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Over Easy, Please Volume 3, Number 43

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta • Friday, September 13, 2013

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Community Hospital Foundation Chair Don Morgan at his Mayoral Campaign announcement. Photo: Reece Sellin

A NEW VISION: Mayoral Candidate and Community Hospital Foundation Chair Don Morgan has started to unveil his vision for Fort Saskatchewan.


Despite having what is essentially a three year head start on this year’s Mayoralty race, Gale Katchur now finds herself lagging behind upstart competitor Don Morgan in laying out a vision for Fort Saskatchewan. Katchur, who has not made a single announcement for new policy since announcing her candidacy for Mayor, may be content to simply lay claim to a range of community initiatives - including many that

some could think are better attributed to the shared efforts of City staff and other community organizations. However, it appears Don Morgan is accepting nothing resembling complacence, laying out a series of attractive campaign planks this week, with the promise of more to come as Election Day approaches. Laying siege to thousands of dollars in “per diems” (extra payments over and above salary received by the Mayor and some Councillors) received by Gale Katchur from boards and committees such as the Capital Region Board, Morgan unveiled part of what he calls his “ethics, integrity and openness” platform. “When elected as your Mayor, I will not be accepting compensation from Boards or Committees that I attend on the City’s behalf,” he said.

“I will not double dip.” According to documents available on the City’s website, Katchur had already claimed $4,230.34 in per diems from this year alone. Morgan also has taken the initiative on commercial development and community safety, detailing a pair of proposals in Wednesday’s announcement. One proposal Morgan is promising to champion when elected as Mayor is the development of a local truck stop. “We need to recognize that almost everything that comes into our city for industry or commerce arrives by truck, but our city does not have a large truck stop for truckers to stage their vehicles, refuel, have a rest or have a meal,” explains Morgan. “Thus, safety suffers. We are

forcing these truckers to take their business everywhere... so our city is toying with safety and is missing out by ignoring this potential revenue source.” Morgan also hopes to champion an additional safety issue, namely congestion in the Highway 15 corridor. “We no longer have the luxury of time, as it has all been used up by previous governments and councils,” he said. “So to ease this traffic congestion, construction of an efficient interchange at the convergence of Highways 15, 37 & 825 is a necessary first step,” Morgan continued. “We need to keep a constant gentle pressure on the province by signing the petition, numbers do count, but a tasteful letter writing campaign will reap huge notice and reward,” he said.

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Bridge Petition Chairperson and Latest Council Candidate calls Walmart a Shack? Wow! No one says opinions about you have to like stores of that size, Walmart, but when however, they are you are the chairin our community person of a commitand people do have tee for a new bridge, the choice of shopholding bridge comping or not shopmittee meetings in ping at them. But one of the Fort’s lofor McIntyre, a cal hotels, offering woman who wants a petition which apto be a commuparently thousands nity leader in Fort THE ISSUE of sincere folks put Saskatchewan, to their signatures to label Walmart as in hopes for a new a “shack” is not bridge, do you regetting any cheers ally think it is okay from me, nor is she to label Walmart a getting my vote on “shack?” Election Day, October 21st. And, yes, I think it is okay to say who And when you are the latest per- I am not voting for, as apparently, son announcing your candidacy for the opposite is quite alright, given a seat on Fort Saskatchewan’s City that some endorsements are goCouncil, do you really think you ing on by at least one current City should be thinking so blatantly out Councillor, and apparently anothloud? And to the media yet, for so er endorsement has been given by many to read, regarding your own a local pastor at a recent Sunday personal opinion of a retail outlet morning service. -- which just happens to be in the very community that you asked to The last time I checked, Walmart support your bridge petition, and was a substantial part of this comwho you are now asking to support munity, with many of their emyou at the polls? ployees (associates) also being residents of this community, who I refer to a page four article in the patronize other businesses in the Fort Saskatchewan Record, on Fort, own homes, pay their taxes, August 29, 2013, which featured and who are eligible to vote in the Amanda McIntyre in a photo-op upcoming municipal election. It with Mayor Gale Katchur and is also many of these same people MLA Jacquie Fenske. In that ar- who volunteer their time to set up ticle, entitled “Bridge petition fundraisers for charities and orgastill going strong,” McIntyre says: nizations that Walmart supports, “We aren’t talking about a little such as the Canadian Red Cross, Walmart shack being thrown up in Children’s Miracle Network and the middle of somewhere and need- Breakfast Club of Canada. ing a road to get there.” Last year, our local Wal-Mart conOne can only guess why McIntyre, tributed to the Fort Sask. Boys and who recently resigned while part Girls Club, Fort Sask. Indoor Socway through a Council term in cer, Fort Sask. Christmas Hamper, Bon Accord, made such a com- Gibbons Food Bank, Lamont High ment about Walmart. For me, her School, Andrew Minor Hockey, comment brings to mind more Bruderheim Christmas Hamper, than a few questions. McIntyre is the Military Family Resource Cenapparently a Fort resident since tre and Cops for Kids. And, there 2012, but she has claimed on her may have been even more contricampaign website that she is “no butions by Walmart last year. stranger” to Fort Saskatchewan. And, a good wager is that McIntyre Personally, I take McIntyre’s knew there was a Walmart here in “shack” comment as an insult. I am the Fort when she described a little an avid shopper of Walmart and Walmart store as a “shack”. The proud to say it, but I am also proud way I see it, if you are calling any to say that I do my best to “Shop Walmart a “shack,” it refers to all Fort First,” as I also try to spread Walmarts. my shopping within our community. I can only wonder how many Walmart is a huge store and I sup- votes she will lose regarding her pose there are some who have their Walmart “shack” comment.

Judy Sellin Editor

Cops seek help in home invasion investigation Fort Saskatchewan RCMP are asking the public for assistance in a home invasion investigation. According to police, on Saturday, September 7th, at approx. 3:10 AM, they responded to a Home Invasion complaint. Three males entered a residence located at 10700 - 100 Avenue in Fort Saskatchewan and bear/ pepper sprayed the three residents while demanding drugs and money. One occupant was attacked with a machete, causing non life threatening injuries. The suspects left on foot with various valuable items. Anyone that may have witnessed the incident is asked to contact the RCMP at 780992-6100.

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Over Easy, Please Friday, September 13, 2013



Errors could prove costly at polls


Reece Sellin

We’re still some days from nomination day, but it seems to me that a couple of candidates have already made what could prove to be mistakes that cost them at the polls. This week’s biggest error probably ought to be ascribed to Councillor Frank Garritsen, who took to Twitter to tell his 224 followers that citizens should be asking every Fort Saskatchewan council candidate who they support for Mayor and why, before proceeding to give his “110%” endorsement to Gale Katchur. Despite me being a bit confused as to what the other 10% involves for him, I have to confess I was somewhat taken aback by the tweet on another level. I would definitely like to hear why Garritsen thinks who a candidate is voting for is important for the public to know, and it would be additionally good to know why he thinks the focus should not be on what councillors’ are proposing for the City if they are elected. But I don’t expect an answer from him via social media: one elector who asked him why he supported Gale was told to take it private via e-mail. Of course, perhaps the bigger issue for Frank could be one after election day - I can’t imagine him being very comfortable if his 110% support ends up being for a candidate who loses the Mayoralty race. It also isn’t likely to translate into any votes for him among Don Morgan’s substantial support base. The second error this week, in my opinion, is one that could cost votes for Gale Katchur. Despite rumors of being wellprepared for a Mayoral race, there have been zero new policy announcements since her initial Mayoral campaign announcement. And even that “platform,” if it can be called that, appears weak - claiming credit for things such as getting funding for the new Senior’s Lodge (no mention, oddly, of the Heartland Foundation’s leadership there), and “being engaged at community events” (as opposed to, what, napping?) And this has given Don Morgan a clear opening. He has taken advantage of Katchur’s policy void, as I discuss on the front page - now putting Katchur on the defensive on both community safety and fiscal prudence. Will Katchur continue to accept per diems? Does she support a truck stop and improvements on Hwy. 15? Why not ask her?

Over Easy, Please

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On “Poverty Thinking”


Bill Olsen Pastor, Fort Saskatchewan Life Church

People who have a poverty mindset are those who have a hard time seeing themselves being or becoming successful. More than what money represents, the poverty thinking causes a person to believe that they don’t have what it takes to become a leader, they wrestle with huge self-esteem issues, tend to squander the little that they have, don’t see a very bright future, and don’t plan for the future. I know this is a very general statement, but for the most part, I think it fits. On the other hand, I have known a few who have been financially, very well off, and still have a poverty mindset. A man I met several years ago was one of such individuals. He was raised as an orphan, but excelled in school. Because he showed such promise, there were those who fought on his behalf to get government funding for post secondary education... he did well. He was successful in his endeavors. He worked hard and was shrewd in his business ventures. He was a person who could see possibilities where others didn’t, and became one of his nation’s wealthiest landowners. I had the privilege of spending some time with this person, and talked of some of the projects he was working on, and one special


one in particular that was most dear to him. I marveled at him as he talked openly of his worth and his accomplishments. He offered advice as to how I could work through some business deals and was an incredible source of information... yet his personal life seemed full of trouble, intense pain and disappointment. Tears would well up in his eyes as I spoke of some of those we are helping out through our missions in other countries as well as those at home, and would get so excited whenever I would show him my vision for various projects. He was terminally ill and didn’t have long to live when I met him, which was the biggest reason of the regret he expressed most. He was only a couple of years older than me, and really still had a long time to live, if he was healthy. One day I asked him, “You have done so well for yourself. You’ve come from under impossible odds to become who you are, have you ever mentored anyone in what you do, or have you simply just lived your life, and here you are?” I never asked that question with any sort of malice, but it was as if I punched him in the gut with my words. His reply was, “No... I guess I’ve just lived my life, and here I am” (facing the end of his days). Well, I said... I know you don’t have much energy... but make me your first student. He was a guy who enjoyed driving around in an old beat up van that he proudly paid $350 for, while having a Mercedes in the garage that he didn’t want to pay to have a another key made for, as he had lost the original one. He wore second hand clothing because it was cheaper, and carefully managed his wealth, while knowing that he was radically over-spending on a project where it was so obvious that people were ripping him off. To me, it was such an oxymoron... how can these two this be going on at the same time? The answer? A poverty mindset! Wealth is so much more than


what comes to you financially. It’s about a complete; over-all sense of “well being” that encompasses every area of life... this good man didn’t know that, and died with a somewhat unfulfilled life. A poverty mindset always says “I can’t” which actually means “I won’t”. There is usually a way to do most anything. Our self esteem has suffered some sort of beating which causes us to think we don’t have value, what’s the use in trying, or it causes us to tenaciously clutch on to what we have for fear of losing it, and not allow ourselves to think or have vision beyond the safe little boundaries we’ve put around us. I’m so thankful for those who pave the way for the rest of us; those who aren’t afraid to take risks that will bring change for good. Those people understand what wealth is all about... they understand that without moving into the unknown, there will be treasures that will never be discovered, there will be no victory, no satisfaction of seeing what some thought was impossible, become possible. A poverty mindset robs us of so many things, and keeps us in various types of “prisons”. In our country, there is plenty of opportunity... the self-entitled often won’t see or take advantage of them, so others do. The people who seize opportunity often fail... for a while, but eventually become successful. I heard a quote a little while ago... “Those who are afraid to fail, work for those of us who have”. Often, failure brings about success... because we learn from mistakes. Mistakes are just that... mistakes! Not done intentionally. A quote from the Bible says this; “Then you will prosper, if you take care to fulfill the statutes and judgments with which the Lord charged Moses concerning Israel. Be strong and of good courage; do not fear nor be dismayed”. God is good… if you’re having trouble… Ask Him for help… He will! Have a great week!

Good ole classic country music to fill Shell Theatre stage On September 21st, LisaHewitt willtake the audience back to a time when countrymusicmeanttwo stepping to Patsy Cline, Connie Smith and Portar Wagoner. The show gets underway at 7:30 p.m. and Lisa, along with hertalented band, The Trads, looks forward to taking everyone on a nostalgic trip through the songs oftheir past, as well as educating a new generation oflisteners. The show marks the start of Shell Theatre’s sixth Fort Series. Ticket holders will also have the opportunity to enjoy local seventeen-year-old singersongwriter Steven Sware on the Shell Theatre Intermission Stage. The first Fort Series performance was held on October 24, 2008 and featured Joe Nolan, Jordan Norman and Ashley Hynes. The Fort Series was developed by City of Fort Saskatchewan’s Culture Director, Richard Gagnon, as an opportunity to showcase local talent Tickets for Lisa Hewitt are $25 for adults, $22 for students and seniors and are available by calling 780.992.6400, stopping by the Dow Centennial Centre or online at $5 eyeGO to the Arts tickets are available to students in grades 7 through 12 at the Dow Centennial Centre.

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Over Easy, Please Friday, September 13, 2013

“Huff ”

Huffs are almost necessary in the unwavering practise of ahimsa. (Sanskrit for non-violence, the Gandhian choice of warfare weaponry, whereby the war advocates truly can’t say the reason for invasion is that you are a threat. That’s FLIMSY WHIMSY like saying trees are a threat to our debatably civilised way of life.) Lots of people use them (huffs, that is, not trees) as viable alternatives to other destructive behaviour modeled after MMA, WWF, or provincial legislatures during question period.


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Jai Murugan

A bored and lonely student, I found the resulting environment much friendlier if Teacher left the room in a huff than if she started chucking scissors, desks, playground sports equipment, her flower vases, or the temporary petting zoo. Those cages had sharp edges. She could have massacred all her educationally stimulating wall displays that no one ever noticed. The infliction of pain was substantially less that way, to all of us tiny tots and the animals alike. So if Johnny had the guts and the insight to see one coming, he’d rush to open the door for her. No one ever knew what or who the uproar was about, but we all appeared less bored ten minutes later when she returned, having combed her hair, all pert as if the day was to start anew. Later, as a supposed instructor of younger people, I had the occasional huff. Not prone to interior decoration, keeping of classroom pets and the like, I was avoiding outright fist or palm cruelty which would result in a loss of that supposed license to teach, the one I’d forged. At the back of my head was a commitment to Gandhi’s ways. Still the door would slam on the way out.

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On the occasion of my first totally unplanned and spontaneous huff, I found another individual in the staff room, my choice of recuperation resort. The local superintendent of schools looked at my clenched fist and mumbled, “You did the right thing.”


“Stay Just One More Day”


I was there pretty swallow when you arrived with the spring winds, On wings tired from a long journey but still strong.


Ian Hope

Then watched as you scouted your place in the world, And built the perfect sanctuary for what was to come.

Four pearl white eggs laid in a mud scrape in the horse shelter,

Dutifully sitting, waiting and sure of the worth of every moment spent Till the young that were your destiny finally broke thru in the world Clamoring and crying for your attention and care. I looked in daily, delighting in your steadfast parenthood, Inspired to think how much better the world would be If others were as faithful to the task as you, Putting the youngsters to the forefront of concern, always. You seemed to know that I was not a threat to you, Flying off briefly when I came by to get a horse, But then returning in just moments, Flying in deftly over my tilted head…


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Over Easy, Please Friday, September 13, 2013

Trafalgar’s Tale


Carole McGowan

I hope everyone had a fantastic summer. The beginnings of fall are here with the leaves turning, and the crispness in the night air. Nightfall is coming earlier too, but isn’t this late summer weather incredible?! I was blessed to be able to visit a dear friend of mine this summer, in a remote northern Ontario town called Wabigoon. Karen and I spent many school summer holidays there, back ONE MORE DAY, CONT. Feeding not just once clutch that year, but amazingly three Such commitment to family, so rare to see. By fall, with your work done I watched you and your mate With your many young and neighbors as you presented amazing air shows. Flying now with simple

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in our teens when we lived in Winnipeg. She and her husband are fortunate to call this beautiful wilderness home, with 70 acres of land and the peaceful stillness that comes with country living.

He was an outstanding trail horse, with no fear of anything. Trekking through beaver dams and various lakes of remote northern Ontario, Greg put thousands of miles on Traf.

Karen and Greg are also fortunate to be able to indulge their passion for horses. Greg is a natural with equines. While my non-morning person friend was still sleeping, I would take my coffee into the porch and watch Greg work at breaking their new filly.

This fearless horse crossed a floating dock bridge that no other horse would cross, due to the bridge sinking down a foot under their weight. Traf proudly appeared every year in the Dryden Santa Claus parade, and was a yearly winner in the Gymkana High Point. For 23 years, Traf taught Greg & Karen about horse handling.

Horses are such beautiful creatures and it is poetry in motion watching them move. While sharing one of our many cups of coffee together, my friends shared the following story with me. One of Karen & Greg’s first horses was Traf, a purebred American Saddlebred. He was a high stepping, proud but wild horse. It took Greg six weeks to get a bit in his mouth; when he finally did, Traf reared up and took Greg, not a small man, up with him. Oddly enough, despite his feisty nature, Traf was gentle with Karen, and also with their two young daughters.

joy- the exhilaration of being alive Such prowess I can only admire. The days passed and each day brought more swallows To join in the airborne late summer rhapsody. Alas, I was there on that windy day That the frost in the wind reminded you,

When he was 15, he developed a salivary gland tumor which resulted in a huge lump on his neck. Unable to be ridden, his parade and show days were over; the prognosis was that he would be gone in a couple of years. However, he hung in there for another 8 years, using his retirement time to teach the younger kids in the field proper “horse manners” One very cold winter evening, Karen went out to bring the horses in for their grain, but Traf didn’t come. She found him out in the field, weak and unwilling to move. Karen

It was time to go… your work now done And an important journey ahead that nature obliged you to make. As you left this place, you circled one last time Flying closely overhead as if to gesture, farewell! And my heart yearned and cried out, No, wait- stay just one more day!

EGGCETERA tried to lead him to the barn, but the two younger horses did everything they could to stop her from leading him away. They bumped up against her, and tried to block her path. Once at the barn, the younger horses were secured into their stalls, and the vet was called. Traf had “cushings”, complications from his tumor. There was nothing left to do but euthanize him. My friends took him outside the fence and covered him with a tarp and 3’ layer of snow, to keep the wolves and


other creatures at bay until they could give him a proper burial in the daylight. Once the sad chore was completed, they let the other two horses out of the barn and went to bed. The next evening at grain time, no horses came to be fed. When they went searching they found the two horses had broken through the fence, uncovered the 3’ of snow and dragged the tarp 30’ away from Traf’s body. Both horses were standing guard over their teacher and old friend. I guess they just wanted to say their final goodbyes.

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