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What is GI? Why GI is necessary? Low GI Products and their benefits. Grapefruit with an amazing health benefits.

Do you know what is GI and what are the Low GI Products? why is it necessary to use it? What are the benefits of these products on our health? At the same time, we will talk about a fruit that is very beneficial for our health. What is Glycemic Index (GI) - Glycemic Index (GI) is an estimation completed on starch containing sustenance and their effect on our glucose. GI is a moderately better approach for breaking down sustenance. Already, most supper designs intended to enhance glucose examined the aggregate sum of starches (counting sugars and starches) in the sustenance themselves. GI goes past this approach, taking a gander at the effect of sustenance on our genuine glucose. At the end of the day, rather than tallying the aggregate sum of starches in sustenance in their unconsumed state, GI measures the genuine effect of these nourishment on our glucose. In the last 15 years, low GI diet cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, stroke, depression, chronic kidney disease, formation of gall stones, neural tube defects, formation of uterine fibroids, and breast, colon, prostate, and pancreas Cancer can be as simple as sticking to the whole, natural foods while taking advantage of these potential health benefits that their GI values Are less or

too few in We have ranked all our WH Foods as high GI, medium GI, low GI or very low GI so that you can concentrate on those foods whose GI values fall in low or very low boundaries. GI rating systemMost health organizations use "high, medium" and "low" rating system for organizations. Using this system, foods are classified as following:

High GI 70 or greater

Medium GI

Low GI



Now we are going to introduce you to the Low GI Products of Overra Herbals and we will discuss

the benefits of Low GI Products in our health. Overra Herbals manufacture the herbal products and the specialty of Overra Herbals is LOW GI Products for good health. Our team of experts comprising of Bio-innovation specialists, experienced Doctors – Allopathy and Ayurveda, IT, Agriculture and Marketing Professionals In-house assembling and well setup foundation. We are focused on our Vision to be a Major Player in Global Food Market giving quality food products that 'Taste Good' and advance 'Great Health'. We have our arrangement of mission and center esteems to help our vision and we constantly endeavor to accomplish the same. Our specialty lies in Low GI Products and with nonstop R&D. We have the wide range of Low GI Products: 12345-

Low GI Sugar Diaflour Chocolates Dietary supplements Juices and squash

At Overra Herbals We monitor quality and security. We try to keep things normal and sensitized, as it would be prudent. As a result, we use non-refined healthy fixing. Factors are made available to farmers either directly or from business bodies which are supplied. Are confirming. Care is taken at every step to meet quality - this sourcing, manufacturing, packing or distribution. Benefits of LOW GI food Products-

1- Due to the following benefits, low GI foods are considered very good for health: 2- Slowly digested, absorbed and metabolized. 3- Due to the slow and continuous release of sugar in the blood stream 4- Reduce the risk of diabetes 5- Reduce the risk of heart disease 6- Improve weight management - control cravings and body weight 7- Provides gradual and continuous supply of energy between food 8- Provide stable energy and reduce fatigue 9- Accepted globally, well-acclaimed for diabetes 10- Accepted by both Carbohydrate and Fat Diet Proponents.

Grapefruit – Low GI Fruit with an amazing Health Benefits

Grapefruit are probably not the most delicious food here but let's just say it's an acquisition taste. They are different in many ways than their more popular, more sour and sweet cousins (Like orange). But, in fact, it is a superfund that when added to your regular diet, there can be a widespread health benefit, besides, they also do very little calorie snacks, so let's find out more about Grapefruit. Grapefruit. is a master manipulator, knows how to go into the body and tell the liver what it was used to do? To improve the cases, this study has shown that when your blood sugar comes to reduce the level, then grapes are very effective in the form of metformin. Metformin is a drug that has been given to diabetics to bring down their blood glucose levels. Grapes can literally bring blood sugar to about 13%, and this is very important, especially if you have diabetes. Grapefruit contain Carbohydrates Fiber Vitamin A | 23% DV, Vitamin C Potassium, Vitamin B1, B5, Biotin. If Grapefruit doesn’t interfere with your medication, at that point do consider making it a piece of your day by day breakfast administration. It will keep you charged, add to your fat misfortune, enable you to direct your glucose levels and give you a general sound way of life that you need.

Thank you for reading us, we will continue to bring you even better information. You can visit our website to buy Low GI Products. Till then eat healthy, stay healthy and take a good care of yourself.

Low gi products | Low GI foods | Overra Herbals  

Driven by the alarming statistics of diabetes and the predicament of diabetics, ‘Overra Foods’ startup team sought to provide solutions that...

Low gi products | Low GI foods | Overra Herbals  

Driven by the alarming statistics of diabetes and the predicament of diabetics, ‘Overra Foods’ startup team sought to provide solutions that...