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Page 1: Senior Year Table of Contents Page 2: Resume Page 3: Essay Cover Page 4: Personal Essay Page 5: Reflection on Work Essay Page 6: Staff Essay Page 7: Memories Essay Page 8: Clips Cover Page 9: Clips: Front Endsheet Page 10: Clips: Back Endsheet Page 11: Clips: Title Page Page 12: Clips: Last Page Page 13: Pg. 186-187 Page 14: Clips: Megan Handler Photography Page 15: DCF Transcript



EXPERIENCE/SKILLS MEGAN' S PET/BABYSI TTI NG SERVICES | 2 01 2 - PRESENT F ol low s c he dul es Mai nt ai n s af et y proc edur es CPR/ F i rs t Ai d Cer t i f i ed OVI EDI AN YEARBOOK EDI TOR- N- CHI EF AWARD WI NNI NG PUBLI CATION | 2 014 -2 01 8


Wr i te c apt i on s an d copy Uti li z ed Adobe CS6 t o c r ea t e s prea ds Ti me Ma na gemen t t o me et deadli nes   Commun i c at ed t o publ i c t o s el l ove r $900 i n s e ni or ads  Le ad an d As s i s t a s ta f f of 4 5 me mbe rs  

OBJECTIVE I wan t t o a tt en d SSC for t wo y ea r s to wor k f or my AS de gre e . Af terwa r ds , I wan t t o go t o s c h ool f or my ba c h e lors de gr ee i n Publ i c Hea lt h , an d fi n a ll y I wa n t t o a t t en d Nov a Southe as te rn Un iv er s it y t o e n rol l i n t here Ph y si c ian s As s i s ta n t progr am. I wa n t t o be a Pe dia t ri c PA.

MEGAN HANDLER PHOTOGRAPHY | 2 01 6- PRESENT Edi t Images th r ough Adobe Phot osh op CS6/CC Con s ult wi th c li en ts t o a c hi ev e pr of e ss i on al phot os Uti li z e a v a r i et y of ph otogra phy e qui pmen t  O2 B KI DS! PL AY LEADER, AF TER SCHOOL/CAMP COUNSELOR, PROGRAM CAL ENDER TEACHER, PARTY HOSTI ST           |2 017 - PRESENT  F ol low s c he dul es t o e st a bl i s h rout i nes f or t he k ids  Mai nt ai n s af et y a n d f ood ha n dl in g pr oc edur e s  Cr e at e en gagi ng les s on pl a ns f or a mul t it ude of cl ass es

REFERENCES Al i ci a Pope/ Ov i edi a n Yea r book Adv i s or -Al i ci a_Pope@sc ps .k 1 2. f l .us -4 07- 3 2 0- 4 202

Compl et i on of 4 0 hour DCF Tra i ni n g Commun i c at e wi th pa r en t s t o cr eat e me mora bl e pa r ti es


-601 Ki n g Str eet        

GPA: 4 .0

Ovi edo, F L 3 2 7 65

Dua l En r oll men t Pr ogr am ( F a l l 2 01 7- Spri ng 2 01 8),

Wa nda Pa dro/

c omple t ed:ENC 1 1 01 , ENC 1 102

Phot ogr aphy Cl i ent

Rec e i v ed an Ac a demi c Sc h ola rs hi p and a Dua l

-wa nda. sa n t ia go@gma il .c om

En r ol l me nt Sc hol ar s hi p

-407 - 72 1 -62 15 -1 01 3 Pon d Appl e Court

OVI EDO HI GH SCHOOL |   2 01 4 - 2 01 8

Ovi edo, Fl 3 2 7 65

GPA: 34.0 .9

Deni s e Ma z ol /

Ovi edi an Yea r book Edi t or - n- Chi e f

Ba by s i t ti ng Cl ie nt

Ph ot ogr aph y

-c mk089 07 @gma il . c om

Ame r i c an Si gn La n gua ge 3 st ude nt

-5 61 -660-2 7 76

Honor s /AP/Dual En rol l ment cl as s es s uc h as AP Human

-2 61 Ac a demy Pl ac e

Geogra ph y a nd AP US Hi s tor y, Hon ors Ca lc ulus , Honors

Ov i edo, F L 3 2 765

Gov e r nment an d ENC 11 01




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ES SA YS Pe em

Sta ff, M

or ies



It’s so hard for me to say that my four years on the Oviedian Yearbook Staff is coming to an end, but it is. Confidently, I can say, the staff will be left in good hands though. I have seen so much progress in my skills as not only a journalist, but also, a leader. The 81th edition of the Oviedian Yearbook really was a great one for all the staff members. For me, all of my Journalism, Design and Leadership skills grew. When producing this publication, my InDesign’s skills grew. I was able to produce many of the themes carrying components with these skills. This year my photography skills have also improved tremendously. I still practice photography and editing as I have my own amateur photography business. I have had the privilege to take and edit some of the photos shown in this year’s edition, as well as many potraits for local familes. Also, my communication skills have gotten stronger because I have had to interview and contact parents to sell senior ads. During my last year on yearbook, I actually earned a spot as one of the Editors-n-chiefs. The was an honor, I was so proud of. I knew I deserved it because just as a person, I had and proved to have the leadership skills. The challenges I faced this past year were barely an issue for me. I felt like I constantly needed to prove myself because I was never sure if people really wanted me as on of the editors in the first place. I knew I deserved it, but the other two were amazing and not to mention good friends, and I always compared myself. I never wanted to sit on the back wall because I knew as a staff member, I hated when the editors would do that. It would make me feel like I couldn’t ask them questions. I wasn’t either ones friend really, and I never wanted to sit with them and solidify this separation between staff and editors, so I kinda felt left out. It wasn’t issue because it just pushed me to be my best. I built a relationship with everyone, I attended all three camps or conventions, and I always stayed after school if a section needed to so they would have help, and I attended every single worknight. As I said last year, one personality trait and or skill I have that works really well in Yearbook is my ability to communicate. It is so important to communicate with people in yearbook because you have to make a book representing the whole school and if you don’t communicate, you really don’t cover everything. Also on staff, because I communicated with the staff so well, everyone espically the new people felt really comfortable talking to me and asking questions, and for that, I am really proud of myself. Even when the book get complaints, I am still so proud of all the hard work put in by all the members. I have put everything I have into this book and that is why I feel I have been an asset to this year’s staff. I attend every single work night. I took photos in classes other than yearbook. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I loved what I did, and I love the end product. I will miss this class dearly.




As one of the Editors, my leadership and designing and overall journalism skill grew so much. In light of being named editor, an overwhelming sense of positivity and encouragement. I designed a lot of the major theme components for the book and I am so proud. I don't have a favorite because I love of the title page, last page and endsheets so much.I truly wish I was more apart of the writing process, but that opportunity was more or less taken from me. I just know that I can confidently say that I was probably the most personal editor. I have great respect for the other editors, but unfortunately, they did get sucked into that editor mode that made the staff members feel like they were unapproachable. I took the time. I took the time to learn about everyone as an individual and not a helper. We established in the beginning of the year that each editor would be responsible for a number of sections, but I never put up a wall. I made myself approachable and everyone came to me. They would tell me that they were scared to ask their assigned editor, so they wanted to ask me. I am not writing this to toot my own horn, but to simply show my progress. I made myself approachable, I reached my goal! I loved doing the designing things because they just looked so good! They were the first things experts saw at camp and were like that's good! That made me feel good! The hard part was definitely the photos because it was the first things people would see, so the photos needed to be amazing! To create any spread, a lot of inspiration in magazines is needed. It is so important to have current module ideas so that the yearbook stays modern. We usually find some design ideas and then try to recreate it. We then have to find photos to use that fit our topic. We then have to find photos to use that fit our topic.




I say this every year, and for the final time, I can wholeheartedly say: Yearbook is all teamwork. Yearbook has meant the world to me the past four 4 years, and I couldn’t be more proud to be one of the Editors-n- chiefs of this staff. To ask 45 people to carry out a vision while expanding on it to make it come together is something remarkable. I did everything in my power to show these members how appreciative I was and how I recognized them as the superstars they were! I couldn’t have asked for a better, more dedicated staff. People at times probably hated me for being so anal about little things, but it’s because I knew if any staff could do it, it would be ours. I always reached out to the class for ideas. I wanted them to know they were apart of this process as much as I was. I might have not been in a section per say, but all year, I never sat in the back editor wall. My goal was to break that stereotype and I did it! I literally would take a laptop and sit right by the door, so as soon as anyone needed me, I would be there. It's hard from being in a section, one with the staff, to being one in charge of the staff. People looked at me different because of my title, but I wanted them to know that I knew about each and everyone of them and I cared! I pushed them to achieve and they showed great results! I think that even if I didn’t have any real conflicts this year in staff, Yearbook will always pose as a good example for what comes in the futures. Just like in Yearbook, In the future, you have to balance work and life. If a future staff member should read this, just breathe. It’s a lot to take in to have to work with someone you may not know or you may not like, but all in all, everyone is here to make a Yearbook. At the end of the year, when you hold the freshly printed book in your hand, all the hours of hard work, all the laughs, tears and smiles become worth because you did it! The only thing that needs to be fixed is that there needs to be more group bonding activities throughout the year and not just the beginning of the year because, it broke my heart to know that even though, I knew who everyone was and learned about them, they didn’t know about each other!




Yearbook has been and probably will be my favorite class I have taken in high school. I said this last year, and I will say it again. The Yearbook staff is a family to me. It’s my sport! There is no other way to put it. We all love each other and work so hard to create something bigger than ourselves. This year, I was able to test my leadership abilities while making great friends. I have so many amazing memories in this class that I will cherish forever. This year my favorite memories was seeing all of these staff members make such progress. There’s Faris Uddin, Shannon Chapman, Michelle Vernikos, Mia Dahm, Kiley Nash, Elizabeth McDonald, Jasmin Martinez, Sydney Fruwith, Ashley Mueller and so many more!!! I have watched these amazing people go from looking like they don’t know what they signed up for in the beginning of their freshman year to running the place. I have seen these people just kill it! Like I am probably most proud of easily Mia, Kiley and Elizabeth because they were amazing! As sophomores, they were given big responsibilities and they did it! Elizabeth may have had me fear my life at points when I’d give her corrections but I loved it! They make me feel like I had an impact in yearbook because I know that my class taught them what they know! When Mia tells me that she owes all of her yearbook success to me, it brings tears to my eyes because someone really recognized my strengths and chose to listen to me and learn from me. All of these memories stand out because they were made with people I love dearly.Danny Sanchez and Kaitlynn Finkelstein are undoubtedly my best friends and to be on staff with them was so fun. I remember asking Danny to homecoming as friends and he said No! Kaitlynn and I would go to get food before work nights because she was vegan and everyone made fun of us because we called a kids meal a snack. During 5th period, Ashley, Danny and I bonded so much! We would sing The greatest Showman and show each other new music. I am going to miss Ashley and calling her my little Ashhole! I say this every year, and I will say this again for the final time: Ms. Pope has definitely been the most positive aspect of the year. She is the glue that holds all of us together. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know how these past four years would’ve gone. Every day for the past four years, I have had the pleasure to be able to see her smile. She is so positive and makes the whole process of making this book not completely stressful. A FINAL NOTE So here it is, the end is in plain site and the tears begin now. I am sorry in advance for the tears on the last day because we might as well play Justin Timberlake's Cry Me a River . The Oviedian yearbook has been an indescribable experience.I was so afraid I would hate high school because I wouldn’t belong to anything. I was sooooo wrong. I became apart this family and I am so happy that I joined yearbook. There was no stereotype. At one point or another, every kind of person has been welcomed onto this staff, and I feel so honored to have been able to have this experience. From four fowl fest, to three distribution days and four carrabba's parties and what seems like one million work nights with so many different kinds of music in the background, it's all over. It’s so important to me that not only the book looks good, but that sense of home still exist after my class leaves,showing everyone that you care about how they feel. That's what Oviedian Yearbook meant to me. It’s so bittersweet because although it's time for me to move on and figure out the rest of my life, these past four years will always hold a special place in my heart. I know though that it will continue to thrive! (with the help of my minis!)




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Hadley, Adelle Mitchell

Photos Courtesy of: Mrs. Huffman, Jared

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Seniors Aryn Garrigan and Caitlyn Decilio dissect gummy bears in Anatomy. A conga line forms during January’s Oglow event. Mikaela Schultz, 10, cheers with her team after their win against Lake Howell. Seniors Paula RodriguezNegron and Leeann Figueroa film a segment for WrorTV with Junior, Blair Brown. Mr. Densberger shows off his wild side during class to Kelvin Simmons, 11. Student athletic trainer Pamela Chapman,12, wraps junior Colin Soler’s hand during a football game. Sophomores Dominic Isola, Sarah Sweatland and Guiliana Zerpa face the Juniors in a tug-a-war match during a pep rally. Ivana Perez- Permaul, 12, makes pancakes in Mrs. Lockwood’s culinary class.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Sophomores Rihannon Bouchie and Allison Archer complete a chemistry experiment in Coach Waisanens class. Jared Hadley, 12 jumps into Green Springs. Senior Jaquarius Hillery picks up McDonalds during senior lunch. Sydney Fruhwirth,10, Elizabeth Coleman, 11 and Audra Menard,11 got hyped before a game. Senior Ethan Fields, starts his Senior Year. Back Cover: On August 21st, Mrs. Ehinger, Mrs. Charcap, Mrs. Huffman, Ms. Piperno and Mrs. Vitali catch a glimpse of the total Solar Eclipse. The Varsity boys football team plays East River. Adelle Mitchell,11 goes Scuba Diving in Key Largo over the summer. Soemyr Torres, 10 sculpts clay in her ceramics class.

Photo by: Justin Pham

Front Endsheet


Design by: Megan Handler

Photo by: Olivia Bastone

y Nungesser

Photo by: Jasmin Martinez

the Lucy Wright during Carly Bovin, port rays vity in AP US History acti “Reformers Speedating”

in Martinez Photo by: Jasm

Photo by: Olivia Bastone

Photo by: Moll

Color - Size 9 - 8-04301: Oviedo High School



Opening 2-7 First Meetings 10 Bowling 12 First Week 14 Group Activities 16 Golf 18 Homecoming Parade 20 Hands-On- Activities 22 Irma 24 Community Service 26 Cross Country 28 Summer Vacation 30 Slow Pitch 32 Creativity 34 Cheer 36 Technology 38 Club Bonding 40 Collections 42 Learning Environments 44 Girls Weight Lifting 46 Talent Show 48 Underclass 50-89


cu rious


Photo by: Michelle Vernikos

Varsity Girls Volleyball 92 JV Girls Volleyball 94 Homecoming Week 96 Homecoming Dance 98 Halftime Show 100 Swim and Dive 102 Club Leadership 104 Waterpolo 106 Varsity Girls Soccer 108 JV Girls Soccer 110 Presentations 112 Boys Weightlifting 114 The Mouse Trap 116 Boys Soccer 118 Culture 120 Varsity Girls Basketball 122 JV Girls Basketball 124 Weekend Activities 126 Career Planning 128 Boys Lacrosse 130 Art 132 Seniors 134-151 Showcase 152


w i ld


Photo by: Michelle Vernikos



p roud



Photo by: Lexi

Wrestling 156 Girls Lacrosse 158 Competitions 160 Trends 162 Varsity Football 164 Freshman/ JV Football 166 Winter Break 168 Health and Resolutions 170 Boys Volleyball 172 Track 174 Problem Solving 176 Varsity Boys Basketball 178 Freshman/ JV Boys Basketball 180 Baseball 182 Social Media 184 Faculty 186-193 Student Government 194 Hobbies 196 Tennis 198 Fast Pitch 200 Tip In 202 Timeline 204 Community 206- 275 Club Photos 276-285 Index 286-301 Closings 302-304

Color - Size 9 - 8-04301: Oviedo High School

Photo by: Neri Verniani

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Freshman, Jack Campbell does homework before Cross Country practice. Isabella Langhorst, 10, and Karlie Green, 9 deliver a singing gram to John McKernan,12. Sydney Brown, 12, runs Mid-Field to during the Lake Howell game. Sarah Hohman,11 sends a picture to her streaks on Snapchat. The Varsity Boys Basketball team gets pumped before the game. Mr. Morgan takes a ride in a Delorean. Students participate in the bubble soccer game during Homecoming week. Brahim Sjauw-En-Wa,12 participates in a Bioscience experiment. Freshmen, Alba del Barco, Mya Sattuar, Alexa Colon, and Courteney Latimer dance at a Pep Rally. Taylor Clark, 9 walks to class. Senior, Shaleen Stocker poses for her brothers photography assignment.

Back Endsheet

Design by: Megan Handler


Photo by: Michelle Vernikos


idge bubbles in the Kin gsbr Anna Hite, 10 blows park

Photo by: Sage

Photo by: Abbey Martin

East Photo by: Justin Pham

Photo by: Leonards Photography

Color - Size 9 - 8-04301: Oviedo High School

Photo by: Just in Pham

Photo by: Callie Hildenbrand Photo by: Kaitlynn Finkelstein Photo by: Amanda Turner

Photo by: Justin Pham

Color - Size 9 - 8-04301: Oviedo High School

Photo by: Chris toph

er Stocker

Taisha Voltaire,12 runs through a tunnel of hands before the Powderpuff game. Gregory Brick,12, Kyle Garzon,10 ,and Devin Fox,12, prepare the Santa Pancake breakfast sponsored by the Soccer teams. Jaden Doddapaneni ,12, runs a cross country meet at Hagerty. The Boys Varsity Football team brings home the Mayor’s Cup after defeating Hagerty at the annual Hometown Showdown. Freshmen Laboni Santra and James Baird work together on a Urine Lab during Biology class. May Frangoul, 9, performs during the Marching Lions halftime show Split. (Center) The girls bowling team wins the FHSAA State Championship. Photo by: Karen Festejo

Photo by: Justin Pham

Design by: Megan Handler

Photo by: Justin Pham

Photo by: Jennifer Darty Photo by: Lexi Wheeler

Photo by: Molly Nungesser

you r Photo by: Jasmin Martinez

Photo by: Neri Verniani



tin Pham

Photo by: Jus


redith, Seniors Brookes Me d an s, ook Br Remington n in the student sectio er che ey, gsl Kin a tin


The Oviedian Volume 81 Oviedo High School 601 King Street Oviedo, Fl 32765 Student Population: 2,516 Faculty: 185 Phone: (407)-320-4050 Fax: (407)-320-4000


Freshmen Jordan Foulk and Dylan Geiger make smores outside in Mr. Iacovino’s Biology class. Senior Antoine Ferguson, practices free throws before the student-faculty basketball game on April 4th. Ansley Babcock, 12 joined the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C during Spring Break. Rachel Balleste,12 and Seth Pisano,12 participate in the Prom Preview Fashion Show. Patrick O’Donnell, 11 and Morgan Davis, 10, battle head to head in the annual Lacrosse Rumble in the Jungle. (Clockwise)

Photo by: Justin Pham

Copy and Design by: Megan Handler Photo by: Justin Pham

Photo by: Justin Pham Courtesy of: Ansley Babcock

Photo by: Justin Pham

You got curious when you imagined a chemistry project that won honorable mention at the State Science and Engineering Fair. You felt wild during the Prom Preview Fashion Show when you strutted in the commons to God’s Plan by Drake. You stood proud, hand in hand with your winterguard teammates while your coaches placed the state championship medal around your neck. On a campus full of classrooms and brick buildings, you were able to try new things, make new friends, discover wise mentors and create long lasting memories, YOU FOUND

Photo by: Oliv

ia Bastone

Hailey Andrews,12 pos es photos outside the Be for her senior n and Jer ry’s in Winter Pa rk

you r




C u ri ou s


Courtesy of: Mrs. Sarah Reilly

memorable times with loved ones

Design by: Megan Handler, Mykayla Brinkman, Sydney Fruhwirth, Kayla Haywood

Soccer + 3KRWRJUDSK\ 

History Kevin Wainscott Chemistry Scott Waisanen History Zach Waters English Ellen White ESE Joscelyn Wildgen Math Paul Wilkie

ESE Garrett Turner CTE Susan Turner History Jason Vallery Italian Marzia Vitali 1HWZRUNRick Voltoline Guidance Lauren Vosburg

Culinary Karen Stapleton Auto Thomas Sterling Social Studies Joan Stone Math Kristin Storie English Jessica Tinkle 3ULQFLSDOJoe Trybus

EXPECTING Mrs. Jennifer Quattry reveals the gender for her future child, Quinn due March 21, by having her GDXJKWHUKLWDVRIWEDOOͤOOHGZLWKSLQN FRORUHGSRZGHU


Courtesy of: Mrs.Jennifer Quattry



reside with



Courtesy of: Mrs. Tracy Alfert


Courtesy of: Mrs. Tracy Alfert


Courtesy of: Mr. Joe Trybus

Photo by: Mrs. Courtney Boucher

Courtesy of: Mrs. Courtney Boucher

Courtesy of: Ms. Kristin Storie





Nicola Williams Guidance Robert Williams Science Cristina Wilson English Art Woodruff Science Beth Yusk ESE Erica Zimolzak-Coe PE/Athletic Trainer

-Ms. Kristin Storie


“My children are my and soul, even though they can be sometimes,�




Courtesy of: Mr. Tim Carter

surprise 7KH7KHVSLDQ7URXSH SODQQHGDVXUSULVHWK%LUWKGD\ Party for Mr. Tim Carter. The 7URXSHVDQJDon’t Stop Believing to him.


Drew Morgan

Mr. Drew Mor gan and family at the beach on the 4th of July

Courtesy of: Mr.

Courtesy of: Mr. Chris Capp






CHILD CARE TRAINING TRANSCRIPT Student: Megan Hailey Handler Student ID: 1351014 Date: 05/09/2018

TRAINING/COURSE CHILD CARE FACILITY PART 1 Child Care Facility Rules & Regulations (FACR) Health, Safety and Nutrition (HSAN)

Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (CAAN) Child Growth and Development (CGDR)

Behavioral Observation and Screening (BOSR) CHILD CARE FACILITY PART 2 Understanding Developmentally Appropriate Practices (UDAP)

School-Age Appropriate Practices (SAPR) ONLINE IN-SERVICE Emergent Literacy for VPK Instructors (VPK) (In-service only course after 01/01/2018)


Certificate #








8 6 6

5501041 5501028 5501043

08/12/2017 08/12/2017 08/12/2017










INTRODUCTORY TRAINING REQUIREMENTS Part I Child Care Facility 30 Hour Training Requirement has been completed. Yes

Part II Child Care Facility 10 Hour Training Requirement has been completed. Yes School-Age Child Care 40 Hour Training Requirement has been completed. Yes

Family Child Care Home 30 Hour Training Requirement has been completed. No Early Literacy 5 Hour Training Requirement has been completed. Yes



Megan Handler  
Megan Handler