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Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta • Friday, June 21, 2013






Downtown businesses grumbling over garage sale Several downtown businesses appear unhappy with the Downtown Business Council’s (DBC) recent downtown garage sale, OEP has learned. Although stormy weather put a damper on the occasion, as also occurred last year, it appears some event organizers, not the weather, are getting the blame for the sale’s supposed lack of effectiveness, according to those who gave their comments to OEP off the record. But one downtown business owner was willing to speak out. “In my opinion, I don’t think we need to have a garage sale downtown, I think we need to have a good sidewalk sale that only involves the merchants,” said one businessperson, who spoke to us on the condition we would not reveal their identity.

Stephie Gagnon signs a cheque for the funds raised in her namesake bike tour. Photo: Dayna McGeachy

By REECE SELLIN T h e n u m bers are in, and it was another fantastic year for Stephie’s Bike Tour for the Stollery, which rode in and around Fort Saskatchewan and area on May 26th. A cheque from the Tour, for $38,000, was presented to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation earlier this week. But because of the very generous CN Miracle Match Campaign, that amount will be dou-

bled, netting the Stollery $76,000. This year’s donation puts the total raised by the annual event at $135,000 over its three years in existence. Event organizers Sheila and Richard Gagnon say that the addition of a 60km and 15km tour this year also helped, resulting in an increase in the number of event participants. “Stephie’s bike tour is about bringing the community together and welcoming cyclists to Fort Saskatchewan to enjoy our city and the picturesque Strathcona countryside through a variety of bike

tours which raise donations for the Stollery,” said event organizers Sheila and Richard Gagnon. “This event is so successful as a result of local and, Edmonton business sponsorship, local community groups, and a superb team of 55 volunteers, drawing over 250 participants this year alone,” they said. “We truly are making a difference towards children’s health.” Those looking forward to the tour next year also will not be disappointed -- the 4th Annual Stephie’s Bike Tour is already scheduled, and will take place on May 25, 2014.

“If restaurants want to do a coupon or special event that day, they could too, but rather than a garage sale, let’s have a sidewalk sale… and have face-painting and things.” “We used to have that, and somehow or other, it’s turned into a garage sale... and they’re not all people who are selling stuff that de-cluttered their houses, there’s home-based businesses that are competing with us, too,” the business owner continued. “We [also] have high rent, property taxes, and business license fees,” the businessperson said, pointing out that home-based businesses compete on a different footing due to lower property and tax overheads. The DBC has another garage sale slated for later in the year. It remains unclear whether either downtown businesses in general, and the weather in particular, will be cooperative.

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June 21, 2013

The Issue

Serious Journalism is not Gossip or Rumor By OEP Editor JUDY SELLIN

11228-87 Avenue, Fort Saskatchewan Repair and Servicing • Wheel Alignments Buses, Heavy Duty & Light Trucks Automotive • Licensed Inspection Facility (C.V.I.P.)

The journalistic approach in any community newspaper should be important to its readers. It is, after all, their journalists that are informing the community about the community’s safety, politics, business news and the like. And, of course, they provide us with the lighter information, too, such as the reasons for the city’s roads being under construction. But often, the title journalist and editor frighten people who think such people can type whatever they wish about

Fun-filled Canada Day Accolades ought to be forthwith to the Fort Saskatchewan Canada Day event organizing committee, who have arranged a stellar lineup of events and entertainment to celebrate our nation’s birthday. This year’s events start early on July 1st, with the annual pancake breakfast, sponsored by Dow Chemical Canada Inc., and served by the Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department, running from 8am to 10am. This year’s Canada Day parade follows soon after, at 11:00am. A bit of a competitive spirit may be in the air, as top prize is likely up for grabs this year, with Aunty Sue’s and the Brant Hotel not planning on entering a float this year. Entertainment at the Legacy Park Bandshell starts at 1:30 and runs until 10:00pm. Chilliwack will end the evening with

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whomever they wish. Wrong, absolutely wrong, and that is one of the reasons there are media lawyers. Just because one has “journalist” or “editor” in their job title does not give them special privilege to write deliberately out of malice, or type out libelous and defamatory remarks or articles. Nor do journalists have a special right to put out inaccurate, reckless or unfair reporting. In fact, it is the responsibility of journalists to make sure they have done everything they can to try and ensure their comments or stories are true. Apparently, the relatively “new test” as a journalist is that you are providing responsible communication on matters of public interest. Lawyer Bert Bruser, who has worked in the newsroom of the Toronto Star for more than two decades, suggested we turn to Britain where the courts have already established ten factors in deciding if responsible journalism in the

public interest was practiced. These factors are “the seriousness of the allegations; the nature of the information communicated and the extent to which the subject matter was a matter of concern; the source of the information; the steps taken to verify the information; the status of the information; the urgency of the matter; whether comment was sought from the claimant; whether the article contained the gist of the claimant’s side of the story; the tone of the article; and the circumstance of the publication, including its timing.” Journalism does not always have to be offensive. A good journalist also knows how to write a positive and make-youfeel-good story, too. Of course, as journalists we get our opinion out there more often than most, however, our opinions should be recognized as such, just as facts should be recognized as facts.

their completely free concert starting at 8:30pm.


Elsewhere in the Fort, you will be able to play horseshoes and get some refreshments at the Legion, while a BBQ, pie and coffee event is planned for St. George’s Anglican Church.


And, before the night is done, be sure to check out the Fort’s fireworks display, overtop the Rotary Amphitheatre, starting at 10:45pm. For more information on the day’s events, check out the organizing committee’s website at or hop over to YouTube and watch (or scan the QR code below).

In light of a letter received this week, I would like to briefly clarify the main point of my article about City Council candidate Jeff Mickle. Regardless of our views on Klein’s economic policies -- and it was not my intent to say that Jeff Mickle is in any way advocating Kleinlike policies -- Klein undeniably had a certain type of charisma, echoes of which I wrote about regarding Jeff Mickle. As Premier Alison Redford put it: “Ralph Klein’s ability to connect with Albertans from all walks of life was absolutely remarkable. He could walk from the Petroleum Club in downtown Calgary to the curling rink in St. Paul and carry on a conversation with absolutely everyone he met. Ralph was a real man of the people.” It was that attribute in Mickle that I was referencing.

~Sr. Ed. Reece Sellin

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Third phase of fort now being built The third phase of of the 1875-1885 NWMP Fort is now under construction, according to City officials. In a news release issued this week, the City indicated that construction of Phase III of the North West Mounted Police (NWMP) Fort began on June 12th with the removal of part of the palisade wall, making way for the building of the stables. Phase III of the NWMP Fort project consists of the Stables and the Divisional Kitchen/Guard Room. The stables will have a stables exhibit and exhibit spaces to house the Museum’s NWMP collection. The Divisional Kitchen/Guard Room will showcase a cooking area and four prisoner cells. Construction is being conducted by Macdonald & Lawrence Timber Framing Ltd, who are striving to balance historical authenticity with the requirements of modern, fully-code compliant buildings. Their experience in a range of timber structure and heritage projects will help make that a reality. Those wishing to visit the NWMP Fort are advised that it will be open for tours and programming throughout the construction process, and in fact, may present a unique chance for visitors to observe some traditional building techniques. Tours of the NWMP Fort and the Museum start at the Warden’s House; open Mondays to Saturdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Honours for Canada’s longestserving firefighter Last week had not one but two major announcements for one of the Fort’s most famous nonagenarians. On Thursday, the Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce announced that Walter Thomas has been named this year’s Canada Day Parade Honorary Marshal. “After we looked at all of the deserving nominees, it was an easy decision to recognize Walter,” said parade chairman Conal MacMillan. “The fact that he is still at the fire hall every week shows his dedication and really demonstrates his commitment to our community.” Thomas will be riding in a

Letters FORT DOESN’T NEED A RALPH KLEIN, SAYS SENIOR In an article about councillors you had a story about a Klein-type person running for council. In my opinion as an Alberta senior on the lowest tax bracket provincially. The last thing we need is anything similar to Klein. Peter Lougheed gave Albertan seniors at sixty five years of age no education tax on residential property. No hospital or medical premiums to pay. Klein took that away. Klein gave a huge financial tax break with his single tax rate to the wealthy and found out the lowest bracket would pay more in taxes so he had to increase the personal exemption so the lowest tax bracket people paid the same as before. Klein privatized our power and gas which doubled my utility bills. Klein cancelled the twinning of Highway 63 where my family and friends lived. We don’t need anything like a Klein type person in Fort Saskatchewan. Scott Day Fort Saskatchewan CANDIDATE PLEASED ABOUT TRANSPARENCY

June 21, 2013 the information but this makes it easier in general. I was sorry to hear that this was not a unanimous vote but it was passed nonetheless. I heard that one concern was that it might cost more time and money for administration, however, the moment one person calls and asks for this information, someone in administration has to compile it, therefore, the cost would have been initiated anyway. So now when this is put together on a monthly basis, it will already be available for someone in administration to post on the internet and/ or send to someone who requests it. This is done under the Freedom of Information Act. One last thing. I understand that due to security reasons councillors would not want to post that they are leaving for vacation/holidays/ trips but what about posting that information when they return to say that they had been away? My employer likes to know when I am gone and we as taxpayers are the employers of City Council. Even the part time workers where I work are expected to advise when they will be gone. I know that some councillors call in when they are away or even do some work by email. But if they are not around, they are not around. Just a question. Stuart McGowan Fort Saskatchewan

I am very pleased that the Council of Fort Saskatchewan voted in favour of making the salaries and expenditures available to the public via the internet. I realize that some people may still call City Hall to request

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in Letters do not necessarily represent views or opinions of Over Easy, Please or it’s advertisers. It is up to the reader to research facts/opinions expressed in Letters to form your own opinions from an informed position.

restored, 1929 Bickle Model AA fire truck at the front of the parade.

our Fire Department for 66 years and counting,” Katchur continued.

And then on Saturday, a special celebration was held at the City’s Fire Hall, to officially rename it “Walter Thomas Station.”

Thomas, a native of Calmar, AB, moved to Fort Saskatchewan in 1946 and joined the local volunteer fire department May 1, 1947.

“Walter, I know that you don’t look for attention and you certainly are one of the most humble individuals I have ever had the pleasure to know,” commented Mayor Gale Katchur, during the ceremony.

He has served as a firefighter, dispatcher and fire captain.

“I hope you can bear with us and accept this day as just another way that we want to let you know that you have achieved a remarkable milestone – acting as our Fire Department Historian for the last 35 years and being an active participant in

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SCARS Pet of the Week - Goose

June 21, 2013

A Spoonful of Sugar

Song of the Week

High Five

Sprinkle a bit of water over stale croissants or buns, with a sprinkle of sugar, and warm them in the oven for a few minutes to revive their freshness.

Don’t Look Back -- Bryan Adams

To the Fort Sask Rotary Club for raising funds to assist for fighting against polio globally.

Inspirational Thought Actions speaks louder than any words but not nearly as often.-- Mark Twain

Let me into your home, and I can show you! I am a 1.5 years old Shepherdmix and a little shy with new people, but I warm up quickly. I tend to lie down and pout if you scare me, but I am cratetrained, and leash-trained. I am great off-leash, and once I trust you I’ll follow you everywhere.

Funny Yoke Q: Who tells the best chicken jokes? A: Comedihens.

Random Act of Giving Suggestion

Everyone has seen the hand of God at work in their lives at one time or another but some refuse to give God the credit -- Allan Hilt

Do you have an extra sleeping place in your travel trailer, tent or cabin? Why not invite a child that you know who does not get to go camping. A camping weekend could be a life changing event for the child you invite to spend a weekend of camping with your family.

Book of the Week

Two Thumbs Down

Peace from Broken Pieces -Lyanla Vanzant

To city drivers who do not shoulder check before changing lanes.

Spiritual Thought Well, I have passed college and I am fully certified in Dog Socialization 101, Cat Communication, and People Management.

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Community Info Fort Saskatchewan Public Library: 10011-

102 Street. Mon-Thu: 10a9p, Fri: 10a-5p, Sat: 10a-5p, Sun: 1p-5p (closed Sun in Jul + Aug)

Did You know? Storing plastic wrap in the fridge makes it much easier to use. Keep bacon slices from curling by rinsing in cold water before cooking.

Commuter Bus Service: Mon-Fri, Clareview

<-> to Fort Sask. Departs Sherridon Dr and 99 Ave 5:34a, 6:04a, 6:34a, 7:19a, 4:16p, 5:16p, 5:46p, 6:28p, 7:08p. See or call 780.442.5311 for full route details or more info.

Did you know that avocados ripen faster in a brown bag with a tomato or banana peel and stored at room temperature? Break up frozen canned juice with a potato masher then add correct amount of water. Freeze coffee, tea, wine and juice in ice-cube trays and use them to fancy up cold drinks on a hot day.

Sunny Smiles

Walk In Medical Clinic: 9368 Southfort

Drive, next to Shoppers Drug Mart. Call 780-9970177 for info.

Beautiful Babes

If you have another dog, I will do whatever my doggy buddy does. I like kids, but I need a home that will be patient with me. I am a happy guy that just needs a home to call my own!

Celebrity Smile Edition. Can you guess who this is? Check back next week to see if you’re right!

Celebrity Babe Edition. Can you guess who this is? Check back next week to see if you’re right!

SUDOKU No. 130

Very Hard



7 2

Previous solution - Tough

4 7 8 3 2 9 6 1 5

6 4

8 2

5 7 8 4 8 6 3 4 2 9 5 1 9 1 7 4 8 3

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7 8 2 1 9 6 3 5 4

9 1 7 6 5 3 8 4 2

2 4 6 9 7 8 5 3 1

8 5 3 4 1 2 7 6 9

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Dingers by Ken Schotsch

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Heart & Soul: Chopped Bikes By Fort Sask Life Church Pastor BILL OLSEN W h e n I was a kid, a bicycle was the main and best means of transportation. In those days, back when dirt was still relatively new, and cartoons ran for a few hours on Saturday mornings on our tube-driven black-andwhite TV, most kids were outside using imagination for adventure instead of electronics. In the back yard were all kinds of bikes that begged to be fixed up and ridden. Some even became the items of customization. We, namely those of us who were mechanically inclined, would hunt through all of the old sheds and places that hid broken stuff, and find all the components for our next “build” -- things like the coveted “banana” seat, “sissy-bars”, cool extended “high-rise” handlebars, extra front forks, chains, and of course, the best frame we could find to be the heart and soul of our next work of art. The goal was to turn your average “coaster”-style bike (that was just a more technical word for “single speed”), into a very sleek and cool “chopper”. Very cool indeed when you’re 10 – 12 years old. We would then transform these old beaters into a completely pimped out ride that laid back so far that you could hardly keep the front wheels on the ground. We would build a padded backrest and mount it on the “sissy-bar” and sit back and ride. We would extend

Pastor in the Making: Authenticity is a beautiful thing By MICHAEL MULARZ We all go through h i g h and low points in our lives. Life, as we all k n o w , is never perfect and is full bumps. And, we get bruised by them, but we shouldn’t let that be the end of the road for us. Whether you’re reading this from a Christian point-ofview, or are of another faith, or maybe you don’t follow a faith at all; I think we that life is not always easy (and those who disagree are lying). People sometimes get the impression that Christians always have it together, and live the “perfect” life. That could not be further from the truth. Christians

the front forks by welding another set onto the existing ones so they would extend over 3-4 feet. Usually it worked out well, if there was someone who could weld (or braze) them together for us, but every now and then, we would try it on our own, and things didn’t work out so well... Because of the long forks, our body weight would be almost centred over the rear wheel, which meant that you could do “wheelies” and “cat walks” forever, effortlessly! This was very cool indeed, but made it almost impossible to ride up a hill... But, no problem coming back down. In fact, that’s where the “cool” factor really kicked in... unless something seriously went wrong... Because we could, and did, do extended “cat walks” and “wheelies”, with these very long extended front forks, there was an increased “stress” factor that was sometimes unaccounted for... The front end was always experiencing shock every time the front wheel would drop back to the ground. This led to the welded area becoming weak, and sometimes it would crack... or break. I was always going for land speed records on any bike I rode, and of course had to try my very cool, chopped and pimped out ride... So there I was, determined to break another personal record and launch down the “big” hill into town. As I began to really push on the pedals, the “balance/ weight” ratio took over (not in my favour) and the front wheel came off the ground. I was ahead of some cars, and there were no shoulders on the road to ride on, and I needed to prove that my ride could stay ahead do not have it all together, and nor should they try and hide that. It’s hard to do the right thing at times, it’s hard to turn the other cheek, not lash out, not be honest, and hard not cheat in some way to get ahead in life. We as Christians need to be careful of appearing to be “perfect” and having that “holier than thou” attitude. We should be showing unbelievers that we struggle with the same things they do. Authenticity is a beautiful thing: when we open up to others about our lives and who we are, it shows people that we care enough about them to be vulnerable to them. Then they are vulnerable with us, and allow us to enter into their lives and speak influence. I’m not saying that as a Christian, you try and brainwash or control people. You only answer to yourself, and can’t tell other people what to do. Do you genuinely care about people and want to help them when they allow it, or do you view people as a project that once you’ve made them more like you

June 21, 2013 of them... After the front wheel bounced off the pavement three or four times, the fatigue in my poor weld revealed itself and simply surrendered, completely without warning! Have you ever tried riding a chopped bike with no front wheel? It’s very interesting. There are several emotions that overwhelm you at first. Once those pass, you’re pretty much in panic mode, and fighting for your life. I’m sure it was over in a couple of seconds, but it seemed like it was forever to come to a complete heap in the ditch, after grinding what felt like several pounds of perfectly good flesh off my body. The front wheel went up, then back down, then the forks gave out and dug into the very hot pavement, sending me for the ride of my life forward through the “high- rise” handle bars, as I frantically clutched for anything solid, only to realize afterward that the clamp holding the handle bars in place, gave out under the extreme force, leaving me to deal with pavement (and, of course, gravel) with nothing but flesh and bone. To add to the misery were the people in the vehicles that used to be behind me, screeching to a halt to see if I survived, then scolding me for doing something so dumb. “That’s okay... just leave me to die here bleeding to death in shame... It’s all good... I can take it... I’ll limp home with my broken ride on my back”. It’s a good thing I grew up. I don’t think I could keep taking the punishment. Both verbally and physically... Have a great week! Be safe, and watch out for kids on chopped and pimped out bikes... they just don’t know any better! move onto the next person and try to change them as well? People aren’t projects, they’re people who have feelings, go through issues in life, and need friends and mentors who will be genuine with them and be there for them. We also live in a world where authenticity is craved by the younger generation. As a twenty-three year old male, I can say that when I was a teen, that was something I yearned for and found it in the from members of the church. I yearned for meaning, authenticity and acceptance, and that is what I found (and even more). People, especially youth, are looking for that from adults, but also from young adults who are more their age and understand them a bit more. The problem with authenticity and being open with people is that it means that we have to be in the messy situations of people’s lives, and that is hard to do. That involves time, it involves pain and letting people walk beside us in our lives. CONTINUED ON PAGE 7

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Gettin’ More of the Good Stuff: Leadership - Do you have the right mindset? By IAN HOPE

What will it take for leaders today to build those much soughtafter workplaces of choice? In the movie City Slickers, prospector Curly Washburn makes a statement several times to Billy Crystal acting in the role of Mitch Robbins with his two sidekicks. He states, as he raises his hand with index finger pointed, that there’s ‘that one thing’ that the tinhorns must learn to be successful in their pursuit of the treasure. Throughout the movie we’re left curiously wondering and looking for it ...just what is that one thing??

Muse with me for a while over what that ‘one thing’ would be if we were to apply that statement to leadership and the building of great workplaces - what is it more than anything else that we must realize in order to be successful as leaders of organizations, big or small? If we were to distill into one sharply focused point, what would that be? With our last breath, what advice would we faintly whisper to one or more of today’s leaders as we leave this world? What sage insight might we impart to enrich the leadership knowledge and wisdom of others, and in doing so improve the lot and future potential of our workplaces and of humankind in general? In my view, ‘that one thing’ that will make the largest difference to the growth and development of great leaders is this - to be or to become a great leader, you must have not only the willingness, but in fact enthusiasm, to change personally and professionally. While this may seem simple enough, the

June 21, 2013 concept deserves a lot more introspection by anyone who is legitimately on the journey to become a more dynamic and effective leader. Jim Clemmer, author of the Leaders’ Digest and other highly successful books on the subject, recently described leadership as an inside job. He said that it was nearly impossible to build a team or organization into something that we are not. In other words we cannot lead others to places we rarely visit ourselves. So, influencing and changing others fundamentally must begin with changing ourselves. Mr. Clemmer provokes us to take a look into our leadership mirror as a regular part of our growth process! I can see it in the eyes of many seated before me that while they are taking everything in at a mental level, they really aren’t open to fundamentally changing themselves or changing the way that they see things. In particular, they are clearly not tuned in at an emotional

level If they started out the class with a negative perception of people they often ended the class the same way. I could tell that they hadn’t really opened themselves up to changing the beliefs and assumptions that they held when walking in the doorthey just didn’t seem prepared to make the changes ‘inside’ that were necessary to fully embrace their leadership roles back at work and at home. Perhaps this is the very reason that Mahatma Ghandi years ago implored people to ‘become the change’ that they wanted to achieve. What I’m really talking about here, folks, is the qualities that you possess as a leader. These are things that really cannot be ‘trained into you’ the same way that a technical process can be, or a procedure or policy. There are no steps to simply set out and follow. Only you can develop the many qualities that you will need in order to be, not only an acceptable leader, but in fact a remarkable and great

Page 6 leader. Great leaders have so many qualities and these are things that have to be developed internally and purposefully. Qualities I’m referring to include compassion, empathy, honesty, positivity, optimism, patience, courage and integrity, to name just a few. These things are really important to think about as everyone leads someone, in something, at some time- if not at work then at home or in the community. In other words we are all leaders and so improving that skill is important to all of us. It starts with being open to change within yourself, and acknowledging that you can grow as a leader- you can do better. Happy thoughts to you! Ian Hope facilitates workshops that raise the bar on key people skills. His insights are highly relevant and valued in today’s workplaces. To enquire about Ian speaking or training at your event, send an e mail to or go to his website at www.

Attempt to dry vehicle proves costly A 67-year-old man from the Alberta Foothills area discovered just how costly drying his car can be. The man was caught speeding by Turner Valley RCMP in February. Police allege the man was travelling at 180 km/h on Highway 22 south of Black Diamond. When the attending officer asked why he was driving so fast, the man said he had just washed his car, and was attempting to dry it. But that drying attempt ended up proving very costly on Monday, when the resulting court case concluded. The driver was fined $800 and had his license suspended for forty-five days.

Aspirin may fight cancer Aspirin is known to lower risk for some cancers, and a new study led by a UC San Francisco scientist points to a possible explanation, with the discovery that aspirin slows the accumulation of DNA mutations in abnormal cells in at least one pre-cancerous condition. “Aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which are commonly available and costeffective medications, may exert cancer-preventing effects by lowering mutation rates,” said Carlo Maley, PhD, a member of the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, and an expert on how cancers evolve in the body over time. More studies are needed to further explore the link between non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, mutation rates and the development of invasive cancer, Maley said.

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June 21, 2013

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Fort Saskatchewan’s Categorized Business Section COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY







Rotary surpasses goal for garage sale The Fort Saskatchewan Rotary Club held a successful third annual garage sale this part Saturday, surpassing their $800 goal to fulfill the club’s commitment to assist in the fight against polio. The garage sale raised a total of $860 dollars.

al iron lung on display and that drew a lot of attention.” Since PolioPlus began in 1985, Rotary’s vast network of 1.2 million members has contributed money, volunteer time, and networking expertise to the polio eradication effort. Rotary’s financial contributions to the global polio eradication effort will reach nearly US$1.2 billion by the time the world is certified polio-free. There are

only three countries left that have not been declared polio free: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. “The community came out and supported this very worthwhile cause,” stated Stacey. “We can’t thank them enough for battling the winds and rain. We also want to thank Gabby Santana and Heather Stacey for joining us to promote the Because I Am a Girl initiative. They raised $55 selling pink lemonade.”

Authenticity is lacking in the

Fort Saskatchewan Life Church 50-10420 98 Ave. (Back of Fort Mall). Sunday Service/Kids Church @ 10:15a. Wed. Service @ 7:00p. Culture Shock Youth, Fri @ 7:00p. 780992-9673. Fellowship Baptist Church Pastor Jim Paulson. Worship Service: Sun @ 10:30a. Prayer: Tues @ 7:00p. Awana Children’s Program Thurs @ 6:30p. 9932 - 101 St., Fort Sask. (Ac. from Legacy Park) 780-992-0880.

Josephburg Community Church 21380 Township Road 550 (intersection of Twp. Rd. 550 & Sec. Highway 830) Aas you enter the hamlet of Josephburg. Ph: 780-998-9331 Fax: 780-998-9305. Pastor: Rev. Audrey Daley

“Each club around the world is encouraged to hold events to raise awareness and funds. We were fortunate to have an actu-

It means we need to be open to ourselves, and actually admit that we have flaws and have made mistakes in our own lives, while continuing to make them and learn from them. Being authentic and mentoring teens means being humble and not being prideful and pretending to live a perfect life. Be real with them and don’t beat around the bush with them when talking to them, but tell them how it really is, while still respecting them where they come from.

Church Listings

Church of the Nazarene Pastor: Stephen Conklin. 9802 104 St., Fort Sask. 780-998-2451. Join us Sunday @ 11a for Worship. Sunday School @ 9:50a.

“Rotary as an international service club has been involved in raising funds to eradicate polio since 1985” said Terry Stacey, event chair.


Roses F� Rosa

world today where people are trying to fill that emptiness with the things of the world. The problem with that is that worldly things will keep filling you with emptiness and lying to you. The emptiness can only be filled with the love of Jesus and the purpose and meaning we find in relationship with Him. Mentoring and authenticity is tough and messy, but it’s worth every second of it. It’s worth the frustration that will follow mentoring teenagers but if they learn a thing or two then it all becomes worth it. So invest in students’ lives, read some books on mentoring and don’t miss out on the chance to change some

lives and let God use your life that is filled with mistakes and failure, but above all else, the victories in your life to teach students to make better decisions and learn from you. Just remember that, yes, there are mistakes in your life and failures, but in those things you have victory in Jesus, and that needs to celebrated the most. Our mistakes and sins don’t matter when it comes to what Jesus has done, and we need to remember the victory that is Jesus in our lives, because that is the most important. Don’t focus on the negative but on the good in your life.

Partridge Hill United Church Corner of TWP 542 and RR 220. 780-895-7378. Debbie Brill, Minister. Worship Service: 9:30am. First United Church 10409-100 Ave., Fort Sask. 780-998-4060. Rev. Danielle A. James. All welcome. Sunday Worship & Sunday School: 10:00a. Holy Protection Orthodox Church. Saturdays: Great Vespers, 5p. Sundays: Divine Liturgy, 10a. 281 Fort Mall, 10421 99 Ave. 780708-2877. All Services in English. St. George’s Anglican Church. Reverend Maude Parsons-Horst. Summer worship times: Sunday @ 9:30am Holy Communion with Sunday School. 10029 – 99th Ave, Ph: 780998-3620.

Over Easy, Please

June 21, 2013

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Edmonton Next Step Two docs man hosts suspended College of Physicians & arrested via competition The Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) Next Step has already be- announced the suspenInterpol gun planning for the 2013 sion of two physicians on PetroChallenge Wednesday. returned to Canadian scheduled for October 2013. PetroChallenge is a two-day A Hearing Tribunal of the computer simulation event College of Physicians & SurCanada for high school students us- geons of Alberta (CPSA) has An Edmonton man wanted by the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has been returned to that City after he was arrested in England last month. Alvin Jackson Goh, 37, is accused of 208 incidents of theft from his employer, with a combined value of more than $750,000 over a four-year period. Goh was first charged on March 7, 2012, with two counts of theft over $5,000 and one count of possession of stolen property over $5,000. The charges were stayed on May 29, 2012, and re-laid on May 17, 2013, along with an additional charge of money laundering. Despite an agreement with his defense lawyer and the EPS, GOH failed to turn himself in on May 16, 2013. Therefore, the EPS Downtown Division issued an international arrest warrant via Interpol. Goh was arrested via Interpol by the London Metropolitan Police Extradition Unit on May 25, 2013 and held in custody for several weeks, while the EPS made arrangements to have him returned to Canada. Two EPS officers recently traveled to Heathrow Airport to escort Goh back to Canada. He is currently remanded in custody.

EICS approves budget Elk Island Catholic Schools (EICS) has approved its operating budget for 2013/14. The budget for the upcoming year is $65,082,031 and includes a projected deficit of $173,348, which will be covered by operating reserves.

ing the software program OilSim, created by Simprentis.

OilSim is a learning platform being used throughout the world in training and educating students in the oil and gas industry. During the event, teams of three or four students from Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) and surrounding area will own a petroleum company and be tested on their ability to discover oil and gas reserves. Teams are challenged to bid for the right to drill, ensure environmental compliance, create community projects, and trade shares of their company to the other teams. Registration will begin in September. More information is available at http:// php?page=586.

Sobeys to acquire Safeway Empire Company Limited and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Sobeys Inc., announced last week that Sobeys has reached a definitive agreement with Safeway Inc. to acquire substantially all of the assets of Canada Safeway Limited for a cash purchase price of $5.8 billion. Paul D. Sobey, President and CEO of Empire said, “This is a significant and historic event for Sobeys, which has been proudly serving Canadian food shoppers for 106 years. The acquisition of Canada Safeway represents an excellent strategic fit, strengthening our presence in Western Canada with the addition of great employees, excellent stores and exceptional real estate.

found family physician Dr. Gordon Anderson of Wainwright guilty of unprofessional conduct for having an inappropriate relationship with a patient.

Dr. Anderson has been suspended for six months effective March 15, 2013. An additional six months will held in abeyance pending fulfillment of several conditions. In another case, the CPSA suspended Calgary family physician Dr. Ronald Tsujikawa guilty of unprofessional conduct for having an inappropriate relationship with a patient. Dr. Tsujikawa has been suspended for a minimum of three months, with an additional three months held in abeyance pending fulfillment of the CPSA’s terms and conditions. “The acquisition allows us to leverage our existing assets and in turn position Sobeys to compete even more effectively within the changing, and increasingly competitive, grocery retail landscape. Empire is committed to continuing its focus on food retailing and related real estate assets and will continue to own 100 percent of Sobeys which will be a stronger food company with excellent growth prospects.” Sobeys’ purchase includes 213 full service grocery stores under the Safeway banner in Western Canada; 199 in-store pharmacies with market leading productivity; 62 co-located fuel stations; 10 liquor stores; 4 primary distribution centres and related wholesale business; and 12 manufacturing facilities. Sobeys termed the transaction a “unique and highly strategic opportunity” that will “significantly enhance Sobeys’ scale.”

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Flimsy Whimsy: Loch By JAI MURUGAN

Some second cousin eight t i m e s removed with a different n a m e , on my father’s side married his sweetheart while stationed in Britain during the war. Later I learned it wasn’t that unusual. But at the ‘Why?’ stage in life, I was awestruck by her. The language was music to behold. When she said, “Let’s take the wee’uns to the loch this weekend,” she had me in her magnetic speech field, forever stuck. Mother kept saying, “Why are you hanging around so much? Go play with the other kids in the sand.” Unable to escape her lingo cage, I looked forlornly towards the lake. The growing sand castles were enticing, but not powerful enough. Mother assumed it was my overabundant shyness, and gave in. “Oh, okay. But don’t interrupt Betty and me. We haven’t

visited in a long time and have so much to catch up on.” She didn’t know I could never interrupt. The melodies from Betty’s throat flew like bluebirds, wrens, and butterflies gracefully about the table. Even the compulsory washroom breaks were temporarily postponed until I sensed a break in dialogue, or either of them took their own compulsory break. Betty thought I was a weird hangabout. When her man asked if I wished to go for a speedy ride in his boat, watching him try to manoeuvre my older water-skiing cousins into the loch, I refused. He assumed I was frightened of water, boats, speed, his gruff manner, cousins, and potential gross missiles from the gulls. He was wrong. He should have known better, because I suppose at one time he was equally as transfixed by his Goddess, albeit for other features beyond speech. When night came by, I fought over the side of the tent that was closest to the fire and table, where the wondrous lilt continued until the sandman finally arrived, loosening the grip until dawn. Except where otherwise copyrighted, all content of this newspaper, including advertisements, is Copyright 2013, Tuckbook Inc. Editor: Judy Sellin (; Senior Editor: Reece Sellin (reece@; Advertising Inquiries: (; Mail: PO Box 3153, Fort Saskatchewan, AB, T8L 2T2; Phone: 780-9340139.

Over Easy, Please - June 21, 2013  

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