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Choosing a theme for your child’s bedroom

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Fall Home Guide 2012

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Fall Home Guide 2012

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Pocket doors

Are you fed up with the racket of doors slamming shut? Do you need more space in your home? Then you will enjoy discovering the virtues of pocket doors, which have the marvellous advantage of disappearing completely into the wall. Think of all the extra space you’ll create by no longer needing the clearance necessary for opening a hinged door. Even better, a pocket door will glide quietly into the wall, with no banging. This system is a practical and visually pleasing way to separate a bedroom and a bathroom, for example, or a dining room and a kitchen. Wherever you decide to install a pocket door, circulation will become more fluid and you’ll be able to play with space and light, especially if you choose glass doors. For practical purposes the installation of a pocket door is best done when the wall is being built, as this type of door requires a double wall to slide into. That means you will have to plan on knocking down the entire wall if it is a renovation job. If it is a supporting wall, you will have to reinforce it by building a header with two beams, because this type of door is held by a metal frame that has to be fixed between the two walls. A pocket door slides along a track at the top and a guide rail at

Three elements affect the price of a pocket door: the frame, the door itself, and the installation.

the bottom to ensure smooth operation. A stopper prevents the door coming off the rail when fully open.

STORY INDEX Pocket Doors......................................... 3 Black: your home improvement project for this fall................................. 4 Travel the world from your couch......... 4 Things to consider when budgeting your home improvement projects.......... 6 A new office to work in......................... 7 Reducing ambient noise in the home.... 8 Copper, the latest trend in home decorating.............................................. 9 Storage space in short supply?.............. 10 An eye-catching blaze........................... 12 Choosing a theme for a child’s bedroom................................................ 14 Freshen up your kitchen........................ 15 Decorating a stairwell........................... 16 For a smart home................................... 18 Dress your window with a beaded curtain................................................... 19 Rattan is making a comeback............... 20 Organize your garage space.................. 22


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Fall Home Guide 2012

Black: your home improvement project for this fall Black has always been a timeless symbol of classicism, modernity, and luxury in homes and fashion. For the 2012-2013 season, back-to-school trends are seeing black appear once again at the top of the colour chart. Black in interior design is now being transformed into a total look, both as a background tone against which coloured objects stand out and vice-versa. Latest trends offer us three choices in colour combinations: used with blue to produce a Thousand and One Nights atmosphere, with grey for an industrial design look, or with gold to recreate the Baroque style. Although a dramatic effect can be created by marrying black with gold, be careful not to overload the room with glitzy objects. Overstatement can also be circumvented by choosing natural materials, which are a sure bet for avoiding tackiness. Synthetic materials, lacquered blacks, or any kind of shiny surface should not be included in this type of décor. Velvet drapes and cushions should also be avoided. Choose instead linen or leather for cushions, while natural wood furniture will help you create an understated and elegant décor.

Think twice before painting a ceiling black, as this will make the room look smaller and sinister. Remember that an all-black décor absorbs light and does not reflect it. Do feel free to experiment with a positive-negative effect by playing with lighting and accessories.

There are many different blacks available this season: jet black, smoky black, licorice black, and raven black, which contains a hint of blue.

Travel the world from your couch World traveling is the latest trend in home decorations, whether you are inspired by actual trips abroad or simply by your love for other cultures. Be warned, however: an ethnic décor can only succeed if you choose one style and stick to it. Here are three exotic suggestions to inspire you.

India is making a comeback Indian-inspired ethnic décors are all the rage at the moment, no doubt because of their shimmering reflections, intense colours, and dark woods. Designers are offering two versions of this style. One is simple and modern, as you would see in a room decorated with traditional and rustic furniture blended with stone-coloured

or white walls. The other version draws inspiration from the world of Bollywood, with tones of pink and orange or blends of fuchsia and soft green. Tribal atmosphere African tribal art no longer consists solely of masks and ebony plates. These days an African décor is an understated one that blends the dominant colours of Africa: beige, khaki, ochre, black, and white. Typical African furniture placed on a zebra skin is the central theme of the room, which is then decorated with quality objects such as weapons, musical instruments, terra-cotta, bronzes, and colonial-

See TRAVEL on Page 5

Fall Home Guide 2012

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TRAVEL: Moroccan style based on vivid colours From Page 4 type wooden furniture.

PHOTOS: goodshoot / / THINKSTOCK

Moroccan magic The main elements of a Moroccaninspired décor include mirrors, typical furniture, and lighting. The cen-

trepiece is a North-African style rug. All curves and abstract geometric designs, the Moroccan style is based on vivid colours and hammered copper lamps.

Ethnic décors suggest a passion for travelling and other cultures.

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Fall Home Guide 2012

Things to consider when budgeting your home improvement projects Home improvement projects have become de rigueur for today’s homeowners. Be it a kitchen remodel or the ever popular man cave project, home improvement projects remain a goal for many homeowners. As enticing as a home improvement project might be, no project can be successful until a budget has been established. The right budget will keep homeowners from going deep into debt when improving their homes, ensuring that, upon the project’s completion, they can fully enjoy their revamped castles without the specter of significant debt hanging ominously over their heads. Before beginning a home improvement project, homeowners can take the following things into consideration. * Personal finances: It sounds simple, but homeowners must examine their finances before starting a home improvement project. Just because a bank will loan out money for a project doesn’t mean the project is affordable. Homeowners should compare their monthly expenses with their incomes, and then determine what’s left that might be able to go toward a project. Monthly expenses include everything from groceries to mortgage payments. When the comparison between monthly expenses and monthly income has been made, homeowners can get a grasp of just what they can and cannot afford. * Credit score: Many homeowners finance home improvement projects with loans from the bank. Particularly in the current economy when banks are being forced to tighten lending requirements, securing such loans isn’t easy. Homeowners with significant credit card debt should eliminate such debt before beginning a project. Doing so serves multiple purposes. First and foremost, eliminating outstanding debt will free up more money to allocate toward the project. Eliminating debt will also make loan applicants more attractive to prospective creditors, increasing their chances of securing a loan and a lower interest rate. * The project’s priority: Budgeting a home improvement project also involves being honest as to just how necessary the project is. For example, a man cave might be a dream project, but should it be a priority over other things around the house? If wear and tear is taking its toll on the roof, for instance, the money going toward the man cave should probably be allocated to replacing the roof instead. If a project is low on the priority list but high on the want list, re-examine those projects higher up on the priority list to determine if they are more deserving of immediate attention and funds than vanity projects.

See BUDGET on Page 11

Before beginning a home improvement projects, homeowners should construct a budget to ensure the project is a success.

Realizing your vision should be nothing short of fabulous!

Realizing your vision should be nothing short of fabulous!

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Fall Home Guide 2012

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A new office to work in

More and more people work from home means using recycled materials or objects these days, but few of them possess a suit- in order to produce a more up-market able area in which to spend their work day. look. Choosing furniture that contains a With this in mind, here are a few tips for cre- blend of Plexiglass, good quality leather, ating a stylish and functional home office. and recycled wood is a wonderful way to Choose a quiet area that is well lit, well introduce this kind of element into an office ventilated, and where there aren’t many setting. Other ideas include a chair and comings and goings. Ideally it should be footrest covered with recycled fabrics, such in an enclosed room, far from sources of as denim, to convey a touch of playfulness noise such as a television, a child’s bed- and dynamism. room, or the front door. It is important that An office is also a great place to practice a home office be independent from the eco-design, a trend that promotes the optimirest of the house; this will help you sepa- zation of recycled materials, simplicity, and rate your professional activities from your restraint. A low-clutter philosophy is key, as it will allow you to improve your concentraprivate life. Décor is another important element to tion and work in a more productive manner. consider, as a home office requires a spe- Last but not least, be creative when choosing cial sort of atmosphere. Why not try an storage: there is no need to spend a lot of increasingly popular trend in home fash- money when a simple system of storage MOWING WITH ONE EVEN BETTER rails,ISboxes, and shelves is all you need. ions: eco-luxury. Creating this style simply

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Fall Home Guide 2012

Reducing ambient noise in the home Reducing the sound level in a home benefits every member of the family. Whether it’s a baby’s cries, a teen’s music, or a loud TV after the kids’ bedtime, unwanted noise in the home is like an invasion of privacy that can make a person crazy. By using panels, drapes, or blinds covered with soundproofing materials, it is possible to eradicate or lessen noise from both inside and outside the home without too much work. Acoustic panels are a good choice for soundproofing a room in a house or apartment. They are easy to install in all types of spaces, particularly on walls adjoining other rooms and on the ceiling. Available in square or rectangular tiles of different sizes, these panels are installed on rails that can be positioned in a variety of ways,

depending on the surface to be covered. Acoustic blinds may also be a solution. These can be installed in patio doors and windows and are very useful in reducing the sound of traffic if you live in a city or if you are a shift worker and sleep during the day. These blinds reflect sound, muffle noise, and filter light. Some acoustic fabrics are available that can be stretched or glued on walls. These textiles are made from sound-absorbing foam, which is very malleable and suitable for rooms with curves or complicated angles. Before gluing this flexible covering, ensure that the surface of the wall or partition is perfectly smooth and clean, and be sure to allow for wall fixtures, such as outlets and light switches.

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Fall Home Guide 2012

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Copper, the latest trend in home decorating With the rise in popularity of raw materials and the return of the industrial style in home decorating, we are finding whole new ways to use copper in our homes this year. This reddish metal has shed its oldfashioned image to top the very latest in trends. Don’t rush to the attic to dig out your mother’s copper pots and pans, because this season’s copper tones are to be found in designer accessories such as lamps, vases, stools, and mirrors. These objects will blend perfectly with both classic and designer styles. Combined with black or white, the result is a clean and uncluttered look, even if copper inspires memories of medieval times. The effect is a resounding success, even when transposed to the most modern of styles. To create variations on this copper theme, a wide range of colours are now available in alloys. Coppery metals used in interior architecture and decoration are usually copper, brasses, or gilts, all of which have been finished by being polished, brushed, sanded, or bead blasted. Consequently, there is an amazing amount of choice ranging from raw copper to a gleaming “steampunk” brass with smooth, gleaming luxurious reds.

Either a retro look or a touch of sophistication can be added, depending on the type of finish used. A special polishing cream should always be used to keep copper at its gleaming best. These products leave a fine protective layer that slows corrosion and allows for longer intervals between cleanings.

Copper brings a warm, seductive light to any home.

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Fall Home Guide 2012

Storage space in short supply? To optimize the storage space you have in your home, start by deciding what you want to store and where. Solutions differ, depending on whether you want to store your clothes on hangers or folded, whether you need a place to put away sports equipment or books, or whatever it may be that gets in the way of your daily movements

around the house. Storage options can include drawers, extra shelves, or cupboards, walk-in closets with folding or sliding doors, and either permanent or moveable installations. Cupboards can be integrated into furniture, free-standing stairs can be incorporated under the steps, and stacked cupboards, mini-cupboards, and madeto-measure cupboards can be adapted to just about any configuration. Modular magnetic storage systems allow the placement of shelves to be modified quickly and easily, depending on your needs. Practical and aesthetic, these shelves are held in

See SPACE on Page 11 A colourful modern walk-in offers lots of storage space.

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Fall Furnace Tune-Ups

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Fall Home Guide 2012

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SPACE: Moroccan style based on vivid colours From Page 10 place by magnets and are interchangeable in many different ways: they can be straight or leaning, jointed or separate, staggered or tight-fitting. Storage units with drawers can be used to separate rooms, create a platform for a bed or sofa, or build a series of steps. Cupboards, closets, drawers, and shelves can be installed not only in corridors, entrance halls, bedrooms, and under stairs,

but also in kitchens and bathrooms. What’s more, technical innovations and decorative elements added to the doors of some models allow them to be installed in living rooms and offices. In children’s bedrooms, loft beds can provide storage with ladders that double as bookshelves and bases that can be used as closets. In the kitchen, sliding doors covered in wood, stainless steel, or glass can hide an entire wall of floor-toceiling storage.

BUDGET: Allocate extra money for budget overrun From Page 6 Overrun costs: Not every home improvement project will come in at or under budget. Many, in fact, go over budget due to a host of factors. Homeowners should not be caught off guard when a project goes over budget. Instead, plan

for the project to go over budget and expect such frustration. Allocate extra money in the original budget for overrun costs. This will reduce stress and frustration, and if the project comes in under budget, then there’s extra money when the project is completed. FH119218

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Fall Home Guide 2012

An eye-catching blaze

Make a fireplace the central feature of any room.

We Offer... Professional Installation, Guaranteed Service & Free In-Home Estimates, Custom Orders

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Because a fireplace is the centrepiece of any room, decorative objects to be displayed around it must be chosen very carefully. Whether the mantel and surround of your fireplace are wide or narrow, decorative or not, there is one main principle to respect when highlighting this inviting feature: your personality. Start with your favourite work of art, placing it in the centre of the mantel to create a focal point. This could be a statue, a candelabrum, an antique bowl, or a flower arrangement. Then group similar objects here and there around this central piece, extending out to the ends of the mantel. “Similar” objects means choosing ones of the same style and colour. So surround your favourite object with vases in similar colours or photograph frames in the same style in order to create a balanced effect. With balance still in mind, mix small objects with larger ones and resist the temptation to overcrowd. The individual interest of each item would disappear and the result would look disorganized. If you really don’t like the look of your fireplace, it is possible to improve its appearance. For example, you could paint the mantel and surround it with imitation marble or dress it up with little mirrors in such a way as to give the room more sparkle and light. You could also look for an antique mantelpiece and just install the lintel, on which you could attach a glass shelf for a perfect blend of styles and eras.

Fall Home Guide 2012

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Fall Home Guide 2012

Choosing a theme for a child’s bedroom Whether it’s for a baby or a big kid, choosing a theme for a child’s bedroom is not always easy. Some popular themes, such as trendy film characters, are short-lived while others become classics. For a little girl’s bedroom you can’t go wrong with flowers, fairies, princesses, birds, butterflies, hearts, and romantic roses, while classic boy themes include sports, cars, planes, outer space, knights, pirates, robots, and camouflage. Neutral themes are also a possibility, such as Mother Nature, animals, especially cats and dogs, or a jungle with big, funny elephants and majestic giraffes. The age of the child should always be taken into consideration when choosing a theme. For example, gentle, classic bear and rabbit themes with light colours are popular with very young girls and boys, but they won’t likely suit the tastes of older children.

PHOTO: siri stafford / THINKSTOCK

A newborn’s bedroom can be decorated with celestial themes: stars, birds, angels and clouds, which are airy and soothing

See THEME on Page 16

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Fall Home Guide 2012

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Freshen up your kitchen

Attractive bar stools are a perfect finishing touch.

If your kitchen is looking a little shabby, maybe it’s time to freshen it up. The simplest way to do that is to give the walls a good paint job. Replacing the handles and knobs of cupboards and drawers will also rejuvenate your kitchen in a blink of the eye. These ornaments come in a huge variety of models and colours, so it is more than easy to find ones that will harmonize with any type of kitchen. Replacing the tap or sink will also amp up a kitchen’s look. Elaborate, retro, or modern designs, gleaming colours, and beautiful finishes are all on offer in many different models that are resistant to wear and easy to maintain. If the look of cupboards and drawers needs to be freshened up, you can paint them, add moldings, reface them, replace the doors and the front of drawers, or even change them completely in order to create

a more modern look. If counters are worn and need to be replaced, be sure to choose a good-quality, sturdy, low maintenance material that will also add a stylish look to your kitchen. If your appliances need to be replaced, opt for good quality models that are easy to clean. A huge range of kitchen appliances is now available, and many of them are user friendly and environmentally friendly. To be sure that your new appliances will blend with any type of décor, select ones that are white, stainless steel, or black. A modular kitchen with many storage facilities is both practical and functional. Another idea, if you have enough room, is to add an island that will combine more work space and storage with a casual eating area where family and friends can gather. A handsome set of bar stools will make the island both welcoming and stylish.

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Fall Home Guide 2012

Decorating a stairwell

Even though decorating a stairwell can be problematic because of its central position in a home, it really does deserve all your attention. Indeed, if there’s one part of the house where you should be more daring, this is it! In order to harmonize colours and style, the first thing you should take into consideration is the décor of the rooms that are accessed from the staircase. Secondly, stairs leading from one floor to another can tend to

feel cramped, and the higher the wall the more your choice of colour will affect the final look. Light, neutral colours will help the space appear more open, while darker tones will make a staircase seem more enclosed. Applying a single colour to the walls will create a marked contrast with the colour of the staircase and emphasize the height

See STAIRWELL on Page 17

THEME: Make sure themes can be easily changed From Page 14

for babies and tired parents. For older children, geographical themes based on a particular country or continent, such as Mexico or Asia, or topical themes, such as the environment or ecology, are also interesting options. Whichever theme you choose, make sure that it can be easily changed. For example, you might display the theme

only in fabrics and decorative accessories. Opt for white or natural wood furniture and choose a fairly neutral colour scheme for painting the walls; wallpaper will be more difficult to replace when your child’s tastes evolve. No matter the style and theme, try to avoid cluttering the room and mixing styles.

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go back — As area students OWATONNA , McKinley Elementary Tuesday to school on Creek Intermediate School be School, Willow Junior High School will na and Owaton little differently. a s of Willow doing things ey and portion (Science, All of McKinl will begin STEM on Creek and OJHS ring, Math) teaching Enginee STEM educaTechnology, district says that Tuesday. The critical thinking and creativee Th izes areas. emphas tion within all subject sciproblem solving , math, social studies, will subjects of reading music and art will l education, ence, physica the core curriculum, but VAN iate rather than continue to be SULLI K appropr when By DERE units will inbe integrated atonna .com . Lessons and technoldsulliv an@ow taught in isolation ss of science, Cont le. awarene clude a higher and math, where applicab — First Distric OWATONNA (DFL-Minn.) is not said stuogy, engineering, Walz l Bob Olson 6, principa ey gressm an Timat Election Day on Nov. notice a big McKinl probably won’t only looking eyes on Sept. 30. dents and parents his essman will away. he also has erm Congr change right part of the school year, it of ion Walz, a three-t g for re-elect “For the first said. “The STEM way o, is runnin Pefrom Mankat the same,” he of us. Much of STEM Quist (R-St. seem Allen for all this year againstMinnes otans will decide teaching is new the entire school rn inquiry, and Nov. 6. ter). Southe is based on nt them on two using inquiry. a lot who will represethat separa tes the district has beenwalk in, you won’t see the A key issue are deep that passed “When you itEven when we be able is a farm bill ates Comm erent. diff candid House going to of things sent and the U.S. to you’re not just U.S. Senate lture, but has yet been iinto STEM, school and see it. It’s going the tee on Agricu floor by House Republ to walk into the teachers teach it, not just to the House Farm Bill would replace be the way the s on cans. The 2012 Bill, which sunset view of the school.goal is to be using STEM RS the 2008 Farm “The ultimate to have a normal person LOCAL VOTE Sept. 30. CATION TO l pundit s believe happening.” all subjects, and is in DEDI nationa what any t County s to not know While many won’t take Z REAFFIRM come in and STEM allows the student lives in Nicolle Republ icans Quist, who hands County, QUIST, WAL that House bill until after November’s Olson said k and more in Blue Earth textboo the rst a fi hope. worked on AN up and action SULLIV ant to be the since learn less from hasn’t given said By DEREK and County knows it’s import elections, Walzstaying optimi stic,” on. to win Steele of learning, teaching dsullivan@owa “I’m still Republican House Ag Com“STEM is a way said. “STEM is a way of sits on the worked on for District Steele are Olson Walz, who 2006. — Both First instructing,” don’t tell them what they ant that I carry bill has been All his OWATONNA “It is very importwill run the strongest mittee. “The We need to get it done. is Tim Walz and thinking. You them figure it out on their said. “I all that Congressman Quist see Steele of several years. County,” he doing. You let Allen business types has been done, this challenger teach, and of the work the Speake r (of the House always run ant area in ” rural and small still in you , own. will import an In politics County as left is for the to bring it to the floora dedicated all He said the teachers communities. hs. Steele County fits n. er) is staff has been new way to year’s electio John Boehn most accounts, there the added that his on your strengt We are going to do Mankato West about when By it.” ” . ting hs well. In 2006, was trying for a vote. summer to learning Steele County my strengt a Democrat, coalition suppor than the can to carry ative,” he bi-part isan teacher Walz, lican incumbent Rep. learn. in Nicollet that other bill, there whatever we more investig kids go farmer a Repub n much is Quist said been the to unseat “STEM the electio to just let Quist has portion of Bethany is cht, he won rs are not going a teacher at by 1,100 drought-reliefHe said Congr ess could Gil Gutkne traveled said. “Teache and find answers. The hope If County and the Steele County to. As he has to vote on is no hurry. despite losing he garnered 5,000 more Lutheran in Manka through books s will search for an answer. ” noticed its next spring way. County, he the bill, which wait until Earth. votes. In 2008, votes than Brian Davis, that the student they will try a different across Steele portion s of for nutriti on t and Blue it, remain ing they don’t find Steele County and two years resemblance to Nicolle set aside Republican, votes includ es funds insurance, conserv ation OLS on 2A on 2A a Rochester the See SCHO with 800 more See EYES programs, crop programs. Quist said in ago, he finished er, the Republican dity Demm and commo portion should come than Randy eld. from Hayfi drought-relief challenger million . $600 below FULS on 3A See HOPE

s on Steele

s, it’s all eye

For candidate ere ement notes sev Local law enforc juvenile crime in k tic up r summe

cally es are specifi tted by juvenil crimes commi age. ns occur related to their ns and drinking violatio “Those “Curfew violatio age,” Rethemeier said. dealof their have when a just because common ones that we r draws to more — As summe may are the is vehicle for juveniles OWAT ONNA nna Police Depart ment the ing with kids.” hout common crime issued a crime alert r Owato throug the Anothe close, r, OPD brothan they have juvenil es. break-ins. This summe that had been get fewer calls least ones related to number of vehiclesvehicles were either at concerning a summe r — be a change . of the an increas e ken into in June. Most garages. That will ed and ment has seen this d or in unsecur the string of crimes to juvenil es Local law enforce ated ed eier. unlocke provide r of calls related The police investiga concerned citizen witness was able to in the numbe ing to Capt. Eric Rethem na A witness d calls, when were already y of the Owaton of weeks ago. summe r, accord specific juvenil e-relatejuvenil e caught a break s egging a car. Police ally respony Park a couplebe made. (Photo courtes “As far as just some juvenile in Manthe we’ve had 90 being potenti arrest to 1 to Aug. 29 d to 69 for the same targeting the group as ey later confessed under This graffiti was found ation for an since June enough inform as oppose eier said. “So, we break-ins. Th the calls, for police with sible related ment) year,” Rethem increas e, about 30 questioning. Police Depart an period last ILE on 3A little bit of JUVEN have seen a See a t the COMING UP new year with es often commimany percent.” to start the said juvenil though St. Mary’s ready ONLINE Rethem eier adults, as iPads. new of crimes cart full of same types E-MAIL US us on CALL US Or circulation@owa 1 WEATHER ©2012 Facebook & Twitter Delivery 444-236 9 FIEDS 4B-7B Vol. 98, No. 209 444-237 ed@owa 3B // CLASSI 88 • 60 S classifi com Newsroom COMIC atonna. // 9 S 1B-2B advertising@ow Classifieds 444-239 6 // SPORT DAR 6A Advertising 444-238 6A // CALEN

N By AL STRAI astrain@owaton


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Fall Home Guide 2012

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STAIRWELL: Perfect for displaying pictures From Page 16 of the walls. Another option is to apply a band of a different colour to divide the wall several feet from the ground, running parallel to the angle of the stairs. This will draw attention away from the height of the wall. The effect can be accentuated by replacing a traditional balustrade with stainless steel cables to create more transparency. The walls of a stairwell are perfect for displaying family photographs or paintings arranged in a staggered vertical pattern following the contour of the stairs. Ensure that the frames are visually pleasing when grouped together and add one or two wall lamps to illuminate them. In this way, each stair can become a place to stop and admire a picture. A carpet can also give new life to a worn staircase, and if the stairs are wide enough, decorative objects placed here and there can create points of interest.

PHOTO: david de lossy / THINKSTOCK

A stairwell offers some wonderful decorating opportunities.

Highlight your Style Carpet • Vinyl • Hardwood • Laminate • Tile • Bamboo • Cork • Window Treatments

223 North Cedar • Downtown Owatonna • 507.446.0069 • 888.725.0069

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Fall Home Guide 2012

For a smart home

Domotics, or home automation, is increasingly popular and includes such things as building techniques, IT, electronics, and telecommunications. Not only does it add to the comfort, energy efficiency, and security of a home but domotics also increases market value. Equipping a home with a domotics system requires the installation of a network of electrical cables linked to a central computer. Remote access to the system is possible with a telephone modem. A tactile screen or a digital tablet allows home owners to program the functioning of a wide variety of electrical appliances. Home automation features are much easier to integrate if the cabling and extra add-on junction boxes are installed when the residence is being built. Just having the basic functions installed at first helps home owners become familiar with the use of this system. There will always be the opportunity to add new options at a later date. The most common basic functions include integrating the lighting, heating, and security systems. For example, by activating the alarm

system, the heating system will switch to economical mode and the house lights will switch off. At a later date the integration of the video, telephone, communication, and computer systems could also be considered. A smart home can also include surveillance cameras that can be checked from a distance, mechanized blinds that will adjust automatically, depending on the time of day, and a home cinema synchronized with the sound system. Domotics also allows home owners to regulate everything of an electrical or electronic nature in the home, including preheating the oven, controlling a gas fireplace, or closing windows in case of rain.

Arrive home to the welcome of soft lighting, your favourite music, and a cozy fire.

PHOTO: brand x pictures / THINKSTOCK

Fall Clean Up DEALS! 10% OFF all accessories


(chain, oil, case, etc.) with a saw purchase.


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All saws are set-up and tested before they leave our store.

All customers receive a hands-on demonstration with every saw purchase.

Miner’s Outdoor & Rec

Hwy 218 South | Blooming Prairie | 507-583-2712 |


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Dress your window with a beaded curtain

PHOTO: brand x pictures / THINKSTOCK

Beaded curtains, which were all the rage during the 1970s, have recently caught the eye of trendsetters in interior decoration. They are a highly prized accessory for doors or even windows these days, due primarily to the magical look they create. Great in a living room or a child’s bedroom, they sparkle in the light and give an air of lightness to your home. The beads used in the manufacture of beaded curtains can be made of many different materials, including bamboo, acrylic, glass, and crystal. There are hundreds of designs and colour combinations available. Your choices are endless for creating a totally unique curtain.

See CURTAIN on Page 23 Use different materials, colours, and shapes to create an original look in a doorway or window.

Bridal Fair

Owatonna 2013

REGISTER NOW BOOTH SPACE IS LIMITED For Booth Information Please Call or Email Betty Frost 507.444.2389 or

Sunday, January 20, 2013

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Sponsored by:

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites I-35, Exit 45, Owatonna

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Fall Home Guide 2012

Rattan is making a comeback

With the return of natural materials and the trend towards indoor/outdoor furniture, rattan furniture no longer has to be relegated to the garden. Both natural and ecological, it can now be found in all the rooms of a home, sure proof of modern tastes. The rattan, from the Malay word rotan, is a vine-like palm native to Southeast Asia, with solid stems that are flexible and resistant. These qualities make it an ideal choice for weaving. Rattan is known for its lightness and sturdiness as well as its resistance to wood parasites. Rattan was extremely popular in the 1950s, when the pieces on show in gardens and verandas were elaborately worked and colourful. In the 1970s, however, colourful designs and synthetic materials relegated woven furniture to attics and basements. About three years ago, rattan started to make a comeback in new designer shapes and in the classic style. Adaptable to all styles of dĂŠcor, now rattan furniture is reappearing in bedrooms and living rooms in the form of tables, chairs, and armchairs. Elegant, sturdy, and low-maintenance, rattan also has the advantage of being available in a wide variety of colours, ranging from pastels to acid tones, which will help you realize your wildest decorating ideas. Rattan furniture can be found in the very latest styles, including gentle, romantic curves or the simple, straight lines of urban design. Rattan now works for indoor chic as well.

PHOTO: jupiterimages / THINKSTOCK

1040 24th Ave. NW • Owatonna, MN


Your Complete Source for High Quality Custom Cabinets & Countertops

Our Work Speaks For Itself! Quality Custom Cabinets • Designed Just For You!

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Organize your garage space Over the years, more and more stuff of all sizes and shapes gets piled into the garage because nobody knows where else to put it. The day of reckoning will come, however, when you realize there is no more room for the car! When the time comes to organize that space, here are a few tips to help you on your way. Start by grouping objects by category

and throwing away or recycling anything that is no longer useful. If you have a garden shed, decide if there are tools that can be stored there. Define purpose-zones by size, from the largest to the smallest: space for parking your vehicle, a working area, place to store tires, snow blower, lawnmower, bikes and other sporting accessories, as well as an area to store tools, gardening equipment, and jars of screws. Decide which type of storage system is best for each area. Wall mounted storage systems to which specially adapted supports can be attached, including very practical friction grips, allow many different items to be hung in clear view with easy access. See ORGANIZE on Page 23 These modular cabinets allow you to store many items out of sight.

Renting is a wise choice too!

3 bd apartments, Renting 1, is 2a & wise choice too! 1, 2 & 3 bd apartments, townhomes, duplexes & homes

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507-451-8524 507-451-8524

tdd 507-451-0704 tdd 507-451-0704 This institute is an equal opportunity housing provider.

This institute is an equal opportunity housing provider.

Fall Home Guide 2012

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ORGANIZE: Add labels to find things with eaze

needs change. Available in different finishes, colours, and dimensions, these modules allow you to store everything out of sight. They are stable and sturdy and come equipped with adjustable shelves and drawers that can support heavy loads. You can add metallic baskets, plastic trays, and compartments and have free standing cabinets or ones fixed to the wall. Plan to add labels so you can find everything with ease.

From Page 22

Some PVC interlocking wall systems with integrated storage can be easily installed on wall beams or on plasterboard. They are sturdy and non-flammable as well as being resistant to shocks, water, humidity, mold, and rot. You could also opt for compact modular cabinets that can be added to as your

CURTAIN: Creating your beaded curtain the strings of beads onto the curtain rod, mark the position of each string on the rod then drill holes with a bit and knot the end through the hole. Hammer two long nails decorated with several beads of different shapes into each end of the rod and affix above a doorway or window. Another idea for using beads is to sew some onto the hem of a light, transparent fabric curtain.

From Page 19 Start by measuring your door or window in order to calculate the exact number of bead strings you’ll need. Then measure the height from the curtain rod to the ground and, using some sharp pliers, cut pieces of small-gauge metal wire to the desired lengths. String the beads, following a predetermined order or at random, and finish each row with a crimp bead. To fix

Better water solutions for your entire home Service  Sales  Rentals •

Residential water softeners and filters. Complete drinking water systems.

Eliminates odor, rust stains, corrosion, soap residue.

Commercial/Industrial water treatment. • • •

Salt delivery routes.

Bottled water delivery.

Expert, prompt Culligan® service.


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Fall Home Guide  

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