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Winter Newsletter 2013 Volume 19, Number 4



The Beauty of OVLC’s Winter Restoration Work at the Ventura River Preserve



Ojai Valley Land Conservancy P.O. Box 1092 • Ojai, CA 93024 370 W. Baldwin Rd. A-4 Tel. 805.649.6852 • Fax 649.8913 •

Board of Directors

Don Reed, President Sandy Buechley, Vice President Cricket Twichell, Secretary Nathan Wallace, Treasurer Mary Bergen Roger Essick Brian Holly Ann Oppenheimer

Sandy Buechley Margot Griswold Allan Jacobs Barbara Washburn


Greg Gamble, Executive Director Nick Auringer, Restoration Technician Rick Bisaccia, Preserve Manager Todd Bertola, Restoration Technician Darcy Gamble, Marketing & Membership Marti Reid, Office Manager Ron Singer, Nursery Manager Brian Stark, Conservation Director Lorraine Walter, Watershed Coordinator Lauren Ward, Restoration Technician

“The Ojai” by OVLC Member and Ojai Native Peter Larramendy The green is more vibrant now. Spring came with the Orioles. One just landed in the Valencia Tree, they are companions once they meet with spring. The forest of tangerines Give the air a luscious taste in my mouth. I savor and handle it with care. Giving each cheek a feel of the taste wtice, before releasing it back into the valley. The meadow is a marsh now. Cattail Reeds grow like fingernails, while Red-Winged Blackbirds sally from tail to rail taunting for terriroty. I was there today, walking in water, had thigh waders on. There was a hole in them water filled the bottom of the boots made squishy Like the mud below.

by Les Dublin

I constructed a home in the middle of the marsh, for tree swallows to enjoy an island house. There were moments that I’ll never forget in the meadow. When I was a boy I plated amoung Tall eucalyptus and oaks who sat and watched me gambol and play hide and seek with my basset hound Chip. During the year, the grass was usually dry. But the marsh I helpted to restor is back to what it was. I’m glad the meadow is a marsh now.

News About People The New Year Brings Changes to OVLC’s Board of Directors The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy wishes to thank the following Directors who left the Board at the end of 2012: Cari Guerrero, Deborah Whorf, and Stefanie Coeler. The new executive officers are Don Reed, President, Sandy Buechley Vice-President, Nathan Wallace, Treasurer and Cricket Twichell as Secretary. We appreciate these Board members stepping forward to take on additional responsibilites especially during these exciting times.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who partici-

pated in the supremely successful planting day at the Old Baldwin Trailhead in December. Over 250 shrubs, trees and grasses were installed and bags of native wildflower seed were spread. Cheers to Barbara, Jim, Ted, Pearl, Sarah, James, Riley, John, Emily and Brian for being so generous with their time. Please contact Ron Singer at to be part of the next nursery planting project in February.

Thank you OVLC friends for your contributions! based on cumulative giving from October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012

Welcome OVLC’s newest restoration techni-

cian Nick Auringer. Nick comes to OVLC with experience and passion. He previosly worked for the California Conservation Corps (CCC). His strong work ethic was first introduced to the OVLC Preserve Manager when Nick was working on a trail erosion project at the Ventura River Preserve while a CCC member. 2

MEMBERS $35+ Robert & Carole Adams Becky Adams, Earle Okamura & Claire Sowa Michael Allen Heidi Anderson Nita Whaley & Arne Anderson Brenda Andosz Tia Andrews John Azevedo Russ & Pat Baggerly Deena-Jane Barnett Wayne Battleson Elizabeth A. Bauer Karen & Gary Bednorz Gene Beery Anne & Brian Bemel Steve Bennett & Leslie Ann Ogden Craig Bensen Bryan & Peggy Bernard Dan & Joanna Berry Sharon Best Barry Betlock & Chris Bjornstedt Dave & Tracy Bettles Andy & Sharon Bisaccia Lerie Bjornstedt Cecily Blake Dawn Blauer

Mel & Andi Bloom Tony Bohnett Bobbie & Bob Boschan Tom Bostrom Zoerita & Clark Bowers John & Kathy Broesamle Eleanor Brown Anne Brown & David Brown Ulrich Brugger Joanne Bury Fred & Judy Bysshe Mike & Joanne Caldwell Doug & Leanne Campbell Vera Carbaugh & Judy Duff Cars 4 Causes Stephen M Carter Terry & Hilary Ridgway Chaffee Norene Charnofsky Joyce Chell Jim Churchill & Lisa Brenneis Martha Churchyard Sara Cloud Carol Cohen Ed & Diane Colby Courtney Cole Linda Compat Karen Courington & Dan Lukasiewicz Herb & Amber Courtney

Alasdair Coyne Gary & Mackay Crampton Laura Crary Ken Crosby Tom & Dorothy Crossman Sue Crowe Liz Currie & Allen Bertke Don & Colleen Cutler Sean & Deirdre Daly Robert & Dominique Daniels Crystal Davis & Brad Meiners Mary Jo Davy Evelyn & Bain Dayman Marion McIsaac (deceased) Joseph Delatre Dick & Kris DeVillers Frederick Dewey Roger & Susan Dickens Tom Dicky Jon Dieges Richard & Patricia Clark Doerner Susan Draffan & David Buehrens Boyd & Karin Dron Linda & Hugo Ekback Carrie Eller & Jimmy Harvey Janis Emhardt Andrew & Sharon Engel Nancy Escher

Conservation Success in 2012

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy also successfully completed its fundraising for the Steelhead Preserve Education & Conservation Center. We are projecting that we will ultimately receive $400,000 to $500,000. The funds beyond the $250,000 campaign goal will enable OVLC to improve the educational facilities and offerings for the community and allow execution of the full vision for the preserve. The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy had a solid year financially in FY2012. Direct public support for the Steelhead Preserve Education & Conservation Center, the bridge in the Ojai Meadows Preserve, and for general operations was very strong. Restricted funds newly arriving in FY2012 and being transferred in from restricted accounts supported robust habitat restoration projects on the Ojai Meadows Preserve and at Rice Creek on the Ventura River Preserve. With regard to uses of funds, 85% of expenditures were for mission related projects and programs, with the balance to fundraising, general and administrative expenses.

OVLC Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2012 Financials (10/1/11 to 9/30/12) SOURCES Direct public support Restricted grants & contracts Investment & other income Transfers in restricted funds Sources Subtotal = USES Mission services General & administrative Fundraising Uses Subtotal = NET PROFIT =

$268,703 $367,453 $62,923 $149,656 $848,735 $688,564 $67,434 $54,882 $810,880 $37,855

...Continued from previous page Garold & Joyce Faber Franceen Fallett Mike & Lynnette Fellin Dick & Kay Felton Milan & Sandra Fiala Maudette & Frank Finck Frances Fitting Martin Fletcher Shirlene Folk Robert Foote Ernie & Carly Ford Mark Fox Don & Gwen Fraser Joel & Katie Frazier Donna Freiermuth John R. & Joan Fullerton Andy Furillo Carol Garramone

Liz Gladstone Andrea Gleysteen Elisa Taylor - Godwin Liz & Mike Gourley Carl Greenfield Letitia A Grimes Cari Guerrero Ernie & Laura Gulovsen Carol Wade & Bill Hak Stan & Mary Hakes Jim & Robyn Halverson Jane Handel John & Maureen Hannah Cindy Hansen Dale Hanson Irshad Ul & Linda G. Haque Dennis Harper

Karen & Craig Harris Sister Frances Mary Hart Michael & Stacy Havstad Jeff & Katie Haydon Gretchen & Tim Heine Kathleen Hellwitz Ed & Rocelle Henke Caroline Herziger Karen Hesli Laszlo Engelman & MaryAnn Hill Mary Hotz Hogen Roy Hooper Sabine Hoppner Perry Van Houten Pamela J Huckins Renate & Robert Hume Willa Irwin

Stephen & Denise James Lorene Rose Jarvis Jim & Marcia Jeffery Jena Jenkins Marvin & Anne Johnson Betty & Rebecca Jones Judy Benjamin & Eric De Jong Pat Jump Lynne Kada Paula Kahn Lanny & Rondia Kaufer Diana Kelly Nancy Kochevar & Michael Lurie Mike & Nancy Krumpschmidt Dan Kurilchyk

Bonnie LaForge John, Reese, & Brianna Lamar Judith Laurentowski Kathryn Lawrence Catherine Lee Lou Adams & BJ Legan-Adams Paul Lepiane Eric & Wendy Lockwood John & Margaret Logan Claudia & Drew Lurie Lynda Macklin Judy Macy Vickie & Dave Mahan Janet Mahon Steve & Mindy Maloon Ted & Pearl Malos

Keith & Kathleen Manion Julie & Bo Manson Margo A Haas Ruthie Marks & Roger Conrad Trevor & Monica Marshall Rhoda Martin Virginia & Lowell Martinson Jerry Maryniuk & Diane Bertoy Richard & Toni Matthews Deven May Joyce McCarthy Christine Brennan & Jim McCarthy Thomas & Kathleen McGowan


OVLC Annual Report

Tara McIsaac Alex McKeown Lisa & Robert Meeker John D Patterson & Jack Mesbit Cookie & Bill Miley Joy Mills Judy Mize Alan Monteath Cathy Moon Katie Fagan & Frank Morales Jim & Susan Moreland Shaun Mueller Ruth Miller Maria Elena Nava Riley & Valarie Neel Donn Gladstone & Kelly Newman Kenneth Niessen & Susan Guy Marilyn Clay Noad Kathy Nolan Judy Oberlander Ojai Valley Optometric Group Steve Olsen William H. Painter, Jr. Maria & Jon Parisen Tania Al-Awar & Tobias Parker Kara Partridge Ralston Claire Paulson John & Fran Pavelko Deborah & Wayne Pendrey Sara Persson Alan & Jan Peter Jennifer Phelps & Richard Niles Lynne & Phil Pierpont Linda & Landis Potter Patrick Praetorius Citrus Glen Elementary David & Maureen Quackenbush Tom Rambo Sylvia & Shlomo Raz Lucy & Peter Read Maruja Real Douglas Reed Kay Renius Kathleen Richards Rhonda Richey Tom & Vickie Robertson Ross & Heidi Robins Paul & Kathleen Rogers Bill Hessell & Dawn Rosalind Judy Ross Randall & Renee Roth Kate Russell Dr. Karen Sama Hazan Samaniego Joan Samara Don & Carrie Sanders Joyce Sattler Ruth Sayre Adele & Douglas Schmalenberger Paula Scott Gwen Bell & Alex Seizew Michael Shapiro &


Louise Sandhaus John & Joan Sherfey Peter Shore Daniel Silver, M.D. Linda & Charles Simon Pegi Skoff Rodney & Jean Smith Alex Smith & Mike Van Stry William & Lisa Snider Barbara Sorem-Hughlett Suzanne Soule Daniel Moses & Charlene Spretnak Monica & David Stanley Brian & Amy Stark Dennis & Catherine Stern Tony Sturgeon Torre Taggart Kenyon Taylor Anna Thomas Emily Thomas Mary Thompson & Don Higgins Carolee Tibbitts Debbie Timbrook Donna Timlin James & Barbara Tipton Nilufer J. Torun Rosie & Barney Tower Jeanette Gardner & Jim Townley Sally & James True Donna Turner Kay & Whit Ulrich Bob Unruhe Susan Van Abel Wendy Varian & Richard Bradley Villa Park Orchards Association Nancy Voyer Teresa Wadlington Stephen & Judy Walker Ruth Walker Dorothy Wallstein Sara Wellhausen Sid & Ann White Marilyn K Whitford Cheryl & Monte Widders Ali S. Widmar Catherine Wilcox Jeff & Barbara Wilhelm Merrill Williams Ronald & Charlotte Williams Tex & Barbara Williams Bill & Sue Wilmer Todd Wilson Greg & Mary Wood Peggy & Dennis Wood Margaret Wright George Wymer Loretta Robertson & Darrell Ziegler Dudley & Maureen Zoll Joseph & Sharon Zorskie Alan & Pamela Zusman Sheila Zutavern SUSTAINING MEMBERS $100+ Lincoln & Sheila Anderson Jean & Robert Angle Everard & Brook Ashworth

Ross & Patty Atkinson Dorthea Atwater & Peter Hay Bill Brothers & Susie Ault Robert Auric & Anna Jacobs Auric Tony & Emily Ayala John Battel Larry Beatty & Sultana Parvanta Briana & Steve Beebe Rick & Robin Beers Shed & June Behar Tom & Nanette Benbrook Dario & Linda Benedetti Will Reed & Nicola Bennett Geary S Bensen Gabriele Blackburn Eric Dilks & Garret Boehm Caryn & Charlie Bosson Leslie & Bruce Bouche David & Heide Boyden Michael & Heidi Bradbury Raymond Bransfield Priscilla L Brennan Rene Briggs Lynn Brookhouser Gene & Dianne Bullard Marqui Bury Peter & Marilyn Cambier Heather Shoup & James Caulkins Fred Chase & Martha Moran Betsy & Aaron Clapp Vicky Clarke & Jack Scranton Kristen & Gordon Clawson Austin & Sharon Cline John & Harriet Clise Sheila & Donald Cluff Kenneth & Sarah Cluff Dave & Beth Cohen Nellie & Chris Cohen Sid Cohn Bert Collins Tom & Becky Collins Otis Bradley Company Jo O’Connell & Byron Cox Charles Crofoot Michael Crooke & Amy Dozier Sunny Cross Duane Dammeyer & Marty Bonvechio James Capito & Terri Davis Carol Day Paul Dentzel Lanyard, Mary & Hannah Dial Cathy Diorio Sally & David Disco Martha Dowden Larry Smith & Dorothy Dron-Smith

Christine Drucker Doug Adrianson & Chris Elder Elaine Enns & Ched Myers Ruth Farnham Dr. Fred M. & Shirle Fauvre Emily Fay Lloyd & Katie Fellows Dawnita Fendley Jeff & Theresa Ferguson Philip Fickling Jim & Kris Finch Michael & Linda Foley Jill Forman & David Young Dr. William & Sandy Fox Gail Furillo Primavera Gallery Greg & Darcy Gamble David & Cindy Garber Robin Gerber William Girvetz Anthony & Kathan Glassman Richard & Joan Glenn Joline Godfrey Christine Golden Helene Gordon & Bill Blackburn Jurgen & Gerry Gramckow Rod & Joyce Greene Charley Griswold & Betsy Bland Drs. Dial, Halverson, & Gross Jo-Anne & Harold Guy Louisa Hagen & Terry Thompson John N. Hall Rae Hanstad Pat & Larry Hartmann Janice & Rob Hastie Donald Hauser Angela Heald Greg & Penny Herring Bruce & Virginia Hibberd Dr. Richard Hiltner Dr. Tony & Barbara Hirsch Juleby & Paola Hirsch Gary & Dorothy Hitch Jerome & Kerry Holden Rikki Horne David Hurwith Allan & Janet Jacobs Diane Jaffe Michael J. Jauregui & Susan Olson Karen & Josiah Jenkins Scott & Jeri Johnson Carl & Jo Ann Johnston Katherine Johnston Glenda & Darrell Jones Beth & Wim Jonker Brett & Denise Kantrowitz Jerry & Anne Kaplan John & Maggie Kaufman Richard & Carole Keller Tim Kenney Jere Kersnar & Cheryl Smith Jan & Marc Key

Ray King & Kale Starbird Dmitri Siegel & Woodwyn Koons Bruce & Patricia Kuebler Tod Kuhn John Kuney & Christy Sebastian Ed & Barbara Kutchma Judy Morningstar & Alberto Kywi Mike & Kelly Laber Courtney & Walter Lamb James Joseph & Norma Lamb Jonathan & Linda Lambert Lynda Lang James & Gabriele Lashly Muriel Lavender Mary Leibman George & Anne Leis Linda L. Maigret John & Jo Ann Liput David & Lisa Luckenbach Lyn & Don Luxmore Dr. Ian & Ginny MacLean Elizabeth Martin Dana L Mathews Wally, Mary Jane & Rob McCall Walter & Franna McClelland Mary McConnel Warren McConnell Thomas & Janice McCormick Craig & Mary McDonald Julie & Patrick McPherson Michael & Susie Mears George & Peggy Melton Jerry & Char Michaels Stephanie & Don Midgett Charles W. Millard, III Paul & Helen Miller Steve & Elaine Miller Ira Minor Phil Moncharsh Jim & Susan Moody Bill & Maggie Mors John & Andrea Nelson Kenley Neufeld & Leslie Davis Steve Nicolaides & Caroline Thompson Stuart & Mary Niebel Bruce & Linda Nofrey Sonia Nordenson Angela & Anthony Ocone Michael & Kathy Ogden Jeff & Elisabeth Otterbein Nancy Pepper Bob & Kim Perron Gail & Erick Peterson Carol Peterson & Curt Mossestad Marty & Barbara Pops

Paula Power Barry & Donna Rabe Alice Ragland Kelly & Rena Randall Don & Sue Reed Thomas & Erin Rendulic Anonymous Susan Rice & Larry Wenner Rick & Jennifer Ridgeway Scott Ripple Donald Rodrigues Lee & Katherine Rosenboom Stefanie & Myron Roth Martha Saxe Don & Ann Scanlin Amy & Sara Schneider Teddy & Dick Schneider Ingo & Leslie Schreiber Lynn Schwirtz Lynda Scott & John Marshall Sespe Farm Management Rowe & Molly Burgett Tim & Lucinda Setnicka Harry Sims Howard & Edie Smith William Spellman, DDS Bruce & Julie Tumamait-Stenslie Allison Stillman & Michael Reidinger Al Stroberg & Betsy Patterson Aryna Swope & Phil Caruthers Marcia & Dick Sykes Bob Tallyn & Betsy Bachman Linda Taylor John & Caroline Thacher Karen & Woody Traudt David & Mary Trudeau Mike & Marsha Vaughan Dr. Eve Venturi Jakob & Marianne Vos Bill & Marcia Wakelee Lorraine Walter Marvin Werber & Barbara Thornburg Allan & Joyce West J.B. & Elizabeth White Blake & Susanne Wilson Terry & Cindy Wright Brian & Chris Zeiner Libby & Aaron Zweig DONOR MEMBERS $250+ Ojai Valley Historical Society & Museum Peter Noone Eleanor Nye Steve Offerman Juergen & Vera Pahl John & Christine Prideaux Marti & Dan Reid Joan Roberts Fred & Ila Rothenberg Margaret Berry & Mark Silbernagel Charley & Sandy Sledd

Jean Colonomos Lisa Smith John Davis & Ron Stark Lorraine Brown Hank & Susan Stoutz Connie Eaton & Erik Beukenkamp & William Hart Magui Suñer Nancy & Lars Eldblom Tony & Anne Thacher Karen & Bill Evenden Helene & John Vachet Michael & The Vondriska Family Anthonie & Dorothy Voogd Hannelore Gresser Roger & Kathryn Wachtell David & Sally Hackel Joan Kemper Tom & Esther Wachtell Thomas & Christine & Bud White Barbara Malley Robert & Katy Zappala Anne & Mike Morris Douglas & Angela Parker BENEFACTOR $500+ Ronald & Linda Phillips Randy Banchik & Jannell Greene-Banchik Alan & Jan Rains Ernest & Julie Rischar Kate & Gary Barnhart Larry Rose & Jan & Mary Blakslee Ed & Michelle Buchman Lisa Larramendy Val Schorre Kay & Jack Chatowski Jane & Richard Weirick Chevron Anne & Garrett Clifford Huora L. Williams James & Dorothy Combs PRESIDENT’S Robert & Liz Dautch Dutch & Carrol Atchley - CIRCLE $2,000+ Carol Bishop Ojai Rexall Drugs Dan & Victoria Breen Fred & Dana Fleet Sandy Buechley Donna Deitch BankyBettina Chandler LaRocque Foundation Yvon & Malinda Maggie Garrett Chouinard Patsy & Harold Glenn Jesse & Trina Grantham Deposits Roger & Pat Essick Andrew & Judith Robert J. Geres Gustafson Wyatt & Claudia Harris Maj & Larry Hagman Nancy & Bill Hammond Jerry Jones - So Hum Foundation Gay & Kathlyn Jim Malone Hendricks Stuart Meiklejohn & Louise Heydt MaryAnn O’Connor Winifred W. Hirsch Rotary Club of Ojai Gerben & Jill Hoeksma Scott & Betsy Smith Mrs. Dorothy Loebl Wanda Martin - Heritage Deric & Barbara Washburn Financial Oliver Wilson & Karen Palm & Kaarina Tienhaara Michael McLenaghan Thomas & Nancy Michali Ginger Wilson Jane & Steve Murray HERITAGE DONORS Kurt Neher $5,000+ Geraldine & George E. Berg & Nancy Peterson Gail Topping John & Peggy Russell Bruce & Marilyn Wallace Alan & Carol Saltzman Sherril & Jeffrey Scharf Foundation Michael Newkirk & Andrew Snett Dana & Lindsey Thomas Olivia Garfield Terry & Cricket Twichell Hawks & Associates Peter & Jillian Muller Arthur & Judy Vander (Dancing Tides FoundaFRIENDS OF THE OJAI tion) Ann & Harry VALLEY $1,000+ Oppenheimer Ren & Victoria Adam Patagonia Ojai Valley Directory Catherine SchmidTucker & Phil Adams Maybach Lucila E Arango & Jill & Bill Shanbrom Sandy Fee

Susan Bee LIFETIME MEMBERS Mary Bergen Jerry & Linda Bruckheimer Former giving level David Mason Susan & Peter Cheney Vivienne Moody Willi & Stefanie Coeler

Education and Events


Wild about Ojai events are free for members, $10 for non-members and are held at the OVLC office unless otherwise noted. Reservations are required for all Wild about Ojai events. For more information or to make a reservation contact Marti Reid at 649-6852 ext.2 or

Thank You OVLC Business Sponsors

February 9- Wild about Ojai 10AM to 12PM, The Arctic Ecosystem, by Tom Rambo PhD, UC Davis


March 9- Wild about Ojai 10AM to 12PM, Introduction to Wildlife Tracking with Christine Danko and the Channel Islands Tracking Club - Old Baldwin Road Trailhead March 9- New Member Mixer 2PM to 4PM, mix & mingle April 6- Wild about Ojai 9AM to 12PM, Preserve Manager Hike and Picnic on Ilvento Preserve, led by OVLC’s Rick Bisaccia April 20- Earth Day Celebration 10AM to 4PM, Earth Day celebration at Oak Grove School, free May 4- Wild about Ojai 10AM to 12PM, Healing Our River: An Update, by Watershed Coordinator Lorraine Walter May 11, 18 & 25 -Springtime Bird Tours and Wildflower Walks 8:30AM to 10:30AM August 3 - Wild about Ojai 10AM to 12PM, Leapin’ Lizards and other cold bloodeds by herpetologist Dr. Lawrence Hunt September 14- OVLC Annual Celebration, details TBD October 12 – Wild about Ojai 10AM to12PM, Intro to Orienteering with OVLC Conservation Director Brian Stark November 3- Wild about Ojai 6PM to 9PM, Astronomy: Ojai’s Incredible Night Skies with Professor Hal Jandor December 7- Wild about Ojai 8:30AM-10:30AM, Winter Migration Bird Walk at Ojai Meadows Preserve


OJAI MEADOWS LEVEL Old Creek Ranch Winery Rabobank SAN ANTONIO LEVEL Channel Islands Sportfishing Euterpe Farms Law Office of Thomas E. Malley Oso Ranch Ojai Valley Inn & Spa Ojai Community Bank Riverview Ranch Shanbrom, Casey and Assoc. Vintage Production California SULPHUR MOUNTAIN LEVEL Barnhart & Barnhart Insurance Heritage Financial Index Fresh Meiners Oaks Hardware New Oak Ranch Ojai Rexall Drugs The Oaks at Ojai Rains Waite, Jacobs & Atkinson (Attorneys at Law) Wildland Fire Specialists, LLC IN-KIND SPONSORS bitVision New Belgium Brewing Co. Frameworks of Ojai Ojai Phone Book Ojai Valley Directory Ojai Valley Lions Club Ojai Valley News Silver Sewer & Drain Plumbing Service


Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 351 Ojai, CA PO Box 1092 Ojai, CA 93024 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

The Cassin's Kingbird is common in spring, summer and fall, but not in winter. Photo by Robert McMorran. A bird checklist for the Ojai Meadows Preserve in online at: http://www.ovlc. org/?attachment_id=2720

Special Acknowledgements 9.29.12 to 1.15.13

There Is A New Club In Town!

OVLC’s office at the HELP of Ojai’s Baldwin Road campus has a next-door neighbor - the Rotary EcoClub of the Ventura River Watershed. Cofounders and steering committee members Jane McClenahan and Stephanie Midgett call this “a new kind of Rotary” which focuses on environmental service projects in an area extending from the mountains to the Channel Islands. The club encourages personal participation by service-minded people. Club members have been good neighbors to OVLC, volunteering in the Adopt-A-Meadow Project on the Ojai Meadow Preserve. The EcoClub is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Ojai West, which has a floating classroom project at Lake Casitas. The new EcoClub provides docent training for the floating classroom’s environmental education programs for children. The club’s members will also be working with Ojai Trees

to maintain and care for newly planted oaks in Libbey Park, and the club has signed on to organize an Ojai Valley site as part of 2013’s California Coastal Cleanup. Other Lake Casitas environmental projects are being developed. Mid-morning meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays each month and feature speakers and project planning sessions. The club is eager to grow in 2013 and anyone interested in environmental service and watershed protection is welcome to attend a meeting to learn more about the club. A special orientation meeting for new and prospective members will set sail on Rotary’s floating classroom at Lake Casitas on February 28th. For information, contact Judith Gustafson, at or (805) 6463692.

Jane Handel gave a membership to Ramona Handel-Bajema Maruja Real gave a gift in memory of Frank Real. Boyd & Karin Dron

In honor of

Dorothy Rail

Maria Elena Nava

In honor of

Lorenz Challer

New Members Gianna M Cagliano Stephen & Sheila Cox Kenneth & Louanne Fay Halina Garbacz Laurel Haas Jeanne Kalogridis Jim Kentosh Jackie Lanum Bob & Patty McFall Kristopher Moller Karen & Ray Morse James & Carlito Paul Brossy Reina

Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks In honor of Lucy Hendricks Lynn Schwirtz In honor of Michael Reidinger & Allee Stillman Lucy & Peter Read In honor of Oliver T. Wilson and Kaarina Tienhaara Larry Rose & Lisa Larramendy In honor of Peter Larramendy

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