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Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta • Friday, July 19, 2013

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The Axis Building in Downtown Fort Saskatchewan. Several ongoing lawsuits are connected to the building. T

LAWSUITS. A downtown landlord is involved in several Queen’s Bench cases.


Both the former and current Mayors of Fort Saskatchewan are involved in one of three ongoing lawsuits pertaining to a building in the heart of the city’s downtown. The lawsuits, which combined total over $6.4 million in claims in the Court of Queen’s Bench, have entangled Axis Real Estate Investment Corporation, owners of the Axis (formerly Teddon) Building at 100 St. and 103 Ave, with the scope of the

lawsuits reaching as far as past and present Council chambers. The seemingly tumultuous state of affairs involving the building first came to light in 2008. In an event widely reported by local media at the time, the City’s leased space in the Axis Building was suddenly evacuated by City staff in February of that year, following claims the building posed a health risk for Community and Protective Services staff. That issue came to the forefront in July of 2009, when Axis launched a $2.3 million lawsuit that alleged that the City of Fort Saskatchewan breached its lease for space in the lower floor of the Axis Building. The City had occupied that space since 1985.

As part of its lawsuit against the City, which remains ongoing some four years later, Axis has also sued several other defendants for negligence and defamation, including the City’s former communications and public works managers. Notably, as part of the suit, Axis is also suing Jim Sheasgreen, the City’s former mayor. As the case has not gone to trial, none of Axis’ claims have been proven in Court.

the only City councillor to have a public comment relied upon in Axis’ Statement of Claim (the legal document that commences lawsuits in the Court of Queen’s Bench), has also been required to attend two discoveries (examinations under oath) pertaining to the lawsuit. To OEP’s knowledge, no other councillor, past or present, has been similarly called for discovery by the parties involved in the case.


“Because of my statements that were made in public Council meetings as a councillor and captured by the press, I was asked to be examined late in 2012 and again in 2013, purely based on my councillor comments that were printed by the local media,” Katchur said.

Mayor Katchur, who is


However, it appears Sheasgreen is not the only Mayor to be involved in the lawsuit in some way. OEP has learned that the city’s current Mayor, Gale Katchur, is also involved in the case.



ACCOUNTABILITY: FAIR OR UNFAIR? Have you ever been Through held accountthis maze of able for somehaving to be thing you did accountable not do? Did for someit change thing you your life in never did, some way? sadly you Did it make find that you stronger most of those or weaker? you seek for THE ISSUE Some of you some kind have been of assurance there and or solution know first pass your hand what concerns off, it feels like to be held ac- or give you a quick fix or ricountable for something that diculous suggestions. Sadly, you did not do. It’s a pretty many of them also believe tough situation to be in, es- you are the author of the pecially when the old saying nightmare you are living. the “the truth will always prevail” does not happen, When you are held accountor at least does not happen able for something you have for a very long time. I used not done, in my opinion, it to believe in that old saying does nothing to teach you a and held it close to my heart, lesson. There is simply no however I now view that old lesson to be taught here, aladage with an entirely dif- though oddly enough, there ferent perspective. are consequences. However, there is something else But bizarre things do hap- that takes place, which is a pen... no, actually surreal learning. This learning difthings do happen... that can fers from being taught a lesturn your life into a daily, son. It is learning that will hellish nightmare that rocks change your life. your world for years. A continuum of events unfold This learning can cause you that are so unbelievable and to have a stronger inner without validation or rea- strength, a stronger voice son, that even when explain- to expose the truth, to advoing what you are experienc- cate, to give you courage to ing to others, your words bring to the forefront the isecho like major fabrications. sues, topics and discussions But nonetheless, you keep that others, for their own on telling others about the reasons, choose not to talk nightmare you are living or write about. This learnand reaching out. However, ing also seemingly heightens by this time, you are candid your awareness of others’ about what you are enduring motives and actions, the latwith only a chosen few: those ter of which sets them apart who you think may have the from any words they can understanding, knowledge ever say. or legal authority to end the nightmare that has been in- When trustworthiness, honflicted on you by others who esty, compassion and other in no way did you ever be- favorable attributes come tofriend or associate with. gether, it should bring with it a healthy and justified Then, finally, a couple of dose of accountability. people seem to understand, at least to some degree, what As with our front page story you have been going through this week, it was written beand make efforts to at least cause as editors, we feel it is try and bring a portion of ra- a story of significant public tionalization to your surreal interest. Therefore we feel dilemma, which by this time compelled to be accountable has engulfed not only you to our readers with what our but your immediate family research revealed. As well, members. Unfortunately, good journalism also prestheir best efforts fail, and ents the facts, and that is you are left still living with what we feel we have accomthe victimization and still plished in OEP’s front page being held accountable for story. something you did not do.

Judy Sellin, Editor

MOTORCYCLE CRASH CLOSES HIGHWAY 15 BRIDGE Just before 7:30am Wednesday morning, the Fort Saskatchewan RCMP and Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department responded to a motorcycle collision on Highway 15, just before the off ramp in Lamoureux. The driver of the motorcycle was traveling westbound on Highway 15 when he lost control of his bike. The 34-year-old male rider was transported by STARS air ambulance to hospital with serious injuries. As a result of further investigation, there was no indication that alcohol or drugs were involved. It is not yet known whether speed was a factor in the collision. The Highway 15 bridge was closed for a time, and eventually reopened around 9:00am.

Over Easy, Please LAWSUITS, CONT... The comments Katchur is referring to may be those cited in Axis’ Statement of Claim. Within that document, Axis cites a April 30, 2008 news article in the Sturgeon Creek Post, a local weekly newsletter, that reported on a Council meeting where Katchur questioned why the City could not reoccupy the Axis building after Capital Health had apparently decided the space was “clean.” According to the Statement of Claim, Katchur was told at that time, by City Manager Lorna Rosen, that “Council has received privileged information that caused us to vacate the building in the first place... that information cannot be made public, and if Katchur or other council members wish to discuss it again, Council will have to go in camera.” Axis claims that comment by Rosen is “false, wrongful and malicious,” according to the Statement of Claim. Katchur insists that at the time she made the comment, she had no relationship with Harvey Jaehn and his wife, Jacquie, who are partners in Axis Real Estate Investments Corporation and an associated entity, Axis R/E Partnerships. Mr. Jaehn was the former owner of Futureplast Technologies Ltd., an Edmonton company that produced a recycled plastic-wood replacement, according to an article in the now defunct Alberta Report newsmagazine. According to that magazine, Futureplast went bankrupt following a pair of suspected arsons in the mid-1990s, amidst criticisms over the company being largely funded by provincial and federal government loans. Referring to her aforementioned April 2008 comment, “that’s a valid comment that needed to be asked,” Katchur said. “I knew there were new owners, but I didn’t know their names.” However, Katchur’s relationship with the Jaehns has since gone beyond public comments made about the City’s 2008 departure from the Axis Building, and extends into the realm of local politics. According to Katchur, she first came to know the Jaehns in 2009, through her involvement in the Citizens’ Action Committee, an initiative that had both Harvey Jaehn and Dave Truscott, publisher of the Sturgeon Creek Post, as organizers. The apparent goal of that committee was to force a plebiscite on Council’s proposed borrowing of $25 million to build a new City Hall. That proposed building project was never completed, and the committee’s petitions became a nullity when Coun- Friday, July 19, 2013

cil withdrew its borrowing by-law in favor of developing another project, which culminated in a successful plebiscite and the construction of the now nearly completed City Centre Square project. Notably, both the then proposed project and the current City Centre Square were partially intended to house Community and Protective Services staff, who had been displaced when the City vacated the Axis Building. Those staff members spent several years working from office trailers erected in Legacy Park. Asked about the nature of her relationship with the Jaehns, Katchur said: “I wouldn’t use the word ‘friends’ -- it was acquaintances -- we were on the same mission as far as getting the petition for the City Hall.” However, Katchur’s comradery with the Jaehns seemingly continued after Axis filed its lawsuit against the City and her eventual Mayoral campaign opponent in the 2010 elections. Katchur’s financial Disclosure statement for her successful 2010 election campaign, lists a $500 campaign contribution from Harvey Jaehn, Axis’ President. Katchur insists she did not extensively monitor who was contributing to that campaign. “Even when I look at this list, I didn’t know a lot of these people,” said Katchur, referring to a list of over 35 individuals and entities who donated to her 2010 election campaign. Katchuer cited others on her campaign team as being responsible for fundraising. The Jaehns also supported Katchur’s campaign by providing frontage for election signage on the Axis Building, and they also contributed the use of “Brutus,” an old van that served as a mobile billboard for some of Katchur’s larger campaign signs. The Jaehns also volunteered their personal time towards Katchur’s campaign to replace the incumbent Mayor, Jim Shesgreen. According to Katchur, the Jaehns handed out “Katchur for Mayor” balloons at the fall 2010 downtown festival. “We probably had over 40-plus people helping with different aspects of the campaign and I anticipate that everyone had pure motives in the fact they wanted me to get elected as the Mayor,” Katchur said. “ I don’t suspect anyone had other motives.” For her part, Katchur also says she didn’t reflect on the potential negative optics of the Jaehn’s involvement with her campaign while suing the City and her sole political opponent. In fact, she indicates that she did not realize at the time that Jim Sheasgreen was also being sued in Axis’

lawsuit, even though Sheasgreen’s involvement in the suit was reported in both the Fort Saskatchewan Record and Sturgeon Creek Post. Asked if she would, in retrospect, do things differently regarding the Jaehn’s involvement in her campaign, Katchur says she would “have to sit down and have a conversation” with anyone whose involvement in her campaign may lead to the perception of a conflict of interest. “I believe that we must treat all people with kindness and respect, and although I fall from grace now and then, for the most part, I always take the high road,” Katchur says. “I am my own person and no one will ever put me in a position to do something unethical. I love our City, our community, our residents, the business owners, and our industrial partners and continue to work for the betterment of this community.” FOCUS DROPPED In another recent twist in the lawsuit, Axis has dropped two parties that it was suing, namely Focus Corporation and one of its employees, a professional engineer named Kevin McCullum. According to Court documents, McCullum prepared a contentious report under Focus Corporation’s contract to the City. The report allegedly discovered mold in the Axis complex’s Second Building. Axis’ Statement of Claim alleges, among other things, that this report was “false and misleading,” and also claims the report “contained numerous omissions, flaws and errors.” In a Statement of Defence filed in 2009, Focus Corporation and McCullum denied that Axis had suffered any loss, and alternatively pled they were in any event not responsible for any losses that Axis may have incurred. The lawsuit was discontinued against Focus Corporation in April of this year, with McCullum himself being dropped as a defendant shortly thereafter. It is unclear what led to either defendant being dropped. As of press time, the lawsuit is proceeding against all the other defendants, including former Mayor Jim Sheasgreen. FORMER OWNERS SUED Although the lawsuit involving the City of Fort Saskatchewan alleges that they and their co-defendants are responsible for loss of rental income at the Axis Building, they are not the first to be sued for precisely that by Axis Real Estate Investments. CONCLUDED ON PAGE 6...



... sprinkled over a mixture of dry cereals with a light dash of cinnamon and small handful of raisins and dried cranberries makes for a finger snack.

Inspirational Thought

Random Act of Giving Suggestion Surprise a friend one hot summer afternoon with a nice family sized bowl of cold freshly sliced fruit...don’t forget the vanilla ice-cream to go with it.

High Five

Luxury need not have a price - comfort itself is a luxury. -Geoffrey Beene

To cooks who wash their hands regularly while preparing food for others.

Spiritual Thought

Did You know?

“King of the Jews” perhaps was God’s way of relating the importance of cultures?

Book of the Week My Name is Seepeetza -- by Shirley Sterling who, before her death, was a member of the interior Salish Nation of British Columbia. “A moving account of one of the most blatant expressions of racism in the history of Canada.”

Buying a piece of carpet and having it bound makes a unique area rug. Make you displays interesting by using what you have. Fill vases, a fancy punch bowl or fish bowl with candies, bath soaps, unique stones, shells or even feathers.


Song of the Week “We Can’t Stop” - Miley Cyrus

Funny Yokes Q: What does a hen never have to worry about getting? A: Crows feet. Q: What is a chicken’s favorite dance? A: The Chicken dance, of course.

Two Thumbs Down To those who do not flush after using public washrooms.

My name is “Mercy,” and I’m great with people (love all sizes), particular with other dogs, great off leash, house and crate-trained, high energy, smart, a little stubborn, love toys, and I love to talk. My ideal home is an active one, but off-leash dog parks are not my thing. I love to play fetch, so someone who enjoys playing games would be great! If you’d like to learn about how you can adopt me, visit scarscare. org or call 780-466-7227.

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7 1 4 3 5 2 9 6 8

2 5 6 9 7 8 1 3 4

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Dingers by Ken Schotsch

Over Easy, Please

EGGCETERA Friday, July 19, 2013


Sunny Smiles

Beautiful Babes

Celebrity Smile Edition. Whose smile is this? Check back next week to see if your guess is right!

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THE YEAR 1967 In 1967, Canada was celebrating 100 years of existence as a nation. We had just officially adopted a new flag, and were singing a new official Canadian anthem (that had been around forever, but finally agreed to which words would be sung). I was the ripe old age of eight, and in the midst of learning about Canadian history, and understanding that the chewing of gum in school was absolutely forbidden. I was also concerned that we would not have cars by the time I was 16, and therefore would never be able to drive one. Wow... so much pressure on our youth! During the 60s, technological advances were astounding. NASA was sending people into outer space, computers that were run by open reel tapes and took up whole floors of skyscrapers, were taking over the world, and the talk of global warming was becoming an issue, so cars would be no longer needed because of the emission problems they were creating. Crud... I liked cars and it wasn’t fair that I wouldn’t be able to drive one. My Dad had just bought a brand new 1966 Pontiac Beaumont... white, 283 V8, white wall tires... it was a beautiful machine... and I wanted to drive it! When you’re eight, another eight years is an eternity because it took my whole life just to become eight... and that was a

tar, because the Beatles were pretty cool and it would be awesome to do what they did! I’m so glad that I was able to grow up where and when I did. Even though there were many things to be concerned about, childhood was pretty good for me. I can’t HEART AND SOUL say that for many others though. The future Pastor, Fort Saskatchewan Life seemed so bleak at eight years old, and I wonder Church how an eight year old would see things now? long time! After all, I had In many places, and even seen so many changes happen already... a new next door, there are those flag, national anthem, we who hope they see tomorlistened to the Beatles on row. Some would wonder pocket sized transistor what it would be like if radios, and I had watched Dad came home sober, if TV in colour once or at all. Or if the screaming twice! Yep, I’d really seen and yelling would come to the world turn a new cor- an end, or how it would ner, and now, some were end? talking about cars that flew and that soon you When I was 18, I met wouldn’t have to think for someone who changed my yourself, because a com- life... He told me that I puter would do that for had a “future and a hope,” you... Well, I think we’re that there was a purpose pretty much there on for my existence. I could that one... There are a lot call Him whenever things of people out there with were out of control, and “smart” phones who have that I could hang out all of the world’s informa- with Him even when they tion at their fingertips, weren’t. Life’s perspecthat haven’t figured out tive and outlook on the that milk doesn’t come future changed radically. In spite of all the ensuing from a store! I digress! world trouble... there’s There were wars and riots huge peace in the midst happening everywhere. of it all. My hope is that A huge earthquake was every eight year old could ready to come and destroy discover this... that they the west coast and we too would be able to drive would be out here on this (or fly) cars... that there little Island with no cars, is still a future and a hope trying to survive. Eight that goes well beyond ciris years old was the best and cumstances, that worst of times, because it full of purposee. looked like I would never be 16... I would never be Come out on Sunday, I’ll able to drive a car, so I tell you more! Have a learned how to play gui- great week!

Bill Olsen

Upcoming Events July 25: Farmer’s Market, CN Station Square, Downtown Fort Saskatchewan. 4:30pm-7:30pm. July 26: Inflatable’s Day, Harbour Pool, 1pm-4pm. “Come enjoy our WIPEOUT Bridge! Join in on the fun games and win some great prizes!” July 31: Blood Donor Clinic, Lakeview Inn & Suites – Ross Creek Room 10115 – 88 Ave. For basic requirements on donating blood please visit or call 1-888-2366283. August 1: Farmer’s Market, CN Station Square, Downtown Fort Saskatchewan. 4:30pm-7:30pm. August 2: Games Day, Harbour Pool, 1pm-4pm. “Bring your family and friends for some games, a day of fun, and win some great prizes!” August 8: Farmer’s Market, CN Station Square, Downtown Fort Saskatchewan. 4:30pm-7:30pm. August 9: Underwater Day, Harbour Pool, 1pm-3pm. “Come join in on the fun, playing games underwater!” August 15: Farmer’s Market, CN Station Square, Downtown Fort Saskatchewan. 4:30pm-7:30pm. August 16: Sobeys Movie under the Stars at Legacy Park, 9pm. Vote online on the City of Fort Saskatchewan’s Facebook Page to help select which movie will be shown.

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Over Easy, Please LAWSUITS, CONT... According to Queen’s Bench documents obtained by OEP, another ongoing lawsuit, which predates the City lawsuit by nearly a year, was commenced on August 21, 2008 by Axis and a seemingly related numbered company. That lawsuit was brought against Ho Hong Diep and Hong Kin Holdings Ltd., the building’s former owners, and the former entities who owned and operated House of Hong Restaurants Ltd. before it was acquired by Kent Wong. Axis’ suit seeks to recover $545,800 from Diep and his company for, among other things, allegedly not disclosing defects in the property prior to its sale. As with Axis’ lawsuit involving the City, none of the claims have been proven in court. Friday, July 19, 2013

However, court documents in that case seem to reveal that the majority of the financing by which Axis initially purchased the subject building came in the form of a $460,000 mortgage held by Hong Kin Holdings. Also among those court documents in the Hong Kin matter is an affidavit by Harvey Jaehn sworn on July 30, 2009, approximately two weeks after Axis commenced its lawsuit against the City. Jaehn’s affidavit attests that in January of 2008, he “received a letter from Capital Health citing concerns with potential mould and asbestos.” Jaehn subsequently attests that Axis “expended monies to hire an engineering firm and an environmental remediation firm to deal with the above concerns.”

In the affidavit, Jaehn also alleged that Mr. Diep “was assisting, permitting and encouraging the [new operators] of [the House of Hong Restaurant] to remove fixtures and equipment from the leased premises which according to the lease, belong to the Plaintiff Axis Real Estate Investment Corporation.” Jaehn’s affidavit was made as part of an application that sought a “pre-judgement attachment order” in favor of Axis against another of Hong Kin Holdings’ properties in Fort Saskatchewan, namely the Fort Saskatchewan Bottle Depot on 103 St. A hearing on that application was adjourned, but not before Mr. Diep swore an affidavit of his own, alleging that the building was sold without “warranties, representations, or collateral

agreements,” stating that “there is only one building on the lands sold, not two as alleged by Mr. Jaehn’s affidavit,” and denying that he had any knowledge of the alleged defects. Diep also addressed the apparent issue that arose involving the House of Hong Restaurant, attesting that he “understand[s] that the owners of [House of Hong] are relocating due to excessive rental demands... [and] are in disagreement regarding whether some of their equipment forms part of the building.” “Neither myself nor the Defendant Hong Kin Holdings Ltd. have the ability to influence the result of that dispute,” Diep attested. SUBSEQUENT TENANTS SUE However, such is not



the end of ongoing lawsuits involving the space formerly occupied by Community and Protective Services in the Axis building. Yet another action is currently ongoing involving Axis, this being a $3,542,020 lawsuit based on claims of breach of contract, lost opportunity and unjust enrichment, brought against Axis Investments by Dovgan’s Ukranian Cafe & Bakery Ltd., and its principals, Igor and Marina Dovganyuk. The Dovganyuks owned and operated a cafe and bakery that occupied part of the space formerly leased by the City. Their business was in operation from January 2011 until February 24, 2012, when they were allegedly locked out of the premises.

that the Dovganyuks spent over $97,000 on materials and labour to renovate the property. The space is now occupied by another restaurant, “VN Express,” which serves Vietnamese cuisine. The Dovganyuks have also asserted that Axis “took advantage of the Plaintiffs’ poor understanding of the English language by drafting the unconscionable lease and enticing the Plaintiffs to sign.” Axis has subsequently sued by Counterclaim for $54,816.29, stating that the Plaintiffs allegedly broke the lease, and failed to pay rent and “occupancy costs as defined as additional rent.” None of the parties’ claims have been proven in Court.

Court documents in that matter also allege

Chucky the Kitten Any of you dog owners who have confused canines that can’t decide if they want to be inside or outside, must be sharing my frustration with this rainy weather. My floor mop has never seen so much action! It isn’t only dogs that yearn for loving homes. I would like to share a feline rescue story with you. When my children were young, we were fortunate to have a home in the hamlet of Half Moon Lake. It was a lovely place to live, close to the lake and nature. We even had a resident moose

who occasionally liked to wander down our road at night, much to the surprise of myself and a friend who had gone for a late night stroll after sharing a bottle of wine! Unfortunately, along with all the natural inhabitants of the forest are the ones that get dumped when their owners don’t want to take care of them anymore. Our home had a long covered front porch, perfect for sitting outside even on rainy evenings. One evening at the supper table, a tiny kitten peered in at us from his perch on

t h e neighb o r hood. They will be H e w o r w a s r i e d absoif he lutely doesn’t adorshow able! S p o r t - TALES OF WAGS & up at home”. i n g WHISKERS B u t fluffy t h e white n e x t & grey d a y f u r , with beautiful bright he was back, and the blue eyes, he looked next… longingly at us through the window We also had 2 dogs at on that slightly chilly that time, plus a small but extremely tough night in March 2000. cat who loved to bring “No!” I told my kids in us gifts. Not only the no uncertain terms, usual birds and mice, w h e n but also bats and even they all a rabbit who was only c l a m - a little smaller than o r e d Kitty. She had chased that we full grown dogs off our s h o u l d property. She would b r i n g not take kindly to anhim in- other cat. s i d e . “ H e One day, he didn’t p r o b - show up. Part repart cona b l y lieved, belongs cerned, I hoped he to some- had returned to his one in home, or someone had a table by the window.

Carole McGowan

scooped him up and kept him. But what if they hadn’t? It was not spring yet, and the nights were cold… A week passed, and with the many duties that go along with raising a family, the kitten was forgotten about and not mentioned again. At least, I had forgotten. So you can imagine my shock and surprise when, doing dishes one afternoon, I suddenly felt something rubbing against my ankles. The kitten! My devious but soft hearted children had hidden the kitten in the basement, blocked in by boxes on a deep shelf. They had given him food and water, but weren’t very diligent about cleaning up after him. I had wondered earlier in the week why the basement smelled when I had just changed our cat’s litter box!

how Chucky chose us. He even tolerated my 11-year-old daughter dressing him up in doll clothes. He gleefully tormented our resident cat by lying on the piano bench while she rested beneath, and swatting at her from above, knowing she couldn’t reach him. I used to fall asleep to the rhythmic sound of his deep, throaty purr as he cuddled up next to me. He enriched our lives for eleven years, and sadly, we lost him two years ago. Thank you my wonderful children for sharing your mother’s love of animals, and rescuing this beautiful little soul. RIP Chucky, and thank you for adopting us.

And that was

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Over Easy, Please Friday, July 19, 2013



The Green, Green Fort Saskatchewan’s Categorized Business Section Grass of Home SALONS & SPAS COMPUTER TECH G r e e t ings to all! What a summer we have been having. What with all the rain and the rain and the sun and ODDS, SODS & NODS the rain. I think you get the picture. Big Nods for all those who have been helping out with the flood relief, whether financially or morally or physically or some combination thereof.

Stuart McGowan

It never ceases to amaze me the determination of the human spirit to overcome the obstacles and roadblocks that life can put in your way. Such has been the case with the flooding in Central and Southern Alberta. The stories that have been surfacing as well as the incredible pictures of the destruction and devastation, particularly in the High River area. I have had friends and work colleagues who have gone to the area to take supplies and/or help with the clean up. The company I work for (Bartle & Gibson Co. Ltd) allowed some of the staff to travel to the High River area to help with the clean-up and not only did they clean up, they brought back to dispose of, 32, that’s right, thirty-two domestic water heaters that were ruined due to the flooding. That was only a portion of the many tonnes of garbage that was hauled away already. If you can help in any way, check out their Facebook page and let them know what you can do. There are plenty of jobs that need to be done and whatever help you can give will be most appreciated. Now back to the umm, summer that we have been having here. It is the wettest summer I can recall for some time, what with the local rivers and lakes up higher than they have been for a while and the grass around my house and the neighbourhood for that matter, is lusher than I can remember and I didn’t even have to weed and feed it! The downside however, is that I have had to cut it many more times that I have been used to in the past few years. Now don’t get me wrong. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and I love to see how the gardens have been flourishing, but it seems that EVERY TIME it rains, the next day after it stops, I am cutting the grass. Then it rains again and I, I cut the grass, then I bar-b-que and it rains and I, I cut the grass. But you know what? In about six months I will be looking back and thinking, I wish I could cut the grass right now (yes, I know I would look very silly with my winter parka on, pushing my lawnmower around in the snow, and don’t tell me you didn’t get that mental picture for a moment). But so far we have been blessed. We have had good weather, a reasonable amount of sunshine, enough rain to make things grow without pulling out the sprinkler (you know I have seen some people that still like to use it every once in awhile) and good enough weather for going for an nice evening walk and enjoying the fresh air. But as I write, I can’t help but notice that the summer seems to be rushing away from us. It is already the middle of July and August is just around the corner. Then September, when Neighbour Day comes around, and then October with municipal elections, I mean Halloween. But between now and that time, get out and take in the Downtown of our beautiful city, the variety of the Farmers Market every Thursday evening starting at 4:30 p.m., a walk along our many paths throughout the Fort and say “Hi” to your neighbours along the way. That’s what sets us apart from the other municipalities. Pride in where we live. Cheers for now!



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HOLY OF HOLY ROLLERS Ever run into those that, despite the teachings of the good book, they still seem to hold that nose high towards all those they come into contact with? Surely some of these have got to run the risk of frostbite on their nose as they hold those beacons high above the masses. Surely they are BISCUITS & GRAVY most holier than thou. Just ask ‘em. No doubt, we’ve all run into those. For those that might fit into that category, well, My dad simply smiled, all I can say is make sure courteous as any other to shake your head every normal Southern feller. now and then to avoid The priest smiled and exthe build up of snow. tended his hand. An inviWouldn’t want an ava- tation from the holy? No lanche after all. But, I doubt a barrage of confudigress. sion struck my dad until the priest spoke. Nose beBack some years ago, my ginning to turn upward, dad took a trip into the he informed my dad that holiest of places. He and he owed the priest a dolmom journeyed over to lar. Confused even more, the Holy Land as part of as surely he had misdad’s schooling with the heard, he asked for some seminary. Well, as all sort of clarification. “You trips of that nature go, owe me a dollar. When I they entered some of the bumped into you, some of most revered sanctuaries my holiness rubbed off on and synagogues known. you.” Now, you would think that such a place would Perplexed by this, my be reverent and respect- dad began to chuckle. ful in all regards. Yet No doubt a tourist stunt sadly, you find the holy for extra offerings to the rollers everywhere, folks. church, but the premise behind it was something While seated in a service else to say the least. of one of the oldest church- Looking square at the es known, dad was situ- man, his hand still exated along the aisle when tended, dad smiled. No the priest began to walk doubt the room was tensdown the aisle. While on er than a schizophrenic his journey he, mistak- mule trying to tip toe in enly of course, simple co- steel cleats through party incidence, bumped into balloons at a polka fesdad as he sat there. The tival. Yet tension or no, priest turned solemnly dad politely nodded and and looked peacefully at said that imagine the comy dad. incidence, “Sir, I am just

Brian Mason

as holy as you are. In fact you would have to pay me for my holiness rubbing off on you so I guess that makes us even.” Well this priest stood there stupefied. Dad simply got up and walked out, leaving him there. No doubt you could fry an egg with a full side of bacon on top of that man’s head as he stood there and boiled in anger at dad’s response. The priest’s holiness turned out to be more like haughtiness. I can only imagine that it took a while for that priest to pull that stunt again. It made me think that there are all sorts of times in life that even the most pure of heart and pure of intentioned folk have those moments of haughtiness. We all know those folks who have those prolific moments, but the one thing in life we must remember is that these moments cannot dominate our lives. We must remain humble no matter our position in life. Otherwise, if we hold our head too far and too high, we not only risk frostbite but we also risk damaging those around us that have done nothing to deserve such a fate. If we hold ourselves in too high of a regard, and become so holier than thou that we cannot see the face of the man for his limitations, then we will never see the heart and the soul of the community and of the gentle hearts around us.

Fort & Area Churches Fort Saskatchewan Life Church: 5010420 98 Ave. (Back of Fort Mall). Sunday Service/Kids Church @ 10:15a. Wed. Service @ 7:00p. Culture Shock Youth, Fri @ 7:00p. 780-992-9673. Fellowship Baptist Church: Pastor Jim Paulson. Worship Service: Sun @ 10:30a. Prayer: Tues @ 7:00p. Awana Children’s Program Thurs @ 6:30p. 9932 - 101 St., Fort Sask. (Ac. from Legacy Park) 780-992-0880.

Josephburg Community Church: 21380 Township Road 550 (intersection of Twp. Rd. 550 & Sec. Highway 830) Aas you enter the hamlet of Josephburg. Ph: 780-998-9331 Fax: 780-998-9305. Pastor: Rev. Audrey Daley First United Church: 10409-100 Ave., Fort Sask. 780-998-4060. Rev. Danielle A. James. All welcome. Sunday Worship & Sunday School: 10:00a.

Church of the Nazarene: Pastor: Stephen Conklin. 9802 104 St., Fort Sask. 780-9982451. Join us Sunday @ 11a for Worship. Sunday School @ 9:50a.

Holy Protection Orthodox Church: Saturdays: Great Vespers, 5p. Sundays: Divine Liturgy, 10a. 281 Fort Mall, 10421 99 Ave. 780-708-2877. All Services in English.

Partridge Hill United Church: Corner of TWP 542 and RR 220. 780-895-7378. Debbie Brill, Minister. Worship Service: 9:30am.

St. George’s Anglican Church: Reverend Maude Parsons-Horst. Summer worship times: Sunday @ 9:30am Holy Communion with Sunday School. 10029 – 99th Ave, Ph: 780-998-3620.


The ancient peoples who invented rituals to be performed at dawn most definitely didn’t live above the 49th parallel, that vindictive winFLIMSY WHIMSY tery place where malaria moskies won’t dare go. Thanks to the more recent pheinternet, research nomena of people shows Islam’s holy shifting all about city of Mecca to the globe, he could have slightly over only resupply the an hour time dif- physical body for ference between a couple of hours dawn in summer around midnight. versus winter. Much further

Jai Murugan

Here near Edmonton it nears 5 hours and in Yellowknife it approaches a full 10 hours. So a northern climate is more liveable for the mentally flexible sort of human. The fast of Ramadan takes on a whole new meaning to a Muslim in Yellowknife. In midsummer, were he to follow the mandates of the ancients, dished out before the

north and those bodies would perish.

We’re not like the mammals of Hiber Nation, although there are many Januarys when I and many others of the wimpy ilk would want to be. Let’s just say I don’t believe the Inuit practised anything remotely similar to Islam. If they did, they turned a blind eye,

not that difficult in midwinter, to certain tenets. (For those thinkers pondering this in reality, not silliness, the protocol is to go by the times of the nearest metropolis with a significant Islamic population.) The Hindu rite of welcoming Surya the sun as it comes above the horizon would either encourage ridiculously early rising or equally ridiculous long bouts of sleeping in. And that’s not mentioning the - 40 temperatures. The Lena and McKenzie are pathetic Ganges substitutes. The Brahmin’s Sanskrit slokas would be said in haste, that’s for sure. The morning dip in a sacred river is out of the question – ice ain’t for dipping. But chai is still chai, even in Inuvik.

Over Easy, Please - July 19, 2013  

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada's Weekend Newspaper

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