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A Message from the President PO Box 941125 Maitland, FL 32794 407-850-0106 2013 Board of Directors: President: Mary King President-Elect: Jamie Rodriguez Vice President: Cathy Bowers Treasurer: Bernie Mapili, CPA Secretary: Dave Holt Bill Bishop, CMCA, AMS John Dougherty Alan Garfinkel, Esq.

Dear CAI Friends, Can you believe we are almost at the end of 2013? What a fantastic year it has been for our Chapter. To recap a few events and moments: • Tradeshow 2013 – This was beyond our most successful tradeshow selling out our 138 booths over one month in advance. We had over 500 attendees and hosted the CEO, Tom Skiba, of our National organization. Not only was it a huge success but I feel confident in stating that everyone had a fantastic time. • Summer Social – We had about 300 people who came out to network during a tropical storm!! I guess our members like to party! • Meet the Managers – We had a hugely successful event with over 18 management companies present and over 100 attendees. • 3rd Annual CAI Golf Tournament – Another fabulous and record breaking turnout of 116 players showed up to golf at Champions Gate. Not only did we sell out all of our sponsorships, we had a fantastic time, we opened the tournament with two sky divers to hand off the first ball for play, and we donated $7000 to the Sunshine Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides wishes to ill or abused children. • Monthly Luncheons – We’ve had eight monthly luncheons with topics ranging from ‘How To Deal With Difficult People’ to ‘Liability Risk Insurance’. These functions are always a great time to network and to get to know other members. • Professional Development Courses – Our Chapter has hosted an M206 and an M100 this past summer and just hosted the M201 on December 5th. What better deal can you get than getting 50% reimbursement after passing the course? • Nominations for the Board of Directors – A total of 11 nominations for the board of directors. This is a Chapter record!!

Phil Masi, CIRMS

All in all, this year has been a lot of fun and I’ve been honored to be your president. I will treasure this time that I’ve had to lead you through 2013. Thank you for your support and participation in our Chapter. Without our sponsors and attendees, we would not exist.

Gary van der Laan, PCAM

Here’s to a fantastic Holiday Season as we close out the year.

Suzan Kearns, CMCA, AMS

Best Regards,

Mary King 1 - Central Florida Times, Fourth Quarter Issue

Central Florida Chapter Update Luncheons for 2014

January 16 - CAI Luncheon: Legal Update

February 6 - 3 for 1: Landscaping

April 3 - Building Maintenance and Deferred Maintenance Issues

May 1 - Procurement Practices

June 5 - Disaster Preparedness

August 7 - Social Media Practices for Business Partners/Associations

September 4 - 3 for 1: Termite Bonds, Fire Sprinklers, and Water Features

October 2 - CEU Course

November 6 - Legal Panel Q & A

March 14 - CAI Tradeshow Hilton 6001 Destination Parkway, Orlando Booths are filling up! Sign up today! Save the Date!! National Conference: May 14 - 17, 2014 Orlando - Loews Hotel, Royal Pacific

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Chapter Party & Summer Social Thursday - May 15, 2014 The Groove at Universal

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Fourth Quarter Issue, Central Florida Times - 2

Membership Committee The Membership Committee consists of 12 members and a chairperson. You will see them at registration for monthly luncheons, summer social, golf tournament, Christmas party, and other events given by our chapter. In addition, we call our new members and welcome them to our chapter, call or email our members when their renewal is up to give them a friendly reminder. We also contact prospective members and send them a membership application and answer any questions they may have. One thing we took to our fantastic CAI Central Florida Board of Directors is to have a new and prospective membership breakfast. Introducing them to our board, our membership team and each other. Please allow me to introduce to you the membership committee:

Mary Ann Sheriff

Christy Borden

Larry Sheeler

Tom Harman

Sally Frashuer

Rob Hazelton

Sharon Parker

Ms. Cheryl Altemose - Community Management Mr. Patrick Carr - Vital Security Mr. Gene Ponder - SunColor Paints Mr. Tom Iversen - 4 All Seasons Ms. JJ Majeski - Sun Trust Banking

We would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to our CAI Board of Directors, Ms. Sarah Giammarinaro our CED and you our loyal members. Respectfully, Jamie Rodriguez President Elect Membership Chairperson 3 - Central Florida Times, Fourth Quarter Issue

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Interested in getting more involved? Join a committee! If you are interested in getting more involved in the chapter, joining a committee is a great thing to consider. Below are the different committees that we currently have active. Please feel free to contact any of the following committees: ■ Membership Committee: Jamie Rodriguez / Sharon Parker / sharon.parker@bbandt.comt ■ Tradeshow Committee: Mary King 407-782-0828 / ■ Golf Tournament Committee: Scott Pollock 321-689-2794 / ■ Communications Committee: Dave Holt 352-552-6930 / ■ Education Committee: Gary van der Laan 407-545-5553 / Fourth Quarter Issue, Central Florida Times - 4

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The Science of DNA Dogs defecate. Almost every community association requires pet owners to remove and dispose of their doggie’s waste. Some residents, however, fail to do so. This problem most likely stems from a belief that the odds of being caught are low relative to the effort in complying with the association’s pet policy. The next pet owner to enter a poop-filled area may see the doggie droppings left from others and decide it is futile to comply as well. The problem compounds. The science of DNA matching is making headway into community associations. Relatively low cost Poop Scene Investigation (“PSI”) programs greatly increase the odds of catching pet policy violators. The residents’ awareness of the PSI program (and therefore the likelihood of being caught for poop violations) becomes an effective deterrent even before a single pile of poop has been tested. This article explores community associations’ issues with dog droppings and the new wave of applied science designed to combat those poop violations.

worms and their eggs) can survive in the soil for several years. Most regard the doggie waste simply as messy and stinky common area landmines. However, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these pernicious piles of poop can transfer pathogenic health risks to other pets and humans sharing the common areas. While children are the most susceptible, anyone landscaping, sitting in the grass, playing sports or walking barefoot may be at risk to the perils of poop. Concerns posed by doggie defecation extend beyond the community. Indeed, in 1991, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designated pet waste as a non-point source pollutant, which falls into the same category as oil and toxic chemicals. The EPA estimates that a 20 mile watershed can be closed from just 2 to 3 days’ worth of droppings from a 100 dog community. Doggie droppings have been implicated in the closing of swimming pools, as well as fishing and recreation areas of lakes and rivers.

Doggie Dung Dangers Doggie poop creates environmental hazards. Warm-blooded animals form fecal coliform bacteria in their intestines and feces, which can be pathogenic. Just one pile of dog waste contains over 3 billion fecal coliform bacteria, including E. Coli and Salmonella. Other pathogens from pet waste (including round-

Dung & Discord Most community association members would agree with the following observations: poop stinks; poop is unattractive; and poop should be removed from the association’s grounds. In addition to environmental and health concerns, the build-up of poop lowers a community’s attractiveness, desirability and property values. Poop in common areas angers dog-less residents and those who actually do their clean-up duties. Generally speaking, no residents openly refuse to pick-up after their

7 - Central Florida Times, Fourth Quarter Issue

dogs. But most violators of the pet rules do not admit to a violation unless caught red-handed. It is the unlikelihood of getting caught that keeps the common areas littered with fecal land mines. Many associations devote significant time and expense attempting to remedy poop-related issues. Disgruntled residents often demand enormous fines, public humiliation or banning pets altogether. Each idea that appears extreme enough to have a chance of success is often blocked by legal hurdles. The poop tribulations continue. Clearly community associations have a strong interest in preventing the accumulation of doggie droppings. Finding a solution to the problem is often difficult, if not impossible, without the full cooperation of the residents. But PSI programs may provide a cost effective solution. PSI Protocol Perhaps the best way to dissuade a would-be poop violator is to increase the odds of being caught. Seldom do violations occur when the dog owners know they are being watched. Moreover, if there happens to be an eye witness account of a violation, the pet owner might simply deny the eye witness’s accusation. This can make enforcement of the association’s rules difficult. DNA matching programs may prove to be the best solution. Setting up the program may require a specific board action, community vote or other procedural tailoring depending upon each association’s governing documents. Associations are wise to consult with their general counsel before adopting a PSI program. A typical program might proceed as follows:

the PSI program is in place, the community can be on the lookout for abandoned poop. Once found, a trained Poop Sampler is sent to the scene of the violation with the poop sampling kit in tow. Following the vendor’s protocol, a sample of the offending poop is removed and placed into supplied containers. 4. The waste sample is sent to Muffy provides a buccal swab DNA sample the laboratory. Once the poop has been properly enclosed in 1. All residents register containers provided by the vendor, the sample is sent to the laboratory their pets’ DNA with the Association and PSI vendor. The cost may for testing and comparison to the be borne by the association directly, DNA of registered pets. 5. Well accepted DNA identithrough owner pet fees, through refundable pet deposits (if no viola- fication procedures are applied at the laboratory. Every living organtions occur) or a combination of ism has a unique DNA sequence. the possibilities. DNA is typically extracted from dogs by taking hair, These unique codes allow each pet to be an “individual.” Most cells in blood or a quick and painless buca dog’s body (with the exception cal swab inside the cheek. of red blood cells and reproduc2. The association designates tive cells) contain the exact same individuals for the highly coveted DNA sequence. This allows sample Poop Sampler position. Training to perform the sampling is typically cells taken from a dog’s cheek to be matched to epithelial cells found in provided by the program’s vendor. The process is relatively simple, but the dog’s waste. The vendor/laboratory reprotocol must be followed to ensure 6. ports the test results. The PSI venthe program’s integrity. Sampling dor should provide the association kits are provided by the vendor to with a report from the testing. The further this purpose. report states whether a match oc3. Poop discovered in the curred, and if so, the identity of the common areas is sampled. After

A dog considers its point of defecation while a lab technician enthusiastically analyzes poop for a DNA match.

poopetrator. If no match is found, the association should consider whether there may be unregistered pets, stray dogs, etc., to most effectively resolve all pet waste issues. 7. The association takes action against the offender. Once a match is identified, the association may then pursue remedies against the responsible pet owner in accordance with its governing documents. Associations are welladvised to seek general counsel’s guidance in setting up a process to handle pet policy violations under a PSI program. Closing About the Author: Jason Bruce is a litigation partner with Pursiano Barry Lavelle Bruce Hassin, LLP focusing primarily on representing associations in construction defect actions. Mr. Bruce has no particular expertise in biology, DNA sequencing or animal behaviorism. Before providing litigation updates to his clients, Mr. Bruce must often endure contentious association board meetings concerning dog feces. About the Author’s Consultant for this Article: Richard Collard, M.S., is the president of He has been a landscape consultant for over 12 years. He began his poop specialization after stepping around piles for years and identifying poop as a major community association issue. His company currently operates in 33 states with tens of thousands of dogs enrolled in his poop programs.

Fourth Quarter Issue, Central Florida Times - 8

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Mulch: Myth, or Must A lot has been said, studied and assumed about mulch and its value to a landscape. But what are the actual nuts and bolts of ground cover? Not questioned, is the aesthetic benefit mulch provides. Available in every conceivable size, shape, color and material, mulches compliment

foliage and accent the overall landscape picture. But does it actually do anything aside from dress up curb appeal? Mulching trees and shrubs is a good method to reduce landscape maintenance and keep plants healthy. Mulch helps conserve moisture with 10 to 25 percent reduction in soil moisture loss from evaporation. Mulches help keep the soil well aerated by reducing soil compaction that results when raindrops hit the soil. They also reduce water runoff and soil erosion. Mulches prevent soil and possible fungi from splashing on the foliage ---- thus reducing the likelihood of soil-borne Now Offering diseases. Insurance Appraisals. They help maintain a more uniAnd the most effective way to meet them. form soil At Reserve Advisors, we understand that no two reserve studies temperature are ever the same. Which is why we always start at the (warmer in same place – with you. We begin with a blank slate and then the winter build a reserve study based on your special requirements. and cooler Let us be your partner for the future. in the summer) and promote the growth of soil microor-

Knowing your goals.

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11 - Central Florida Times, Fourth Quarter Issue

ganisms and earth worms. Mulches eliminate mowing around trees and shrubs and provide a physical barrier that prevents damage from lawn mowers and weed trimmers. A 2 to 4 inch layer (after settling) is adequate to prevent most weed seeds from germinating. Mulch should be applied to a weed-free soil surface. In conclusion, mulch is a very cost effective way to care for your landscape. By regulating soil temperature, moisture amounts and microorganism growth, a fresh ground cover benefits plants and will keep you smiling at your garden all year. -Steve Ramsey Vice President at Southeast Spreading Company

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  


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