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ON THE COVER 2019 was a wonderful year of fun-filled events and community gatherings. We hope you’ll join us in 2020 as well. Happy Holidays!



Community Manager (Association) - Rudy Bautista: 863-701-2969 or rbautista@evergreen-LM.com

Administration: 863-427-7100 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Club Manager - Sheri Wollschlager: 863-427-7129 or swollschlager@evergreen-LM.com

K&M Drugs: 863-496-7930 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Saturday 9am-1pm and Sunday Closed

Director of Association Site Services for Solivita - Matt McCoy: 863-427-7103 or mmccoy@evergreen-LM.com

Marketplace Bistro: 863-427-7150, ext. 4724 Daily 8am-8pm, Breakfast: 8am-11am Riviera Spa & Fitness Center: 863-427-7130 Monday-Thursday 6:30am-9pm Friday 6:30am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 7am-7pm Riviera Spa Massage: 407-914-9168 Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm Friday 8am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-6pm Solivita Club After Hours Emergency Phone Number: 863-286-8779 Weekdays 5pm-8pm and Weekends 12pm-5pm Starlite Ballroom Daily 8am-11pm Stonegate Pro Shop: 863-427-7150, ext. 4710 Daily 7am-5pm

Director of Safety & Security - Madalyn Colon: 863-440-7572 or madalync@vitalsecurity.com Communications - Doug Gilbert: 863-427-7137 or solivitacommunications@evergreen-LM.com Evergreen Lifestyles Management (For ALL Club & HOA Matters) 24/7: 855-490-1804 or customerservice@evergreen-LM.com Taylor Morrison Customer Care: 800-858-5933 or www.taylormorrison.com/warranty/request Activities: 863-427-7125 or SolivitaActivities@evergreen-LM.com Architectural Review: 863-427-7022 or compliance@solivitahoa.com Catering & Banquets (Stonegate Golf Club): 863-427-7150, ext. 4720 Concierge: 863-427-7100 or Fax: 863-496-4456 Floralawn: 863-225-9565 or floralawn.com (Submit a Work Order) Floralawn Irrigation Emergency After Hours: 863-225-9565 (Starting at 5pm all calls get routed directly to the on-call manager) K&M Drugs: 863-496-7930 or Fax: 863-496-7931

The Grille at Stonegate: 863-427-7167 Daily 8am-9pm (Breakfast: 8am-11am, Lunch: 11am-4pm and Dinner: 4pm-9pm) Bar: Mon-Sat 11am-10pm (Happy Hour 2pm-5pm) and Sun 11am-9pm (Happy Hour All Day)

Membership: 863-427-7143 or solivitamembership@evergreen-LM.com

The Palms: 863-496-1530 Amenity Center Monday-Sunday 8am-9pm Kids Pool Hours Monday-Friday 12pm-4pm Saturday & Sunday 9am-9pm Fitness Center Monday-Thursday 6:30am -9pm Friday 6:30am-7pm Saturday-Sunday 7am-7pm

Riviera Spa Massage: 407-914-9168 or info@rivieraspamassage.com

Waterfront Galleries Daily 8am-11pm

Stonegate Golf Club Directory: 863-427-7150

Welcome Center or Model Park: 863-427-7000 Monday-Saturday 9:30am -5:30pm Sunday 11am -5:30pm


Mosaics Restaurant: 863-427-7150, ext. 4720 or option #5 Resident to Resident Resource Center: 863-236-9973 or SolivitaR2R@gmail.com

Security Gatehouses  Supervisor: 407-989-2417 Bella Viana Gate: 407-603-2422 Main Gate: 407-603-2399 Parkway Gate: 863-286-0329 South Gate (Marigold): 863-496-1473 Venezia Gate: 407-603-2397 West Gate (San Clemente): 863-496-1453 Solivita Sales: 863-427-7000

The Palms Amenity Center: 863-496-1530 or Fax: 863-496-0914 Violations & Compliance: 863-427-7032 Visitor/Vendor Gate Access Voice Server: 863-313-1314

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NEW NEWSLETTER SUBMISSION EMAIL ADDRESS Email submissions to reflections@evergreen-LM.com


Calendar submissions and newsletter articles are due on Friday, November 29th. Club insert copies are due by Monday, December 23rd. All inserts must be approved by Club Manager, Sheri Wollschlager (email to swollschlager@evergreen-LM.com) or Communications Director, Doug Gilbert (email to solivitacommunications@ evergreen-LM.com) before they are copied.


Calendar submissions and newsletter articles are due on Thursday, January 2nd.

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Solivita reserves the right to refuse advertisement and does not guarantee any work or claims made by advertisers. Advertisement in Reflections does not constitute an endorsement or approval of goods or services by Solivita.

Solivita Clubs with recurring weekly/monthly meetings need to submit their meeting information in order to be included in the Reflections Calendar Insert for the 2020 year. Please include the club name, day and date of meeting, time, and location. Double check your meeting dates and be sure to note any cancellations due to holidays, etc. If you list a meeting on a holiday, it will be included on the calendar. Groups that made an annual submission for 2019 are NOT automatically carried over into the new year. Please send new submissions to reflections@evergreen-LM.com by Friday, November 29th.

Residents receive 50% off the 1/8 page ad at the one-month rate ($115). The resident rate is $57.50 for the 1/8 page ad only. As a reminder, only one discount is issued per household.



Holiday lighting and decorations are permitted to be placed upon the exterior portions of the home and upon the lot commencing on Thanksgiving and need be removed no later than January 15th. The ACC may require the removal of any lighting that creates a nuisance (e.g., unacceptable spillover to an adjacent home).

Reflections |  December 2019 |

To download the contract and make payment, please visit SolivitaAdvertising.com. For more information on advertising your business in Reflections, please contact the Advertising Administrator, Amanda Wright, at 813501-7220, SolivitaAdvertising@Evergreen-LM.com, or visit the website at SolivitaAdvertising.com.

Do you have a suggestion for Reflections, Channel 732, or SolivitaHOA.com? Email inquiries or comments to Doug Gilbert at solivitacommunications@evergreen-LM.com or stop by the Communications Office.


[ Department ] Articles

2019 Improvements & Project Recap By Sheri Wollschlager Club Manager Another year has passed and we are coasting into 2020. Before we do, I would like to flash back to 2019 improvements and projects that were completed this year.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Remodeled the seating area in the Bistro Remodeled the Ballroom Updated the audio/visual in the Ballroom Installed a new playground at Freedom Park Resurfaced the Pickleball Courts at Freedom Park and The Palms Installed new water bottle filling stations in the fitness centers and at Freedom Park Purchased a new chess set Removed the trellis on the Riviera Spa & Fitness Center (RSF) outside the pool deck Increased Wi-Fi in RSF Second Floor Classroom (RSF2), The Palms and Gator Room Installed a new kiln Thinned and trimmed the trees in Freedom Park, RSF, the Bistro and the large parking lot at Freedom Park Landscape beautification at Freedom Park, The Palms, RSF and Village Drive Changed out all the street lights on Village Drive to LED lights Repaired and refinished the aerobics floor at The Palms Replaced outside fans at the pavilions Renovated the Bocce Courts at Freedom Park Installed new awning at the Bocce Courts at The Palms Replaced several areas of sidewalk pulled up by the oak trees and removed two trees on Village Drive Repaired and replaced several pumps, motors and heaters at our satellite pools Replaced several A/C units that have aged Resurfaced the Starlite Ballroom roof Started a new process for Recreational Clubs to identify wants and needs for recreational areas for budgeting Changed guest pass procedure for residents to get guest passes for their guest without being present Downloaded the room and recreational calendar online for everyone to view Added additional golf cart parking at Freedom Park Added two more disabled parking spots by the pharmacy


• Added rowing machine to our exercise equipment at both facilities • Moved the bank investors into the Administration office, remodeled the bank, moved the Spa to the bank, and then moved two staff members into the old spa area The Evergreen team is very excited about the renovation/ projects Taylor Morrison has approved for 2020. I can tell, you that we will be doing some more work in RSF and the Starlite Ballroom. There will also be new looks in a few areas. More information about these projects will be sent out once we have scheduled the work. And, now for something sentimental and beautiful that my mom sent me. Enjoy!

Be Thankful For The Life Journey Courtesy of Steven Aitchison

Life is like a journey on a train with its stations, with changes of routes and with accidents! At birth we boarded the train and met our parents, and we believe they will always travel on our side. However, at some station our parents will step down from the train, leaving us on this journey alone. As time goes by, other people will board the train; and they will be significant, i.e. our siblings, friends, children and even the love of our life. Many will step down and leave a permanent vacuum. Others will go so unnoticed that we do not realize that they vacated their seats! This train ride will be full of joy, sorrow, fantasy, expectations, hellos, goodbyes, and farewells. Success consists of having a good relationship with all the passengers...requiring that we give the best of ourselves. The mystery to everyone is: We do not know at which stations we ourselves will step down. So, we must live in the best way—

Reflections |  December 2019 |

[ Department] Articles

Committee Roundup

Sheri’s article continued from page 4

FitWell Committee Love, forgive, and offer the best of who we are. It is important to do this because when the time comes for us to step down and leave our seat empty; we should leave behind beautiful memories for those who will continue to travel on the train of life without us. I wish you a joyful journey for the coming years on your train of life. Reap success, give lots of love and be happy. More importantly, be thankful for the journey! Lastly, I thank you for being one of the passengers on my train! What a wonderful 2019. On behalf of the Evergreen Team, I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Healthy Happy New Year! Sheri Wollschlager 863-427-7129 swollschlager@evergreen-LM.com

December & January Holiday Hours Reflections |  December 2019 |

This year’s Health Fair held in October was a huge success. Over 86 vendors were in attendance at the Riviera Spa & Fitness Center. Each year this event draws many residents who gather information about health and wellness opportunities.

Improvement Updates

The Pickleball Courts at The Palms have been resurfaced. Ninety feet of golf parking will be added next to the pavilion near the softball field. Speed of golf carts passing by is a concern as other carts are backing out of spots, so signs will be added to remind drivers to slow down when approaching that area. The softball field has been closed for reseeding and to work a few other projects to improve the field and play. Three new members will be added to the Fit Well Committee for 2020 as three have resigned. We are excited to welcome them to the FitWell Team!

Tuesday, December 24th Christmas Eve Administration & Activities: Close at 12pm RSF & The Palms: Close at 12pm Fitness Classes: Cancelled The Grille: Open Normal Hours Marketplace Bistro: Closed Pro Shop: 7am-12pm

Wednesday, December 25th Christmas Day Administration & Activities: Closed RSF & The Palms: Closed Fitness Classes: Cancelled The Grille: Closed Marketplace Bistro: Closed Pro Shop: Closed Tuesday, December 31st New Year’s Eve Administration: Close at 12pm RSF & The Palms: Close at 12pm Fitness Classes: Cancelled Waterfront Galleries: Closed

Tuesday, December 31st continued The Grille: Closed at 2pm Marketplace Bistro: Closed at 2pm Pro Shop: 7am-1pm Wednesday, January 1st New Year’s Day Administration & Activities: Closed RSF & The Palms Fitness: Open at 12pm Fitness Classes: Cancelled The Grille: Open at 11am Marketplace Bistro: Open at 11am Pro Shop: 7am-5pm Friday, January 3rd Main Ticket Sales: 9am in the Ballroom Monday, January 6th Room Reservations for January 2021: 9am in Activities Office


[ Department ] Articles

Activities Updates & Reminders By Jana Malik Director of Activities

What’s the Difference?

This month, since there will be so many wonderful Activities and Solivita club parties going on, I thought it might be a good idea to go over the differences between a Restaurant and Catering. For purposes of this article, this will be related to Solivita Catering and not to catering establishments outside of our gates.



Confined to their building establishment.

Can be setup almost anywhere.

Full menu, guest choice.

Pre-set menu determined by the event host, guest has no choice. Vegetarian or fish meal is available if advised to the event host in advance.

Guest can modify ingredient list as each dish is made to order.

Ingredients cannot be modified as large quantities of food are made at once before the event begins.

Food is served after a table of guests order.

Food is served to the whole room of guests at the same time.

Menu items are not typically sold out because a restaurant orders food several times a week.

Host gives final count to Catering 1 week before the event, therefore, that is the limit as to how many meals can be served.

Steak can be cooked to guest’s desire.

All steaks are cooked to Medium temperature. Well done is accepted if advised to event host in advance.

Leftover container is permitted because food will be taken away by guest immediately after service.

Leftover container is NOT permitted as most catered events include activities after dinner, such as dancing, therefore food will be left out more than two hours which could lead to contamination and foodborne illness.

Village Drive Road Closings

Road will be closed from the Ballroom to the Pro Shop roundabout for the following events: • Holiday Festivities Program Wednesday, December 4th from 5:30pm-8:30pm • New Year’s Eve Parties Tuesday, December 31st from 3pm-2am


Sign Up Now!

1. 2020 Dog Park Registration

Starting on December 16th, the Activities department will have the 2020 Dog Park dog tags for purchase by cash, check or credit card. Remember to bring updated vaccinations if Continued on page 8

Reflections |  December 2019 |

Reflections |  December 2019 |


[ Department ] Articles

Jana’s article continued from page 6 they are close to expiring. We have owners’ 2019 Dog Park Registrations forms, if vaccinations are still current. The registration form is available on SolivitaHOA.com under Lifestyles, Dog Park. (Photographs provided by PALS Club.)

4. Mardi Gras Parade & Street Party

Tuesday, February 25th at 6pm Solivita Clubs & Neighborhood Groups interested in having a booth to sell food or desserts in the Bistro roundabout and the side road by the Ballroom, sign-up in Activities, call 863-4277125 or email SolivitaActivities@evergreen-LM.com. FOOD ITEM TO SELL AND BOOTH LOCATION ARE APPROVED AND ASSIGNED, FIRST COME, FIRST CHOICE.

2. Solivita Club & Business Expo

Saturday, January 11th from 10am-1pm »» Solivita Clubs interested in having a table must register with the Activities office at 863-427-7125 or email SolivitaActivities@evergreen-LM.com. No special placement requests and space is limited. »» Business Owners, review the application and prices on SolivitaHOA.com under Lifestyles, Docs & Form. We do not accept the following: real estate, Medicare, healthcare, financials, investments or vendors who participated in the Fall Arts and Crafts Festival.

Updated Club Contact Information

Many clubs pass the baton of Club responsibilities around this time of year to another member(s). If your Club has a new President, Commander, Queen Mother, Coordinator, Commissioner, Contact Person or any other leader, please bring a list of updated contact information to the Activities office or email SolivitaActivities@evergreen-LM.com. Please advise us if you have a reoccurring room reservation so we can update the room calendar as well. We will forward this information to the newsletter publisher to update the Club Meeting List section and to Club Communications to update your Club page on SolivitaHOA.com. The Activities Team and I have had an extremely memorable and enjoyable 2019 year with all of you!

3. Solivita Olympics Opening Ceremony

Tuesday, February 4th at 4pm Solivita Clubs & Neighborhood Groups interested in having a booth at the Solivita Olympics Opening Ceremony to sell food or desserts can sign up by calling Bernice Dillard at 863-427-4480.


We hope you have an enjoyable holiday and New Year’s Eve with family and friends, and then, get ready for us to bring out all the stops and more next year. Keep The Party Going, well into 2020!!! Jana Malik 863-427-7125 jmalik@evergreen-LM.com

Reflections |  December 2019 |

A Visual Success! The Fall Arts and Crafts Festival Committee and the Activities team would like to THANK both vendors and visitors for participating in the 18th Annual Fall Arts and Crafts Festival at Solivita this past November and for supporting the St. Rose of Lima Food Pantry Fund Drive. You helped us raise $1,541! We want to extend a special thanks to the Solivita staff including Club Communications, Housekeeping and Maintenance; Stonegate Golf Catering; Floralawn and Vital Security and the OVER 100 resident volunteers whose time, talents and energy make this community event possible. With another great year behind us, we are looking forward to 2020. Mark your calendars for the 19th Annual Fall Arts and Crafts Festival at Solivita scheduled for Saturday, November 7th. If you have any comments or suggestions or if you would like to be a vendor next year, please email solivitafallfestival@ gmail.com or call Activities at 863-427-7125. Photos provided by Joe Thomas

Reflections |  December 2019 |


[ Department ] Articles

From the World of Fitness & Wellness By Jamar Edge Director of Fitness & Wellness December is here along with all the holiday cheer it brings!!!

First, I want to thank those of you who attended this year’s Solivita Health Fair. This was by far the largest Health Fair for the community, as we had 80+ vendors and an estimated 1,200 attendees. We received a lot of positive feedback about the event from both our dear homeowners and dedicated vendors. The FitWell Team and I look forward to the challenge of making it better and better each year. As each second inches closer to 2020, we are looking forward to all of the opportunities and challenges the coming year will bring.

Holiday Wellness Tips

Once again, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you enjoy the Holiday Season this year: • Take Time: Carve out some time for yourself. It’s important to make sure you do not exhaust yourself or increase your stress level. • Wash Hands Often: Be sure to wash your hands often and keep them away from your eyes, nose and mouth. Flu season is here and we tend to do lots of hugging and kissing during this time of year. • Don’t Overeat: Try to avoid eating too much. I know it’s a tough one, but make sure you are eating and drinking in moderation. No need to force yourself to eat everything. Just choose the items you will enjoy the most. • Keep Moving: Lastly, and most importantly, STAY ACTIVE!!! It’s easy to “get out of the routine” of working out during the holiday season. Working out is a good way of getting rid of the stress the holidays can bring. In addition, it’s a good way to counter the results of having that extra slice of pie or second full serving of dinner we tend to squeeze in. On behalf of the Solivita FitWell Team, have a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season!!! Jamar Edge 863-496-3522 jedge@evergreen-LM.com

Yard of the Month We visited the Verona neighborhood to choose our Yard of the Month. Phyllis and Joel Secan at 1382 Del Mar Drive reworked their entire front yard with mounding, river rock, boulders and tropical plantings to create the unique and colorful garden that has matured nicely. With Joel’s knowledge of proper soil mixture, fertilization and maintenance, their yard stands out. Brad Thompson at Floralawn provided a gift certificate to this months’ winners. Who will be chosen next month? Congratulations Phyllis and Joel.

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Reflections |  December 2019 |

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Reflections |  December 2019 |

| 11 |

[ Department ] Articles

A Christmas Delight!

By Shelley Destefano Community Concierge There are lots of delightful events in the area this month that I’ve listed, but first I wanted to share a little poem with you to get into the Christmas spirit! It’s Christmas in Florida and there’s not a flurry in sight. Christmas in the Sunshine State is sunny and bright and we always have oranges for a sunny delight! Vitamin D from the sun keeps us on the run. We are always ready for some Christmas fun! All that fun is fine and dandy! I hope your Christmas is as sweet as candy.

Light Up UCF

This holiday tradition will take place from November 22nd to January 5th. The light show, parking, and film festival are free, but you do have to purchase tickets for rides and ice-skating. Visit lightupucf.com or call 407-823-6062 for more information.

The Holidays at Old Town

Beginning on November 30th, it will snow every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night through December 25th. Old Town will have a spectacular display of festive decorations throughout the brickpaved streets, as well live music and their Friday and Saturday car show and cruise. In addition, Old Town will also have their Holiday Bazaar event on Saturday, December 7th from 10am6pm. This outdoor market is free and there will be vendors selling all kinds of items. If you need to do some last-minute shopping, you might enjoy this event, which is located at 5770 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway in Kissimmee. Visit myoldtownusa. com/events for more information. The Holidays at Old Town

offers one of the area’s only synthetic ice rinks, special community performances by some of the area’s top young talent, and special concert events throughout the season. The Winter Wonderland Spectacular features strolling Charles Dickens style Carolers, photos with Santa, horse drawn carriage rides, ice skating, train rides, and nightly snowfall at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm. Visit celebrationtowncenter.com for more information.

St. Augustine Christmas Parade

On December 7th, St. Augustine will have their annual Christmas Parade at 9am. The parade goes up and down the streets of the historic city. Visit visitstaugustine.com/event/christmas-parade or call 904-824-4997 for more information.

Amway Center Shows

There are two shows at the Amway Center (400 W. Church Street in Orlando) that I think you might enjoy: • The Trans-Siberian Orchestra will be performing on December 14th at 3pm and 8pm. Visit trans-siberian. com/tour to purchase tickets. • On December 17th at 7:30pm, you can experience Cirque Musica Holiday Wishes. Visit cirquemusica.com/holidaywishes to purchase tickets and for more information.

AKC National Championship

The event will take place at the Orange County Convention Center (9899 International Drive in Orlando) on December 14th and 15th. Visit akc.org or call 919-233-9767 to purchase tickets and for more information. This is a family-friendly event and tickets are just $10 for anyone 13 years and older. Please leave your lovely pets at home, as pets are not allowed.

2020 NFL Pro Bowl

The 2020 NFL Pro Bowl will be January 26th at 3pm at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando. Visit fevo.me/31HT533 to purchase tickets at a discounted rate for Solivita residents. For more information, please call Jake Mowery at 407-513-1604. Always remember that the most delightful present of all is having the presence of love in your household!

Now Snowing at Celebration Town Center

From November 30th through December 31st, Now Snowing,

| 12 |

Community Concierge 863-427-7100 sdestefano@evergreen-LM.com

Reflections |  December 2019 |

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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH SOLIVITA OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONY Let’s open the Solivita Olympics with a parade starting from the Ballroom to the Pro Shop, live entertainment, food for purchase from Solivita Club and Neighborhood Groups and a cash bar. The parade will highlight the torchbearers and the Solivita Clubs, groups, participants and volunteers who are involved and supporting the Solivita Olympic games. The end of the parade will feature the last torchbearer carrying the torch to light the cauldron located in the Pro Shop roundabout. The cauldron will stay on during the entire Olympics. Parade participants are to meet in the Freedom Park parking lot (where the Farmer’s Market is held) by 3:30pm. The parade will start at 4pm. After the parade ends, we celebrate with an International themed street party with food and music provided by several Solivita groups who will be in several areas (more information next month). Wear your country of origin’s hat, shirt or colors and be part of this momentous event. Free entrance from 4pm-7pm. Guests of all ages welcome. RAIN OR SHINE. VEHICLE TRAFFIC WILL CLOSE AT 2PM, EXCEPT TO VENDORS FOR SETUP. To register in the Solivita Olympics, forms are available at the Activities Office, the Riviera Spa & Fitness Center, and The Palms. Forms may be returned to same locations. REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS JANUARY 3, 2020!


9am – Cycling – Freedom Park

9:30am – 5K Walk – Freedom Park

2pm-4pm – Bid Whist – Gator Room

6:30pm-8pm – Water Volleyball - RSF Indoor Pool

Reflections |  December 2019 |


8am-12pm - Tennis: Men’s Doubles & Finals - Freedom Park

12pm-2pm – Phase 10 – Lago Vista Clubhouse

1pm-5pm – Bridge: Open – Caspian Room

8:30am - Pickleball: Women’s Doubles - Freedom Park

6:30pm-8pm – Water Volleyball - RSF Indoor Pool


8:30am – Pickleball: Men’s Doubles - Freedom Park

9am-10:30am – Dragon Boat Race – Boat Dock behind Bistro

10am-2pm- Billiards: 8 Ball Open A & B - Billiards Gallery

10:30am – Softball Throw – Softball Field

12pm - Hot Shot Hoops – Bell Tower Crossing Net

2pm-4pm – Table Tennis: Single, Men, Women and Mixed Doubles - RSF

4pm-6:30pm – Water Volleyball - RSF Indoor Pool


8am-12pm - Tennis: Mixed Women’s Doubles & Finals Freedom Park

8am-12pm - Tennis: Mixed Doubles & Finals - Freedom Park

8:30am – Pickleball: Mixed Doubles – Freedom Park

9am-1pm – Swimming: Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle - RSF Indoor Pool

10am-1pm – Power Lifting: Bench Press & Dead Lift The Palms Amenity

11am-2pm – Poker: Seven Card Stud - Aegean Room

10am-2pm - Billiards: 9 Ball Open A & B - Billiards Gallery

1pm-5pm – Bridge: Team – Caspian Room

3pm-5pm – Water Volleyball - RSF Indoor Pool

3pm-6pm – Poker: Texas Hold ‘Em - Aegean Room

4pm – Closing Ceremony - All Are Welcome: Extinguishing the Cauldron and Photos - Pro Shop Roundabout

Village Drive will be closed from 3:30pm-4:30pm for the Closing Ceremony. For more information, call Brenda Lockley, 863-438-2808 or 301-2338294; Pamela Sykes, 215-740-5505; or Bernice Dillard, 863-427-4480.

| 13 |

[ Department ] Articles

The R2R Resource Center is Here for You! Workshop: Aging In Place

Tuesday, January 28th • 10am • Ballroom With so many Solivita residents overbooked this time of year with holiday events and travel, the Resource Center will not present a workshop in December. However, it’s not too early to reserve a seat for the January 28th “Aging In Place” Workshop. This is an important event that will focus not on the perils of aging, but on the tools and resources available to help us lead active, enjoyable and safe lives in the place we want to be. You’ll hear from experts on nutrition, fitness, medication management and other key elements of a healthy and happy lifestyle. All R2R Workshops are free to Solivita residents, but advance registration is requested. Please reserve your spot by phone at 863-236-9973 or email SolivitaR2R@gmail.com.

Solivita HOA Website

If you haven’t checked the Resident to Resident Resource Center webpage (accessible through SolivitaHOA.com), you’ll find some truly useful information developed from past workshops, such as details about the numerous volunteer opportunities outside Solivita and a guide to using the SunRail app.

Medical Equipment (CERT – Community Emergency Response Team)

The R2R Center is asking those residents who borrowed medical equipment in the past year to please check that you have returned


Do you need to post your special club event to the Community Channel (Channel 732)? Send your slide information (Club Name, Date, Time and Location of Event, Ticket Cost and Contact Information) to CommunityChannel@ Evergreen-LM.com. Each slide will contain only essential information, as it’s only on screen for 10-13 seconds.

| 14 |

the items if they are no longer needed. Our snowbirds have returned and there has been a sharp increase in demand. If you need the equipment you borrowed a little longer, please call the office at 863-236-9973 and let us know of your continued need. Thank you to all the thoughtful residents who have donated equipment to help our fellow residents. We ask that you please call the office with any further donations so that we can determine if the piece is a high demand item we need.

Kid’s Corner

The holidays are fast approaching and family will be visiting. Keep in mind that the Resource Center has children’s books that can be borrowed to entertain “The Grands” while they are here.

R2R Transportation Survey

It’s not too late to complete the transportation survey that was in your November Reflections. You can also complete it in person or over the phone by contacting R2R. And lastly, the Volunteers at the R2R Resource Center would like to wish all our residents a Happy Holiday and a Happy and Healthy New Year. We look forward to serving you in the future. R2R Resource Center 863-236-9973 SolivitaR2R@gmail.com


The HOA, Security, and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office receive multiple complaints of speeding each week from residents. The Sheriff’s Office has been asked for their assistance in speed enforcement. Receiving a speeding ticket is not only financially costly, but can lead to much more serious results. A driver is six times more likely to have an accident when traveling at 25% above the posted speed limit. Speeding reduces the amount of time to avoid a crash and increases the severity of a crash once it occurs.

Reflections |  December 2019 |

Flags Over Solivita

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Submitted by the Veterans Club of Solivita


he Veterans Club of Solivita is asking for your help through your donations. Among the charities that the Veterans Club of Solivita supports are college scholarships to local ROTC high school seniors; Bingo Games for the facility-bound veterans at the VA Community Living Center at Lake Nona; Free and medically supervised travel to Washington D.C. in the Honor Flight Program for WWII, Korean and Vietnam veterans to visit the memorial that was specifically created to honor their services as well as the services of their fellow comrades who had paid the ultimate sacrifice; USO at the Orlando airport, which provides programs and services for transition back to civilian life, for nurturing hospital care when recovering from a battlefield injury, training accident or even a long illness, and for vital links to information, programming and community support for the healing families. The Veterans Club of Solivita is asking for your donations to help support and further these and other programs. As a thank you for your donation, the Veterans Club members and non-military Solivita volunteer residents will ensure that a 3 x 5 American Flag flies in front of your home six times a year on: President’s Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day thru 9/11, and Veterans Day. When your neighbors see the flag flying in front of your home, they will know it symbolizes your love of the flag, your love of country, and your support of the military men and women who have fought and still fight for the freedoms we have and enjoy. Just think of it, an American flag flying in front of every home in Solivita. Over 2,400 flags were displayed throughout Solivita in 2019. Won’t you please help our cause with a $25 yearly taxdeductible contribution? One-hundred percent (100%) of your contribution goes to support these charities and the Veterans Club takes no administrative fees. Note: The flags remain the property of the Veterans Club and it is the club’s responsibility to install, remove, store, care for, and maintain the flags. Applications are available on the Veterans Club webpage on SolivitaHOA.com or at the Concierge Desk. If you would like to volunteer or you have any questions, email flagsoversolivita@gmail.com or call 863-512-3655. Applications along with your $25 check (made payable to VCS) can be mailed to: Veterans Club of Solivita, P.O. Box 581770, Poinciana, FL 34758.

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[ Solivita University ]

Co-Sponsored by the Solivita University Committee and Activities No studying, tests or exams are given, just enlightening topics to keep your mind energized. All classes are 90 minutes long and require pre-registration, unless otherwise noted. Solivita University classes are also listed in a calendar on solivitahoa.com under Calendars and Maps and then choose Activities Events and Solivita University Classes. January courses and the 2020 Art and Literary Lecture Pass will open for registration starting on Monday, December 2nd. For more information, to register or purchase annual passes by cash, check or credit card, please visit the Activities Office or call 863-427-7125.

Great Decisions Discussions

Each year the Foreign Policy Association produces a study guide with eight of the most critical global issues facing America. Great Decisions (GD) is an annual ticketed pass offering eight discussions that meets monthly January-May and September-November. The discussion of the month is conducted by moderator Thomas Gallagher Ph. D that takes place on a Wednesday afternoon and/or a Tuesday morning.

2020 Great Decisions Discussion Book Pre-Order - ON SALE NOW The 2020 GD Annual Pass cost will be $39 (or $44 for two sharing a book). The topics for discussion in 2020 will include: Climate Change; India and Pakistan; Red Sea Security; Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery; Northern Triangle; China in Latin America; The Philippines; and Artificial Intelligence. Next Discussion: Climate Change Tuesday, January 7th at 11am in the Gator Room and Wednesday, January 15th at 4pm in The Palms

Art and Literary Lecture 2020 Annual Pass

This pass will allow residents admittance to any of approximately 13 Art and Literary Lectures starting in January 2020 for $20 per person. Art classes, presented by Art Historian Jan Clanton, are on Tuesdays as scheduled at 1pm in the Ballroom. Literary Lectures, taught by resident Professor Thomas Gallagher, take place as scheduled

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on Mondays at 4pm in the Gator Room. Lectures will be advertised under the Solivita University article in Reflections. If you choose not to purchase an Annual Pass and want to attend a lecture, admission is $5 per lecture at the door. Art and Literary passes are for Art and Literature Lectures only and are non-refundable. Next Art Lecture: Tuesday, January 14th at 1pm in the Ballroom: The National Gallery, Washington D.C. and Andrew Mellon Next Literary Lecture: Monday, January 27th 4pm in the Gator Room: National Security by Marc Cameron

Beginners Conversational Spanish

10-Week Course on Tuesdays Starting on January 7th Venezia at 9am Tuition: Sign up is required in Activities office. Cost of $50 is taken at the first class, which will be returned if student attends eight or more classes. Class Information: Classes are 2 hours long and are limited to 30 students. Instructor: Gloria Muci, Solivita resident Course Description: Have you ever wanted to learn Spanish? This is your opportunity to learn conversational Spanish from the beginning. Study materials will be provided.

Continuing Conversational Spanish

10-Week Course on Thursdays Starting on January 9th Aegean Room at 9am Tuition: Sign up is required in Activities office. Cost of $50 is taken at the first class, which will be returned if student attends

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[ Solivita University] eight or more classes. Class Information: Classes are 2 hours long and are limited to 35 students. Instructor: Gloria Muci, Solivita resident Course Description: For those who have some Spanish classes, this is the opportunity to brush up on your Spanish and to advance your language skills. Study materials will be provided.

Word 102

Mondays, January 13th, 20th, 27th and February 3rd Gator Room at 2pm Tuition: $25 per student Instructor: Catherine Larson, a Solivita resident, has taught word processing, spreadsheets and database programs for over 20 years. She has taught in public school, adult education, corporate training and private lessons. She makes learning fun, useful and relatively stress-free! Catherine Larson Course Requirement: Students need to bring their own laptop (Mac or Windows) to participate as they learn. Word from Office 365 will be used to demonstrate; however, all concepts and tools are available on older versions 2007 and higher. Word on Tablets and iPads are acceptable, but all features might not be available. Course Description: This course takes you past basic formatting in Word. We will be inserting tables, graphics, text boxes, section and page breaks into documents. Students will learn the difference between independent and Inline graphics and how to control images in documents.

Excel 102

Tuesdays, January 14th, 21st, 28th and February 4th Gator Room at 4pm Tuition: $25 per student Instructor: Catherine Larson, a Solivita resident, has taught word processing, spreadsheets and database programs for over 20 years. She has taught in public school, adult education, corporate training and private lessons. She makes learning fun, useful and relatively stress-free! Course Requirement: Students need to bring their own laptop (Mac or Windows) to participate as they learn. Excel from Office 365 will be used to demonstrate; however, all concepts and tools are available on older versions 2007 and higher. Excel on Tablets

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and iPads are acceptable, but all features might not be available. Course Description: This course takes you beyond the basics of creating tables in Excel. You will learn how to sort, filter, create pivot tables and charts from their data and use conditional formatting in cells. In addition, Excel has automated tasks such as finding duplicates and combining cells that can be useful in creating your tables.

History of the Decades Through Film: 1940-1970s

Thursdays, January 16th, 23rd, 30th and February 6th The Palms at 1pm Tuition: $25 per student Professor: Dr. Richard Goldsmith was an award-winning teacher as well as a high school administrator for over 40 years. During his career, he taught AP United States History, AP European History, Cambridge University Sociology, and AP Dr. Richard Capstone (critical thinking and college Goldsmith research paper writing). Course Description: Film not only freezes time, but it makes the characters that appear on both the big screen and little screen both timeless and ageless. We will explore how film reflects society as well as well as how it impacts society.

»» The 1940’s were dominated by World War II. Life was »» »»


tenuous for millions of boys serving in the military,“…live for today, because tomorrow you may not be alive!” The 1950’s was a period of great prosperity and the rise of the middle class, suburban living, and happy days. It was a time of consensus and change. The 1960’s was a decade of great changes; the antiVietnam war movement as well as the civil rights movement. Music fundamentally changed in major ways from the doo-wop days of the 50’s. The 1970’s saw the anti-Vietnam war protests morph into nationwide violent protests. Musicians played a key role as Continued on page 18

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[ Solivita University ] Continued from pages 16-17 their songs reflected the growing anger of young people, such as the song Ohio depicting the Kent State Massacre.

Using Mutual Funds to Manage Your Retirement Portfolio

Tuesdays, January 21st and 28th The Palms at 10:30am Tuition: $8 per student Professor: Lita Epstein is the author of more than 45 books, which include “The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Mutual Funds” and “Streetwise Retirement Planning.” Course Description: »» Week 1: Basics of Using Mutual Funds in Your Retirement Portfolio. Explore the basics of mutual funds such as the various mutual fund types and mutual fund companies, as well as how mutual funds work. »» Week 2: Picking Funds and Managing Your Portfolio. Explore the strategies of choosing the right mutual funds for your retirement portfolio and how to manage that portfolio through retirement.

Course Description: After each week’s video, an informed discussion will take place. »» Part 1: This class will feature a YouTube video with Dr. Dan Britt, “The History of Climate”. It is an excellent lecture on the history of Earth’s climate over the past 500 million years, with emphasis on ‘recent’ history over the past 10 million years. This video puts current climate change concerns in perspective. »» Part 2: This class will feature a 20 minute YouTube video that picks up where the previous lecture left us. The topic will be, ”Major Sea Level Rises in the Near Future”, by Jason P. Briner. Dr. Briner is an Associate Professor of Geology at the University of Buffalo. His research expertise lies in glaciers and climate, specifically in the Arctic regions. He has been above the Arctic Circle more than 35 times for his research, in the remote corners of Alaska, Arctic Canada, Greenland and Norway.

Upcoming Spring 2020 Courses MARK YOUR CALENDARS

Climate Change Videos and Discussions

Wednesdays, January 22nd and 29th The Palms at 10am Tuition: Complimentary course, no pre-registration required Professor: Alan McIlwain has a M.Sc. in nuclear physics from the University of Manitoba in Canada. He spent most of his career working in material science and electronics. He retired and moved here from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

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Registration opens in the Activities Office a month before each first class date. • “Come Write With Us” Writing Workshop: 4-week course starting Thursday, February 6th at 1:30pm • Fiestas in the Americas: 3-week course starting Friday, February 14th at 10:30am • Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam: 3-week course starting Tuesday, March 10th at 1pm • Social Security Basics: 2-week course starting Thursday, March 12th at 6:30pm • The Borinqueneers Film Documentary: Tuesday, March 31st at 1pm

Reflections |  December 2019 |

[ Department] Articles

Holiday Season in Solivita By Brad Thompson Branch Manager, Floralawn Amazingly, it’s December again, with Christmas trees up in many homes and decorations hung around the common areas of Solivita. Our Floralawn crews are working hard over the holidays to make sure the community looks immaculate for you and your holiday guests.

Thank You!

Looking Back at November

As always, if you have any questions, call us any time at 863225-9565. Or, if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by the Admin building in downtown Solivita and chat with us in the office.

In last month’s Reflections article, we reminded residents that we have switched to the off-season bi-monthly mowing schedule. This cutting timeline will continue through March 2020. We also talked about the turf grass diseases we deal with here in Solivita. Brown patch fungus and gray leaf spot are two fungal diseases that thrive when grass stays damp for long periods of time. Humid Florida summers provide the perfect environment for the growth and spread of the funguses that lead to brown patch and gray leaf spot. However, we still watch for these diseases in the fall when cool nights keep grass damp well into the day.

Grass Pruning & Fertilization

We’re making good progress pruning the large clumps of Fakahatchee grass that grow throughout Solivita. We cut these grass mounds way back at the start of the cooler months.

We have had a third great year serving the Solivita community. It’s our privilege to manage the care of your lawns, shrubs, and trees. We enjoy keeping all of your outdoor spaces beautiful! We appreciate your support, kind words, and helpful feedback.

Need Information?

We won’t have a Coffee Talk in December, but we’ll have one again in January. That Coffee Talk will take place in the Gator Room at 9am on Friday, January 31st. If you’ve never been to a Coffee Talk, come and check it out. It’s an informal meeting with residents and Floralawn staff (me, and occasionally others) where we gather around coffee to chat about landscaping and lawn care in Solivita. Ask questions and get your answers. All of us at Floralawn would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy each other and your families, and we’ll see you in 2020!

We’ll also be wrapping up our final fertilization round on lawns, native palms, and shrubs.

FRIENDS WHO HAVE LEFT US, BUT ARE NOT FORGOTTEN Joshua “Reggie” Duncan Betty Jane (Stamp) Everard Lester “Les” Miller



Reflections |  December 2019 |


Our thoughts are with the families and friends of the residents who recently passed away. | 19 |

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Solivita Reflections | December 2019 Limited Version  

Solivita Reflections | December 2019 Limited Version