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THE JUDGing panel

Category Judges

Anno is proud to present to you our judging panel for our inaugural publication. These people represent some of the finest design talent in the world. If your work has made it into the annual, then it has been chosen by these institutions. As the competition had so many fantastic entries the staff at Anno decided to include ‘Anno Picks’ - a couple of entries in each category that they felt was worthy of publication, based purely on presentation.


Ogilvy Mather


Bohlin Cywinski Jackson



Three as Four


Graphic Design




Yoko Furusho


Industrial Design




Chris Buck


Anno would like to thank our judges for their support and participation.


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Owen Walsh Creative Director, Publisher

Welcome to the inaugural Anno Annual. We are very happy to present to you a selection of the winning works as chosen by you the voter and our select panel of judges. Our judging panel represent some of the top industry talent, in their respective categories, and with around 600 entries from 80 of the top design colleges in the world they have had their work cut out. The general consensus among the judging panel is that the work has been fantastic. Anno plans on sourcing our judging panel from different parts of the world each quarter and in 2011 the competition goes to Sweden, Barcelona, Hong Kong and London. The details will be posted on the website and in the newsletter. It’s been a lot of blood, sweat and tears that have gone into getting this off the ground (sounds a bit unhygenic really) but I personally have very much enjoyed seeing the work from all categories. Design is an inter-related discipline and being able to see work from the different categories enables a great cross-pollination of ideas and influences. Thank you to all who participated in this first round and a big thank you to my partner Luisa who is expanding rapidly and about to give birth to our first child. Could not have done this without her support.

Advertising | 3

Ogilvy & Mather. Founded in 1948 by David Olgilvy the agency Ogilvy & Mather is now one of the largest marketing communications companies in the world. With brands such as American Express, Ford, IBM, Kodak and Unilever in its stable the company has produced some of the most iconic advertising in the world. Arguably the most famous being the American Express “Don’t Leave Home Without It� campaign which featured celebrity Karl Malden. It went on to feature Jerry Seinfield, Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and Ellen DeGeneres. Based in Manhattan the company operates nearly 500 offices in 125 countries throughout the world and employs 16 000 people. They are big. Through its specialty units, the company provides a comprehensive range of marketing services including: advertising; public relations and public affairs; shopper and retail marketing; healthcare communications; direct, digital, promotion, relationship marketing and digital production.

Advertising | 6

Scott Wolf Miami Ad School Copywriting United States

Smart Car Small is good.

Advertising | 8

Wojciech Kowalik London College of Communication Marketing and Advertising United Kingdom

Visit Jamaica This campaign positions Jamaica as a destination like no other - a mysterious outpost of pirates, a place where you shall expect unexpected, in a good way. It refers directly to its old heritage and popularity of everything that’s ARRR! (about pirates). We wanted to come up with an idea that not only avoids all of the cliches of travel and tourism industry but also is attractive to the parents as well as to the kids.

Concept & copy - Wojciech Kowalik Art Direction - Monika Walczak

Advertising | 10

Prudence Djajadi

Kevin Bachtiar

Design and Arts College of NZ Diploma of Communication Design New Zealand

AUT University Advertising Creativity New Zealand

Nike write the future 1

XBOX Weather Bomb

This is an advertisement I did for Nike. My concept is to show clarity of the brand and for it to be catchy as well.

This is a topical ad of a news article about a 4-day weather bomb forecast in Auckland, New Zealand. Good weather for Xboxing.

Advertising | 12

Andrianto Kwan Billy Blue College BA Communication Design Australia

thinkid. ‘thinkid’ is an organisation that works mainly with kids within the range of 5 to 14 years old. Our main focus is to educate and motivate kids to find and pursue their passion on things to avoid making the wrong career choices as they grow up.

Our main focus is to educate and motivate kids to find and pursue their passion

Advertising | 14

Hadleigh Sinclair and Alex Tyler Media Design School Creative Advertising New Zealand

Frenz Eggs How do you prove your eggs are genuinely free range?

Advertising | 16

Santiago Miami Ad School Madrid Portfolio Program Spain

Bluenote - We don’t sell music, we sell souls. This is a print campaign for Bluenote. The finest Jazz music label.

Advertising | 18

Jorge E Torneria The Creative Circus Graphic Design United States

Tesla Roadster A series of magazine ads for the Tesla Roadster, the world’s fastest all-electric vehicle.

David Ma - Copywriter, Jorge Torneria - Designer

Advertising | 20


Borders – Feed your curiosity

Miami Ad School Portfolio program Spain

Print ad for Borders. Borders is considered to be the best store to buy books, music, DVDs, Blu-ray, gifts, toys & games in the US.

John Hiemenz

With Coal We Dig Our Own Grave

Savannah College of Art and Design Graduate Final Project United States

This is an exploration of the concept of propaganda and how it relates to design. The concept is pro-nuclear energy and the target to point out the dangers of coal energy.

Architecture | 22

Apple Computer retail store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The glass cube is the only portion of the Apple Store that stands above plaza level. The main body of the store is housed below the plaza and is accessed via a transparent glass elevator.

BOHLIN CYWINSKI JACKSON. founded in 1965, THE FIRM HAS offices in Wilkes-Barre, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Seattle and San Francisco. The architectural practice are known for creating buildings that acknowledge their surroundings while








ranges greatly in scale and context from residential housing to giant corporate headquarters with the common denominator being an acute awareness of the place, the individuals and the institutions they represent. Major projects completed by the firm include the Liberty Bell centre, the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, Seattle City Hall and the beautiful Visitor Centre at Grand Teton National Park. // APPLE’S Steve Jobs is ON the BCJ client list and they, not only, designed the fantastic Apple 5th Avenue Store but recently designed his new PRIVATE RESIDENCE. The firm also designed the Pixar headquarters situated in Emeryville, CA. // Principal architects of the firm include Peter Bohlin, Bernard Cywinski, Jon Jackson, W. Dandridge Haden, Frank Grauman, William Loose, Cornelius Reid, Karl Backus, Gregory Mottola, Roxanne Sherbeck, Robert Miller and Raymond Calabro. // Bohlin Cywinski Jackson has received more than 460 regional, national and international awards for design. In 1994, the practice received the Architecture Firm Award from the American Institute of Architects. The firm’s work is published regularly in professional journals worldwide.

Architecture | 24

Gunawan Wibisono OTIS College of Art & Design Architecture/Landscape/Interior United States

Revealing Godiva Modern chocolate retail “Godiva� interior project with 2 different atmospheres within one long narrow space. The angles that each slice is set on creates an episodic system of conceal and reveal on the retail space.

Architecture | 26

TRACEY FONG The University of Nottingham BArch United Kingdom

The Metallic Beauty College A metal ribbon winds itself around the glass faรงades successfully creating gestural elements in architecture. The use of metal plays with the idea of being groomed and pampered amongst this heavy duty industrious materiality of the site.

After developing the second conceptual model the ribbon is worked into a series of 1:200 sketch models which start to emphasise circulation and entwinement

Architecture | 28

Seung-Hwan Manchester School of Architecture BA (Hons) Architecture UK

Music Practice Room – Concept Design The structure divides both public and private space however, with the help of the building skin, public could hear the performance made in the practice room and eliminates the noise from outside to the practice room.

Caitlin Conley Deakin University Bachelor of Design (Architecture) Australia

Through the Grapevine The Barwon Ridge Vineyard, required a suitable design of a venue accommodating the processing and production of wine. Utilising the landscape to the best advantage an ambient refuge appropriate to the sales of wine is created.

Architecture | 30

Jeffrey Montes

FutureUse Architecture/ Chestnut Hill, Newton, MA/ 2010

Northeastern University Bachelor or Science in Architecture United States





Exposure and Progress Two things were pursued and refined from the beginning: the durability of tectonic expression and the prescriptive open plan. This fueled the attitude: seek an imposing yet thoughtful site strategy that makes the case for progress in sustainability. Designed by Jeffrey Montes & John G. Martin.

ut Hill, Newton, MA/ 2010




black side closed

black side open

white side closed

white side open

use A: Classrooms and Faculty Offices use B: Student Center

use A: Classrooms and Faculty Offices use A: Classrooms and Faculty Offices use B: Student Center


use B: Student Center AND








Architecture | 32

Andrew Varendorff Queensland University of Technology Bachelor of Design (Architectural Studies) Australia

Hybrid Design School + Work + Sleep The project, situated in the heart of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, hybridises normative building typologies in order to generate a new building type.

Elevation legend 1 - Exposed Services 2 - Awning 3 - Retail Frontage 4 - Connecting Walkways 5 - Formal Dining

Design School Synopsis: The project, situated in the heart of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, hybridises normative building typologies in order to generate a new building type. Fortitude Valley is seen as a hub for creative industry and an incubation centre for small businesses. This site gives an opportunity to colocate start up companies with a design school, utilising shared common facilities, creating a community environment. The built form gives back to the city though a lane way, which functions to heighten and intensify activity though pinching the pedestrian realm. This realm is serviced by retail where the residential buildings touch the ground in a permeable filigree of columns. The taller compact office/studio building preempts and sets precedent for future densification of the precinct. To respect the fine grain tenure of the Fortitude Valley context, this building is positioned back from the street, located adjacent the rail capping. Here it receives visual amenity from a green public space and skate park. Existing buildings on this block currently turn their backs to the rail and look to the street. As the backs of buildings have not been altered by passing trends and the continual change of shop front advertising they hold the communities’ original identity. The scheme plans to expose this original identity through the rail capping which also provides an opportunity for new interventions that will also interface with the new public space.

Plan Legend Library - a Vertical Circulation - b Horizontal Circulation - c Studios - d Offices - e Communal Meeting - f. Gymnasium - g

Section Legend 1 - Wickham Street 2 - Theatre 3 - Sun Shading 4 - Exposed Services 5 - Solar Chimneys 6 - Visual Circulation 7 - Slab Thickening 8 - Retail Frontage

Architecture | 34

Alison Kolster Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design Interior Architecture & Design United States

503 e erie st - an exploration of the urban home Through re-purposing a site characteristic of Milwaukee’s industrial roots but left abandoned in the modern age, 503 e Erie St explores the individual urban home. The design is directed by the site’s unique qualities to amplify their presence.

Architecture | 36

Tim Smiroldo Philadelphia University Design VIII United States

Wissahickon Valley Chapel The nondenominational chapel stimulates spiritual thoughts through its emphasis on height and the dependence on the rock face it clings to. It utilizes the serenity of the park and the soothing sounds of the nearby rippling creek.

Choosing the site. The Wissahickon Valley Chapel is a non-denominational chapel in Wissahickon Valley Park. The valley was chosen to take advantage of the serene park and soothing sounds of the creek. The cliff is adjacent to the creek and provides magnificent views across the valley. The chapel clings to the side of the cliff to stimulate spiritual thoughts through its emphasis on height and dependence on the rock.

Architecture | 38

Dessen Hillman Pratt Institute Advanced Design United States

1920 Broadway Tower ANNO PICK Located between the Lincoln center for performing arts and central park,the project is driven mainly by its form. Soaring at 1,200 feet up, the skyscraper can be seen from everywhere in the NYC area, thus creating importance on its visual aspect.

Edge perimeter observation and restaurant towers

Private residences and gardens

Summit restaurant and observatory

Public (lower level) and semi-private (upper level) semi-indoor parks

Hotels and suites

Private residences

Performing arts

Commercial office

Commercial retail

Architecture | 40

Hossein Naghavi UPM University Master of Urban Design Iran

Architecture University Repairing the skyline of the site, damaged by unbalanced buildings and constructions was one of the most important aspects of the project.

fashion | 42

three as four. three AS FOUR is a fashion design collective based in Chinatown, New york city. The label initially began in 1998 as a foursome, As FOUR. AFTER THE DEPARTURE OF ONE OF THE DESIGNERS KAI KÜHNE, three AS FOUR was established in 2005 by the three REMAINING designers Gabi, Ange, and Adi, who hail respectively from Lebanon, Tajikistan and Israel. Innovation through collaboration drives the creative trio. // three AS FOUR is known for its unique anatomic tailoring, signature curvilinear patternmaking techniques and the incorporation of mathematics and science in its prints and designs. // With a vision of fashion meets art in mind, the three employ a sculptural approach to clothing, redefining classical tailoring.three AS FOUR’S work is in the permanent collections of the world’s most prestigious design museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute, the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York, as well as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Musee de la Mode et du Costume. THE TRIO HAVE BEEN INFLUENTIAL IN REFINING AND REDEFINING THE DOWNTOWN NEW YORK FASHION SCENE.

fashion | 44

Silas Liew Raffles Design Institute Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design Malaysia

Coalition Emulating the angularity of aerodynamic structure and the precise folding of a paper airplane, this capsule collection has its instincts coerced into a dialogue between Far Eastern ceremonial costume and the realm of aerial warfare.

fashion | 46

Alison Rasch Central Saint Martins, London MA Fashion Design: Menswear United Kingdom

Pilot’s Coat ANNO PICK A casual look of elegance in a coat made from suiting fabric. A key piece from the spring summer 2011 menswear collection centred around desert explorers and combining casual jersey with more formal suiting textures.

Photography by Craig Watkins

Zuzana Serbak Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague Footwear and Fashion Design Czech Republic

composites An experimental work using composite materials such as carbon fibre for heels and specially developed silicone reinforced fabric/ suede. Composites allow to define a new innovative construction replacing common reinforcements with hi-tech materials.

fashion | 48

April Elizabeth Travell University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion Fashion Design Technology; Surface textiles United Kingdom

Ascetics and Asceticism ANNO PICK SS11 pays homage to Queen Marie Antoinette. Drawing inspiration from Baroque and Rococo, SS11 embodies all that is feminine mixed with juxtaposition of old and new styles. Attention to detail and hand printed garments make SS11 relaxed but luxurious.

fashion | 50

JC University of Technology Sydney BD Fashion and Textiles; BA in International Studies (Italy Major) Australia

“To Aestheticize” 2011 I am interested in the moment flat forms becomes clothes. Simple 2D shapes that wrap the body; not 3D garments that encases and wears the body. In other words, I am looking at the moment when fabric and the body interact and then tells his or her story

…I am looking at the moment when fabric and the body interact and then tells his or her story

fashion | 52

Stella Achenbach University of applied arts Vienna Fashion Design Austria

Radiolaria This accessory collection is inspired by small sea animals called radiolarien. Since they have such an awesome detailed body structure I connected the idea with tesselation origami. The following accessories and jacket is what I came up with:

This accessory collection is inspired by small sea animals called radiolarien.

fashion | 54

Laura Alexandra Anderson RMIT University, Melbourne BA Design (Fashion) Australia

Inter : Related Inter: Related, a collection inspired by the process of design and the idea of connection and relationships. A literary exploration of the way things relate and how these words inform and influence the actual making of garments.

Inter: Related, a collection inspired by the process of design and the idea of connection and relationships.

fashion | 56

Terri Martin University of Cincinnati, DAAP Senior Thesis United States

VOID I found inspiration in the adaptations of the animals that exist in the abyss-specifically their empty eye sockets and soft shells. The pattern pieces are a series of circles or a strip that spirals into itself to create single seam garments.

Wardrobe Styling: Meagan Cafarelli Hair: Phillip Saunders Make-up: Erica Stewart Photographer: Rachel Schwarz

fashion | 58

Cindy Wei Zhang RMIT University - Melbourne BA of Fashion Design Australia

Porcelain Wear My designs chart a course between hard and soft, whole and fragment, and trace feminine and elegant blue and white porcelain patterns. My aim – to transform porcelain ware into porcelain wear.

fashion | 60

Cindy Wei Zhang RMIT University - Melbourne BA of Fashion Design Australia

fashion | 62

Shyo Jierui Cui University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion BA (Hons) Womenswear Singapore

Urban Metaverse The fusion of denim with other materials. Entwining of urban high fashion with a touch of denims with details. Who says denim can only be worn as jeans or pants or jackets? This is a revamp of denim!

fashion | 64

nikita sutradhar Raffles Design Institute Advanced Diploma In Fashion Design India

Lines in Architecture “Lines in architecture” as the collection is called is the inspiration for my mini collection, researching over the works of the artist and a very well known architect ‘Santiagio Calatrava’ in particular. Garments include layering, panels & pleats.

fashion | 66

ReneĂŠ Bock RMIT Bachelor of Design (fashion) Australia

personal spaces Unravelling a common item reveals a hidden core and latent functions. A series of spaces and points of interaction, awaiting user investigation and activation. Languid explorations highlighting the intrinsically personal and intimate nature of wearing.

graphic design | 68

Interbrand. founded by an Englishman John Murphy in the early 1970’s interbrand began it’s life as Novamark. The first Interbrand office opened in 1979 in New York and shifted it’s focus from product naming to brand strategy and design. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s Interbrand began to open offices throughout the world, including Tokyo, Frankfurt, Milan, Los Angeles and Melbourne. All these offering a full range of branding services and brand evaluation – a concept that Interbrand developed during the 80’s. // In 1993 Murphy sold Interbrand to Omnicom and the firm further expanded it’s reach by acquiring leading brand, design and identity businesses in the UK, Asia-Pacific, South America, Germany and in South Africa. Today Interbrand has offices in 30 cities in more than 20 countries around the world. // Interbrand’s Top 100 Brands publication is in it’s 11th year and is regarded as the industry’s most reputable guide to the top global brands. The BRAND VALUE is measured using a methodology developed by Interbrand and includes key factors such as the way the brand touches and benefits it’s organisation, the strength of the brand to influence purchasing decisions and the strength of the brand to deliver future earnings. // ThIS COMPANY UNDERSTAND the value of EFFECTIVE graphic design as an VITAL part of building a strong brand IDENTITY AND HAVE CREATED A METHADOLOGY TO MEASURE THAT EFFECTIVENESS.

Best gLOBAL BrAnds 2010



Best gLOBAL BrAnds 2010

2009 Rank 1

70,452 $m

+ 2%



2009 Rank 5

- 15%



+ 3%



2009 Rank 24

14,881 $m

+ 9%

2009 Rank 37

12,314 $m

+ 29%

J.p. MOrgAn


2009 Rank 39

8,990 $m

- 2%


2009 Rank 30

12,252 $m

+ 4%

31 Ups



2009 Rank 40

8,976 $m

+ 6%

tHOMsOn reUters





2009 Rank 45

- 3%




2009 Rank 53

6,694 $m

+ 3%



2009 Rank 50

+ 10%

7,468 $m


2009 Rank 58

+ 4%


2009 Rank 69

5,033 $m

+ 9%



4,218 $m

66 75



2009 Rank 79

+ 2%




3,557 $m


JOHnnIe wALKer

+ 8%

2009 Rank 78

3,961 $m

pIzzA HUt

- 13%

2009 Rank 47

+ 0%

7,315 $m

3,516 $m


+ 7%

+ 1%

+ 28%

2009 Rank 76

4,127 $m


+ 3%

2009 Rank 32

11,561 $m

+ 10%


+ 3%

2009 Rank 35


- 14%

2009 Rank 49

+ 3%

7,195 $m


2009 Rank 56

6,109 $m


4,846 $m

3,496 $m


- 5%

2009 Rank 22

13,944 $m

- 7%


+ 10%


+ 7%

+ 6%


2009 Rank 61

5,844 $m


2009 Rank 70

4,782 $m

+ 2%

2009 Rank 72

- 13%

4,036 $m

+ 4%


2009 Rank 89


+ 4%

+ 6%




2009 Rank 19

+ 11%

2009 Rank 29

- 5%

2009 Rank 46

8,453 $m


+ 5%

+ 15%


2009 Rank 34

11,041 $m

+ 6%

2009 Rank 57

+ 8%


2009 Rank 44

+ 3%

7,981 $m


2009 Rank 55

6,892 $m

+ 6%


2009 Rank 63

+ 32%

6,762 $m

+ 2%





2009 Rank 82

+ 7%

4,010 $m

2009 Rank 95

3,626 $m

+ 15%

+ 3%





2009 Rank 90

3,339 $m

+ 2%


+ 4%

- 2%

3,586 $m




2009 Rank 73

- 24%


+ 3%

2009 Rank 67

5,072 $m

+ 3%

3,241 $m


2009 Rank 75

4,351 $m

+ 3%


2009 Rank 92

4,003 $m


3,281 $m

2009 Rank 74

4,404 $m


2009 Rank 54

6,719 $m



2009 Rank 84

3,624 $m

+ 9%


2009 Rank 71

4,536 $m


2009 Rank 65

5,461 $m

+ 4%



4,021 $m

+ 1%

2009 Rank 48

7,534 $m


2009 Rank 62

5,495 $m


- 6%

2009 Rank 38

9,372 $m


+ 2%


+ 5%



2009 Rank 41

8,346 $m


2009 Rank 91

+ 23%




2009 Rank 43


2009 Rank 66

+ 4%



4,704 $m

2009 Rank 28

12,487 $m



3,403 $m




+ 5%


87 96

- 4%



2009 Rank 21

16,136 $m



+ 5%

2009 Rank 25

9,665 $m

CredIt sUIsse

2009 Rank 86


MOrgAn stAnLey

5,777 $m

+ 5%


12,753 $m


2009 Rank 14

23,219 $m



6,911 $m

+ 4%



11,356 $m


2009 Rank 27

12,756 $m

+ 4%


2009 Rank 18

18,506 $m


+ 4%

+ 2%


MOËt & CHAndOn

3,734 $m

2009 Rank 13

23,298 $m

2009 Rank 9

32,015 $m



19,491 $m




2009 Rank 26

13,706 $m

+ 4%




3,443 $m

2009 Rank 12

25,179 $m

2009 Rank 6

33,578 $m




2009 Rank 77

3,812 $m

+ 2%





2009 Rank 52

6,919 $m

+ 5%


2009 Rank 42

8,696 $m

- 10%



2009 Rank 33

11,485 $m

2009 Rank 4

42,808 $m


33 42

- 16%

2009 Rank 17

19,961 $m



4,052 $m




2009 Rank 8

26,192 $m

AMerICAn express



+ 37%




2009 Rank 20

21,143 $m





+ 36%





+ 12%



3,847 $m


2009 Rank 11

26,867 $m


8,880 $m

2009 Rank 7

43,557 $m



2009 Rank 23

tIffAny & CO.



+ 4%



23 32

+ 7%



14,061 $m

2009 Rank 3

60,895 $m



2009 Rank 81

4,904 $m


2009 Rank 16

21,860 $m


2009 Rank 60

6,363 $m







2009 Rank 80

4,155 $m


3,973 $m

- 3%



2009 Rank 36


2009 Rank 64

4,958 $m


+ 2%


6,548 $m

+ 1%


8,887 $m


7,481 $m

2009 Rank 31

11,826 $m


2009 Rank 10

28,731 $m




+ 7%


2009 Rank 15

22,322 $m

2009 Rank 2

64,727 $m


29,495 $m

the definitive ranking of the world‘s Most Valuable Brands



+ 24%


2009 Rank 94

3,998 $m

+ 26%




2009 Rank 88

3,562 $m

+ 1%


2009 Rank 100

+ 5%


100 3,110 $m

2009 Rank 98

+ 0%


graphic design | 70

Dario Verrengia Politecnico di Milano Communication Design Italy

Infographics The design of these infographics is intended to summarize the discussed subjects of a range of lectures held by representatives of agencies and magazines, stressing relations between concepts and the exposition path that was followed.

graphic design | 72

Liam Bonar Duncan of Jordanstone Graphic Design BDes (Hons) United Kingdom

Imbalance in the Diamond Trade A dual case-bound publication consisting of two sections, each with seven purely typographic spreads which explore the injustice in the diamond industry. The typographic execution in both of the sections are contrasted to heighten this imbalance.

graphic design | 74

Liam Bonar Duncan of Jordanstone Graphic Design BDes (Hons) United Kingdom

Viktor Angwald Miami Ad School Art Direction United States

kern My challenge was to explain the concept of kern only using the word kern. No colors were allowed.

graphic design | 76

scott marc berry Leeds College of Art BA (Hons) Graphic Design United KIngdom

why use and when you can use &. This is a campaign to encourage the use of the ampersand over the three character word ‘and’. The strap-line was applied to a variety of products that were handed out as promotion for the form of the ampersand and it’s many forms within typography.

graphic design | 78

Petty Hartanto Raffles College of Design and Commerce Graphic Design Australia

The F Word Creative Let your imagination flow with the ‘f’ word.

graphic design | 80

Jenny Davies Manchester School of Art BA (hons) Design and Art Direction United Kingdom

Other people’s strangers Are we in control of how we are perceived and can we forge our own boundaries that determine who we let in and who we keep at a distance? We can define ourselves in many ways, sister, brother, friend. The words we use to define ourselves depend on how we are perceived by other people. If we are to define ourselves based on the perceptions of others then ultimately we are 99.9999972079 % stranger.

graphic design | 82

Felicity Case-Mejia


Monash University Bachelor of Visual Communication Australia.

Identity for the city of Berlin. A series of billboards, vehicle liveries and publications and stamps designed to promote the exploration of the entire city.

graphic design | 84

Trine Sejthen Shillington College Certificate IV in Design Australia

BFI Typography Typeface created for a Sci-Fi Film Festival brochure. It was inspired by a children’s version of stars - Triangle on triangle. And that when it comes to Sci-Fi anything is possible.

graphic design | 86

Ramona Todoca Savannah College of Art and Design Graphic Design United States

36 The book visually links the type I see everyday to the 36 people I see everyday strangers, workers and lovers. Each are linked to the typography of their environments in meaningful ways.

graphic design | 88

Xavi Garcia Central Saint Martins, London FdA Art & Design United Kingdom

Xhibit 2010 Communication campaign for an art exhibition of the University of Arts London, taking its motif “a creative constellation� further. Flyers were distributed separately and the catalogue can be turned into a celestial globe once used. The feature stars correspond to the locations of the colleges of London and the dashed line represents the river Thames.


YOKO FURUSHO. Yoko was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. After threatening to run away for ever, her parents finally conceded with her wish to attend art school in New York. She moved to New York studying Illustration at THE School of Visual Arts, graduating in 2008, and has quickly become a highly sought after illustrator WHICH HAS, NO DOUBT, MADE HER PARENTS VERY HAPPY. Her clients have included Maybelline New York, KEDS collective and Glamour magazine in Paris. Recently she was chosen for American Illustration 27, Society of Illustrators 51 and Images 33. She also won the third place of popular vote at AltPick Award. // Drawing inspiration from her love of fashion and enormous collection of fashion magazines, Yoko incorporates textile design and pattern in her work and the images have an almost embroidered feel to them. The dream-like fantasy images layered with lavish texture and pattern immerse the audience in a whimsical world with a decidedly EAST MEETS WEST STYLE. // Many of YOKO’S clients are from the fashion industry and she has undertaken projects from fashion magazine editorial illustrations to fabric design. Yoko likes to begin her images with ink and then paints with acrylic. If time is tight she will put the finishing touches on the piece with Photoshop.


Yangtian Li Qantm college Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment Australia

Illustration collection A collection of illustrations I did during 2009~2010. Some are for school projects and some are personal creations. These illustrations also vary in styles, in order to adapt the nature of the project.


Yun Feng Chen RMIT Bachelor of Communication Design Australia

Digital Paintings 1. English is strange with its double meanings and complex rules, I wanted to remind people of that. Next Page: Amelia Owl: A personal project.


CHAO Tsz King Joan The Hong Kong Polytechnic University HD in Multimedia Design and Technology Hong Kong

what made my days Visual diaries of a 20-year-old kid.

Hui Peng

tribute poster

RMIT University, Melbourne Bachelor of Communication Design Australia

A tribute poster for the finish illustrator Sanna Annukka.


Anthony Palamaro Mr. Savannah College of Art and Design Drawing for Illustration United States

Il Carnevale Di Venezia Circus Poster 11x17 Pen & ink, Digital


Vjeko Sumic Online school for Design at New York Multimedia Design Master Croatia

RAV Project (Rage Against Violence) The RAV meaning (Rage Against Violence) is a “call to stop� the meaningless slaughter and inhuman breeding of unnatural domestic animal farms. These farms are seriously endangering our health, future and the moral code of our society.


Hsiang-Ying Chang Pratt Institute Communication Design United States


Finding Love in NYC This is a 50-paged illustration book about Ying (me) trying to find love in NYC. It is a personal journal that illustrates how I started feeling bad about myself to realizing I need to love myself first, and about self healing, finding myself.


Reba Brammer Queensland University of Technology Bachelor of Design (Architectural Studies) Australia

ONE | DUO | 3 | quatro | CINQ. Watercolour lead pencil digital tweaking fashion illustration of another kind. . .

Robert Thompson Art Center College of Design Illustration-design United States

Half Giraffe in a Georgian Room ANNO PICK Gouache on illustration board.


melissa ling Pratt Institute Illustration United States

The Space in Between ANNO PICK I am inspired by the loud silences in life.

Kuhu Kochar National institute of fashion technology Fashion Communication India

Creation. Preservation. Destruction. A craftsman reflects the trilogy of creation, preservation & destruction an epitome of Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh through the process of creation, preservation & eventually destruction that will lead to creation anew.


Joshua Lue Chee Kong Savannah College of Art and Design GRDS United States

Mystic Beings This is a screen printed book about how man represents nature like earth, wind, sun and water though the use of deities. Therefore I illustrated a deity for each element and used glow in the dark inks and gold inks as a way to give it more meaning.


Droog for Premsela Foundation / Cafe Dutch room at Baltic House Theatre, St. Petersburg Photographer: Alexey Kompaniichenko

droog. Cofounded and directed by curator and author Renny Ramakers, Droog creates products, projects and events around the world in collaboration with designers, clients and partners. Droog has bases in Amsterdam and New York, and retail partners worldwide. // offering a selection of accessories, lighting, furniture and studio work that changes your experience of daily life, Droog projects pioneer new design directions, new collaborations, creative tools and business models that offer a unique perspective. Renowned for their quirky take on the everyday Droog products engage the audience with their unique and often humorous designs. In fact ‘Droog’ is the dutch word for ‘dry’ as in ‘dry’ humour. // Working with independent designers to design and realise products, projects and exhibitions Droog has worked with designers such as Marcel Wanders, Hella Jongerius, Tejo Remy and Jurgen Bey. Always looking to create new design and not simply repeat and refine the past Droog has continued to work with new designers and new industry partners from Mandarin Duck to Levi’s. The core of Droog’s work is it’s collection of products, which were either created by one of its group projects or commissioned from designers by the company.


phill seagram University of Cincinnati, DAAP Industrial Design Transportation Track United States

Honda Individual Articulating Commuter 2060: Single passenger electric vehicle that articulates to save space in the crowded city. Pod is guided by a grid embedded in the city street system. Vehicle is charged in individual garages. Split door system to keep vehicle compact.

ENTRY/Egress Right: Split door system keeps vehicle compact while doors are open.

RECHARGING Below: Charges when parked inside IAC Garage.


Stuart Fingerhut Art Center College of Design Environmental Design United States

Kinema Kinema is a pendant luminaire designed to allow a user to control the intensity of light based on their mood or the environment.


Lisa Dotzauer Thames Valley University Three Dimensional Design and Craft Studies United Kingdom

re/trace [museum artefact] Close your eyes to see the world: An exploration in grey into the role of sight and its potential hierarchy over the other senses with the possibility of Braille being a three-dimensional representation of the written and spoken voice.

Julian Lombardo


University of Canberra Industrial Design Australia

A bed-side lamp to suit the modern interior. Inspired by the form of a traditional lamp the Cut Away Lamp uses both concave and convex elements to produce striking mood lighting. The lamp is constructed from thin aluminium sheeting.


Gavari Gerda

Stress Watch

University of applied arts Vienna Industrial Design Austria

Take a deep breath‌ It`s time to relax! This watch, in addition to keeping the time, reports the Biofeedback of several body functions. If the display shows waves kept in warm colors, and the stress line is full, you need to change your breathe.


Designers: Jesse Leeworthy, Ryan Baker and Lauren McLean.

Jesse Leeworthy

White Bike - Bicycle Share System

Swinburne University of Technology Product Design Engineering Australia

The bicycle rental system has been designed specifically for convenience of use and efficiency; it is an economic and ergonomic approach to transportation; with a solution to helmet storage.


Daniel Nikonchik College for Creative Studies Senior Transportation Design United States

2050 BMW M3 The idea of this project was to slay our preconceptions of what an automobile should be and redefine the proportions of the next generation of vehicle, getting away from the standard four wheels and a solid body and working more with negative space.


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121 185








Swinburne University of Technology Industrial Design Australia

Vena Micro-hydro turbine The Vena is a complete system for harvesting and storing electricity from rivers, while remaining portable and easy to set up.

The generator and fabric blades unscrew for storage. You can see the flexible blades rolled in preparation to be transported

The anchor ensures that the other elements sit securely in the widest range of river conditions. It is based on more traditional river anchors, while being collapsible when not in use.


Daniel Hull

All components are stored in the backpack case for transport, as well as the battery and inverter.


Whisk Lamp Repurposing: Whisk Lamp made from 300 wire whisks with a light fitting in the centre with a circular 10ml plexiglass laser cut base.

Natalie Sampson University for the Creative Arts BA (Hons) Degree Applied Art United Kingdom

Alvaro Uribe

Copenhagen Chair

Pratt Institute BA Industrial Design United States

Sensual, dynamic, and modern, the Copenhagen Chair is meant to bring energy into space. The chair flows naturally, reflecting the beauty of the material and the craftsmanship. Made of beach veneer, and oak wood, the chair tests the technique to new limits to achieve its harmonious curves and build structure and strength.


CHRIS BUCK. Chris Buck likes taking pictures, he has been doing so professionally for 22 years. HAILING from Canada HE completed his photography studies in 1987 at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute located in downtown Toronto. Now he is based in New York and Los Angeles and his clients include Diesel, Xerox, Microsoft, GQ, Esquire, New York and The Guardian Weekend Magazine. In 2007 he was the first recipient of the Arnold Newman Portrait Prize. // Chris includes Dave Heath & Murray Pomerance (two of his teachers at college) as inspirations as is Irving Penn, Anton Corbijn and the musician Peter Gabriel. His advice to students is “It’s more important to know what you want to shoot, than how you want to shoot it.” // Chris’s other interests include making cocktails, drinking same cocktails, researching Richard Nixon, street hockey, and admiring his cats. But his favorite activity is traveling to Portuguese speaking countries with his wife, Michelle Golden AND THEIR ONE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER. // He has been called “damaged”, and separately, “clever” but Donald Trump put it best when he said to Chris “Make this quick, I have many important people waiting for me”.


Mike Haftel The Creative Circus Copywriting United States

This is My Love for You A study of facial expression, emotion and relationship.


swadha jaiswal Symbiosis Institute of Design Photography India

Photography My only absolute rule is “faith� & my approach to photography reflects that perspective: from carefully structured nature imagery to chaotic, semi-abstract street photography, it all expresses something essential to me.

‌from carefully structured nature imagery to chaotic, semi-abstract street photography‌


Marie Galanti Central Saint Martins, London MA Communication Design United Kingdom

Unexpected Untitleds I consider photography like a ready-made, capturing a surrealistic moment inspired by reality. In my work, I seek to transcend the photography medium in order that the image has it own presence.


Rene Majewski University of South Australia Masters of Architecture Australia

Multiple exposures I still shoot film. Here’s a picture of a boy, a picture of a girl, a picture of a street.

danny boyd


Moorpark College Photography United States

Medium format + 35mm


Jessica M The University of South Australia Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications) Australia

Gold Necklace. A first year photography study. Different photographic techniques featuring the same object. Panning, Indirect Lighting, Depth of Field, Freeze Frame and Point of View.

Rebecca Lam University of Technology Sydney Visual Communications/International Studies Australia

Shower series. Inspired by the work of Manjari Sharma, the series explores the sense of relief associated with falling water.


Alex Wein Maryland Institute College of Art Photography United States

Dreamscapes The body of work is titled Dreamscapes. My intentions within this work were to question reality using familiar landscapes in contrast to having the figure placed in surreal situations. The work questions the judgment of truth behind the images with the underlying notion that all things are possible. For each scenario each figure is alienated to give a feeling of isolation in the subconscious self. The work is intended to motivate the viewer to interpret their own separate narrative for each piece. To reinforce the idea of truth behind the work, I photographed using 35mm slide film and used no digital manipulation in the creation of the images. I believe there is no meaning in the world beyond what we humans give it.


Nick Petch RMIT University - Melbourne Interactive Digital Media Australia

I/O Digital Montage I/O represents on & off in the world of electronics. To me as a creative it values illuminated ignition, the application and consequence of creative thought and is a base definition of life and death.


Amie Parsons Sheffield Hallam B.A. Hons Photography Degree United Kingdom

Puppet Show ANNO PICK This series questions to what extent that the fashion industry and the dominant male controls what is the ‘desired’ female image. Women look at other women and aspire to be just like them to the point we are all clones of one another… just like dolls


Joe Sobel

Untitled (head) ANNO PICK

Cranbrook Academy of Art Studio development United States

Showing the back of someone’s head only gives a hint to what their race, culture, or gender is. It manifests myriad ways of interpretation which aids to the untruthful aspect of what somebody looks like on the surface.



Miami Ad School Portfolio Program Spain

The trees in Madrid lose layers in the spring. When you look closely, you see the most amazing shapes. I decided to search until I completed this lovely alphabet. Another proof that we should save our trees.

Student Design Annual 2010:11

Anno is an online design competition and annual publication for students with dreams as vast as their talent, and for the industry heavy-hitters looking for the next generation of superstars. The competition and annual publication encompasses the disciplines of advertising, architecture, fashion design, graphic design, illustration, industrial design and photography. These winning works were chosen by a group of judges, who represent some of the best in the industry, from a pool of nearly 600 entries from 80 of the top design schools in the world. All industry professionals are encouraged to view the work, register and vote. Not only is Anno an important launch pad for students to get their name and the work out into the world, but it is also gives industry professionals the chance to see the future stars and unearth talent. For more information go to

The Judging Panel 2011 Advertising Architecture Fashion Graphic Design Illustration Industrial Design Photography

Ogilvy Mather Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Three As Four Interbrand Yoko Furusho Droog Chris Buck

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