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DO YOU KNOW A SHUTTERBUG TAKING “CREEPSHOT” PHOTOS? popular websites. Zeynep Tufekci, a professor of sociology at the University of North Carolina commented, “It may not be the most visible site, but is a powerful platform.” Reddit has 19 million users a month, according to Quantcast. Those people taking creepshots often focus their shots on the woman’s buttocks and/or chest, with under-aged girls not being exempt of having creepshots taken of them, too.

A man takes a picture using a smartphone. Photo: ©Depositphotos / Adam Radosavljevic

They are calling them “creepshots,” and there are those who are taking such shots in Edmonton, Toronto, and elsewhere. “If you haven’t heard about creepshots, they’re photographs of women taken without their consent,” says Ontario writer, Nokyounf Xayasane, of the blog These creepshots are taken mainly with the primary purpose of having them posted on certain websites.

aged people (mainly males) to upload pictures taken covertly of women for others to ogle and give comments about.

Reddit, a community and social news site, has been hit with controversy for letting a forum that seemingly encour-

Reddit is a site that has a forum and links to other sites, although the site may not be as well known as other

Although Reddit is not the only website that has creepshots, it was apparently struggling as to “where to draw the line about what to publish and what what to remove” maintains Brisbane Times writer, Jenna Wortham.

Katie Baker, a writer who has been covering the Reddit controversy, stresses “...averting our eyes and avoiding certain forums won’t solve the problem of how to deal with those forums when they tolerate and encourage attitudes of hostility and exploitation of women and under-age girls.” Those taking creepshots, which usually depict clothed women, often justify it by saying there is nothing wrong or illegal about taking these non-consensual pictures -- even though the women in the pictures would likely be humiliated and mortified to find out they are being exploited in this kind of online subculture. These creepshooters may be correct to say that taking pictures of women in public places is legal, but police investigation into individual cases may prove otherwise. CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO...

NEW IMAGING CLINIC OPENS IN SOUTHPOINTE Canada’s largest radiography partnership has opened a new clinic in Fort Saskatchewan. Medical Imaging Consultants (MIC) opened the partnership’s eleventh clinic in the Edmonton Area in the Southpointe commercial area on October 9, bringing ultrasound, x-ray, bone densitometry and mammography services to Fort Saskatchewan and area residents. Clinics like those in Fort Saskatchewan represent a shift that MIC established over the last five years, placing their focus on smaller, more easily-accessible facilities versus traditional larger, more centralized clinics.

Fort Saskatchewan was an ideal location for a new clinic for a number of reasons, explained Cam Barrett, MIC’s Director of Operations. “Fort Saskatchewan is a growing area, and we also do diagnostic imaging interpretation for the Fort

Saskatchewan Community Hospital,” said Barrett. “There’s a good population base both immediately and in the local area,” he continued. “[The new clinic] also satisfies MIC’s strategy to get closer to where patients live,” he concluded. MIC’s scope, consisting of

83 radiologists, means that patients also benefit from sub-specializations within the radiology field itself. For example, pediatric and musculoskeletal specialized radiologists are part of MIC, in turn bringing their very specific expertise to local patients. ~RS



OCTOBER 26, 2012

HOMICIDE CASE SPANS 120KM RCMP in Vermilion and police in Edmonton are investigating a homicide that, according to media reports, spans 120km. The incident was first publicly reported Tuesday, when RCMP officers told media that a sudden death near Ranfurly on October 20th had been ruled a homi-

THE ISSUE By OEP Editor Judy Sellin


Not all topics are cheerful, but nevertheless many of these topics need to be written about. Effective journalism brings awareness and accountability that perhaps is not always the most pleasant to read, but often is the most informative. Effective journalism may at times step on the toes of some, or



cide by the Edmonton Medical Examiner. The case took a bizarre twist by Wednesday, with reports emerging from EPS and various media outlets that there had been a discovery of human remains that morning at 72 Street and 131A Avenue in Edmonton. CTV later reported that the two cases were linked. As of press time, police had not confirmed the connection. ~RS have a biting sting, but the end result can brings positive changes in people’s lives or in the community. Effective journalism is also about trying diligently to write the facts and present the truths, by doing the best in-depth research possible that time will allow before the next publication. Effective journalism can be harsh, but it should be presented in a structure of truth and facts. Effective journalism is “justified writing,” having a sincere motive and message for the writing of the article. Effective journalism also includes a good measure of healthy opinions that cause readers to think holistically.

Members of the Strathcona County RCMP took about two hours to defuse a firearm-related incident on Tuesday afCREEPSHOTS, CONT. Nonetheless, it is crucial to remember that most of these creepshots focus directly on specific body parts of women, and that these creepshots are on the internet for ogling purposes. Taking pictures of women without their consent, illegal or not, is something that certainly would be deemed very creepy by most people. Freaky and creepy, if you are the person behind the cell phone taking pictures of someone’s wife or someone’s daughter without their knowledge and or consent. Michael Brutsch is one such man, and is also known as Reddit’s biggest and most controversial “troll,”another term that is not so endearing once your identity is known. Brutsch, who when identified, apparently pleaded with the a reporter about the repercussions if his identity

ternoon. A complaint was made at approximately 2:40pm that afternoon, indicating a 55-year-old man was threatening to harm himself with a firearm. The man was in his residence near RR 220 and TWP 540. After negotiations, the man was arrested without incident at around 4:30pm. ~RS was made public, was nonetheless just as quick to boldly state “I would stand by exactly what I’ve done.” The “done,” includes him being behind a trend on Reddit called ‘Jailbait,’ where submissions of sexualised images of scantily dressed, under- aged girls were uploaded for online ogling. Anderson Cooper of CNN called out Reddit for hosting Jailbait, but the revealing of Brutsch’s identity came weeks after campaigners fought to close his ‘Creepshots’ forum. Perhaps the keywords here are “creep” and “identity,” as ironically those who post on sites that have creepshots typically never reveal their identity; they have only usernames, hiding under a veil of privacy -- something they have not bestowed upon the unsuspecting women they have taken the creepshots of. ~JS

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OCTOBER 26, 2012


Hiring Part-Time Cook/Prep Person Hours: Mon-Wed 7 to 4, Thu-Sat 7 to 7 Closed Sundays + Stat Holidays Dine In or Take Out 10001 103 St, Fort Sask. 780-997-0084

CITY RENAMES FIRE HALL The City of Fort Saskatchewan decided this week at their regular council meeting to rename the City’s fire hall in honour of one of its members. The new name of the Fort’s fire station will be the Walter (Thomas) Tomaszewski Fire Station.

active member of the Phone: 780-998-0730 Fax: 780-992-1229 Fort’s volunteer firefighting contingent, he recently was recognized with a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal, in honour of his 65 years of service with the Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department. 11228-87 Avenue, Fort Saskatchewan An official re-dedicaRepair and Servicing • Wheel Alignments tion of the station will Buses, Heavy Duty & Light Trucks occur sometime next Automotive • Licensed Inspection Facility (C.V.I.P.) year. ~RS

Sherwood Park-based SAFFRON Center Ltd. will be the beneficiary of a luncheon in mid-November on a very timely topic. The “Ignorance is NOT Bliss” luncheon, which will host Detective Debbie J. Doyle of the Northern Alberta Child Exploitation Unit (ICE), “is intended to benefit children and youth who are being exploited and/or abused by educating the public on signs to watch for and how to report suspected incidents.” The luncheon will also serve as a call to action for those in attendance, helping and inspiring them to protect children. SAFFRON President Rebecca Kroetsch indicated the organization “supports a public education program dedicated to awareness and education surrounding cyberbullying, sexting, sexual assault and victimization.” Even though the center is located in Strathcona County, the organization does work across the province, says Kroetsch. Tickets to the luncheon are $50 each or $400 for a table of eight. Call 780.449.0900 for more information. ~RS

Fellowship Baptist Church. Interim Pastor Rick Laser. Worship Service: Sun @ 10:30a. Prayer: Tues @ 7:00p. 9932 - 101 St., Fort Sask. (Ac. from Legacy Park) 780-992-0880. Church of the Nazarene. Pastor: Stephen Conklin. 9802 104 St., Fort Sask. 780-998-2451. Join us Sunday @ 11a for Worship. Sunday School @ 9:50a. Josephburg Community Church.21380 Township Road 550 (intersection of Twp. Rd. 550 & Sec. Highway 830) Aas you enter the hamlet of Josephburg. Ph: 780-998-9331 Fax: 780-998-9305 Pastor: Rev. Audrey Daley

First United Church. 10409-100 Ave., Fort Sask. 780-9984060. Rev. Danielle A. James. All welcome. Sunday Worship & Sunday School: 10:00a. Holy Protection Orthodox Church. Saturdays: Great Vespers, 5p. Sundays: Divine Liturgy, 10a. 281 Fort Mall, 10421 99 Ave. 780-708-2877. All Services in English.



Fort Saskatchewan Life Church 50-10420 98 Ave. (Back of Fort Mall). Sunday Service/Kids Church @ 10:15a. Wed. Service @ 7:00p. Culture Shock Youth, Fri @ 7:00p. 780-9929673.

Partridge Hill United Church. Corner of TWP 542 and RR 220. 780-895-7378. Debbie Brill, Minister. Worship Service: 9:30am.

Thomas is Canada’s longestserving firefighter. Still



POLICE BUST ALLEGED THIEF. Police in Edmonton think PUPPY YAWNS. Ever notice how they’ve put an end to a spree of yawning is contagious? Apparently, B&Es in that city. Tyler Ortwein, dogs also can “catch” a yawn. How- 26, faces multiple charges in conever, researchers have found that, nection with 35 daytime break and akin to humans, if the dog is too enters in the Walker, Summerside, young, it will not be susceptible to Ellerslie, Charlesworth, Meadows, contagious yawning. Pups past the Silverberry and Wild Rose neighage of approximately seven months bourhoods. Over $50,000 in stolen property Photos: Kevin Bonkwas also recovered. will show the behavior.

HIGHWAY 63 TWINNING FAST TRACKED. The complete twinning of Highway 63 from Grassland, AB to Fort McMurray is being fast-tracked by the Government of Alberta. Highway 63 motorists will travel a safe, completely divided four-lane roadway between Grassland and Fort McMurray by the fall of 2016.



By Fort Sask Life Church Pastor Bill Olsen M y 12-year-old best friend, Howard, lived a few hundred feet above the beautiful Pacific Ocean on our beloved Salt Spring Island. He was the hero in our group of friends as he not only lived right on the beach, he had his own boat! It was a stately craft, all 8 feet of it along with its new 4 horse Johnson outboard engine... that baby was awesome! What more could a couple of young boys want... other than a little adventure! Well this hot summer day was a great day for creating our own fun once again. There were many young “ladies” on the beach, working on their summer tans, whose only purpose was to become the target of our misbehaviour. The water was fairly warm, and we loved diving down with mask and snorkel looking for treasures and something gooey and slimy to throw at these unsuspecting individuals. When you’re twelve... that’s just one up from a light punch on the arm of the girl you thought you were destined to marry! Our “cool” was beyond measure. One of the best discoveries were the Sea Cucumber. They were ugly things that were full of water. We would dive down and grab one or two of these hideous blobs, run up onto the beach and squeeze them, and squirt cold water all over the girls who had been in the sun the longest as that would create the most shock value. Then the chase would be on... seemed pretty exciting at the time ... but really... what a loser! I’m not too sure how this actually worked out in the “cool” department, but somehow we thought it did, maybe just because of the boat thing. Well, the day wore on, life was great and it was time to move onto some bigger adventures. We moved the boat and anchored at the base of a bluff, and decided to do some diving around there for a while. We imagined we were deep sea divers, looking for shipwrecks and gold. While we were down there, we would collect a few abalone shells. They were a bit of work and you needed to be fast as they would suck themselves onto the rocks with unimaginable force when they were threatened. Sometimes we would suffer some fairly good cuts from the sharp shells when

our fingers got caught underneath by accident. They were amazingly powerful creatures. I climbed in the boat to rest after a few dives and Howard went down for one more dive. Back in those days, we practiced holding our breath so it wasn’t uncommon to stay underwater for a minute or so. Howard went down and was wrestling with another abalone and put his hand down on what he thought was a rock as to get some leverage. As he did... the “rock” took off and turned around and stared him in the face! He was face to face with a very

OCTOBER 26, 2012 lost, deep-sea crab. It was seriously lost as they are not usually around those parts. Things seem to slow down in your mind in a rather strange way when you are as terrified as he was... He actually had the time to almost have a heart attack, poop his shorts, and let out all his air in a bubbly scream as the giant crab flashed his pincers at him and boogied sideways off the shelf into the black depths as Howard broke the sound barrier (underwater, yet) rocketing to the surface and flying into the boat... all in one complete motion! I have yet to see anyone come out of the water


public official would suggest feeding tainted meat to [Albertans] living in poverty.”

In a controversy reminiscent of several that helped sink her party’s fortunes in the last provincial election, Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith faced a barrage of criticism this week over comments she posted on Twitter.

Although Smith made what at least one observer refers to as a “half-hearted apology” on public radio by Monday, criticism has remained.

Responding to a Tweet from another individual, Smith seemingly expressed agreement with the idea that beef sent to the landfill last week could have instead been cooked and served to the less fortunate. A rebuke from across the political spectrum was rapidly forthcoming, with NDP Leader Brian Mason replying, “I am appalled that a

Another individual replied, tweeting, “UR KIDDING, FEED TO THE HUNGRY WHY NOT FEED IT TO UR PARTY INSTEAD.”

“Maybe the trouble was that what Ms. Smith seemed to be suggesting sounded suspiciously like what XL Foods, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and all our various stripes of conservative politician wanted to do when the US Customers Service discovered a problem with the steaks from Brooks: Hand them off to the dumb Canadians,” opined blogger David Climenhaga on his blog, ~RS

like that, ever! It was quite extraordinary! He grabbed the pull cord of that 4 horse Johnson and it seemed like it was being fed nitrous (although we didn’t know what that was then) as we ran that fine sailing ship about 20 feet up onto the shore... the poor guy could hardly talk for about 20 minutes, as he had to overcome his hyperventilating and slow his heart down to a calm 200 beats per minute. After he was able to talk again, he told me what had happened. Right away, I wanted to go and see for myself, but his very pale countenance dic-

CHAMBER RECOGNIZES JEWELER The Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce recognized a very familiar business face at their 28th annual Business Awards Gala last week. Roland Gamache, who has been operating Roland’s Jewelry in downtown Fort Saskatchewan for 64 years, was recognized with the Ken Hodgins Meritorious Service Award. The Gala also handed out a range of other awards to local residents and businesses. OEP advertiser The Retreat Salon and Spa took top honours as Small Business of the Year, based on their growth, innovation and superior customer service. Winning as Employer of Choice -- in this, the first

PAGE 4 tated that I stay right there just in case he passed away. I didn’t want to risk having his parents getting upset at me for leaving his side in that heightened, traumatic state. Needless to say, that scared Howard so bad, that we didn’t do any diving around there for quite a while... Now, you’re probably wondering how on earth I’m going to bring some deep spiritual truth out of this (because this is what I do) but here it is... You reap what you sow! Just in case you didn’t know... That’s a biblical truth... Also... “scared” is not very dignified! year the award category existed -- was TSI Thermal Spray Industries, while TD Canada Trust won in the Customer Service category. Taurus Projects Group took the prize in manufacturer/ industry, while The Landscaping Company won as best Home Based Business. A Fairytale Beginning also took honours as New Business of the Year. Former Downtown Redevelopment Advisory Committee (DRAC) Chair and current Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital Foundation Chair Don Morgan was awarded the Chamber’s Volunteer of the Year. The Chamber indicates that there were a grand total of 38 nominees in the various award categories. Selections were made by a panel of past Chamber presidents. The Chamber’s award gala is held each year to coincide with Small Business Week. ~RS

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OCTOBER 26, 2012

COMMUNITY AND EVENTS Ongoing: Can you help a senior shovel snow this winter? If you are interested in being a “Snow Angel,” please contact Tammy Lautner, Seniors Coordinator, FCSS, at 780.992.6623. October 27: First Annual Sheeptown Players “Haunted Walk.” 6-10pm, 51 Rocque Drive, Fort Saskatchewan. $5 admission, donations to Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS). Non-perishable food item donations for the Food Bank are also encouraged. October 27: Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Presents Joe Supple and the Alberta Country Gentlemen, 7:30pm, Shell Theatre. Tickets: $17.00 adults, $14.00 seniors/youth. Call 780.992.6400, visit the Dow Centre or go to November 2: Musgrave Agencies Hospitality Inns & Suites Presents: FOOTHILLS BRASS, Shell Theatre, 7:30pm. Tickets: $29.50 Adults, $ 27.50 Senior/Students, $5 eyeGo. To purchase tickets, call 780.992.6400 or 1.855.985.5000, visit the Dow Centennial Centre or visit


SCARS PETS - TIARA I initially came to SCARS from Hobema on July 30 with my brother and sister. I’m back with SCARS because of some concerns with the children in the home of my adoptive family. So a home with older or no children would probably be best for me. I’m three months old now and it looks like I may be a slim and trim medium sized dog when I grow up. I do love people and am having a lot of fun with the adult dogs as well as some foster puppies at my foster home. For more information on adopting this pet, please contact SCARS at or 780.466.7227,


Hollow out a pumpkin, carve a happy face on it then put a clear plastic bag inside the pumpkin and fill it with jelly beans for your customers and client visits.

INSPIRATIONAL THOUGHT It is the little things that often keep life moving forward.- Unknown


That ants hibernate in the winter in the soil or under the bark of trees. The ant’s body temperature drops significantly, causing the ant to be very sluggish. Most ants eat large amounts of food in the Fall, putting on fat that enables them to go without eating in the winter months. Come warm weather, the ant becomes active and opens up the entrance of their nest to come outside.

For The Week of Oct 25 - Nov 1 Paranormal Activity 4

Thriller Rated 14A Showtimes: Fri-Thu 7:00 & 9:20 PM


Q: Why did the rooster dye his feathers blue? A: Because he was going to a Blue Grass Festival.

Fun Size

Q: Why did the egg enter the race? A: Because it was runny.

Comedy Rated PG Showtimes: Fri-Thu 7:00 & 9:20 PM

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT God knows your character; people just know your reputation. -Unknown


Animated Rated PG Showtimes: Fri-Thu 7:00 & 9:20 PM

A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR... ... that is of the brown sugar family, sprinkled over pieces of pumpkin and then baked in the oven enhances the flavour of the fruit.

November 4: First United Church Turkey Supper Fundraiser, First seating: 5:00pm, Second Seating: 6:30pm. Cost: Adults, $12; 6-12yrs, $5; 5 and under: FREE. Tickets available at First United Church on Sunday, at the Church Office during regular business hours, or from Joan at 780-998-1008. November 10: KIROS + The Dougie Parker Band: The Awakening Tour. Fort Saskatchewan Life Church (Behind Fort Mall), 7:30pm. Cost: $5 cover charge (free if you can’t afford it!). Wreck-It Ralph Flight

November 24: St. George’s Anglican Church Women’s annual Christmas Luncheon & Bake Sale, 12pm2pm. All welcome. Proceeds to be assigned to new Fort Hospital.

No. 96, Medium

7 8 2

3 2 1

1 1

8 6

4 9




6 9 6


8 9 6

2 3

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5 8 9 7 6 9 5 7 8 1 8 7 6 9 3 4 5 4 2 3 8 1 1 2 4 9 6 3 4 7 6 1 2 3 8 7 9 2

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6 7 8 5 4

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No. 96, Medium


2 9 5 8 3 7 1 4 6

6 6 9 2 8

3 9 7 1

2 4 5 9 7 6 8

7 1

1 4 9

2 3


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© 2011 Syndicated Puzzles, Inc.


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OCTOBER 26, 2012



Celebrity Smiles Edition! Can you guess who this is? If you think you know, e-mail!

Celebrity Babe Edition! Can you guess who this is? If you think you know, e-mail!


Melissa, Esthetician Over 20 Years Experience

9749 90 St. Fort Sask

(780) 998-9938


Lately in the Fort Saskatchewan area, we’re hearing a lot about the senseless act of vandalism. Other communities are going through the same thing; in Edmonton for example, a number of churches had their windows smashed in the past week. The thought of that really saddened me since so often I have sat in one of our many Alberta churches, and admired the artful beauty of the brightly colored and inlaid glass, and the hue of colors they cast upon the walls and altars. The damages described in the media are exhaustive- bus shelters that were built to keep the wind off of children and seniors thoughtlessly smashed, costly schools contemptuously set afire, tires slashed on vehicles owned by families struggling with other bills. There seems to be no end to these crimes. I hasten to add that these vandals are cowards, since they always commit their crimes when we have our backs turned - when we are most vulnerable and looking away, perhaps even asleep! The destruction they bring into our lives troubles us most since there are no benefits to the criminals themselves… well, nothing that is sane anyway. This really leaves us wondering…why? As individuals, there may not be much we can do directly to stop them, aside from reporting all instances of vandalism

as well as suspicious activities that we observe. Still, I am left to wonder how the general citizenry might help to reduce the incidence of vandalism by raising the bar on our own example. I’m suggesting that we stop and consider just what our own practices and habits might be teaching others and in particular the the younger people in our community? Let me share a recent experience: While walking through a store parking lot, a cab driver was leaning against his cab finishing a cup of coffee. Downing the last gulp, he nonchalantly pitched the cup on the ground, and got back in his cab. I was stunned to see such disregard for other shoppers, for the folks who owned the grocery store and for the public in general. A while later, at a mall, two young ladies were walking behind me and having half finished a large slurpee-type drink, threw it down beside a parked car as the sugary liquid splashed up against a freshly washed car. I won’t expand upon my response, as that is not the point I’m trying to make; rather my focus is on the blatant disregard that is sometimes shown for others and their property. The ones that make me grind my teeth are the smokers who carelessly pitch their still burning butts into the traffic beside them… I wonder if they have any idea about how many birds ingest these toxic fiberglass pellets, get sick and then die? Whether they drop one butt at a time, or are like the gutter slob who pulls up to the convenience store, pulls out his full ash tray and simply bangs it till empty on the curb (ah, nothing like a clean car!), it matters little- they are all providing our

young people in particular with the same poor example of vandalism. Vandalism is all about NOT caring… NOT caring about the damage that you are causing, NOT caring about the people who are affected… and most of all NOT respecting or caring about yourself. I’ve heard it said that you cannot sin against others- that you can only sin against yourself, and I’ve come to believe that... certainly it rings true about the cowardly act of vandalism. So I encourage everyone to raise the bar in terms of the example that you visibly provide to others in the community, including your own children and families… be respectful of other people, their property and their rights. Be more aware of the needs of others and less offensive to them. Be mindful of the consequences to others of our own negative actions. Even on the road, drive safely and decently without speeding, recklessness or distraction, pick up after yourselves, keeping your yards and homes, your streets and communities clean and in good order. Might it be that by providing the very best example of behavior that we will actually broadcast a positive message to others and encourage ‘more of the good stuff’ in our communities, and less vandalism? I say, let’s give it a shot folks! Happy thoughts to you! Ian Hope trains others on people skills that are highly valued in today’s workplaces. To enquire about Ian speaking or training at your event, send an e mail to or go to his website at www.ianhope. com

Jake’s Diesel Repair & Inspections Ltd.

11213 - 88 Ave - Bay B, Fort Saskatchewan Diesel & Automative Repair • Commercial Vehicle Inspections

Call: 780-998-1048


OCTOBER 26, 2012



In his later years, h i s D a d , B i l l bought a farm in the Paulus district where William lived with his dad and completed his schooling.

Pity goes out in torrents to those poor outdoorsy families w i t h masses of kids, aged fourteen to four.

By Walter Melnyk

He still made it a point to spend his vacation at our place where he was more than welcome. There happened to be a New Years dance held at Chipman. It was approximately 40 below zero and the boys from Paulus decided to come to that dance. The main road was open so they were doing fairly well. They wore their Sunday hats instead of wearing a muskrat cap or some other kind of heavy cap. Anyway they got stuck on the mile from the way to town. William’s ears were frozen stiff as pretzels. We could have sworn that he was going to lose his ears but the good Lord was with him and they were saved. I happened to be playing at that dance so that is how I knew about it. TO BE CONTINUED...

BROADCAST LEADS TO HATE CRIME INVESTIGATION A group representing the Roma has asked police to investigate comments made by Ezra Levant on a recent Sun News broadcast. In a media release issued on October 15, Toronto’s Roma Community Centre announced it had reported a hate crime to Toronto Police Services, stemming from the broadcast. They allege Levant’s statements, among other things, “promoted hatred against an identifiable group.” Sun Media has removed the broadcast from its website, and issued an apology, stating the program should not have gone to air. A previous broadcast by Levant was found to violate Clause 6 of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Code of Ethics. The Canadian Journalism Project blog indicates that the Toronto Police Service has confirmed an investigation is ongoing into the Roma broadcast, but charges have not been laid. ~RS

By Jai Murugan

Camping in the mountains with all that fresh air filled with campfire smoke is a Utopia that stands alone. “Can we go on a hike?” asks an enthusiastic morningite, as poor father slumbers out of the canvas pile, formerly a tent, mosquito bitten from neck to ankle. “Sure,” he mumbles,” but can I at least make coffee?” “I told you he’d want to,” whispers an elder sister. “Coffee’s on!” he yells, over towards the canvas pile. Soon poor Mother crawls out, four-year-old in tow. “We’re all going on a hike!” She gets informed enthusiastically, but it doesn’t register. Snores, intermittent coming and going of scared kids, coyote howls, and grumpy hubby have just complemented yesterday’s aches. “Good. I’ll stay back and make breakfast,” she mutters, praying today is the day he decides to pack it in

and just go home. Thirty-seven fresh from China dolls wouldn’t stop the tired little four-year-old, faking her zest, from going on this exciting scenic waterfall-filled hike up and down the mountain. Keeping up with siblings is her proud forte. After 200 yards or rigorous steep, bushy climbing, the dreaded whimper arrives, “Daddy, please carry me. I’m tired.” For another hour he carts his package, while elder kids keep just far enough ahead so as not to take a carting turn.


You’re Invited to the Second Mayor’s Tea HOSTED BY


Musgrave Agencies Hospitality Inns & Suites

9820 - 86 Avenue October 29, 2:00-3:30pm

The lump on his shoulders wets the nape of his neck from the urine stained pants. His hair manages to stay tucked into his head, although a few tufts fall softly to the ground.

Tea, Coffee and Light Snacks by Donation

Not soon enough, the hikers return to the temporary home. He hears, “What’s for breakfast, Mom?”

Mayor’s Special Guest: Writer, Speaker and Columnist Ian Hope

As he wobbles into the scene, she knows it’s over. “I think we should go home today.” The whiner’s chorus responds not in time or tune, “But we’re having so much fun!”

All Proceeds to Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

Door Prize and Silent Auction Items


OCTOBER 26, 2012


Visit Us On The Web at BISCUITS & GRAVY: “LEAVIN’ NO DOUBT” By Brian Mason

Ever run into the circumstances that have left no doubt to the imagination as to the position someone was makin’ a point of or the way things were goin’? No cloud of illusion around, but just very clear cut and to the point is what I’m talkin’ about folks. None of these half truths or situations that leave more than the desired amount of room for interpretation... I got to thinking the other day as I stopped and examined my daily world around me that we as a people don’t often consider this. What I mean plainly is that our interpersonal, especially personal, relationships with one another should and in fact need to be that of a very clear nature. We as people need to ensure that there is not any room for interpretation or clarification needed when going about our lives.

If there is a standpoint to be established then take it, if a message to be made then make it and move forward. You see, once we leave those situations left in the open then people begin to doubt and they begin to not only doubt the reasons for the action but moreover they begin to doubt themselves. Self-doubt leads to frustration and that inevitably leads to anger and folks, let me tell you, anger has no place in personal relationships when they are of value to you. These games that people play or circumstances where they go about trying to tip toe around an issue or not exactly be true to themselves on something will always lead to disaster if left unchecked. You will find going about that if you’re trying to just be nice to someone and not hurt their feelings, that you’re actually doing nothing but tormenting them. Perhaps it’s not something to do with them in the long run, but an external issue. For starters, be sure that it is indeed that and then simply be honest and up front about it rather than making them guess.

wondering what they did wrong in a situation between two people to lead to the behavior we’re talking about, they will most times become either angry or demoralized. For a truly healthy personal relationship to grow you have to be open and leave no room for doubt in anyone’s heart. Because in the big picture, even if you’re going through the toughest of times, there is rarely any reason that another should be left out of the picture and only interacted with on a casual basis. When your attention to them changes, and shows little continuous reason for remaining that way, the only course that the other will see is a personal flaw they perhaps might have which over time they will come to believe themselves even if it is unfounded. So, take care folks, because as a given rule of thumb, this is the largest killer of a person’s soul and the greatest wounding force to any personal relationship.

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