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Under Fire By: Christian Melecio 1953 in Korea, Sargent Grey, Private Wilson, Private Maggs, Private Jackson, Private Woods, and I Private Melecio were given orders to recon the area to set up a base. When we arrived our helicopter was shot down by the Russians’. “What if they have another turret? They could cut us dow id Private Jackson. “ There are too many of them,” Private Jackson insisted. Sargent Grey said “We have a chance of living we might as well take it. You’ll stay behind because your the medic Jackson. Melecio you’ll stay behind and make a distraction.” “Left flank !!!” Sargent Grey shouted. I said “Stop!!! There is another way. We could throw grenades at the same time toward the bunker.” “Actually that would work they are poorly equipped. About 30 seconds after the blast we will charge.”Sargent Grey replied. “I’ll take lead,” I said “after all I came up with the idea.” “Fine.” said Grey,“You are in charge.” Then the planning began. As we went through the trenches gun fire fell silent. I was so scared my arms shook it felt like an earthquake. “Wilson” I whispered” be prepared to throw your grenade, keep your head low and move.” In my head I was going over the plan multiple times. I was trying to see if anyone could possibly die. I was having flashbacks of what happened last time I took control of a unit. The plan slowly unraveled. I was young , just joined the army I didn’t know what I was doing at the time. We were storming a beach . and almost everyone died. Grey and I were the last people who survived in the unit. Now I had to lead again. “Now” I yelled. For 3 minutes all I heard was explosions. “Charge” I yelled. We all ran for the bunker at the same time,we got to the bunker and saw arms ripped from flesh and bodies ripped in half there was blood everywhere. I was confident when I went

in now I just wanted to die sadly I had 3 more years of doing this. After this horrible event I was awarded the rank of sargent.

Author’s Note Under Fire takes place in the Korean War, a war that lasted a brutal three years and one month. Fighting began started in June 25th, 1950 and ended July 27th ,1953. There was a stalemate between both sides during 1951 and 1953. The death toll on both sides will never be fully known because on both sides the estimates vary widely is known however millions of people died military personel along with citizens. The two sides within the war were the allied forces from World War II and the North Korean Army, Soviet army, and Chinese Army. The war started because the United States and Soviet Russia split Korea into two sides divided by the 38th parallel. The North Koreans wanted there to be only one Korea, so they were going to take it by force, and war broke out.

Under Fire  

this is my historical fiction project