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Winter 2017/18 Issue 112

The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine

Editor Owen Welcome to 2018 and another edition of your club magazine. Its difficult to tell these days what season we are actually in but I'm reliably informed that we are still in the last month of Winter before Spring is due to arrive in March. When I was much younger i remember having 4 seasons within 12 months and winters that saw 4 & 5 feet of snowfall and the country didn't grind to a halt ( and I rarely remember a school snow day). Lately it seems that we can have all four reasons of a year in a month & typically this would be in May or even October, and don't even get me started on what happens to the Great British transport networks when we have any temperature below zero or an “icing sugar” sprinkle of snow. So here we have it -issue number 112, my ninth edition as your editor. I am a little saddened that content from this latest magazine has been severely lacking from fellow club members, nevertheless there is still plenty to read and a lot of important dates to add to your calendars for 2018. You will find in both Jonathon & Liz’s section and some very important changes affecting classic car ownership and both Historic vehicle car tax and MOT rules that come into effect later this year. As at February 2018 this is an extract from the GOV.UK website Eligibility The date your vehicle was built affects whether you need to: get an MOT pay vehicle tax Date the vehicle was built 1 January 1977 onwards You must get an MOT and pay vehicle tax. If you don’t know when your vehicle was built, but it was first registered between 1 and 7 January 1977, you don’t have to pay vehicle tax. 1 January 1960 to 31 December 1976 You must get an MOT, but don’t have to pay vehicle tax. Before 1 January 1960 You don’t have to get an MOT or pay vehicle tax. What you have to do You must apply for a vehicle tax exemption to stop paying vehicle tax. This is sometimes called putting a vehicle into the ‘historic tax class’. You don’t have to apply to stop getting an MOT for your vehicle each year. However, you must still keep it in a roadworthy condition. 3

The Beauford Club Magazine

I recently spoke at length with my MOT tester about the changes that come into effect from 20 May 2018 and exemption from MOT for historic vehicles and my conclusion is that there is so much changing later this year –more towards newer technology and emission standards of vehicles, that even your most experienced MOT tester might not be currently up to date with changes later this year. With this in mind I have accessed the draft changes of the MOT inspection manual issued by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency and found this paragraph ( which is what your garage tester will have as reference) Vehicles of historical interest (over 40 years old) Some vehicles of historical interest may be exempt from Statutory MOT testing. Such vehicles must be over 40 years old, be registered as a vehicle of historical interest with DVLA and not be extensively modified. Owners of these vehicles may still request a statutory test be conducted. In these circumstances, the test must be registered on the MOT Testing Service and carried out in the usual way, with the necessary documentation issued as appropriate. Testers should take account of the fact that certain components on historic vehicles may have been manufactured to have a greater degree of play or tolerance than is found in modern vehicles. Where a tester, or their assistant, is not familiar with the controls of a historic vehicle, the presenter should be asked to operate or demonstrate the controls if they are present. My conclusion is that, even if you do have a Beauford that may be exempt from an MOT after 20 May 2018, if you are an experienced mechanic & enthusiast using the car for your own pleasure you can still opt to have your car tested annually. If however you use your car in a Wedding type business -surely you would want to continue to put your car through an annual test as you are carrying passengers who are totally oblivious of the cars roadworthiness and have put their trust & faith in you that it is so. I would always err on the side of caution & have my experience checked by my trusted local garage. Stay Safe –Owen 4

The Beauford Club Magazine

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The Beauford Club Magazine

Chairman Jonathon Berg Dear fellow Beauford owners and admirers, welcome to this issue’s Chairman’s ramblings. First of all, thank you very much for the warm welcome – those I have had the pleasure of speaking with or exchanging emails with, have been very kind and appreciative. Thank you for that. This time around I want to investigate the motivations, advantages and drawbacks of Beauford ownership. Why do we do it? There is a gentle but obvious decline in the ownership of kit cars of all types. This could be due to a number of causes, and this article is only my opinion, but in my view the decline over time stems mostly from the aging of the generation of those who even consider car maintenance and the growing dislike of non-standard items by those who control the laws and statutes. In the former group, I believe the generation, of which I am one, who grew up fiddling with carburettors and spark plugs actually enjoy the foibles we encounter with kit car building and ownership, whereas my children, and the children of most people I know, rarely if ever open a car bonnet even to top up water and oil. This is not their fault, the actual nature of cars have changed in my lifetime and this serves to make kit-cars appear a real challenge for the many. In the latter group, we are facing a model of government that seeks standardisation and regulation for everything, and kit cars do not fit that model with their plethora of variation and invention. Are kit cars really unsafe? My opinion is that a poorly built car represents very little threat when compared to a drug-addled or drunk driver of a perfectly serviceable car, or even a car being driven by someone half-way through eating a Big Mac who drips tomato sauce down their front. However, the mind-set of those who direct DVLA is that if they allow individuals to build cars


The Beauford Club Magazine

“everyone might want to do it”, so the practice should be discouraged – and in that they have succeeded rather well. On top of the tightening up of the V627 regulations are the more demanding MOT standards, high vehicle road tax and challenges in obtaining insurance. Hardly a kindly environment. However, despite all this doom and gloom, there are shafts of sunlight. Are you all aware of the road licence changes from April 1st this year when all vehicles over 40 years old (i.e. prior to 1978 this year) will be exempt from road tax. See for details if you don’t know about this. My own Beauford was built in 1979 so I have to wait until next year, but the significant year on year saving will be most welcome. So in considering owning and running a Beauford, the running costs are a major consideration. It would be really interesting to know how many of you out there own a Beauford for business – for weddings or otherwise – and how many for pleasure. In 1997 when I purchased my Beauford I did so for pleasure (see the previous issue of you want gory details) and it was not until fifteen years later in 2012 that I began to use the car for weddings. I think that probably 90% of Beauford cars are built and used solely for weddings, but I am genuinely interested in finding out of that is true. So will you take 2 minutes to write to me at and let me know? If I can motivate you to take the time to do this, please let me know if you have any ideas to encourage kit cars – specifically Beaufords – to maintain their place in the world. Also if you know any suppliers that we should know about. I am convinced this is something of value to share around. For example, I was contacted a couple of days ago by AJ Limos who were looking for a source that could help him with a blown head gasket (or reconditioned engine) for a Rover V8 SD1. I was able to send him to in Spalding who have been excellent for me, and I am sure we are missing a trick as a club if we don’t share this sort of information. I hope some of you will take the time to let me know your thoughts and I’ll let you all know what I hear next time around. Thank you and goodbye. Jonathon Berg 7

The Beauford Club Magazine

Club Secretary Liz OVENDEN’S OFFERING First of all we hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Tony and I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2018. We are now coming to the end of what I call the “quiet” time of the Beauford club and this has meant that I can get on with other things, such as my passion for dolls houses. I think I may have previously mentioned that Tony was building a coaching inn on commission for someone. Well it was duly finished and to cut a very long story short the person who commissioned it changed his mind and decided he did not want it after all. All the promises of “I’ll pay you cash when we get it” failed to materialise so we were left out of pocket to the tune of over £400. However, looking on a more positive side, it was a beautiful building and I have now decided to keep it for myself – call it an extra Christmas present! Strange how when you think you really don’t have room for any more houses, that you can suddenly find the space – I now have two in my dining room, which now brings my total of 1/12th scale houses to 8, plus 7 1/48th scale houses and 9 more to build (these will fit nicely on a windowsill). This is what keeps me busy when not having my Beauford hat on. Meanwhile our Beauford is sitting quite comfy in its new garage cover, which had been ordered originally last October but when it arrived turned out to be three foot too wide and had to be sent back (to Londonderry). The altered cover eventually arrived here on the morning of Christmas Eve, so all afternoon was spent putting the new cover on and all evening trying to defrost! Tony has now even put a new fluorescent light up in there so it is really home from home. After Christmas we spent several days clearing out our main garage and moving stuff back into the Beauford garage plus a couple of trips to make donations to the tip which means it is now fairly safe to walk through the main garage. 8

The Beauford Club Magazine

However, my Beauford season will start again in February when I will have to prepare all the new membership cards, finalise and bring the accounts up to date for sending to Michelle and be ready to send out the new memberships in March. Meanwhile, as I’m typing this Tony is making use of the new garage by putting on our new “chromed” radiator cowling which has just come back from the paint sprayers. Thought you might like to see a photo of it (below) as we are very pleased with how it has turned out. We have been told that on no account to use chrome cleaner on it as it is chrome coloured paint not actual chrome so therefore all it needs is your usual car polish. We will be at Stoneleigh if anyone wants to see it “in the flesh” so to speak.

If you are interested then please contact Kevin Jennings of Pink Evolutions, 72 Snow Hill, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE13 1PH, Tel. 01664 564499, or check the web site at who will be happy to help. Subscriptions With this magazine you will receive a renewal form which please complete and return with your subscription of £15 plus £10 if you wish to be on the web site wedding listing. If you are a member who has joined in the last four months then you are already paid up and need do nothing. I will try not to send you a renewal form but sometimes when I have 200 odd envelopes to send out I can forget. 9

The Beauford Club Magazine

Subscriptions are due on the 1st March for all members apart from those mentioned above. It would make my life a lot easier if everyone could please deal with their subs in March. There are several ways to pay, the simple posted cheque, the bank transfer on line, (details are on the renewal form), by direct debit (and thanks to those who do this), for overseas members, we will accept paypal (although we don’t encourage paypal for UK members as we incur charges) and finally I will also accept cash. I do hope that you will all decide to stay as members as the kit car industry seems to be in decline and it is only clubs like ourselves who can help to promote and keep this industry alive and kicking. Web Site

Back in December I logged on to the web site to make a small change and all was fine, then two days later Tony logged on only to discover that someone had managed to hack the site and had written into the software 2000 adverts for Pharrell Williams Addidas trainers. This was so embedded into the software that Tony had to one by one extract all our files until we had the web site built up on our PC, making sure that nothing slipped through. We then had to get our hosting company to completely remove the hacked web site and clear the site of any viruses lurking there. The next stage was to copy all the good files from the PC back on to the “live� site. This process in total took about two weeks to sort out and the lesson learnt was that we now make changes on the PC and then copy them on to the live site. At least if it happens again we have a complete copy as a back up.


The Beauford Club Magazine

Web Site Forum Having to rebuild the club’s web site gave Tony the opportunity to add a Questions and Answers Forum to it. To get there just click on the button Members Forum above the ribbon at the top of any page and this will put you on the login or register page. To register click on the button and follow the prompts. It will ask you various questions including date of birth, but don’t worry, this will not become common knowledge as to how old you are or anything, but the Forum, once it gets going maybe of use to owners. The Google group in still running but seems to be less and less used these days. Hoods I have recently received an email from John Binns who has devised a way of lowering the hood of a long bodied Beauford, single handed, in just under two minutes. He has sent me the following: The hood is very simple and the same as all the cars l have built. I just use over centre clips at the top of the front windscreen molding and a forward facing open ended slot where the rear hood frame is located to the rear body. The oval side windows in the hood material allow the hood to self fold easily. Maybe I am just quick moving around the car. I have done it in 1 1/2 mins on a warm day. I hope this idea may be of use to some of you


The Beauford Club Magazine

Quantum Owners Club

I have received the following letter from Nigel Plant, the Chairman of the Quantum Owners Club: Open Letter to select Kit Car/ Classic Car Clubs I am writing to you on behalf of the Quantum Owners Club. Full information on our cars and the club can be found on our website Our cars range from the Fiesta based ‘use every day’ Saloon, 2+2 and H4 to the Sierra based ‘Sevenesque’ Xtreme. The club was founded in 1991, we have an active membership of approximately 150, a quarterly magazine and an active club forum for both Social and Technical information. Each year we host for members two key events; Stoneleigh with camping, a large Marquee with drinks and snacks available all day and evening barbecue and a sprint event at Curborough, nr Lichfield. In addition we support and attend a number of other events through the year. Although Quantum Sports Cars still exists, few new Quantums are now sold and despite our activity, the membership and cars are gradually reducing in line with the general decline in the traditional kit car market. Which leads me to the purpose of this letter. We believe that members, longevity and the club’s interests could potentially be better served by ‘merging or associating’ with another club of similar size, goals and ambitions and ideally Ford based cars. This letter is intended as an introduction to test the interest with a select number of clubs. We do not have a fixed recipe and believe that any discussions should be based on a common shared interest and be mutually beneficial to both clubs. If you think this may be of interest to your club, please feel free to call or contact me at Thank you. Nigel Plant 12

The Beauford Club Magazine

Apart from the style of cars, our two clubs seem to have a lot in common, so I have replied that I would consult our members (you) in our magazine and at the AGM as an association with another club, especially a Ford based club, could be very beneficial to both parties. I have suggested that a meeting with them at Stoneleigh should therefore be arranged and Jonathan and I will be meeting with their Chairman, Nigel Plant on the Sunday. Neither we, nor Quantum, are wanting to amalgamate with each other but an association whereby we can exchange information, would be useful. If you have any particular thoughts on this subject then please let me know. (Liz) Weddings – Champagne in the car I have also found out a bit more on the subject of offering champagne to the bride and groom if you do their wedding and have found out that a champagne service is subject to UK licensing laws as wedding car companies are not allowed by law to provide alcohol for the bride and groom unless they have a special licence. Even if a wedding car company provides champagne on a complimentary basis, in other words “free”, a special licence is still required as the law considers it is an “indirect sale”. These licences are very expensive to obtain and must be renewed annually. Providing alcohol on a “complimentary” or “Chargeable” basis is classed as a sale and without the appropriate licence it is an offence contrary to Section 136 of the Licensing Act 2003 and a person found guilty is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months and/or fine not exceeding twenty thousand pounds.


The Beauford Club Magazine


Non Member Members A. Beauford scroll £25 £20 B. Flying ladies £165 £150 C. Heavy chrome badge £25 £20 D. Blue/chrome badge £20 £16 E. Sew on badge currently out of stock F. S/steel bumper end tube £4 £3 G. Bumper end tube caps £10 £9.50 H. New type key ring £5 £4.50 I. R/ board strip end caps £1.50 £1.25 J. Lapel/tie/cap pin £3 £2.50 K. Old style key ring £3 £2.50 Headlamp rims pair £55 £40 (not shown) L. VIN plates ( not shown) £10 £9 Bumper end Tubes

Postage £0.76 £10 (incl insurance) £2.50 £2.50 POA POA £0.75 POA £0.54 £0.75 £5.00 (pair) included

The original bumper end tubes provided by Beauford Cars were originally sold without the split up the side and it was only when the Club started to sell them that Tony was cutting the lengths and putting the split in them. We have now found a local supplier who will sell us the tube in a larger quantity and will cut them into the required 11 mm lengths. We will therefore now revert back to the original idea of selling the tubes without the split, but will send out instructions with them on how they should be cut (as taken from the Beauford Build Manual). The result of all this will mean that we are now able to drop the price of the tube to £3 each from £4.50. Tony does not have any specialised equipment to cut the tube, but will no longer have to spend time and effort in cutting bulk tube into what we have been selling. 14

The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine

Naturally a professional wedding car company would not wish to risk a fine or imprisonment and that is why many can no longer legally provide this additional service. There are of course exceptions and most of those owners who have stretched limousines and hummers with fitted bars and who hire their vehicles for other events in addition to wedding hire, i.e. stag parties and hen parties, birthdays etc. should have the required licence and therefore can legally provide champagne and/or alcohol on board, but the majority of wedding car owners/companies with modern classic or vintage cars without on-board bars do not fall into this category. MOT 40 years I think this will be of interest to some members! With effect from 20 May 2018 The Department of Transport has announced that classic cars more than 40 years old will be exempt from MOT testing, with owners voluntarily electing for an MOT it they feel their car needs one. Currently only cars from before 1960 are exempt, which represents 197,000 cars on the UK roads. The new rules will exempt a further 293,000 cars from MOTs. The thinking behind this decision, according to the DOT is that these cars are “usually maintained in good condition and used on few occasions�. The decision also eases concerns that garages may not be adequately testing cars over this age, as the modern MOT applies less to cars of this age. The new date would also bring the age of cars exempt from MOTs in line with the exemption of road tax. The Government dismissed concerns that these cars pose a greater risk of failure than modern ones; cars registered in the interim period between the old exemption and the upcoming exemption have a substantially lower rate of failure than the national average.


The Beauford Club Magazine

The DOT have stated that “We consider the element of risk arising from taking vehicles over 40 years old out of the testing regime is small. The option for owners to submit their vehicles to a voluntary MOT test will remain and they will still, like all vehicle owners, need to ensure that they meet the legal requirement of keeping their vehicle in a roadworthy condition at all times”. FORTHCOMING EVENTS Stoneleigh National Kit Car Show Sunday and Monday 6th and 7th May 2018 I have booked our usual spot for the club stand in the grassed area opposite Exhibition Hall 3 (cattle sheds) and we will be setting up the gazebos, etc. on Saturday afternoon at about 2.30 pm so as it previous years any help in setting up would be very much appreciated. As mentioned in last Summer’s edition of the magazine, unless I hear before the show from members who will be attending the show on Monday and who would be willing to help pack up the stand before going home, then we will not have the club’s facilities there on Monday. Last year on the Monday ours was the only car on site and although we had a few members visit, at the time of packing up (just after 3.00) the only people around were Tony and myself. It therefore took us two hours to pack up and was just too much for only two people. I am looking forward to seeing members whom I have not met before at the show and having catch ups with those I have and admiring the cars and good weather would make the week-end perfect, so please mark these dates in your diary and come along and enjoy the friendliness of the Beauford club, with free teas, coffees and lunch thrown in. I would ask that if you are attending the show on Sunday and have lunch with us, that you give up an hour of your time at 3.00 pm to attend the AGM, which is held for the benefit of members, and we welcome fresh comments at this meeting. 17

The Beauford Club Magazine

Annual General Meeting The following is the proposed Agenda for the next AGM. If anyone has any subject they would like to discuss then please let me know and I will add it to the list. The meeting is schedules to be held at 3.00 p.m. on Sunday 6th May in the Warwick Hall Conference Centre, NAC Stoneleigh AGENDA 1. Welcome to our new Chairman 2. Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting to be approved 3. Chairman’s Report 4. Treasurer’s Report 5. Secretary/Membership Secretary’s Report 6. Editor’s Report 7. Webmaster’s Report 8. Election/Resignation of Committee a. Chairman b. Treasurer c. Secretary/Membership Secretary d. Editor e. Web master f. Committee Members 9. Club Activities – different shows to attend 10. Club facilities (improvements/changes) 11. Any other business – Association with Quantum Owners Club Other Events Gemini Shows The following events are all organised by Gemini Events, The Beauford Club is now registered with them and as such we can have a designated club area but only if there are four or more cars attending. You can go on line and book yourself in to these shows but please let me know if you are attending at any of them and I can book a club space. Please remember that all bookings have to be 28 days before the date of the show. 18

The Beauford Club Magazine

April Sunday 1st April, Easter Sunday -MOTORFEST: Weston Park, Weston Under Lizard, Nr Shifnal, TF11 8PX May Sunday 6th May - Classic Motor Show & Family Fun Day: Catton Hall, Nr. Alrewas, Derbys, DE12 8LN

Sunday 27th & Monday 28th May - Motor Show: Ragley Hall, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 5NJ

June Sunday 3rd June - Classic Motor Show: Madeira Drive, Brighton, BN2 1AE

Sunday 17th June - Father’s Classic Day Out: Trentham Gardens, Stone Road, North Staffordshire, ST4 8JG

Sunday 24th June - Classic & Retro Show – The Lawn Rochford Essex SS4 1PL


The Beauford Club Magazine

July Sunday 15th July - Classic Motor Show: Walsall Arboretum Extension, Broadway, Walsall, WS1 2QA

Sunday 29th July Nostalgia Show: Beaumanor Hall, Woodhouse, Nr. Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 8TX


Sunday 12th August - 7th Hampshire Classic Motor Show: Breamore House, Breamore, Hamps., SP6 2DF

Sunday 26th & Monday 27th August - 28th Annual Knebworth Classic Motor Show: Knebworth Park, Herts., SG1 2AX September Sunday 2nd September - Classic & Retro Show: Himley Hall, Nr. Dudley, DY3 4DF


The Beauford Club Magazine

Booking online is quicker and cheaper and you get immediate confirmation via email. Alternatively visit the website for further information or to download a manual booking form. If you, as an individual, or as part of your club are interested in joining Gemini’s marshalling teams you will receive completely FREE ENTRY in 2018. Please email for further information. More shows: Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th July – Hollowell Steam and Heavy Horse Show. Sunday 15th July – British Transport Rally at the British Ironworks Centre, Oswestry.

Sunday 22nd July – Kent’s Kit, Custom and American Car Show, Aylesford Priory, Aylesford, Kent. Sunday 9th September – Kent’s Classic Car Show, Aylesford Priory, Aylesford, Kent


The Beauford Club Magazine

Belle’s Adventures We have owned Belle for almost a year and as well as starting a wedding business, we have done so much more with her. She has taken us to some lovely village pubs.

We have attended a few classic car shows where she has always been popular and admired attracting lots of compliments.


The Beauford Club Magazine

We joined a 120 mile Borders classic car rally which saw us navigating our way around the Lincolnshire countryside and also resulted in a mention and photo in the Brigg Matters Magazine.

She has been to a 1940s weekend where lots of people had their photos taken with her dressed in their 1940s attire, and she took place in a celebratory procession through the streets.

We have also had a very successful 1st year with our wedding business (Vintage Belle Wedding Cars) resulting in been nominated for not one but two small business awards. We have had an amazing year with our beautiful Belle and enjoyed every minute, cant wait to see what adventures 2018 brings. Trina and Darren Jackson (Vintage Belle Wedding Cars)


The Beauford Club Magazine

And Finally I’m sure we all have hope & dreams of things we would like to do within our lifetime –I know I have ( although my “bucket list” will never be complete) . Here are just a few ideas but remember you a only limited by your own imagination. See the Northern Lights Road Trip Across America Get in Shape and Feel Good About Your Body Watch a Meteor Shower Tell Someone You Love Them Learn a New Language Visit Paris Adopt a Shelter Pet Go Ziplining Spend a Night in a Tree House Fly First Class Go Horseback Riding on the Beach Visit Alaska Go to the Top of the Statue of Liberty Reconnect with an Old Friend Go to the Top of the Empire State Building in New York Ride in a Hot Air Balloon Climb a Mountain Go to a Music Festival Ride in a Helicopter Care for the Homeless How many of these have you already done?


The Beauford Club Magazine

FOR SALE For Sale Beauford 4 door long bodied in cream with black hood. Built in 2004 based on a Ford Sierra DOHC with auto transmission and registered with DVLA as a Beauford. In excellent condition with black trim and carpets, chrome wire wheels with whitewall tyres, hunting lamps and klaxon horns +lap belts in the rear. MOT until September 2018 but will re-MOT for buyer. This is a beautiful car that is only used for occasional wedding hire. (I have one wedding planned for April so car will be available thereafter). Tel: 07415-374927 or 01869(Bicester)-388138 e-mail:

The VIN is GGB001...this actually stands for GORDON GESKELL'S BEAUFORD.....he was the designer & builder of this very Beauford Why not buy yourself a piece of HISTORY ! ! ! ***************************** Correctly registered with DVLA as "Beauford Tourer" I have on good authority from a previous owner that this car was the VERY FIRST Beauford ever built at a lower price for quicker sale Kenny McColl 07543 618098


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine


The Beauford Club Magazine

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Beauford club magazine winter 201718#112  
Beauford club magazine winter 201718#112