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Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta • Friday, October 4, 2013

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One of three Gale Katchur campaign signs on downtown’s Axis Building. A $2.3 million lawsuit by the building’s owners continues.

ALLIANCE: Three of Mayor Gale Katchur’s election signs are affixed to a downtown building at the center of a $2.3M lawsuit against the City of Fort Saskatchean, the former Mayor, and others.

suit against the City of Fort Saskatchewan, former Mayor Jim Sheasgreen, and others. According to documents obtained Wednesday from the Court of Queen’s Bench, the case remains active, with the latest procedural move occurring just a few weeks ago.

If a picture says a thousand words, how many words does three election signs represent? This is a question that many voters in Fort Saskatchewan may be mulling over as they head to the polls this month, after a trio of Gale Katchur for Mayor election signs appeared on the exterior of the Axis Building in Downtown Fort Saskatchewan.

As formerly reported in OEP, Harvey Jaehn, the President of the company that owns the Axis Building, donated $500 to Gale Katchur’s election campaign in 2010. According to Katchur herself, Harvey and his wife, Jacquie, were also active campaigners for her in 2010. That time, the Jaehns donated the use of “Brutus,” an old van used as a platform for mobile campaign signs. But history evidently repeats itself regarding Katchur’s campaign and the Jaehns: yet again, Brutus has also been spotted sporting Katchur’s campaign signs during this year’s campaign.

The building’s owners remain engaged in a $2.3 million law-

The lawsuit against the City, the former Mayor, and others


raises allegations of breach of lease, negligence and defamation. Mayor Gale Katchur, who is the only City councillor to have a public comment relied upon in Axis’ Statement of Claim (the legal document that commences lawsuits in the Court of Queen’s Bench), has also been required to attend two discoveries (examinations under oath) pertaining to the lawsuit. Newly obtained by OEP is the city’s response to the lawsuit, which had been missing from the court file in Edmonton. That response, in the form of a “Statement of Defence,” alleges that Axis did not suffer any damages, but also suggests that if they did in fact suffer any damages, it was caused or contributed to by a range of failures by Axis, including “failing to maintain the premises in an adequate physical condition; failing to warn, or take active steps to ensure that the occupants of the premises would be reason-

ably safe in conducting their duties within the premises; and failing to warn or take active or any steps to ensure that the premises were reasonably fit for occupation.” Axis has also sued the building’s former owners for allegedly not disclosing defects in the building prior to its sale. Lawyers for the City also rebuked the inclusion of former Mayor Jim Sheasgreen and a pair of City managers in the lawsuit, alleging that Axis’ claim “does not disclose a viable cause of action, or any cause of action” against those defendants. Terming the naming of those defendants in the lawsuit “vexatious,” they say they will apply to have them struck from the suit at or before trial. The City also alleges it paid its lease obligations in their entirety, up to and including payments due up to the lease’s expiry date. Allegations in both the Statement of Claim and Statement of Defence have not been proven in Court.

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High Five to Transparency Is this Fort Saskatchewan election one of the nastiest to date? Well, if it is, perhaps one of the reasons is that there are those who are addressing what they feel are “transparency issues.” And good on them! High Five to transparency and those that bring it forward!

Council term. It could mean that you will officially become a senior citizen while on Council.

There is little patience by the electorate for those who are not dedicated to their civil responTHE ISSUE sibilities. If elected to City Council, remember you are servants of the comMost of the “nastimunity and paid by ness,” according community tax dolto one elderly Fort lars. If elected, you newsletter owner, is coming from are expected to be accountable to Twitter. The newsletter owner the electorate as to your position also said: “Twitter is no place for a on Council, your words, your decidebate of any kind.” Now, how pro- sions and your conduct. Hopefully, found is that statement, I ask? you are prepared for the next four years. Twitter is a social media tool. Most in the technology world know that And yes, people do have the right just about everything is discussed to their democratic voice, be it on and debated on Twitter. But oops, Twitter or any other social media let’s not forget the “lurker”: the network. People do have the right person who only reads what is be- to ask questions to be more ining tweeted because they do not formed about candidates. And no have a Twitter account (but still one in this day of technology, when have the “snoop sister’s” curiosity it is used for the betterment of soto read what us technologically- ciety, should ever have to go to the savvy users have to say). Like it polls uniformed. Which causes me or not, Twitter is advanced tech- to ask: as the electorate, are we as nology. In a limited way it is kind informed as possible? of like the “spell check,” button on your computer that some seeming- So Tweet away, chat on Facebook, ly still have difficulty locating. Skype, text, and e-mail. And remember, for many, and perhaps People all over this city are mak- more so for the younger demoing their political views known graphic, if it was not for Twitter, over coffee, lunches and in general Facebook, and other social media conversation. People all over this sites, many of them would be sigcity are asking questions, about nificantly less politically informed. the new candidates and the present Council. People all over this Share, share, share what you know city are in a democratic frame of about candidates. Share what you mind, and should they not be in like or dislike about their platthe height of an election? People forms or the lack thereof. Unfortuall over this city have decided or nately, a few minutes at a forum are deciding who they will vote does not give ample opportunity to for. Some folks are contemplating tell an entire vision. Let the elecchange, while others are critiquing torate know that you will be there the past three years of leadership. for them in the next four years, working as team but also dedicated It is a four year term this time on to stand alone if need be on some City Council, which certainly does decisions. call for questions and answers from those running. The last thing our And remember: most every good city needs is a by-election, which is political debate has accountability costly and inconvenient. We can questions, be it on Twitter or be only assume and hope that every it face-to-face. There is however, candidate running has given much a huge difference between accusathought about the dedication and tions and bringing forward transresponsibilities of a four year term. parency, and often only the wise know the difference. Look again A four year term is not a lifetime, at those who advise to use Twitbut it is certainly a hearty chunk of ter sparingly, as it may reveal just time. It could mean that while you how un-savvy they are in the social are on council your nine-year-old media world. And always rememchild becomes a teenager. It could ber, it is not over until it is over. mean that your child in grade nine Transparency equals the truth. will graduate near the end of your

Judy Sellin Editor

Morgan to work towards postsecondary option for city

One of those commitments could possibly see the return of some City Boards and Committees.

Mayoral candidate Don Morgan continues to unveil platform announcements, in turn further expanding on his vision for Fort Saskatchewan.

Seven local boards and committees were disbanded by City Council last September.

As part of initiatives, week that he will not dents.

his community-related Morgan indicated this when elected Mayor, be forgetting local stu-

“As your Mayor I will work with council and other stakeholders to attract a post secondary presence in our city,” Morgan said. Morgan also announced two more campaign planks this week.

“I will seek more input from citizens and work to re-establish necessary community Boards and Committees,” Morgan said.

The boards that were terminated included the Downtown Redevelopment Advisory Committee (DRAC) and the Economic Development Board (EDB), even though the local Chamber of Commerce expressed concern with the move at that time. Morgan also said this week that he believes there may be room for reassessing taxation in the Fort. “There needs to be a review and study on how our industries are taxed,” he said.

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Over Easy, Please

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Coun. Mather’s “Cardboard Local man company got Challenge” this hit with heavy $19,000 for Saturday fine for moose get ready to get creative! City Project Kids, riding attempt Parents, be prepared to be in-

Wondering why City Councillor John Mather’s company vehicles were seen a few weeks ago on 99th Ave., working on a landscaping project? Judging from inquiries received by OEP, so did quite a few local residents. And, although at least one local resident publicly asked Mayor Gale Katchur about the project via her Facebook page, it appears that only now has a more accurate picture emerged about this summer’s median project.

Responding to an inquiry that asked if it was the case that a City Councillor was the contractor performing the work, Katchur said: “I am pretty sure you know the answer to this. The Yardwork [sic] company which is owned by a Councillor submitted through the tender process which administration made the selection.” She also directed the resident to contact Corporate Services if they had “any concerns with the process.” But OEP learned this week that the contract for work on 99th Ave. this summer, which was ultimately done by Mather’s Yardworks Lawn Maintenance company, was not awarded via a formal tender process. Speaking to OEP this week, Troy Fleming, General Manager of Infrastructure and Community Services at the City of Fort Saskatchewan, said that because the project did not meet certain “magnitude” requirements, the work was not awarded via a tender process. Instead, last year, City employees contacted four companies to obtain quotes. Only two quotes were received: a quote from an undisclosed company for $24,480, and a subsequent quote that followed that one from Mather’s company, for $19,810. According to the City, this is in line with their normal procedures for landscaping work: “Our normal process for work of this nature is to go out and get competitive quotes from companies. For landscaping projects, we typically call any local companies we know of that are capable of undertaking the work.”

spired by your child! The Fort Saskatchewan Early Years Coalition is hosting The Global Cardboard Challenge on Saturday, October 5th at 10 am to 12 pm at 10215 River Road (The Scout Hall (C.H.I.P.S) in Turner Park). The Global Cardboard Challenge invites children (of ALL ages) to join children all around the world to design and build awesome creations using cardboard, recycled materials and imagination. Imagine the world we can build!

Join your community with this movement to embrace the power of creative play, the power of innovation, the power of the child’s imagination and the power of simplified fun! For this event we want to disconnect, to reconnect with our families. We will be equipped with all the cardboard boxes and tool kits for the kids to create. For more information contact or go to www.

Fort Saskatchewan got some international attention this week, when popular internet humour site picked up a news story regarding a local man’s antics while he was visiting Ontario. According to a range of media sources, two brothers, including one who is a resident of Fort Saskatchewan, were fined a total of $2,500 this week, after pleading guilty to harassing a moose in a lake located in NW Ontario. Those reports say that complaints were received about the duo on July 29, when they were apparently observed harassing a moose that was swimming in Eagle Lake near Dryden, Ontario. At one point, the local male apparently attempted to ride the moose, but the animal quickly fled the scene. In a public Facebook post, the Fort Saskatchewan resident made an open statement to “all the concerned citizens on the welfare of the moose, we so savagely abused.”

Police lay mischief charge over vandalized election signs

“Have no worries that moose is living happily, probably dodging bullets as we speak, or Its an ornament by now on the front of a semi,” the statement read, in part.

The Fort Saskatchewan RCMP announced Tuesday evening the laying of a mischief charge in relation to an investigation of election sign vandalism.

“For those whom probably never seen a moose and feel so strongly obligated to fight on its behalf, your [sic] wasting your time. Why don’t you flick on your tv to a rodeo and watch bulls pinned in cages being whipped and tazered till they open the gate and have a guy kick spurs into its side to score extra points and make extra money doing so,” he said.

A 21-year-old local male, who has not been identified by police, was arrested early Sunday morning and charged with mischief. He is scheduled to make an appearance in Fort Saskatchewan Provincial Court on October 31. Police remind the public that election signs are private property; as such, anyone who damages such signs will face criminal charges. Police are also asking the public to decrease acts of vandalism by reporting any incidents to the Fort Saskatchewan detachment at 780-992-6100.

Fort Saskatchewan Community Information

“Trust me that the moose was never in any danger, I grew up with those black beasts living in my back yard,” he continued.

“I was not a concern to that moose, I was definitely on the short end of that stick when it comes to surviving that battle,” he stated. In the statement, the local man insists him and his brother “grew up dedicated to the preservation of our land, always following and enforcing our conservation laws.” “I feel that people have got to let this stupid mishap slide alittle [sic] easier,” he concluded.

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Over Easy, Please Friday, October 4, 2013


Am I a Jerk?


Alan White City Council Candidate

I am a passionate person. I will not hide what I believe in. Unfortunately, these traits aren’t always popular. These traits may have the potential to lose me a few votes. Since the start of the campaign, I’ve promised the voters that I would stand firm on the truth. Whether this means asking the hard questions (sometimes over and over again), or facing the hard truths so the voters can make informed decisions, I promise to do just that. There have been three particular situations during this campaign where I’ve found myself in situations where I could have left well enough alone, but I had a promise to keep. In the first instance, I questioned the current council’s record on a particular ongoing issue (on Twitter). The result? The incumbent at whom the comment was directed blocked me. I blogged about it. Why did I blog about it? Honestly? I felt it spoke volumes about this incumbent’s true views on transparency. In the second situation, another candidate and I came up with the idea of a second forum. We thought it would be a great way for all of the current candidates to have their voices and positions heard by the residents of Fort Saskatchewan. This resulted in two other candidates questioning our intentions (which, don’t get me wrong, is absolutely fine!), implying that we had a hidden agenda and that we were partaking in “dirty politics”. We promptly trashed that idea. The opportunity for every candidate to talk to the voters seemed like a great idea to us. I guess not everyone agreed. The third instance set the Twitterverse ablaze. And I was raring to go. Questions about another candidate’s past experience as a councillor (more specifically, the amount of time spent as a councillor) were brought up and I argued with this candidate about what was stated on the record vs. what was found on the municipality’s records. (Here’s where the question of whether or not I’m a jerk really comes into play.) The more I asked, the more I rephrased, the more I tweeted… the result was the same. No straight answer. And then I was blocked.


Over Easy, Please

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A Spoonful of Sugar ... over mashed bananas on a slice of toast.

Inspirational Thought The nicest thing about the future is that is always starts tomorrow. -Unknown

emergency back pack in your vehicle at all times that contains extra medication, bottled water and warm clothing, boots, gloves, touque, a blanket or sleeping bag. It is always good to keep a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle even in the winter for snow blindness.

SCARS Pet: Book

Spiritual Thought


Home is the definition of God -- Emily Dickinson

Song of the Week Tweet a Little Tweet -- Antonius and Vijoy Nazareth -- YouTube

Book of the Week The Beginners Guide to Twitter -- Micheal Hyatt

Funny Yokes Q: Why was the little chick frustrated? A: He couldn’t tweet! Q: Why wouldn’t the rooster come out of the barn? A: He was hiding because he was hen pecked.

Two Thumbs Down To those who do not support total transparency.

Random Act of Giving Suggestion Hey kids, donate an hour this week to help someone rake up leaves after school or on the weekend.

High Five To those who Tweet, in Fort Saskatchewan and elsewhere!

Did You know? That face drawn on orange garbage bags, then filled with autumn leaves make good outside Halloween decorations. A good idea is to have an

Book is the name and this is my story...well, some of it. The original plot was not going too well, but fortunately a re-write is in the making. And yeah, well, my earliest days weren’t documented. We kind of jumped right in to the part about being lost, lonely, starving and sick. For a guy who has been through so much, I sure have turned into a wonderful family dog! I am best suited to a home with other dogs as I have some separation anxiety, but I am very reassured when I have other dogs to chum with. I am extremely affectionate and love head rubs!! At 7 months of age I tip the scales at 21.8 kg and I’m likely going to still grow a bit. My foster mom is really proud of me because I’m so good on and off the leash... I have great recall and good manners. I love kids & cats and I even get along with horses! To learn more about this pet, contact SCARS at or 780466-SCAR (7227).

Dingers by Ken Schotsch

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Over Easy, Please Friday, October 4, 2013



Katie the Cat Although being a SCARS volunteer is very rewarding, there is far more knowledge and exposure to animal abuse and neglect than the average person hears about or sees. The stories that touch my heart the most are those about animals that are given up because they have aged TALES OF WAGS & and the owners don’t WHISKERS want the responsibility of increased vet bills that sometimes accompany a pet in their senior years. Or the owner’s situation has changed, and the was a big fan of children. pet doesn’t fit into their lifestyle anymore. Such The owner of the terrified was the case with our cat was giving her up beKatie cat. cause her new boyfriend was “allergic”. The only With the passing of our allergy he seemed to cat Chucky, who I wrote display when we were about in an earlier edi- there was that he didn’t tion of OEP, we were like cats. After spendmissing the kitty love ing an hour or so in this we were so used to re- man’s company, trying ceiving. One night on a to get the cat to come shopping trip to Sobey’s, out, I would have kept we happened upon an the cat and given away ad that had a cat to give the new boyfriend! When away to a good home we finally captured poor . “Cat” and stuffed her We went to meet the into a crate, we decided prospective new family she needed the dignity of member, and found out a name. So Katie-cat she that no one had both- became. ered to name her, even though she was 6 years Upon arriving home, we old. Her name was “Cat”. took her downstairs to She hid the entire time introduce her to the litwe were there, mostly ter box and food dishes. due to the owner’s 2 year She scooted out of that old. I don’t think “Cat”

Carole McGowan

crate and under the stairs, which is where she remained for 3 days. We were fairly sure she was drinking the water we put out for her when we weren’t around, but the food remained untouched. Despite our trying to coax her out of her hiding place with treats, she wasn’t budging for anyone. Drifting off to sleep on the 4th day with our scared new family member still living under the stairs, my husband was quite startled to be awoken by a cold kitty nose up his nostril. Apparently we were safer to investigate when we were sleeping! Slowly, Katie became more comfortable around us and her canine siblings. She will strut in front of the dogs, all 8 lbs. of her, totally fearless and in charge. She is our bedtime alarm, and it is very important that both of us come to bed at the same time. Whichever one of us is still up gets a kitty scolding with loud and persistent meows until we go to bed. Her favorite sleeping position is curled up on Stuart’s arm with her chin tucked under his head.


Fort Saskatchewan’s Categorized Business Section

Sunny Smiles





Celebrity Smile Edition! Can you guess whose celebrity smile this is? Check back next week to see if you are correct!

STR8TS No. 145



3 1 6

Previous solution - Medium

8 5 6 9 4 2 1 3 4 2 5 4 6 1 3 7 8 8 7 6 3 5

6 1 9 6



2 6

3 7

4 9

3 4

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4 6 5

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3 2

How to beat Str8ts – Like Sudoku, no single number can repeat in any row or column. But... rows and columns are divided by black squares into compartments. These need to be filled in with numbers that complete a ‘straight’. A straight is a set of numbers with no gaps but can be in any order, eg [4,2,3,5]. Clues in black cells remove that number as an option in that row and column, and are not part of any straight. Glance at the solution to see how ‘straights’ are formed.


SUDOKU No. 145


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6 3 1 8 4 2 9 5 7

2 5 4



1 2 8 7 7 8 1 9 1 2 4

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4 5 7 1 8 9 3 6 2

1 2 8 4 3 6 5 7 9

9 6 3 7 2 5 1 4 8

2 4 6 3 7 1 8 9 5

8 7 5 2 9 4 6 3 1

3 1 9 5 6 8 7 2 4

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Brian Mason

Over the eons, there have been many terms for the spirit or the soul. Many have referred to this mystical thing as indomitable or impenetrable. While others have stated that it is simply a figment of people’s imagination, and that the soul is just a collection of religious dreams. However, there is more to consider here than meets the eye, and if you look hard enough, you’ll see exactly what I mean folks. Look at our interactions over a day-to-day basis. Each heartbreak we have brings a toll of devastation upon our spirits and souls. Each hard- Friday, October 4, 2013

ship causes us to stall. Yet that is just a reaction that we foster within ourselves. The soul, regardless of what you might think of it as, is undeniably present and gives a greater impact in our lives than we give credit. Each time something impacts our lives our soul and spirit strains. We often dip into bouts of depression or inner turmoil. We grieve and mourn for days on end in a never ending strife within ourselves. Our heart aches as our spirit struggles within us. Yet, folks, as much as the pain hurts there is a greater strength within us all. Pain is an unfortunate part of our lives. Sadly, things happen that are beyond our control and though we would all love to control the actions of others there are those out there in our world that will seek to do us harm. There are moments in which we feel that desperation is our only friend or sadness our only confidant. Some in life will seek you harm no matter how strong of a soul you have or how chivalrous your spirit. But folks,

you have to remember that your spirit is the one thing that no matter what others may do, they cannot destroy your spirit. That is, unless you let them. You see folks, your spirit has the strength to overcome and endure everything the world or others can throw at you. Your spirit is the one thing that can pull you out of the muck and into the light so long as you believe in yourself to accomplish what the world tells you is impossible. Even when those around you try to devastate you the one thing that they cannot touch is who you are inside. Your spirit, though beaten a bit, is only hidden folks, it’s still there and ready to bring you back into prominence if you let it do its job. I say this as I see some in this world turn on some that I know to be a shinning star in this world. Yet, I know once they see their spirit for the strength it really is they will shine brighter than ever before. As I know these to be a great friend to those they are close to and an inspiring part of this community. Yet, though I see the strife they


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However, if she feels that she needs love during the wee hours, she will insert her nose inside his nostril to get his attention.

Over Easy, Please

If he ignores that signal, she will head butt him until he wakes up enough to stroke her fur.

Starting at only $7.25 per week! Call Reece at 780.934.0139 or e-mail for more info!

Interesting how well our pets train us isn’t it? Personally, I am glad she showers most of her affection on my husband; I prefer sleep!

EGGCETERA face I see the strengths that the spirit has. So long as that spirit is allowed to shine, they will not only persevere but will prosper to become greater than before and stronger for the perseverance they had to endure. Folks, it is perhaps the most difficult thing in life to accept but the things that strike at us will not destroy us unless we allow them to do just that. Your spirit cannot be broken, ever. It can be hidden if you allow it to be covered by the strife that people around you throw upon you but there is a way out. Remember your strengths and the things that others hold you in high regard. Remember what others cherish about you and what brings value to your life. Your spirit is empowered by all these things. They are the essence of who you are and will carry you forward despite the blinding mist others toss up that sometimes clouds our vision. You are stronger folks than anything anyone can bring upon you, you only have to believe in what your spirit is capable of doing.


AM I A JERK, CONT? Blocked twice…each time by a fellow candidate. Not only does this not look good in a year where transparency is the catch phrase, but it doesn’t look good for a guy who is lobbying for a position on a council where he could very well find himself working alongside these people. If, in my campaign for truth, I have offended anyone, I sincerely apologize. Am I passionate? Yes. Will I stop asking the tough questions? No. Does this trait serve a city councillor well? You better believe it. Am I a jerk? That’s for you to decide. But please remember why I’m asking these hard questions; understand that sometimes uncomfortable questions need to be asked, and statements need to be challenged. I promised I’d stand for the truth. Jerk or not, I’m rooted in it.

Fort & Area Churches Fort Saskatchewan Life Church: 50-10420 98 Ave. (Back of Fort Mall). Sunday Service/Kids Church @ 10:15a. Wed. Service @ 7:00p. Culture Shock Youth, Fri @ 7:00p. 780-9929673. Fellowship Baptist Church: Pastor Jim Paulson. Worship Service: Sun @ 10:30a. Prayer: Tues @ 7:00p. Awana Children’s Program Thurs @ 6:30p. 9932 101 St., Fort Sask. (Ac. from Legacy Park) 780-992-0880. Church of the Nazarene: Pastor: Stephen Conklin. 9802 104 St., Fort Sask. 780-998-2451. Join us Sunday @ 11a for Worship. Sunday School @ 9:50a. Partridge Hill United Church: Corner of TWP 542 and RR 220. 780-895-7378. Debbie Brill, Minister. Worship Service: 9:30am. www.partridgehillunitedchurch. com Josephburg Community Church: 21380 Township Road 550 (intersection of Twp. Rd. 550 & Sec. Highway 830) Aas you enter the hamlet of Josephburg. Ph: 780-998-9331 Fax: 780-9989305. Pastor: Rev. Audrey Daley First United Church: 10409100 Ave., Fort Sask. 780-9984060. Rev. Danielle A. James. All welcome. Sunday Worship & Sunday School: 10:00a. Holy Protection Orthodox Church: Saturdays: Great Vespers, 5p. Sundays: Divine Liturgy, 10a. 281 Fort Mall, 10421 99 Ave. 780-708-2877. All Services in English. St. George’s Anglican Church: Reverend Maude Parsons-Horst. Sunday worship: 8:30am Holy Communion and 10:30am Holy Communion 10029 – 99th Ave, Ph: 780-998-3620.

Over Easy, Please - October 4, 2013  

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta's weekend newspaper

Over Easy, Please - October 4, 2013  

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta's weekend newspaper