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The Principal’s Letter…. …… One of the true joys of my position is visiting classrooms. It is a great break from budgets, policies and meetings. Recently, as I was visiting an English class, I was impressed by how well our students were communicating with each other about a Maya Angelou poem. Their insights were carefully considered, mature, powerful, and communicated in a sophisticated context using appropriate vocabulary. When I followed up with the teacher about what I observed, he explained that the English teachers were trying a new approach to introducing students to the requirements of the Language A1 internal assessments. I asked if the other English teachers across all three campuses were doing the same thing and he told me the approach was the same, but that each teacher was choosing a literary work that he/she was particularly passionate about.

As you know, I always try to frame life at the IA in terms of the Learner Profile. My first thought in this case was balance. The IB Learner Profile asks all learners to strive for balance, to “understand the importance of intellectual, physical, and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for themselves and others.” This teaching lesson is a great example of how our teachers across disciplines find the balance with curricular expectations and their own intellectual freedom. While there is an expectation that courses maintain rigor and commonality, our teachers also work towards adding their personal, creative flair and expertise. They are passionate about their subject and dedicated to our students. It is, after all, that passion which resonates with students.

Important Dates

• Oct 26th 5:00-8:00 PM Oct 27th 1:00-4:00 PM Oct 27th 5:30-8:30 PM

•Conference Break Dinner for Staff Oct 27th 4:00-5:30 PM

•PTIA General Meeting Nov 15th 7:00-8:30 PM For the most updated and campus specific calendar items, refer to”

The Principal’s Letter Continued… ……

A teacher’s natural enthusiasm is infectious. A successful curriculum must be built upon that intrinsic motivation. The IB founders talked a lot about the “back wash effect”. By this they meant the impact that summative assessments have on daily instruction. With this in mind they built, and we continue to build, assessments that provoke genuine learning that inspires both students and teachers. The internal assessments are a great example of this concept at work and the lesson I observed is a perfect example of the right balance of common standards and teacher efficacy. While we ask our teachers to hold to our standards and present a common curriculum both within a campus and between campuses, we need the high level of investment that was so obvious in my classroom visit. As our students progress through their personal IA journey, I hope their experience evidences that balance of rigor and meaningful standards delivered with passion and enthusiasm. Perhaps we should all ask ourselves if our lives and the lives of our children possess that same balance of high expectations and genuine motivation. The lack of high standards and personal expectations bares tragic results. Concurrently, however, a life motivated only by standards and extrinsic incentives loses its passion and substance. The founders of the IB knew this. As educators and parents we need to ask ourselves, do we know this? Do we teach and model this to our students? Ms. Lynne Gibson Principal

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IA Welcome Back Dance Party…. Welcome Back Party Dance was held on 8/26 from 7 to 10pm. What a great way to welcome everyone back to school! The dance was held on Friday, August 26th and was a big success due to the efforts of the Junior Class Officer’s and the PTIA Parent Volunteers. The students enjoyed dancing, face painting, henna, and balloon animals! Also, the PTIA provided the DJ and parents provided delicious snacks and drinks to keep the energy going. Thanks to the IA staff for their chaperoning efforts and the maintenance staff for helping with set up and clean up. A fun start to the school year!

Our big thanks to all the donators for making the party a big success !!!



Chips/ snacks

Del Davies Michael Berger, Julia Garza Siva Shan

hips/ snacks Chip/ snacks

Chip/ Snacks Pop






Veggie Tray Fruit

Lee Prost, Yumiko Vanderlugt Evelyn Tomazic

Cookies/ brownies

Tricia Meade, Sophia Suo, Holly Martin Jackie Christianson Pat Kozak

Cookies/ brownies Cookies/ Brownies

Volume 1, Issue 1

Set Up

Laura Whala Monica Rego Andrianne McLaughlin

1 ●



400 small plates 400 cups

August 2011

Napkins – 400

PTIA Newsletter

Clean Up

Anna Thaut,Karin Losch, Julia Helfman, Lisa Martin Elaine Chen, Holly Martin Teresa Natzke, Katrina Hopkins, Rebecca Moll, Sophia Suo Maria Zimmerman, Karen Losch Del Davies, Anna Thaut, Holly Martin, April Simon Siva Shan, Ana Milojevic, Zelma Newkirk, Muriel Tenga,Elaine Chen Monica Rego Andrianne McLaughlin Monica Rego Andrianne McLaughlin Page 2 Katrina Hopkins, Adrianne McLaughlin, Cathy Paglia, Monica Rego, April Simon Priti Sha, Sean & Joan Setzer, Carla WareParker Sophia Suo

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IA Olympics …. The Seniors Prevail with Another IA Olympics Victory

The only sound that could be heard above IA was the roar of the seniors as they took gold in the overall competition of the 2011 IA Olympics. Their triumphant cheers echoed on the playing field and all across campus.

Watermelon eating Contest.

Throughout the week the competition remained fierce as the under classmen continued to come on strong. The final victory was revealed when the freshmen teamed up with the seniors to help them take first in the Four-way Tugo-War. "I was very impressed this year with the leadership that the upper classmen gave in regards to the overall spirit of the week and the day of Olympics. Both the seniors and juniors have proven to be great role models for the other grades." stated Mr. Kowalewski. Other weekly highlights include the freshmen taking first place in the Four-legged Race and Penny Wars, while the juniors received the highest score from the judges on their hallway design and decoration.

Junior Girl’s Tug-o-War.

Sophomores finished first in the Oakland County 500 race and the seniors took first place overall beating out their competition with their T-shirt and banner designs, while having the greatest number of participants during Spirit Week. The final scores for the 2011 IA Olympics: Seniors - 203 Juniors – 195 Sophomores - 162 Freshmen - 135

Freshmen competing in the Four-legged Race.

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IA Olympics Continued…. Thank you parents and teachers! This weeklong intense and exciting event couldn’t take place without the help of our PTIA, all of the parent volunteers and teachers.

Seniors prepping for the Oakland County 500 Race

Your efforts have not gone unnoticed as Mr. Giromini shares his thoughts, "I'm grateful to the PTIA for their support of this event. It's a unique, meaningful tradition for our school community, and it would not be possible without them. I'd also like to acknowledge the outstanding conduct of the students—this year, the level of sportsmanship and the sense of coming together as a school community were higher than ever. Finally, a sincere thanks to all of the teachers who assisted running the events and for their patience and good spirits!" Even though the 2011 IA Olympics are over and the students have returned to focusing their attention on their studies, you can still hear the whispering of the results and strategies being discussed for next year’s event. Who knows what to expect in 2012? But, one thing is for sure … everyone will have a great time! We hope to see you there!

Sophomores cheering on their team

Seniors celebrating their 2011 IA Olympics victory Page 5

Thanks to IA Olympics Volunteers‌





Barb Grupenhoff Beth Lowe Birgit de Smet Carmen Siebenaller Cora Christoph

Euchre Tournament Chess +Anything Ultimate Frisbee 5 on 5 Volleyball Adventure Challenge Surprise Blacktop Mural Contest Trivial Pursuit Euchre Tournament Soccer Ninja Tug-o-war Watermelon Prep 4-legged race Chips Judge TBD Tug-o-war Gladiator (foam sword fight) Gladiator Who wants to be a Millionaire? Watermelon Prep/Watermelon eating 3 on 3 Basketball Paint

Sireesha Mallajosyula Alison Lynn Nataliya Malysh Galina Greiffenstein Lauretta Joo Nicky Taqbeem

Pop Pop Water bottles Water bottles Water bottles Paper plates and plastic ware Napkins Beverage cups Rice Krispy Treats Egg toss and Cookies Judge Judge Judge Scorekeeper Scorekeeper Scorekeeper Games Games

Gigi Salka Ginny Zeffiro Gloria Sprenger Jean Schohl Julie Garza Kim Hale

Laura Wahla Linda Mascolo Ida Kaylor Lisa Martin Rhonda Elton

Valerie Schiller Catherine Murphy Eva Hilborn Carol Sutherland Rebecca Moll Asha Nagaraj Emilia Askari Karen Heidacker Mary Ellen Bridges Anu Manoj Huafang Nancy Hauser Joan Stelzer Yumiko Vandrerlugt Jessy Abraham Sherryl O’Hora

Jen Gerada Mona Schmatz Jackie Christianson Jessica Brennecke Ida Kaylor Jean Schohl Valerie Schiller Maggie George Yi Jen Tsai Katrina Hopkins Zelma Newkirk Chris Marquard

Paint Scorekeeper Paint Paint Paint Paint and Hand Wipes Duct tape Painters tape Sticky notes Salad Fruit Skewers Fruit Salad Chips Chips

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PTIA President’s Letter…

Message from the PTIA President

One of the biggest challenges we face as an organization is building parent involvement. There are great reasons why parents should get involved in their children’s education here at IA. Overall, we recognize and appreciate the different degrees of involvement parents have chosen…donating food and supplies, attending school events, helping set up and clean up at events, coming to the school on a Saturday to clean up the gardens, etc. The majority of parents support the school and our organization by paying membership dues. Whatever way you choose to become involved, it is much appreciated by your students, the IA staff and the PTIA. We thank all of you for making a difference! At the beginning of this school year, we had three vacant leadership positions. I stepped up to the challenge and with the support of the incoming leadership team, we grabbed every opportunity we had to meet new parents and reconnect with returning families. As the president, for the second nonconsecutive term, I am very fortunate to have a fantastic team working with me. As of this writing, we have three enthusiastic parent volunteers who recently joined our leadership team. We welcome Nuha Alfahham Abdulhak and Gayatri Dadheech who will co-chair the Garden/Grounds committee. We also welcome Cheryl Davis who will co-chair the Senior All Night Party committee. I thank them for wanting to make a difference! In the meantime, we had been very busy planning events since the first day of this school year and even before that. We hosted a reception for new parents, sponsored the Welcome Back Party, and coordinated a much-awaited and extremely fun Olympics. We had a well-attended September general meeting. Susan Kruger, creator of SOAR study skills, gave a wonderful presentation on homework help for parents and students. Then, we were blessed with great weather so we were able to pull off working outside and cleaning up the IA gardens. Thank you to Diane, Carol, Kirti, Tyra, Sandy, Nuha and Gayatri for making sure these events ran as successful as they did! Caption describing picture or graphic.

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PTIA President’s Letter Continued…

Message from the PTIA President

Thank you to the generous IA parents who donated food, supplies and their precious and valuable time. Without your help, we would not have succeeded in making these events fun and exciting for your children. Thank you to the rest of the leadership team who not only volunteer to help out at all our events but who are also hard at work behind the scenes… Kristi for keeping our budget balanced. Cheryl for taking our minutes. Vani for compiling our memberships. Barb and Namrata for preparing our student directory. Peelu and Tyra for publishing our newsletters. Carol for coordinating the conference break dinner for staff. Irmgard for being the all around volunteer. Sharon, Paulette, Teresa and Libby for always being there to support the team and help out at events. Thank you to the custodians, Ron and Steve, and their staff, for setting up tables, chairs and equipment for our meetings and events. Thank you to Mr. Giromini and Mr. Sturm for sharing information with our parents at our meetings. Thank you to Ms. Gibson for her ongoing support. Thank you to Judy and Carol for putting up with us and making sure we always have enough forms. Thank you to the greatest teachers our children could ever have! Thank you to all our children for making us proud! Sincerely, Mildred Schwarcz PTIA President

Caption describing picture or graphic.

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PTIA News‌. 2011-2012 PTIA LEADERSHIP TEAM President Mildred A. Schwarcz Vice-President/President Elect Vacant Secretary Cheryl Koerber Treasurer Kristi Tice Staff Liaison Eric Sturm Membership/Volunteer Vani Diwakar Directory Barb Grupenhoff Namrata Bansal Newsletter Peelu Kumar Tyra Uicker Welcome Reception Diane Sierant Welcome Back Party Carol Sutherland Senior All Night Party Cheryl Davis

PTIA New Parent Welcome Reception‌ Thursday August 25, 2011 The PTIA held our annual Welcome Reception during the New Parent Orientation. The venue changed somewhat this year since the New Parent Orientation preceded Open House instead of being held on a separate night. The PTIA Leadership Team did have an opportunity to welcome many new parents to our organization, collect phone directory information and sign-up volunteers for many of our activities. Our picture boards were on display so parents could review our activities, and of course we offered our traditional refreshments! It was a busy evening and we would like to remind parents to contact any member of the PTIA Leadership Team at any time with any questions, concerns or ideas. We would be more than happy to talk with you. Please help support the IA community! Diane Sierant Welcome Reception Chair Welcome Addition to the PTIA Leadership Team We are happy and excited to have the following parent volunteers join our leadership team: Gayatri Dadheech will co-chair the Garden/Grounds committee. Gayatri has a sophomore student, Eesh, and they are from the Bloomfield Hills school district. Nuha Alfahham Abdulhak will co-chair the Garden/Grounds committee. Nuha has a junior student, Yaman, and they are from the Bloomfield Hills school district. Cheryl Davis will co-chair the Senior All Night Party Caption describing picture or graphic. committee. Cheryl has a senior student, Ashley, and they are from the Southfield school district.

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PTIA News Continued… 2011-2012 PTIA LEADERSHIP TEAM Kirti Jain Olympics Tyra Uicker Sandy Ruby Garden/Grounds Gayatri Dadheech gayatridadheech@GM.COM Nuha Alfahham Abdulhak

PTIA Reminders If you signed up for PTIA membership and paid your annual dues, you will be receiving one copy of the 2011-2012 Student Directory. The directories will be available for pick up during parent-teacher conferences on the following dates and times: October 26 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm October 27 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm October 27 from 5:30 – 8:30 pm If you paid for an extra copy of the directory, you may pick this up during the above listed dates and times. We will be available to accept new memberships. Annual dues per family is $25.00 and includes one copy of the directory.

BBFA/Parents Who Host Sharon Yarlagadda Discontinued Kroger Program Libby Vreede Fall Conference Staff Appreciation Carol Sutherland December Staff Appreciation Irmgard Garske

June Staff Appreciation Sharon Yarlagadda Brain Break Teresa Natzke Tile Sales Paulette Juncker

9th-12th Grade Representative Kirti Jain

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September 20 November 15 January 17 March 20 _____________________

PTIA General Meetings There are only four meetings a year for our general membership. Each meeting is on Tuesday from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. in the IA Music Rm #110. At every meeting, we present a topic of interest that you would not want to miss!

Newsletter Publication

Newsletter Publication

The summer edition is the only printed version. All other editions will be online.

The summer edition is the only printed version. All other editions will be online. The newsletter is a key source of keeping our membership informed about PTIA happenings and activities between meetings.

PTIA General Meetings

October 1 December 1 February 1 April 1 June 1 ________________________

All PTIA information is available under the Okma campus website at

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS The PTIA Executive Board is seeking a volunteer to assume the position of Vice-President/PresidentElect for the 2011-2012 school year. This position would be ideal for a parent of a sophomore or a junior student; however, we would consider any interested parent. This position would be a two year commitment since the Vice-President is the President-Elect. No specific experience is required other than a commitment to assist the President and the leadership team with coordinating PTIA events and activities throughout the year. Please feel free to contact Mildred Schwarcz at

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PTIA Garden Committee… Garden Committee organized a very successful “Garden Day”, on Saturday Oct. 8th 2011. It turned out to be perfect day for doing gardening with plenty of sunshine and very comfortable temperatures. IA garden needed a lot of TLC which was provided by the committee members and a few enthusiastic volunteers armed with their garden tools. All the weeds were pulled out from the gardens and disposed. Cutting and trimming was done to prepare the plants and shrubs for the spring bloom. English garden was overgrown and looks much better now. A lot of hard work from all the “Garden Day” participants changed the look and feel of the all our gardens, they now look more appealing and inviting. A big thank you to the volunteers for coming out and making IA’s gardens beautiful and healthy. Garden day participants were: Mei Cai Nirupa Posani Mazida with Adam & Noah Ginny Ziffiro with Connor Mildred Schwarcz Nuha Alfahham-Abdulhak Gayatri Dadheech

Caption describing picture or graphic.

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Christmas 2004 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● Your Family’s Name ● (242) 555-0193

Music Boosters… June Appreciation Luncheon…. June Appreciation Luncheon…. The International Academy Central Campus Music Boosters (IACCMB) raises funds and coordinates volunteer efforts to support our choirs, bands, and orchestras, comprising about 1/3 of the Okma campus student body. Mr. Ash, Mr. Wolf and our student musicians are topnotch, but we need to raise at least $300,000 to buy the instruments and equipment needed to become a worldclass music program. The Boosters are a group of dedicated and passionate parent volunteers seeking new and enthusiastic members to help us take our firstrate program to the next level. The Boosters cordially invite the entire IA community along with their families and friends to come and enjoy the fabulous concerts during the year - Orchestras and Choirs. Our students and directors work hard to make them impressive, and refreshments are served in the afterglow, so please come and enjoy and meet other IA families. Then help us imagine how we could provide the means for an even more inspired music program! Questions and ideas to Lisa Martin, (248) 646-4587

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Trips Abroad…… June Appreciation Luncheon…. June Appreciation Luncheon…. Germany Trip This summer I took 17 students to Germany with Mr. Uhelski as the second chaperone. The students were sophomores and juniors. We were gone for 12 days. The goals were German language immersion and to get to know the culture and country better. We flew via Amsterdam to Munich where we stayed in a hotel for 3 nights. We visited the main sights in Munich including the Deutsches Museum and the Olympic Park. We also had a day trip to the Alps to visit the famous castle Schloss Neuschwanstein, and also had a stop in Oberammergau. After Munich we traveled by train to the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) to stay with host families for 6 nights. Some of us stayed in a small town called Altensteig and others in villages nearby. Students attended school in Altensteig with their partners some mornings and otherwise spent time with their German partners and relaxed with their German families. Trips from there included the university city Tubingen and a hike in the Schwarzwald. Most interesting was a guided tour of the town of Altensteig itself. The last day and night were in Mainz on the Rhine river where we also visited the famous Gutenberg Museum with a replica of the original printing press. The flight back was direct from Frankfurt to Detroit. At this time, there are tentative plans for the German students to come here in May and be hosted by IA families for a week. Christine Boyle Teacher of German

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Healthy Living…… June Appreciation Luncheon…. June Appreciation Luncheon…. Hello, my name is Danielle Jacobs. Over the last couple years I have been student teaching and substitute teaching until my first teaching job here at the International Academy. I teach your 10th grader’s Healthy Living class. In the Healthy Living class your children will learn about a variety of topics including nutrition, wellness, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and human sexuality. This course will help your children make healthy and safe decisions during their teenage years and throughout their life. Through discussions and activities we focus on how to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your children hear a great amount of unclear and misleading information from various sources. My goal is to help your child make sense of all this information so they can make positive and informed decisions. My time here so far at the IA has been great. The staff has been very helpful and welcoming. The students are very pleasant and receptive. I am lucky to be able to teach such a great group of students. I truly feel that parents can play a huge role in helping their children make healthy decisions. Children learn a great deal from their parents. Positive communication between parents and children will help young people make healthy choices. Asking your children about what they are learning in class and keeping an open line of communication about these topics will help tremendously. There are tons of great websites available to you and your children. Below are a few websites that I consider helpful.     x.html   Danielle Jacobs Healthy Living Teacher

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Chemistry Corner…

Mr. Davies and Mrs. Phillips Chemistry Teachers Chemistry Corner is available each Wednesday and Thursday from 2:40 p.m. – 3:30p.m. On Wednesday it is in Room 213 with Mr. Davies. On Thursday it is in Room 209 with Mrs. Phillips. Students can come on either day (or both!) without an appointment. The Chem Corner tends to get crowded right before a test. TIPS: 1. If a student wants more one-on-one time, then come during the middle of the unit when other students don’t think that they need help yet. 2. There are many additional websites that offer help on Mr. Davies and Mrs. Phillips respective Moodle pages. On these pages students will find additional websites that offer help.

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Request for Articles.. Parents and Staff, please submit articles to us about your student achievements and accomplishments, whether it is a school event or a home school event, achievement in sports, academics, extra-curricular. Please submit your information and articles to or by November 20th for the December Newsletter.

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PTIA Newsletter October 2011  
PTIA Newsletter October 2011  

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