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MONEY Does that mean we’re lazy or putting life off ? No!”


London to visit friends and family, Thailand and Cambodia -- we worked our way north into the mountains -- and India to visit family, friends and just backpack around.”

Housing: $1,550 a month for his part of a quiet, sunny, two-bedroom shared with one roommate

Age: 28 Neighborhood: 4th and Atlantic Avenues, Boerum Hill Came to New York: Grew up in Queens and New Jersey, and went to NYU Occupation: Corporate lawyer in mergers and acquisitions Income: “Enough that I don’t have major financial concerns right now. I save tons and spend a lot on vacations. … As of late, I’ve gone to Scotland for a golf trip with my dad, Germany for Oktoberfest and to visit some friends,

Career goal: “I’m trying to make steps toward working with early-stage companies, maybe in cloud computing or green technology. To get there I may have to leave New York for Silicon Valley, since so many startups are there. But it’s hard to turn your back on money and good, steady work. And it’s hard to leave this place because it offers up so much.” Lifestyle goal: “I’m open ears right now. I was looking to buy property in Fort Greene. I was like, I’m going to settle down, buy property, get married, get a dog. Then, it became more apparent to me that I was chasing this

idealistic lifestyle. I’m figuring it out as I go along.” Student loan debt: “Five figures, and I’m aiming to get rid of it by next year” Parental support: None Biggest extravagance: “Nice dinners every now and again. I’ll pay through the nose for a good meal at a good restaurant. I really love Al Di Là in Park Slope and Olea in Fort Greene. In the city, Gramercy Tavern is my absolute favorite and Cookshop a close second. Dinners like that come rarely, though. Otherwise, I’m a cheapo.” Gap between reality and the dream: “Careerwise, I want to do what I’m doing now but work on a smaller scale with venture capital investors and smaller and progressive startups. I enjoy my work, but don’t get great fulfillment from my clients. More

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OVERFLOW | Spring 2011  
OVERFLOW | Spring 2011  

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