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Overflow Uth  Church  

Jr. High  Camp   July  2nd-­July  6th  

Sr. High  Camp   July  9th-­July  13th    

WHERE   River  Oaks  Retreat  Center   180  Youth  Camp  Road   Honea  Path,  SC  29654   Emergencies  Only   864-­338-­0932  

(Lunch money  will  be  needed  for  the  trip  up  and  back)   Monday  Departure:  8:00AM  @  Praise  Assembly   Friday  Arrival:  5:00PM  @  Praise  Assembly    

What You  Need  

1. Sheets/Sleeping Bag/   Blanket/Pillow   2. Notebook/Bible   3. Spending  Money   4. Toiletries-­‐Soap/Shampoo/   Toothpaste/Personal  Items  

5. Towel/Washcloth 6. Flashlight   7. Recreation  Clothes   8. Modest  Swimwear   9. Notebook/Bible   10. Spending  Money

Do Not  Bring   Fireworks,  Food,  Coolers,  MP3  Players,  Weapons,  ETC…   ARE  NOT  PERMITTED!     SCYM  reserves  the  right  to  search  any  and  all  bags/luggage  at  any  time!    

LOST/FOUND POLICY:   SCYM  or  RORC  is  not  responsible  for  items  left  behind,  lost  or  stolen.     Items  become  the  property  of  the  RORC  and  will  be  given  to  a  charitable  organization.    

Medications: All  medications  are  to  be  turned  in  to  the  camp  nurse  upon  arrival.  Please  enclose  each  medication  in  a  separate  plastic   baggie  along  with  instructions.  Medicine  must  be  in  the  original  bottles  and  enclosed  in  baggie.  Camper’s  who  use  inhalers   will  be  required  to  keep  the  inhaler  on  them  at  all  times.  Please  provide  the  student  a  means  to  do  so  (small  backpack).  


Student Itinerary  

Camp Info as a PDF

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