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an initial creation. By taking pleasure in this process of creation, Medina continually generates new ideas for his visual art. Furthermore, it is this constant experimentation, problem solving and resulting discoveries that lead Medina through all evolutionary stages of each body of work.

available in three formats including a special edition with Medina’s illustrations, a second edition with the novel only, and a Kindle eBook. On April 18th at 2 pm, Medina will hold a book signing at JRB Art at the Elms gallery, 2810 N Walker in Oklahoma City. Prints of the book’s illustrations will also be available for purchase.

Medina describes, “With the series Balancing Acts, I had a concept and a visual road map. After about seven pieces, the concept shifted a little and so did the visual imagery. As I progressed even further, the figurative elements fell away and the pieces became more simplified and abstract. Did I have that in mind at the beginning of the creative journey of the series? Absolutely not. The exploration of the new materials, playing, stumbling with the new tools, in part led me to this new place. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Sculptures from Medina’s Balancing Acts series will be featured at 108 Contemporary in Tulsa and JRB Art at The Elms in Oklahoma City this spring. Both exhibitions will have an opening reception on Friday, April 3rd. Medina and artist Seigfried Halus will both show at JRB, and their two-person exhibition will close on April 25th. Medina’s exhibition at 108 Contemporary will extend through May. For more details, please visit and

In Balancing Acts, it is apparent that Medina radiates a passion for unearthing the unexpected through his process of making art. This love of discovery extends far beyond the walls of Medina’s studio. He recently published his first novel Enchanted Circles, a fantasy tale for young adults that addresses themes of the joy inherently found in curiosity, as well as maintaining faith in infinite possibilities. Enchanted Circles follows the adventures of the protagonist Zak, a twelve-year-old boy who is uncommonly wise and concerned for the welfare of others. As Zak grapples with an emotionally distant father and the loss of his mother, he uncovers a magical history at the homes of his Aunt Millie and her neighbors in the mountains of New Mexico. Medina’s experience as a professional visual artist is apparent in his captivatingly descriptive writing style. Through words, he conveys detailed sensory information which encourages readers to pause and meditate upon the sweet aromas of Miss Hannah’s freshly baked peanut butter cookies, her kitchen’s ethereal mosaic floor, and the everchanging palette of colors in New Mexico’s enchanting landscape.

To find further information on Medina and his art and writing, please visit n Erin Schalk is an artist and writer based in Dallas, Texas. She may be reached at

Balancing Act #3, Mixed media, 23” x 10” x 9”.

Enchanted Circles may be purchased through Amazon and The novel is

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