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EKPHRASIS: Art & Poetry Edited by Liz Blood


Billowed, barbed and menacing, the shape cannot hold the eye without shifting. At any moment this division could unknot and bridge my perspective to yours. The clearing inside every storm. unlimited in depth and before you know it, vanishing. I had been thinking for a long time

Jonathan Hils, Division, 2012, welded and powder-coated steel, 33” x 31” x 28”

that we are like our divisions: never seen with disguise, never seen without one.

In a tangle of steel and memory, poet Victoria

The core of our disunity is empty.

McArtor finds metaphor

I don’t know, what do you see?

and a question at the heart of artist Jonathan

Poet Bio: Victoria McArtor holds an MFA from Oklahoma State University, works for a residential mortgage team, and serves on the board of directors for Camp Fire, a nonprofit youth organization focused on building leadership skills and social responsibility. Her book, Reverse Selfie, is coming soon.

Hils’ sculpture, Division. Artist Bio: Jonathan Hils lives and works in Norman, OK where he is an Associate Professor of Sculpture at the University of Oklahoma School of Art & Art History. His work has received numerous exhibition awards across the country and his studio has completed public artworks in the US, China, Malaysia, and Australia.

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Art Focus Oklahoma Sep/Oct 2015  
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