the other two. Here's an easy chart to help you.


The Beauford Club Magazine

LUCAS WIRING COLOUR CODES BROWN - Direct, un-switched, un-fused supply from the battery. Usually wires to alternators, dynamos, control boxes and ignition switches etc. Always live and often carrying heavy current. YELLOW - Sometimes used as an alternative to Brown on older cars. Also used on solenoids and overdrive switches. PURPLE - Direct, un-switched but fused supply from the battery. WHITE - Un-fused supply from the ignition switch to Fuel pump, coil. GREEN - Fused supply switched via the ignition switch. Indicators, stop lights, instruments, wiper motor which only work when the ignition is on RED - The main colour for rear and side lights BLACK - The usual colour for wires from components to earth points on the body or chassis BLUE - The main colour for front lights - Headlamps and Spotlamps. These refer to the main colour of the wires. Many wires have a second, thinner (tracer) colour. This is used to identify the specific purpose of the wire. E.g. Black/ Green to Radiator fan motor. CABLE SIZE APPLICATION EXAMPLES 5 AMP CABLE (0.65mm²) Maximum load 60 Watts Stereo systems, Electric Aerial Washer pump, Map light, single horn, Alarm, Hazards, Number plate light. 8 AMP CABLE (1.0mm²) Maximum load 96 Watts Electric windows, Rear fog lights, Fans, Brake lights, Cigarette lighter, Heater motor. 17 AMP CABLE (2.0mm²) Maximum load 200 Watts Halogen Spot/Fog lamps, Battery charger, Rear screen heater, Twin horns, Wiper motor. 23

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27 AMP CABLE ( 2,5mm²) Maximum load 325 Watts Charging circuit, Ammeter, Air horns. 35 AMP CABLE (4.5mm²) Maximum load 420 Watts Alternator, Dynamo, Ignition circuits. 345 AMP BATTERY CABLE, ( 50mm²) , 13.5mm O.D. 415 AMP BATTERY CABLE (60mm²) , 14.3mm O.D. 485 AMP BATTERY CABLE ( 70mm²), 16mm O.D. British Standards Colour Codes The British Standards institution (BSI) creates and maintains standards for British industries, one of which is colour coding automotive wire insulation based upon the use of the wire. This is a great help to those of us maintaining our own British cars allowing us to glance at a wire and know what it is being used for. This standard is periodically updated as vehicles become more complex with more colour combinations used and in some cases the uses are changed for a colour combination. Colour code tables for BS-AU7a (1983 revision) and newer can be found with an internet search. Black All ground connections Black/ Purple Temperature switch to warning light Black/ Green Relay to radiator fan motor Black/ Light green Brake light switch Black/Orange Radiator fan motor to thermal ( fan) switch Black/Red from 3 terminal flasher unit to flasher light Black/White Flasher unit light to ground Blue Headlamp feed Blue Headlamp switch to dip switch Blue White Headlight high beams Blue/ White High beam dip switch to high beam indicator lamp Blue/ White Dip switch to Driving light switch Blue/ Red Headlight low beams Blue/ Yellow Driving lamp switch to lamp Brown Main feed from the battery. No switches or fuses Brown/Blue Power feed to headlamp switch Brown/White Ammeter to main alternator terminal Brown/Yellow Alternator to “no charge” warning light 24

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Brown/ Green Fuse to horn (No relay) Brown/ Lt. Green Windscreen wiper motor to switch Brown/ Black Horn to horn button (no relay) Green Ignition switch controlled wiring for auxiliary devices, switched 12V to individual wiper motors, to brake light switch, flashers, etc Green/ Black Fuel gauge to fuel tank unit Green/ Blue Water temperature gauge to temperature sender unit Green/ Brown Switch to reverse lamp Green/ Red Direction indicator switch to left-hand flasher lamps Green/ Purple Stop lamp switch to stop lamps Green/ White Direction indicator switch to right hand flasher lamps Green/ Yellow Heater switch to slow speed on heater motor or for single speed motor Green/ Yellow Oil pressure light to oil pressure switch Green/ Gray Heater switch to high speed on heater motor Light green Voltage stabilizer to instruments on LRs fitted with voltage stabilizer Light green/ Black Windscreen washer switch to motor Light green/ Blue Flasher switch to left-hand flasher warning light Light green/ Brown Flasher switch to flasher unit Light green/ Purple Flasher unit to flasher warning light Light green/ Orange Rear window washer switch to motor Orange Wiper circuit ( single motor system) Orange/ Black Wiper switch to low speed on motor Orange/ Green wiper switch to high speed on motor Orange/ Yellow Rear wiper switch to rear wiper motor Orange/ Light green Switch to rear window motor parking Purple Accessories fed direct from battery via fuse ( Always Live) Purple/Brown Horn fuse to horn relay when horn fused separately Purple/ Red Switches to map light, under bonnet light, glove box light and boot lamp when fed direct from battery Red Tail lights, instrument lights, parking lights and side markers Red/ Yellow Fog light switch to fog light or front fog light fuse to fog lights Red/Blue Front fog light fuse to fog light switch Red/Brown read fog guard switch to lamps Red/Orange Power to rear fog guard lamp fuse Red/ White Fuse to instrument lamp switch, Instrument panel lamps


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White Ignition circuit, no additional switches, not fused White Power to coil, fuse to cold running light White Power to electric fuel pump White/ Black Ignition coil to distributor White/Black Distributor side of coil to tachometer impulse sensor White/Brown Oil Pressure switch to warning light or gauge White/Pink Ignition switch to radio fuse White/Red Ignition switch or starter witch to starter solenoid Approximate equivalent wire sizes and current carrying capacities General Use –8 Amps 14strand ( UK) 18 Gauge ( US) Tail & Side Lamps. General Instrument wiring –17 Amps 28 strand ( UK) 14 gauge ( US) Headlamps, horns, Aux lighting— 25.5 Amps 44 strand ( UK) 12 Gauge ( US) Generator to Control box & Ammeter—35 Amps 65 strand ( UK) 10 Gauge ( US) Alternator feed and Ammeter—30 Amps . Suitable cable for 35 Amps 65 stand ( UK) 10 Gauge ( US) 50 Amps cable outside diameter ( OD) 6.2mm 97 stand ( UK) 70 Amps cable OD 7.5mm 80 stand ( UK) Thin wall cable is a low voltage cable used primarily in the automotive and marine industries. It is constructed from a stranded copper wire centre encased within a hard grade PVC insulating sheath. This thin wall design offers some key advantages over standard automotive electric cable. It is often the preferred choice for mechanics when it comes to auto and marine electrical work. Thin wall automotive cable is commonly used for low tension electrical wiring jobs. It can be commonly found in automobile, motorcycle and marine electrical cabling. It is ideal for use in the following applications: engine starting, charging, signalling and lighting. It can also be applied to instrument panel circuits. The flexible and flame retardant nature of the cable makes it a suitable choice for this wide range of applications and environments. It is available in single, twin, 3, 4, 5 and 7 core variants. ( More to follow on topics including Relays and Fuses in future editions)


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Wheel Trims One of our members Dr David Rowat is thinking of importing some of the 15" wire wheel trims from the USA (see pictures) as they seem to be unavailable here and the UK made Autoplas models are no longer made here. He was wondering if any other members wanted to order some and if so he can try and get a bulk / trade price for a shipment. Bearing in mind that they come in sets of 4 you could either buy two sets and have two spare or share a set with another member. He is waiting for a reply from the supplier in the USA for costs, which are currently ÂŁ57.50 with tax and shipping per set of four as he is hoping they will give a bulk discount and reduced shipping cost. By the time you receive this magazine he may well have heard from them so if you are interested please give him a ring on 07484 827054


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For Sale

Genuine reluctant sale due to advancing years and now widowed—my beloved Beauford built by myself and wife Barbara in 1996 is in need of a new owner. It is Automatic transmission with Nissan 2.4 straight 6 engine and built on Mk5 Cortina suspension. 6 matching wire wheels, electric cooling fan, electric front windows. Unique Bentley headlights ( not usual Beauford fiberglass units) New MOT. Genuine 16000 miles since built and engine only 10000 miles since fitted £16,500 no offers Mike Akroyd 07764 922663.


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Quiz Answers 1. Answer - C - Designed, built and patented by Karl Benz in 1886, the Benz Patent-Motorwagen is universally recognized as the first internal combustion automobile. In 1926, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler would join forces and company’s, creating Daimler-Benz, later Mercedes-Benz. 2. Answer D. Not his most luxurious or fastest automotive design, Ferdinand Porsche, legacy to Porsche Motors and some of the most luxurious and sought after sports cars in the world, did in fact design the Volkswagen Beetle, contracted by Adolf Hitler. 3. Answer - A. The General Lee was based off of a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, although many ‘ modified '68 Chargers were used in filming, sharing the same sheet metal with the '69's. 4. Answer B. Ford executive stylist John Najjar is credited with naming the Mustang. Najjar was said to be a fan of the WWII-winning P-51 Mustang fighter plane, thus using the powerful moniker for Ford’s iconic and first of the Pony cars. 5. Answer E. Although there had been powerful cars built up to this point, it is the 1964 Pontiac GTO, which is recognized as the first true Muscle car. With an advertising and marketing campaign stating the facts, the midsize Pontiac Tempest/LeMans could be optioned with the GTO package, featuring a 389ci Tri-power (3-dual carburetors) engine, dual exhaust and hood scoops. 6. Answer D. Toyota is the worlds largest automaker followed by General Motors who just recently ranked ahead of Volkswagen Group. The Toyota Corolla remains the best selling car in the world with 1.02 million units sold. 7. Answer E. Gulf opened up the first station in Pittsburg, PA in 1913. 8. Answer C. The first drive in Theater was built in 1933, in Camden, NJ. 9. Answer A. 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS 409. It could go from 0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds. 10. Answer C. The Spirit of Ecstasy is the official name for the woman mascot hood ornament seen on many Rolls Royces. ** Every Beauford owner should already know –Isadora Duncan is the mascot on your car –her story is featured in magazine edition 113 –Spring 2018 29

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