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04|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

Hey! I’m back and I’m so happy to be able to introduce you to my newest magazine “Overrated” that’s right, “ Just when everyone underestimated you, you got overrated!” What you thought I was done? No, sir this game it’s about to start. I want to start off by thanking everyone that has been there to support me. My mother, my family, my best friend Maria to many people to name at the moment but, I do need to send a shout out to Haris Cizmic he has been extremely patient with me and I just love him for always being there for me. This time we have artists from all over the globe you know how I roll I take it international baby! Starting out with S.H.O all the way from Japan. Also Royalty this has been an amazing year for him, his new single “Brown Eye Girl’ is about to blow up and take him to the next level. This week is debuted on two popular radio stations in the bay area. J. Crist , is something else I must admit that when I got the approval from his management team to interview him I was a little nervous at the beginning. If you listen to his lyrics and check out his YouTube channel you’ll know what I’m talking about. Despite the fact that he has an intimidating personality, he is an artist with a lot of creativity and nerve he is rapping what other artist don’t have the courage for. I’m always searching for new artist and I listen to new music everyday but when I listen to Nova Delai, I was amazed with her voice and I’m pretty sure you will to. Well I hope you enjoy and remember I love to keep it real and natural at all times Baby Krazyed interview is intentionally not edited because that just her and we love her slang! XOXO Alyssa Baches Magazine Director

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06|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

Tupac Amaru Shakur June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996

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Teki has been singing and playing music since he was a young child. He is a talented artist who draws from his personal experiences as well as the experiences of those who he surrounds himself with to write and produce his music. With his smooth and raspy tone, Teki can be identified and set apart from all other artist in the industry through his unique sound combined with his infectious lyrics, which add versatility to the industry as well. Despite his career being young and in its infancy, he has become a YouTube sensation with many covers and renditions of his music being done by his many fans throughout the world. His single “Get To Know You� has been remade, remixed and covered as many times by his peers and fans as most other musical legends in the music industry. Teki is the next generation in island music. He hopes that as music continues to hold relevance in our lives his music carries on with his debut album “I WANNA LUV

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On The Raise [My Biography]

“This girl sound amazing” Sat Bisla (AnR Worldwide) “Wow- her voice is beautiful! “ Gina Tucci (Atlantic Records)

010|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

NovaD elai [ Breathtaking Voice ]

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“Having already

been compared to the likes of Adele, Caro Emerald & Birdy�

012|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

Nova Delai born 1st June 1994 is a Swedish recording artist, musician

and writer. She was raised by a single mother in the southern Sweden area of Skane in Malmö. At age six, Nova Delai began to play classical music on the piano and started getting interested in playing guitar at the same age. Her daily childhood was surrounded by music and she started writing songs at the age of 10. She later attended Rytmus Music School in Sweden (where she will graduate next year) and is currently working on recording her debut album. Having already been compared to the likes of Adele, Caro Emerald and Birdy with her vintage sound and silky vocals, Delai has raw talent that is beyond her 17 years on this earth. Her vocals radiate in the video for “Slipping into Sleep,” recorded live in the studio. As today’s music is very producer-driven, Delai takes the opposite approach as a breath of fresh air by bringing true musicianship back to the forefront.

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He lost his dream of Olympic gold. At the time, 2 PAC songs were his salvation and motivation. He reformed himself and decided to grab a gold medal on a different stage.


016|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

S.H.O was born in Hidatakayama, Japan. He was part of the national Alpine ski team until 2004. In 2004 he had a big accident and couldn’t ski any more as a member of the team. He lost his dream of Olympic gold. At the time, 2 PAC songs were his salvation and motivation. He reformed himself and decided to grab a gold medal on a different stage. S.H.O committed himself to spend his 2nd life... with the music he loves and respects BLACK HIP HOP. After he came back to Japan, He started music activities in Yokohama, Japan. He had respected THE GAME so he has sent his photos with message to THE GAME, then flied to LA. After he met with THE GAME, he got tattoo of “THE BLACK WALL STREET” logo on his right arm and went back to LA. Fortunately, S.H.O was admitted by THE GAME and played 8 stages together in the U.S. and JAPAN.

This experience motivated him and pushed him and he made his 1st album “RIZE & PEACE” on January 20, 2008. This album is including “NEVER GIVE UP feat. CLEVER” that was rated highly as a classic. He got next tattoo “RIZE & PEACE” on his chest. This tattoo is implied his real name, Shohei. After release his 1st album, he tattooed glaive which he designed. This glaive represents “brave”, “fight” and “his strength”. In the same year, he released his 2nd album “BRAND”. It’s contained 15 tunes including once-hailed songs “BRAND”, “LET’S GO feat. OX” and “MY WAY”. To prove himself as a brand like GUCCI or LOUIS VITTON, he tattooed “BRAND” on his left arm. His tattoos remind him of his experience, influence and keep him grounded to remain true and original! In 2009, he appeared on a full page of THE SOURCE magazine April/May issue as known as the best hip hop magazine in The U.S. It was a huge opportunity to show S.H.O to the world. The long-awaited his 3rd album “ENERGY” is released on April 25, 2010. “Even If It Ends” which is a collaboration with American R&B female artist Az One. His new single “Hustle Hard” which is collaboration song with HAVOC of MOBB DEEP is was released on October 20, 2010. This song was made by both artist’s strong power and all listeners can feel dynamism of S.H.O and Havoc. He has the upmost respect for U.S. hip hop music. This influence and motivation powers him to grab his dream of gold! HIP HOP GOLD!!! September 2011 Premier Edition |[ Overrated Magazine]| 017

On The Raise [My Biography] Who is J-Murk... Queens, NYC born and raised; Jordan M. Mercado now a Phoenix resident performs under the moniker J-Murk. Independently managed and represented, this 19 year old flit-tongued lyrical phenomenon has been honing and redefining the artform for just 4 short years. In that time he has garnered an internet based audiences and following of six digit proportion, has put out 3 quality mixtapes his latest being Sending Mixed Signals which has thousands of downloads in just 2 months. J-Murk has also done several shows in Arizona as well as New York City in which he has opened up for The Pack, Nipsey Hussle, and performed at clubs with over 300 people in them, he also caught the attention over of A&R’s at Sony Music group recently and they have a lot of stuff in the making. He prides his culturally diverse upbringing, early exposure to the arts and various musical genres, an eclectic mix of friends and family as his core inspiration. Professionally, he sites a range of artists from the vintage style pioneers Bone Thugs & Harmony to posthumous Big L and more recently Eminem. J-Murk’s style however, is all his own; the eloquence of his metaphoric prose, rhythmic cadence, and keen with is precedence setting in the current underground Hip Hop scene. Like Murkury, the Greek God of Messengers, his delivery is unmatched and insurmountable. 018|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition


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On The Raise [My Biography]

Manish Menace

020|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

Aspiring and upcoming rap artist. Tai Braggs, born August 1980, in Phoenix, AZ. Raised in South Phoenix. Attended elementary school at Valley View and T-G Barr; attended high school at Tempe High School. The first born in a family of six, with two brothers and two sisters. At a very early age I started loving music. Music was all around me. My mom loved to sing and my aunt’s also. My first favorite artist and inspiration was, and still is, 2Pac.

“My first favorite artist & inspiration was, and still is, 2Pac”

At a young age I got caught up in the fast, wild life, selling drugs and gang banging. That led me to prison at the age of 15 doing seven years. From then I was in and out of prison until the age of 26, but never gave up on my biggest dream… Which is music and rapping.

Straight to the point, raw and uncut best describes my style of music. Through music I express my pain and testimony. I’m already inspiring many people through music. I write all of my own music, no ghost writers. Pain, heartache and struggle I’ve lived my whole life, but I’m here to shine and inspire others through music. You’ll get to see and know more of me through following my career.

Find me on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. I have a commercial posted on YouTube, and interviews with Keith Price CEO of I have my first album out titled PLANTING SEEDS. ONE…Tai P Braggs…Manish Menace

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[News & Entertainment]

Monica Witzel

Exclusive interview with Monica Witzel from the reality show of the moment “Beauties and The Boss� and CEO & founder of AFA Los Angeles top promotions agencies.

022|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

Beauties & The Boss September 2011 Premier Edition |[ Overrated Magazine]| 023

OR: Who is Monica Weitzel? MW: I am a very well educated, responsible young Latina with a very big heart, a silly personality, a lot of passion and persistence. I’m optimistic and caring and LOVE people. I Love family, music, culture and God…oh and FOOOOD!! OR: How does it feel to be a “Latin Role Model” ? MW: Its amazing! I LOVE IT! When I was teach024|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

ing in the elementary school, I lived for the smiles on kids faces. For the feeling of hope you knew you were giving them. Teaching isn’t about money or fame (because there is none) its about inspiring and making a difference. Now, as a business owner/Tv personality I hope to do that on a LARGER scale. I still want the smiles and the look of inspiration on peoples faces, and I don’t quite feel I’ve reached my full potential in being that “Latina role model” But I will, and that will be when I’m truly fulfilled. OR: How did you start your promo-modeling agency?

MW: I was part of a girl group here in Hollywood while living in Ventura County. One day I decided if I was really going to make it happen I’d have to LIVE in L.A. So I left teaching behind to pursue music. I did promotional modeling to pay my bills. I started to get a really good reputation in the industry and quickly rose above the rest. People started asking me for more girls and girls started reaching out to me for work. I said “that’s it, Im gonna start my own agency, one in which the girls are just like ME!” Intelligent, approachable, hardworking and beautiful….(oh and humble lol) OR: For how long have you had your business? MW: I’ve had AFA for 6 years! OR: How did you go from being a kindergarten teacher, to starting your own business? MW: Because I am the oldest of 3 girls I was always the responsible one, the one that had to have a good head on her shoulders. Right out of high school I immediately started working for the school district while attending college. When I moved to LA I tried LA unified but found that promotional modeling was better suited for pursuing my musical career. The years of music industry and being in a group help me to hone leadership and business skills. Combine that with some great parents, A Lot of valuable help from friends who were also entrepreneurs, some GREAT clients who saw my potential , a lot of drive and common sense, and I was able to get past my first year in business and really GROW… to where I am now. OR: Have you always wanted to start a reality show with the girls? MT: At a very young age I wanted to be in the spotlight. I went to schools for the visual and performing arts, did plays and choir all through middle and high school. Started doing commercials and movies in college. So you could say being on television was some-

thing that I was drawn to. When I stopped singing to focus on my agency I always kept in mind that entertainment was still where I wanted to be. As I expanded into a Casting agency and started producing (which is not touched on the show) I knew then I was destined for more, and that with all the craziness, and beauty and talent around me…Television was the best place for AFA. OR: How does the idea of starting s reality show come about? MW: I met Michael Mcquarn our Director and Producer a few years ago and he was fascinated with my agency. Because of his background in reality television and keen eye, he knew AFA was a recipe for success as a reality show. I always had people tell me my life was like a reality show so it seemed like destiny. OR: We all know that hanging out with girl’s can get pretty frustrating and very dramatic let alone working with them all the time. How do you mange to be so patience and professional all the time? MW: Honestly, it can be very frustrating at times; So many personalities and variables to work with. I have to create a balance between maintaining a motherly/sisterly, nurturing friendship and a still manage to keep a strong, inspiring, leadership and professional role. The girls know they can come to me for anything and I’m very patient, but they also know not to cross the line. I work with the 3 strikes rule. Sometimes I have all the patience in the world other times I have none, even I’m still learning. OR: How has the reality show changed your life? MW: It has pushed me to areas that I hadn’t explored before. I have become stronger and wiser because of it. Even more dedicated and hardworking than before, I guess you can say a little bit more of a workaholic lol. It has inspired new friendships and business ventures. I love when people tell me they watch the show. I love having fans and admirers. I’m a little narcissistic in that respect ☺

September 2011 Premier Edition |[ Overrated Magazine]| 025

OR: What can we expect for the rest of the year from Beauties & The Boss What other goals do you have for the future? MW: Well I’m setting a lot of goals for Beauties & The Boss. Even when the show is in between seasons, that we continue making a presence before Season 2 begins filming. I want to get us involved in the community more. Want to take active participation in charity events, schools etc. If we are blessed to have been given this opportunity then we need to spread some of those blessings as well! OR: What advise would you give to all the new young Latin women trying to start their own business? MW: Always maintain a strong foundation and core. Your foundation must be your family your true friends and GOD. Your core MUST consist of good judgement/character, responsibility, Tenacity, follow through and TRUTH. Without some of these you might as well build your company on quicksand. I’m so glad for my fans! They are so accepting and warm and loving.

OR: Does it ever get to annoying to be with cameras everywhere you go, to the point you have wanted to stop filming the show? MW: There were some instances where I didn’t want to be in front of the cameras. Times where I was overwhelmed and didn’t want to show it to the world. But I got through it and I’ll do it all over again. OR: What do you do in your free time? MW: Uh work… lol…occasionally travel, go dancing, singing and of course family time…EAT! (I want to do a show on food when I get some free time lol) 026|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

They admire what I’ve done and I love them for that. I appreciate that they see my hard work and validate it! Even more when they tell me they are proud of me. When fans write to me that ive inspired or motivated, or cheered up or even made them think.. then that makes it all worth it!

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030|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

September 2011 Premier Edition |[ Overrated Magazine]| 031

“I didn’t graduate high school. Matter a fact I dont think I really graduated middle school.. I am a film school drop out. Im a piece of shit but, I am raw talent. Nothing but, unfiltered pain and torture I received as a child in the cold world. Nothing’s nice about my style. I just got shit to do. Art is my means to my hustle. I just wanna share everything with everyone” -Kreayshawn

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$45 -

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$9.46 -

“Get Her Look�

$40 -

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$25 -

$12 -

$55 - September 2011 Premier Edition |[ Overrated Magazine]| 033

HARIS CIZMIC “Rock musician, artist, man responsible for editing,post production and the soundtrack for the new indie movie “One Last Call”.

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Can you tell us something about yourself, your band, etc. HC: At the age 6 I wrote some classical piece for piano that my teachers made me play over and over again, they brought cameras, reporters and that was my first touch with media. I hated that attention, I also hated playing classical piano, so I started acting like a grumpy musician, ignoring them all... ten years later, I discovered heavy metal and my life changed, I grew my hair long and started playing guitar in countless local bands in my native city Sarajevo, Bosnia. In the late 90’s I formed my band “Therion” and our first music video was banned on national TV, which gave us so much needed media attention. I changed the name of the band into “AXA” and introduced electronic sounds, techno beats, mixed with heavy guitars and female vocals. It was a perfect sound for that time and we were on every rock chart, our songs were aired on every TV & radio station, so we started touring and doing really big shows...Even after I moved to the States in 2000, I was receiving emails from Germany, Poland, Italy...And I was sitting in my little apartment, trying to figure it all out. I needed a job, I was starting all over again. 
I landed a job as an art director for a big marketing agency, and I designed the first official website for new Chevy Camaro and scored a soundtrack for it (our clients wanted Aerosmith or Zeppelin, but I convinced them to give me 24 hours and the next day I showed up with 7 different tunes, recorded and arranged...they really loved one). After that I did an animated piece for Chevy Autobots (a Transformer’s campaign), and scored music for it. Mr. Spielberg liked it, so I got to score music for few TV commercials after that. The lineup of the band “AXA” changed in 2004, and we changed the name to “Ingray” in 2008. We got signed to DarkGreene entertainment, and after that we were just playing live gigs, all the time, everywhere, sometimes we played three times in a week. From small dive bars to main theaters and big halls. We opened for big national acts and we were shooting music videos, getting featured on radio stations, magazines, etc. We even negotiated with The Firm, (Sony’s management agency), who showed big 036|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

interest, but I cut that off, because the guy we talked to, some Peter, was a prime asshole in (can i say “asshole”this magazine?). -Haha, yes you can….So, what happened to “Ingray”? HC: Well (laughter), first we started fighting with our label, so I’ve uploaded the whole CD to be downloaded for free on our website and torrents...then I divorced my singer...and now I’m working on three different projects, three different styles of music - acoustic, electronic, rock/metal and all that combined... -So, you’re a bachelor again? I’m sure you’re living the life… HC: Ummmm….I kinda am… -Back to your music, is it hard to switch between genres? HC: Not really. Even when I was playing stadiums in Europe with my band, I used to write festival songs for techno musicians, children, jazz, etc... I love a variety of styles, that’s why I can’t hold onto one specific genre for long. It becomes boring. I usually say “Everything goes while there’s enough room for heavy, shredding guitars”, hahaha... - Any experience with hip-hop? HC: Hey now! I live in Detroit :) Some of my best friends are hip-hop producers and we experiment a lot. I like doing catchy loops and keyboard/guitar phrases, they do the rhythm and vocals, and we have a blast doing it! Sometimes I start rapping for fun, entertaining everyone in the studio (ya, I do have an accent, haha). - Can you tell me something about your movie “One Last Call”? HC: That movie was shot last summer, it’s directed by Scott Sprague, shot by Phil Lupo and Mike Schiappaccasse and written by all of us, under heavy influence of Absynthe. I’ve done editing, post, FX and sound design/music score. I scored some movies and many TV documentaries, commercials and TV shows before, so I knew the drill...but this one was different. I’ve spent months doing the music, exploring the

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038|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

feeling of scenes and their float, editing visuals so they fit audio and vice versa. I had total creative freedom and I’ve done the best I could. Premiere happened on April 27 at the Main Art Theater in Royal Oak, Michigan and the second showing was at the Detroit Windsor International Festival 2011 (06/25).
 There’s also a full-length song “One Last Call” that I did for the last scene in the movie and ending credits. I recorded it at Metro37 studio, and it features Rocquel Wallace, who did amazing job singing it. That video is released recently and it’s on youtube, vimeo, etc. - So, what are your plans for future? Any new bands, maybe? HC:sure, my bro Dave Dupuie is the best drummer I’ve ever worked with and he is always around. Sometimes we jam in dive bars for fun with a few other friends and have a blast. (Just put Dave and me in the same room, with no instruments and we’ll somehow start making music). 
We have played clubs, theaters and all kind of places for years, but now I want to spend more time being creative and recording. And I have a nice routine I follow lately: After writing songs, I usually do guitars, bass, keys, electronics and demo vocals, then we add live drums, re-amp guitars and record studio vocals. My producer Kevin Sharpe and I work on my albums and stuff since 2007. I am always looking for cool guests on my projects, though. The most recent song I recorded “Graveland” features adorable Tiffany Marie Gockel. We both did the singing (Which is a new territory for me, after doing backing vocals only). I am also writing for a few more local artists now, but there are just 24 hours in a day… -Being an artist in general, what else do you do, other than music and movies/videos…?
 HC: I like to paint, but I am slacking lately, don’t have much time, really…Also, I am very active working on online Media team for Ford, Lincoln…I just received a “D” Award (for my design/animation work on website), but my real passion is my music and it never stops…

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OR: For all those out there that still don’t know who is J. Crist, how would you introduce yourself? JC: I am the true definition of an artist... my music is real, not scripted. I dont write any of my lyrics, I create them in my mind. I thrive on being the best I can be at whatever I chose to do. OR: Where is J.Crist from? JC: I was born in Munster, In lived in Chicago Heights for a short period of time then ended up back in Northwest Ind. I moved 2 LA in 06 to pursue my dream. OR: How long have you been in the music industry? JC: I have been making music my entire life but professionally for a lil over 2 years

042|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

“I represent the truth and am willing to die for it.”

OR: I want you to tell me more about one of your newest song’s “Seven Seas”, to me that’s real talk period. What would you like to tell your fans about this song and what motivated you, to write this song and then produce it like you did? The music video is one of the best one’s I’ve seen lately. JC: Seven Seas is an attempt to wake up the people who accept the forced upon reality that our governments have created. I believe that we are being manipulated and ultimately led into economic collapse intentionally. The end goal is mass control, population reduction, and an obscene amount of taxation. I made the video in hopes of waking people up so that they can act accordingly pending this biblical

time frame arrives. I represent the truth and am willing to die for it. OR: Have you ever encounter an obstacle that actually made you think twice about your music career and made you want to give up? If so what was that obstacle and how did you over come it? JC: That's a novel's worth of examples if I were to really dig into this question. The bottom line is these jerk offs have made me bigger and stronger than ever. Whether it was a bullshit deal, a broken promise, or something as easy as using samples and saying you didn't, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am going where I'm going because of you. Tell the truth, its easier. OR: If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be? JC: I already do. I'm a huge fan of rock, r n b, and pop. Anything that evokes emotion and says something I'm on it.

OR: Once you’re on stage, what do you think about when you’re performing? ---JC: Time to prove myself. I go into each and every performance thinking that. OR: If you could define your self in one word, what word would that be? JC: Relentless What advise would you give to the young artists trying to break in to the music industry? ----JC: Good luck, you will need it. Being talented is becoming less and less valuable. You have to offer something beyond the music. Brand yourself to the best of your ability and remember the mirror never lies. Is there anything else you would like to share with us? ---Welcome to the future... OR: Any special shout-outs? JC: God is with me and also with you... what else

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044|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

OR: For the people that still don’t know who Royalty is, how would you present yourself to them? R: I never like to introduce myself as an “artist” to people I first meet, I would like for people to know me as a person before they know me for what I do. After having a conversation with me, I hope to leave that person saying I’m a very passionate & positive person, who loves life & everything in it. Music is only one layer into the depths of me. OR: Where is Royalty from? R: I’m originally San Jose, CA. There’s no city I could ever love more. Due to my career, I have traveled many miles & lived in several cities, all the way from Atlanta to Los Angeles. But my heart will always be found in San Jose. OR: How did you get your nickname Royalty? R: Growing up my step father introduced me to PRINCE’s music. I remember watching Purple Rain for the first time & being inspired beyond words could describe, I became hooked on his gift, and strived to follow in his footsteps. Everyone finds it odd that a movie that came out before I was born, could have such an impact on me, but it did. His talent is undeniable, and I can only dream to have 10% of the career he has created. But to answer your question, I couldn’t steal the name Prince, so I found the next best thing, ROYALTY. OR: How did you get started in the music industry? R: As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a singer, but I could never really sing. So I decided to give rapping a try, and discovered I actually had a little bit of talent. My older cousins, who were local rappers at the time, helped mold me & taught me how to write songs properly. Ever since then I couldn’t ever stop, I write, create, work & dream about music everyday. OR: What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome? R: Everyday is a new obstacle, no matter what your profession, you just have to have the love & passion inside of you to know there will be light after the

darkness. I’ve had my heart broken a million times in this industry, but I always pick up the pieces, and continue moving forward, there are to many people that believe in me, & I feel I owe it to them to keep fighting. OR: How did the idea to make swap meet tour idea start? R: People use to make fun of me, and they labeled me as an “internet rapper”. But what people never understood, is there are REAL people on the other side of the computer. I wanted to prove to people that My fan’s were real, so I loaded up my truck with cd’s & posters, and began traveling the country determined to meet every fan that I had created on the internet. The swap meet seemed to be the perfect place to meet; they could interact with me, as well as buy my clothing, cds & posters. It was one of the most amazing & rewarding experiences in my life, to meet people that love you for doing what you love to do, there’s no better feeling. OR: Do you still use Myspace? R: Of course, I’m waiting for its comeback. It’s still my favorite social networking site. LONG LIVE TOP 8’S!! OR: What makes Royalty so unique? R: I don’t think there is anything better about me than any other artist; I just truly appreciate every opportunity I’m giving, and try to take full advantage of everything. OR: The ideal girl for Royalty would be like… R: What a great question, the ideal girl for me would just have to be optimistic, and have a positive look at the world. I try to keep a negative free lifestyle, I love free spirited people, who just love to be themselves, and enjoy new experiences. I ‘m a sucker for a beautiful smile. OR: Tell me more about your clothing line. R: I wish I had more time to develop my September 2011 Premier Edition |[ Overrated Magazine]| 045



clothing line! What people don’t understand is we (my team & I) try to do everything major artist do, just on an independent scale. It becomes very difficult at times to keep up with everything. My clothing line has unfortunately been placed on the back burner as of lately, because we have been so busy traveling and focusing all our time on developing BROWN EYED GIRL into a nationwide hit. But it will be back; I constantly get requests for it. I still have all of our past merchandise available. OR: Your song “Brown Eyed Girl” is starting to become a big hit here in the Imperial Valley. Do you think this song is going to be “The Hit Song” that’s going to take you, to “The Next Level”? R: I can only hope so; I wish I knew the answer to that question. It will do what its meant to do. OR: How does it feel, to start getting recognized on the streets by all of your fan’s that follow you over the social networks? R: I love it, the day they don’t recognize me, is the day I will start to be concerned. If you see me, come say HI, allot of people are to shy, and just scream & run away, I’m really a nice person, and will gladly take 100 pictures with you until you get the one you like! 046|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

OR: When and where, where you the first time you listen to your fist song on the radio, and what was your reaction? R: I can’t remember the first time, but I know every time I do hear it to this day, it’s just like the first time. When it plays on a new station for the first time, or I hear someone call in & request it, it’s unexplainable. I’ve cried tears of joy, several times, while hearing my song play. It’s a dream come true every time. OR: You did a song with Frankie J, Number One. Do you have any cool stories to share from the recording process? R: Not only is Frankie an amazing artist, he is an amazing person. It was a dream to be able to work with him, he is one of the artists, I have always looked up to & admired. You can actually watch the video of us live in the studio creating the song, on my YouTube. OR: With what other artist would you like to work with in the future? R: I would like to work with anybody & everybody that wants to work with me! I’m open to everything. Any genre, any style, I just love making music.

September 2011 Premier Edition |[ Overrated Magazine]| 047



J.F Brooks

048|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

JF Brooks is an all around Artist that creates. Music, Photography, Graphics, Web Design, etc JF Brooks stands for Jerzy from Brooklyn. I am part of an artist collective called BiGCiTY BiGCiTY and we specialize in CREATING. With the help of my team I will be dropping my very first Album “Undeniable” ! OR: Where are you from? JB: I am from BROOKLYN and JERSEY. Born in Brooklyn but raised in both places.

live the average life of a 23 year old. OR: What can we expect from you the rest of the year? JB: You can expect to hear my NEW Project “Undeniable” for sure! OR: Where do you see yourself in a year from now? JB: With things changing so fast and so much I can’t say, but I know it will be very promising.

OR: Do you write your songs? JB: Yes. I write all of my own music. OR: What has been your biggest accomplishment so far, in the music industry? JB: My biggest accomplishment so far would probably be performing at the Lebron James More than a Game Tour when it came to New York. During the tour I performed along great up and coming artists Lola Davis & TL Cross. We opened up for Keri Hilson for that tour. OR: How did you get involved in the music industry? JB: I was introduced to a program called the Hip Hop Project by my sister and that was the basic foundation for my guidance in the industry. OR: Tell us about your new single “When I Grow Up? JB: “When I Grow Up” is a song I created thinking about being younger and broker wanting the most out of life. I tried to create something the majority could relate to. OR: With what artist would you like to work with? JB: I really only like making music with people I meet in order to get a feel for who they are. With that being said I’m fine building with my team for right now. BiGCiTY BiGCiTY!! OR: What makes you unique? JB: I think what makes me unique is my life. Im married at 23, I’ve been to Iraq, and I just don’t September 2011 Premier Edition |[ Overrated Magazine]| 049



Baybee Kahrayzed is something between a miracle and a movie scene. What chu know bout that? lol im playing, Well, to really define myself as “baybee kahrayzed” I think ide start by telling you that I hope that I could take ya mind anywhere. Im all about imagination, creativity & experimenting you’ll definitely hear that on a mixtape im currently working on titled - For The Love Of - U’ll also hear my versatility on my e.p “B.K <3 UR G.F” which was released on Valentines day this year.Shout out to my boy Camo On The Beat for the production. But yeah... on stage, Im very energetic. I love to involve the crowd. In the studio its like Im making love every time. & You know.. im just doing me. I was born in the Philippines, Quezon City.Raised in Mildura aka MilyCity for y’all that don’t know where it is, Its between N.S.W & Victoria right on the boarder. But im resided in Melbourne, Fashion Capital of Australia. Where all the beautiful ladies are. ha! ;) OR: How did you get involved in the music industry? BK: At a young age music is all ive ever known & to be honest music is all I have.I don’t know what else there is to do if Its not music.You know, at the age of 12 I was kicked out on the streets I met with other street kids we would just hang all day listen to music ide watch em break dance, they even taught me how to break dance. but lyrics got the best of me. I would jam with the other boys freestyle & singEventually I moved to the city; Melbourne & met with cats In the industryI was about 15 then, thats when I really knew this is what I wanted. OR: With what artist would you like to work with? BK: There’s a lot of artist in mind idle prefer to have a selection of producers there the dudes that make the feel of the music come alive the beat is everything. Its what sets the mood. Lyrics yeah, they mean a lot but most the times these artist all bullshitting and making it more then what it really is, but imaginations takes you anywhere and I’m cool with that that’s where I am. So polow da don, he’d be my main producer Ide love to work with also Israel his a Australian artist/producer there’s a lot. As far as artist go; Chris Brown, Kid Ink, Kanye, Lil Wayne, Drake, The list goes on... Lets see how hard I work ;)

050|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

September 2011 Premier Edition |[ Overrated Magazine]| 051



& You’ll definitely be hearing from me, believe that. Anything else you would like to share with us? Yeah, S/o to B.T.P - California, Tuff Love Clothing: www.tuffloveclothing. Everybody holdin it down for me, my team! my fans! - LIFE.LOVE&MUSIC BABY!

OR: What makes you unique? BK: If you knew who I really was, ude be on the edge of your seat. Lets put it that way. I think every artist is unique we all have a trials & tribulations we’ve all got a story to tell & that’s what’s unique our different visions our different opinions. OR: What can we expect from you the rest of the year? BK: Mixtapes I haven’t titled one of them yet but the other ones called “for the love of” An albums titled clubs, love & sex, Music Videos.. A whole lot I don’t like to say too much, until the times right. OR: Where do you see yourself in a year from now? BK: I see my self wherever I put my mind. Period. I’m the make it happen kid. I’ma be some where. 052|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

054|[ Overrated Magazine]| September 2011 Premier Edition

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