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Overra Herbals Overra Foods has been started with sole mission of providing Nutritious Food Products for Healthy Living. For that purpose, we have done tremendous research activities under the guidance of Punjab Agricultural University(PAU) and Central Food Technology Research Institute(CFTRI) and able to produce Low GI Sugar, Low GI Juices, Low GI Cookies, Low GI Chocolates and many more Healthy Food Products for the First Time in the World.

Low GI Products

What is Low GI Sugar Diabetic-friendly sugar substitutes accompanied disapproving health dangers and a great or artificial like delayed flavor impression. Not any longer. Overra Herbals presents the world's first low GI Sugar for diabetics. Made with herbs known for controlling diabetes, Overra Herbals items come to you following a time of thorough research, clinical trials, and encouraging reviews from clients and institutional purchasers. Diabetics, prediabetics, and every other person can appreciate the sweetness of existence without hostile outcomes on health.

Benefits Of Low GI Sugar Keeps glucose level balanced out. Diabetic friendly. Useful for pre-diabetics as well. Sodium – Free: Reduce the danger of BP, Stroke and coronary illness . No symptoms like that of sweeteners.

Signs that Your Blood Sugar Level is too High You’re Always Thirsty You’re Exhausted All the Time Can’t trust your Vision

You’re Always Thirsty This sign is a spin-off of our past point. Peeing excessively will abandon you dried out and low on water, hence you'll wind up to be parched a large portion of the circumstances even in the wake of drinking a lot of water.

Extinguishing your thirst will just prompt more treks to the lavatory. Try not to accuse the kidneys here, they are doing their best to ensure you and don't accuse your mouth for feeling parched either, the main thing to stress over is the glucose level. Simply endeavor to adjust your glucose level and distinguish what is causing the surge and make important move.

You’re Exhausted All the Time At the point when left unchecked, diabetes just prompts numerous inconveniences in the body like coronary illness, nerve harm, kidney harm and vision misfortune.

In this way, diabetes isn't a decent place to be, and regardless of how cruel it sounds, or how intense they say it is, Diabetes can be managed by rolling out some great way of life improvements. We cover those way of life change subjects on our blog as well, however today we're more intrigued by discussing a few signs and indications of high glucose levels that may bring about the beginning of diabetes.

Can’t trust your Vision

You're not old, neither there has been any report of hereditarily moved eye issues in your family, along these lines, if unexpectedly, your vision goes foggy, it may be an indication of the beginning of something more terrible.

High glucose levels can ruin your vision by upsetting the sensitive focal points in your eyes. High glucose will bring about your focal point changing shape, bringing about poor concentration, bringing about botched up vision.

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Low Gi Sugar | overra herbals  

Ingredients: Cane sugar, Proprietary formulation Features: • GI < 45 • Tastes just as sweet as traditional sugar. Can be melted, baked, and...

Low Gi Sugar | overra herbals  

Ingredients: Cane sugar, Proprietary formulation Features: • GI < 45 • Tastes just as sweet as traditional sugar. Can be melted, baked, and...