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Leauxcal Festival

The Big Easel, An Outdoor Festival Celebrating Art and Artists Danielle Ducrest Rows of white tents filled with arts and crafts have become a familiar sight at the River Ranch Town Square. On one day each year, The Big Easel Art Show has brought together dozens of artists in one place. This year, on April 11 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., fiftyfive artists will be exhibiting art from a wide range of mediums.

The Big Easel provides art lovers with an opportunity to talk directly to the artists who made the pieces on display. Visitors will see familiar faces from previous years alongside new exhibitors. Returning artists can be found in the same spots as last year, which might make it easier to find your favorites. Take a stroll from one booth to the next, and you’ll

The Big Easel has traditionally been scheduled for a Saturday in May, but in the last couple of years, the show was postponed due to rain and held in June on blistering hot days. Organizers of this year’s event hope to avoid the summer heat and the rain by holding The Big Easel in April instead, although there is a tentative rain date set for May.

Weeks before the main event, The Big Easel also held a Preview Show. The Preview Show took place on March 14 during 2nd Saturday ArtWalk. A piece by each artist was hand-selected by organizers of The Big Easel and put on display in downtown Lafayette. The official poster artwork of The 2015 Big Easel is a photograph of Creole Cottage at St. John, taken by Eric Svendson, whose art can also be found at the main event in April. A print of the photograph was auctioned off at the Preview Party with proceeds going toward funding the event.

see porcelain wall hangings by Susan Chiquelin, ceramic vases by Ann Fenstermaker, impressionist paintings of waterscapes, abstract and realistic paintings on wood or canvas, prints of scenes around Acadiana, silver gelatin prints by Joni Noble, hand-forged jewelry by Erin Gesser or Shannon Johnson, or beaded jewelry by Paula McDowell. See these works of art and more at the art show. 24 April 2015

Photo by Danielle Ducrest

To learn more about The 2015 Big Easel and see images of artwork that will be on display during the event, visit The Big Easel’s Facebook page at

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