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Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta • Friday, October 11, 2013

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Based on documents obtained by Over Easy, Please via freedom of information (FOIP) requests, it has been determined that Mayor Gale Katchur has double-billed mileage claims to both the City of Fort Saskatchewan and the Capital Region Board (CRB) several times over the past two years. Meanwhile, Katchur remains silent in the face of OEP’s inquiries regarding the overbilling and related ethical questions. Reimbursement claims spanning from 2012 to 2013 reveal that Katchur requested and received payment from both the CRB and City of Fort Saskatchewan for all or part of some business trips taken to Edmonton. Still another unclear mileage expense claim, according to FOIPed records, dates to December 2010. That claim bills the City 125km mileage for a trip from her Fort Saskatchewan home to a Christmas concert at the Jubilee Auditorium, located on the University of Alberta campus. However,

the campus is approximately only 40km from our city. Among the double-billed City/ CRB expenses is a day where Katchur expensed mileage to the City to attend Premier Alison Redford’s Prayer Breakfast. Katchur billed the City mileage to the May 16, 2013 event, which commenced at 7:30am at the Shaw Conference Centre in Downtown Edmonton, and then billed the City for the short trip from there to the Edmonton Petroleum Club, the site of the CRB Housing Committee meeting at 9:00am. Katchur would later submit a claim to the CRB for mileage to and from the Fort to attend that meeting, despite also billing the City to attend it. Another breakfast meeting, however, shows that the City and the CRB were each billed the complete cost of a round trip by Katchur. Records obtained from the City of Fort Saskatchewan show that Katchur billed the City for mileage to the February 16, 2012 AUMA Breakfast held at Downtown Edmonton’s Matrix Hotel at 7:30am that morning. She would then attend a 9:00am CRB Board meeting at the Chateau Louis, a handful of kilometers away, all the while later bill-

ing the CRB complete roundtrip mileage from Fort Saskatchewan for that meeting.

their meetings. Most CRB meetings run two to three hours.

In addition to more doublebilled mileage claims, documents obtained via FOIP from the CRB also reveal rejected mileage claims. Katchur submitted documentation in October of 2012, attempting to claim mileage for attending a CRB Dinner event with representatives of Treaty 6 First Nations, even adding in a $200 per diem, presumably for that event, in the claim form’s total, as part of a total quarterly claim of $2,147.44.

All of the funds received by Katchur from the CRB are over and above the approximately $70,000 per year she receives in salary from the City. The CRB’s governance policies also make clear that mileage claims are intended to reimburse expenses for travel to and from CRB business, and also that all members of the CRB are to “conduct themselves in a professional manner and with integrity.”

Staff at the CRB rejected the Treaty 6 claim, reducing Katchur’s payment to $1,874.75. She subsequently billed the City for the mileage the CRB rejected. Another claim was rejected in 2012, when Katchur claimed $236.36 for attending a CRB Transit committee meeting - in fact, Don Westman, not Katchur, had attended that meeting on behalf of the City. Since being elected Mayor, Katchur has claimed $18,000 in per diems to the CRB, in addition to thousands of dollars in compensation for mileage claims. CRB members are entitled to a $200 per diem plus mileage for attending

But Katchur seemingly won’t explain how and why these overpayments occurred, nor will she comment on the ethics of overbilling by a public official, despite being contacted by OEP on both matters, via both her personal and City e-mail addresses. Katchur’s silence seems to stand in sharp contrast, however, to what she said earlier this year regarding Councillor Frank Garritsen’s transparency motion: “In my opinion, we are elected by the residents of Fort Saskatchewan and we report to the residents, which includes being transparent with how we spend the funds they entrust to us.”

Ethics Integrity Openness See my ad on page 6




What happens when a leader of a community, namely the Mayor, fails to live up to their word by not being totally ethical and transparent? What happens when a Mayor sets the standards of ethics and transparency for others to follow, and then she fails to meet those very standards?

because a motion of transparency is passed to have the expenses of City Council and payments from external boards, put up on the City’s website?

Most of us have been doubled billed THE ISSUE for an item, and most of the time, it has clearly transpired by a mistake. However, it still How is it that a can be a very upsetMayor can judge ting and frustrating any member on City Council for experience. But when unethical billing an overnight stay in an Ed- monetary practices are done with monton hotel after a City-related “intent,” be it arising from a false function, opposed to driving home sense of entitlement, be it arising in the late evening to the Fort? out of greed, or for whatever reason, what should be very transparHow can a Mayor be critical of ent is that the money they gained someone else’s transparency, when - regardless of the amount - was documents that have been recently not owed to them, nor have they released under the Freedom of In- earned that money. formation and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act reveal that the Mayor It is also important to note that herself was doing what most any- Mayor Katchur is not a neophyte one would seemingly consider, at when it comes to filling out expense the very least, to be unethical? forms. She worked for many years for the city of Fort Saskatchewan. While blessing our city with prais- She served one term as a councilor es, while attending events and and is just completing her three posing for photo ops at ribbon cut- years as Mayor. All of those positing ceremonies and the like, there tions required her to claim expenswere several months where Mayor es. Gale Katchur had double billing expenses on her mileage claims to This brings us to the very crucial both the City and the Capital Re- question as to the consequences gion Board. of unethical practices by those we have so trustingly voted into politiThis double billing took place be- cal positions to head our commutween 2012 and 2013, according nity, on hopes that they will also to the documentation obtained by be an outstanding example of inOEP through the FOIP process. tegrity in our city and one who will Who paid for the double billing? make responsible fiscal decisions. You did! And this is where OEP makes the As taxpayers to your municipal request of City Council to call a speand provincial governments, you cial council meeting under Section paid for Mayor Katchur’s double 194 of the Municipal Government billing. To me, the simple fact is: Act, to bring forward a Notice of behind the backs of the very com- Motion to censure Mayor Katchur, munity that voted her into her and thereby provide the electorate Mayoral position, documentation with the transparency that is now proves that Mayor Katchur did a so clearly lacking. stint of double billing, submitted it to two places, and received funds I hasten to note this censuring for it. should happen before the municipal election, as the electorate In addition to seemingly not being needs to hear Mayor Katchur’s totally transparent to those who reasons for the double billing, and were appointed as Deputy Mayor needs to have those reasons evalu- part of their role is to sign off on ated by her colleagues in an open her mileage expenses - this dis- and transparent manner. grace also seemingly questions her ethics, in terms of loyalty to some And in my view, it is those colcity councillors, who could not have leagues’ ethical and moral responknown that they were signing off sibility to make this censure moon expenses that included double tion happen before that election. billing. After all, taking a stand will demonstrate that they truly are fulfillPerhaps a looming question will ing the duties they were elected to now be in the forefront for many carry out. in the community as to how many times does unethical conduct have There also needs to be consequencto occur before it is considered un- es if Katchur is censured; a public ethical? Or from a monetary per- apology by her to the people of Fort spective, what amount of money Saskatchewan would be a good needs to be unethically gained be- start. Reimbursing the doublefore it is considered unethical? billed expenses should follow immediately afterwards. Perhaps those answers lie heavily on the “intent” of the person who For those who think mine a strong does the unethical act. It bewil- opinion on transparency, they ders me as to why did any of Mayor would be well reminded of Mayor Katchur’s mileage expenses in- Katchur’s own words: “...we are clude doubling billing. elected by the residents of Fort Saskatchewan and we report to And what if this unethical doing the residents, which includes being clearly reveals a pattern that the transparent with how we spend act was done not once, not twice the funds they entrust to us.” but several times? And what if the unethical doing seemingly ceases

Judy Sellin Editor

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Over Easy, Please

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Local youngsters to host Challenges remain for 2nd Annual Cocoa and Move Up program Cookie Fundraiser next ApartCityof down program that would see the City provide payments for lower income residents weekend looking to “move up” from rental accommodation is still without a launch date. And, OEP has learned, the program may face new challenges.

The program, which Mayor Gale Katchur claims to have “inspired,” has not actually helped any families into home ownership, as not a single dollar assigned to the program has been spent on down payments.

A pair of ambitious youngesters are planning to raise $1,500 for the MS Society of Canada, after raising $500 last year. Abigail and Quentin Myles, who attend Ecole Parc Elementary School here in the Fort, held a “hot cocoa and a cookie” fundraiser last October as part of the MS Read-a-Thon. Despite not advertising their event, they managed to raise $500 for the cause between their cocoa, cookies, and some additional pledges. This year, they hope to do even better, and have set a fundraising goal of $1,500. Abigail and Quentin’s dad, Anthony, says “they are reading nonstop and collecting pledges.” But, they can’t meet their goal without the help of the community. This years event, named the “2nd Annual Hot Cocoa and Cookie Fundraiser” will take place from 11am to 4pm, rain, snow or shine, on Saturday, October 19th, at 8269 94th Ave.

Seed funding for the program is administered by the province of Alberta, and was provided as part of a federal-provincial affordable housing initiative in 2009. As a result, the City was assigned approximately $670,000 as part of the province’s “Municipal Block Funding” grant. According to City officials, before that funding could be allocated, Fort Saskatchewan had to create an affordable housing strategy. That strategy was approved by Council under Jim Sheasgreen’s leadership in 2010. However, the funding has not been assigned to any housing units. An attempt to contract with an unidentified developer on an affordable rental project saw approximately a year’s worth of negotiations terminate unsuccessfully. The plan to develop an alternative to that rental project, in the form of the proposed “Move Up” program (which would see the City provide 3% of a home’s down payment to qualifying home buyers), has now been in the works for over a year and half. According to officials at the Province of Alberta, the expectations for all Municipal Block Funding grants was for recipients to complete their project within a year. And, not completing the project could put funding at risk: “If unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances arise, the recipient may request an extension,” according to a spokesperson at Alberta Municipal Affairs. “The Province will work with the proponent to ensure the funding stays within the community. If options are exhausted and the project is still not moving forward, funding could be allocated to other housing initiatives instead.” Although the local program may now proceed, as a result of the City securing lending partners and a mortgage insurer, new challenges have recently emerged as result of provincial requirements. Plans to set the maximum income at which home buyers would qualify for down payment assistance at $70,000/year have apparently been scuttled; the maximum income to qualify for a 2 bedroom unit will be $44,500/yr. 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom units will have maximum income thresholds of $56,600 and $61,500 respectively, with maximum purchase prices of about $190,000, $255,000 and $280,000. But few options may be available on the market with those conditions. No two bedroom properties are for sale for less than $200,000 in the Fort, while only three listings under $255,000 exist for 3 bedroom units that allow families. A pair of eligible townhouses are on the market with 4 bedrooms.

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Over Easy, Please Friday, October 11, 2013


Riding Home as One


Olivier N. The Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya was under terrorist siege from Sept. 21 until Sept. 24th. This was the hot news on most of TV channels and newspapers around the world. A large number of folks all around the globe were affected or heartbroken by the tragedy. Thousands of innocent people, Kenyans and foreign citizens, Black, White, Indian, Asian… it was not a matter of color, not even a matter of religion. Some news outlets reported Westgate was a shopping mall for the rich people in Nairobi; that report I will disagree with. The presence of the President’s nephew and the white people in the mall doesn’t make Westgate “a billionaire’s shop”. I have been shopping in a Carrefour Mall, but yet I am not a rich person. This is to mean that every person, rich or poor, could’ve been in that mall and a victim of that shameful action of the terrorists. Their goal is to cause trouble and chaos where there’s peace, joy and happiness. They must think they got their voice heard now, but one more time, they are losers. Kenya has stood strong and came from the crisis even stronger than ever. The “harambee spirit,” asi it called here - one of unity and solidarity - has been contagious in the region and worldwide. I am not a Kenyan citizen, but an East African citizen, and Kenyans just made me proud to be an East African. However, I was shocked to hear comments of some folks. It’s really disappointing and unfortunate that there are still people who can be so hateful and cynical - people who, for example, are not able to appreciate and value great news such as an escape experience of one or more survivors from the tragedy. While the survivor is still in shock and still traumatized, how selfish and careless one can be to allow himself to disrespect the victims, their relatives and the survivors by posting and commenting nonsense. Although it’s our right to express ourselves, in my humble opinion, I think there are times and situations we need to give a break to our selfishness, our interest or opinions. In such moments, all we ought to do is just to show that we care (even if we don’t totally agree with everybody).


Over Easy, Please

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A Spoonful of Sugar ...sprinkled over refrigerated green grapes makes for a crunchy treat.

Inspirational Thought “Integrity is doing the right thing even if nobody is watching.”


Spiritual Thought

first. It is best to shut off the television before cleaning the screen. Never store books in plastic wrap or garbage bags as the books will degrade from the emitted gases from the plastic. A shine can be given to an old candle by wiping it with a cloth that has been sprayed with furniture polish.

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Two Thumbs Down To those who wear dark clothing on night walks.

Random Act of Giving Suggestion Have a pumpkin cupcake party with the kids this weekend. Be sure to frost the cupcakes with orange frosting.

High Five To Brett Kissel for an awesome performance in Josephburg... even after the power went out!

Did You know?

Hey all! Wrangler here. I’m living the life at a doggy resort, but I AM missing one crucial elemet: YOU! I’m a bit of a big galoot, loving to run and wrassle and destroy my toys. But cut me some slack. I’m a guy and those are “guy things. SCARS has been my home base for a while now. Although my friends all think I’m a good time Charlie, I’ll let you in on a little secret that nobody knows. At night, when the lights are out and I’m alone in my pen, I dream of having a place of my own, a home where I can have a pat on the head or a belly rub any time I want one, a place where someone will say: “This is my dog, Wrangler. Isn’t he great?!” Please help make a guy’s dream come true. To learn more about this pet, contact SCARS at or 780466-SCAR (7227).

That you should wash windows on cloudy days. It is easier to collect dust if you wet the dustpan

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Over Easy, Please Friday, October 11, 2013



Significance When I was 15-yearsAfter helping me load old, I had begun playthe third very large ing in a band that (and heavy) cardboard was showing signs of box into the truck, he promise. I liked Rock began to get quite cu‘n Roll, but often had rious... how much did to play some “Country” that thing cost? Back, gigs in order to get our then it was about the foot in the door of the same price as a brand music scene where we new car... he hit the lived. When you’re tryroof. ing to get into the muHEART AND SOUL sic world, most of the We lived in a motime, it’s about “who” bile home, and when you know, not “what” Pastor, Fort Saskatchewan Life I stacked the whole you know. So in order Church thing up, standing only to get invited to play six inches below our the best paying events, with the most incredible ceiling... everyone was in you needed to be versa- sound I’d ever heard. By awe... it sounded amaztile. For the most part I the end of the evening, I ing as I plugged in my didn’t mind... I just loved told my band members Les Paul and those beauplaying my guitar, and it that I was going to or- tiful tones began to flow was a huge bonus to get der one of those amps forth... I was in Heaven. on Monday... they said I paid for it. was crazy… I kept the volume low Our band was doing whenever the family was quite well, and it was Early Monday morning, around, but finally had time to start upgrading I skipped my first class the opportunity to really my gear. I was tired of of school and ordered a try this baby out. It was playing through little towering six foot plus, built for coliseums and country amplifiers and 100 watt, double stack begged to be let loose. So was looking for some- Marshall Amp... I would I dared to turn it up to thing that would bring be the first one to own “2” (ten being the loudout the Rock sound I was one of these bad boys in est)... I thought the winthe entire region and it dows would blow out of longing for. would be awesome! It our house! One weekend, the pop- took an eternity for those ular Canadian Band, six weeks to pass as I We lived out in the counTrooper, came to town checked in every day to try just off the highway, to knock the dust off the get an update on its ar- and as I played my little rafters of our old hockey rival. I completely drove heart out at volumes that arena. The lead guitar- the store owner crazy. would wake the dead, ist, Brian Smith played during a little break, I a Gibson Les Paul gui- Finally, the day arrived heard someone trying to tar through a stack of and I ask my Dad to beat our front door down. Marshall Amps and com- bring his pickup to get pletely blew me away my new purchase home. CONTINUED ON P. 8...

Bill Olsen

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Sunny Smiles





Celebrity Smile Edition! Can you guess whose celebrity smile this is? Check your answer next week! Last week: Rihanna.

STR8TS No. 146





Previous solution - Easy

2 4 3 5 3 2 1 6 4 3 2 5 4 3 1 5 4 8 7 7 8 6 9 8 7 6 7 8

8 3 9 6

9 7 1 2

6 6 4

4 7

2 9



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3 8

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7 1 6 2 4 3 5 9

7 8 6 8 9 5 7 9 8 3 6 7 2 5 3 4 1 6 4 2 5 3 4

8 9

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6 2 3

How to beat Str8ts – Like Sudoku, no single number can repeat in any row or column. But... rows and columns are divided by black squares into compartments. These need to be filled in with numbers that complete a ‘straight’. A straight is a set of numbers with no gaps but can be in any order, eg [4,2,3,5]. Clues in black cells remove that number as an option in that row and column, and are not part of any straight. Glance at the solution to see how ‘straights’ are formed.


SUDOKU No. 146

Very Hard

Previous solution - Tough

8 1 5 4 9 3 2 7 6

7 6 4

2 9 1 3 5 6

4 1 3 5 9

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5 2 6 8 7 1 4 3 9

4 9 7 5 3 2 6 8 1

3 8 1 9 4 6 7 5 2

1 7 2 3 5 9 8 6 4

6 3 8 1 2 4 5 9 7

9 5 4 6 8 7 1 2 3

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Brian Mason

Well folks, I think even those holding on with iron-clasp grips like a pole cat’s smell on a windless humid summer’s day can say that summer has officially come and gone. It’s true, and Lord help me folks, even this Southerner has to admit that I’m holding on to whatever I can call a warm day. And, I say warm in a very loose manner of terms, folks. But though I may be shaking like the leaves of Autumn during a cyclone possessed by Richard Simmons, I have to force myself to go out and try

RIDING HOME, CONT. Maybe a criticizing attitude should be kept to oneself, and probably for after the nightmare… saving lives was the priority, and if anybody esteems his great idea or opinion, they should contribute the rescue to save more people, instead of commenting on the media and debating nonsense. I thank those who showed a loving, caring and heroic spirit through this… especially the Kenyan forces, the Red Cross, the Kenyan citizens who stayed in lines for very long hours to give blood donations, and all of the friends of Kenya around the Friday, October 11, 2013

to somewhat enjoy the frigid cold of this world. Laugh all you want folks, but this Southerner would just as soon turn into a bear and hibernate than face even the notion of a .05% chance of snowfall ever again. Sure, I like to ski and whatnot, but given the choice, I would take the burning hot sands of the Sahara over the Siberian tundra wannabe landscape of the great white north any day. Just too blasted cold. So, venturing out, I chanced out to the gun range just a bit ago after retrieving my rifles from a friend, made a day in and of itself after we finished runnin’ our mouths and well pardon the pun, shootin’ the breeze. Granted once my frost-bitten and frozen-to-thecore fingers could remove the trigger locks off my rifles, I tested my aim. Yes, I still have my fingers, and it may be an exaggeration, but it sure as heck didn’t feel like it at the time, believe you me. My aim, though shaky, still seemed to be untested by the time, given I haven’t been to the range in months now.

while, my body just decided to go along with the ice flow and deal with the temperatures. But through everything, it was nice to just get out and enjoy the day. All of that followed by a great dinner and errand runnin’ with a wonderful lady in my life, who in less than a year, will be my wife. Once the day was over, it got me to thinking. The seasons come and go but there’s often something we miss in them. Fall, for one, is the greatest of what I call the reminder seasons. With others, there’s often so much we overlook, but with fall, it just waves in our faces trying to get our attention. Kind of like a highway fruit vendor in a tourist town.

You see folks, fall gives us a wonderment of things. Sure, it gives us colder temperatures and a hint that winter is coming like a freight train driven by Casey Jones’ psychotic brother. But it also gives us a reminder that life is incredible, no matter what the season. The brilliant array of colors that shine brightly all over the landscape remind us It was a good day, relaxing that even though the season overall, after I got past the is cold, there are still so many chill. Of course, I think after a wonders to enjoy. globe who sent people to help recommended us to love and and pray for the Kenyan na- care each other… so if we are tion. It is evidence that we can really serving this very same be ONE, if we forget about our God, how come we can hate and massacre our fellow “childifferences. dren of God”? Maybe any one Yes, Muslim and Christian of us should start questioning communities may be in cri- for himself which “god” he’s sis today in some areas of the serving. If you believe your world, which again for me is God is a God of peace, love another sort of foolishness. and care, you must be a sensiHow come we hate each other tive peacemaker, not a disaswhile we “are supposed” to be ter maker. serving the same God? Sometimes, I question myself may- There is something that I be we are definitely not serv- came to realize… all things ing the same God, the Owner change, even history! The way of the Universe, the One who we see and understand things created each and everyone of change, too. If in the early us, the God who says “He’s 60s, Black Americans and Love” and the same God who White Americans could not be

EGGCETERA HEART & SOUL, CONT. I ran to see what was going on and a family friend was standing there with an incredible look of unbelief... He said he was a half mile away when he thought something has happened to his car stereo. “It got worse,” he said, “when I came over the hill, so I pulled into your driveway to see what was wrong. I shut everything off... the music kept playing, then I realized it was coming from somewhere else... It was you! What are you doing?!” “Oh just playing my guitar”.... “Turn it down, you’re going to cause an accident!” ... To me? That was awesome... He could hear me a half mile away, inside his car... with his music playing... how cool was that! I guess we all have a need to “make our mark” in society, we all want to matter and to be noticed. For me, this was my way of telling the world that I was here, whether you liked it or not. Some 37 years later, I’m still too loud and fondly look back at different times in my life fairly treated in the universities; today in 2013, we can see an Indian-American be a Miss USA and a President of the United States of America being a Black American. This is to mean that history cannot keep us divided, because things really change, and we should keep moving forward and understand that we are NOT “that different” in the end. I have a dream, that one day Muslims and Christians will live together peacefully and in a caring community as one people serving “the same God of love and peace” in Nigeria, Syria and around the world.

8 when I got the privilege to play my guitar through that old Marshall stack on major stages and listened as my guitar tones, much like Brian Smith, resonated off the surrounding hills and mountains and could be heard for miles... there’s nothing like it for me. Some of us drive nice cars or pickups that show a little of our status. We buy expensive houses and do crazy things that cost a fortune just to let people know that we really are something. The truth is, we’re all significant and have significance in the realms we walk in. Most of the time though, it’s misplaced. One thing I often tell my congregation is, “You’re God’s favourite child... but so am I”. He has created us to know the significance He wants us to have, but when we don’t walk in relationship with Him... we try to create it on our own... sometimes we even succeed! God is the true source of our significance... it’s found in His love for us! Have a great week!

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Over Easy, Please - October 11, 2013  

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