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Tourist Attractions  of America  from A to Z    By Owen College     


A is for Ave maria grotto. 

(image taken from tripadvisor) Ave maria grotto was originally an old quarry.  The first statues in were made back in 1912.               

B is for Bryce canyon national park

(Image taken from Bryce canyon national park is an area settled by  pioneers in the 1850’s. It was named after Ebenezer  bryce.        

C is for carlsbad caverns.


(Image taken from learn about the park) Carlsbad caverns is one of the largest limestone  caverns in the US. It was laid in a fossil reef 265  million years ago. 

D is for Dinosaur park.

(image taken from dinosaur park-rapid city, south  dakota)  A big t-rex stands at the entrance of this very park.  The first dinosaur park was located in london, but  has no t-rex.       

E is for elitch gardens theme park.

(image taken from gallery)  This theme park is known for its gardens and  theater. It’s temporary name was six flags elitch  gardens.(now it's just “elitch gardens”)   

F is for flume gorge.

(image taken from related links)  Flume gorge is a gorge that extends up to 800 ft. Now the flume  is a paid attraction where visitors can go across the gorge.   

G is for general sherman tree

(image taken from dek)  The general sherman tree is the largest living tree today. It is  estimated to be about 2000 years old.   


H is for ​

(image taken from hershey park)  Hershey park was formally opened on may 30, 1906. The park added  rides until 1923.   

I is for independence hall.

( image taken from independence hall)  The construction of this building started back in  1732. People say this is the birthplace of the  united states.         

J is for Jersey shore.

(Image taken from amusements at the jersey  shore)  Jersey shore is a beach boardwalk where they  have fair type rides. But jersey shore is also a  name of a TV show.           

K is for knoebels.

(image taken from knoebels feathers cheap family fun)  In 1926, knoebels added a restaurant, a steam powered  toboggan company carousel, and a few games. Located in  central pennsylvania.             

L is for leaning tower.

(Image taken from ram jack-467 x 655)Its full name is  leaning tower of pisa. Its learning is from the soft ground.   

M is for Mesa verde national park.

(Image taken from visiting mesa verde)  Whenever you come here, you are most likely to see some  ruins that indians built long ago. It is good for hiking and  sightseeing.               

N is for Niagara falls.

(image taken from Experience  Spring in Niagara Falls and enjoy  some of the city's best outdoor  attractions as they reopen for the  season, and relax in our resort)  These falls started to form more  than 12,000 years ago. It was  discovered in 1678. 

O is for old faithful.

(image taken from old faithful)  Old faithful is located in  yellowstone national park. It is  famous of the 500 geysers in  yellowstone.       

P is for philadelphia  museum of art.

(Image taken from pma escalator)  The main part of this museum was  built in 1928. In the front of the  museum is a fountain of the  washington monument. 

Q is for Quoddy head state park.

(image taken from quoddy head  state park)  this lighthouse was built in 1808. It  is one of maine’s best wildlife  seeing destinations.               

R is for Rockefeller  center.

(image taken from welcome to  rockefeller center)  this place has 19 commercial  buildings. It is located in the center  of midtown manhattan.   

S is for statue of liberty 

(image taken from photo gallery)  The statue was a gift from france  to the U.S.A. it was dedicated on oct.  18 1886. 

T is for thunder hole.

(image taken from bar harbor,  maine)  the thunder hole was formed  from an erosion. It is located in  acadia national park.       

U is for united states capital.

(image taken from File: united  states capitol)   one of the most important  buildings in the nation. It has been  through many construction since  1793.         

V is for Victoria mansion

(image taken from victoria mansion)  This place is also known as the morse-libby house. It was  built between 1858 and 1860.            

W is for Walt Disney World

(image taken from youtube)   This park used to be owned by walt disney himself!  Operated by the walt disney world company.               

X is for Xenia

(image taken from 4/7)   City residents named it after the greek word for  “hospitality”. It is the seat of Greene county ohio.                   

Y is for yosemite national park.

The park was created on October 1st, 1890. There are small  amounts of volcanic rocks in the park.                   

Z is for Zion national park

More land was added to the park on Nov 19, 1919.  The canyon here was proclaimed on january 22 1937.                   

Summary   This book will teach kids all about attractions around the  world! Like hershey park, statue of liberty, the leaning  tower of pisa, and more! Kids may love the attractions so  much, they might want to come in the future! 

Tourist Attractions of America from A to Z  

This book will teach kids all about attractions around the world! Like hershey park, statue of liberty, the leaning tower of pisa, and more!...

Tourist Attractions of America from A to Z  

This book will teach kids all about attractions around the world! Like hershey park, statue of liberty, the leaning tower of pisa, and more!...