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EKPHRASIS: Fall 2016 edited by Liz Blood

Poet Melody Charles explores elements of the reality and environment created by artist Jane Razauskas’ piece, “carbon X05.” Ekphrasis is a place for poets to express their imaginative understanding of a visual work of art.

no question / making tracks movement works audibly / shifts silence spectacle / no paths allow no blocks where does everyone stand / yet then how do we move / why live to work to live how do y’do, dear you / what doesn’t undo true / patterns in the wide void gradations abundant / connections interrupt / not to make an effort where does everyone stand / still more how do we rest / why work to live to work how do y’fear to do / what doesn’t undo new / patterns in the void wire rotations abundant / stillnesses interrupt / not just to make a stand it was almost worth it / hanging around with them / scanning reality quickly such noises surge / promptly drop static signs / windows shut, open blinds mental environment / polluted densely rank / repetitive verses weak hooks leave us hanging / shadows in the skylights / trailing off into dark old, old sensory news / parting, minding the gaps / consider wandering vary theme, but please keep / routine the right distance / unintended endings bird on wire, cat on ledge / nothing strong lends itself / just delivers their juice quickly such patterns lose / momentum ranks second / only necessary

Poet Melody Charles is a cheesemonger and poet from Tulsa, OK. This Land Press has published a couple of her poems. You can find her on Twitter @mldynnchrls.

unlocked doors don’t stay shut / believe carefully now / now embrace dearth & dirge say words unbarred like light / tumbling memory / waltzing bewilderment muse ever upward, love / love each seeing of ways / through, across, & over

Artist Jane Razauskas, an east coast native, currently lives and works in Tulsa, OK. Through her art she considers the vagaries of perception, and the intangible nature of human experience. She is a 2016 recipient of the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation Individual Support Grant.

(opposite page) carbon X05, 2015, carbon paper and carbon residue on stone paper, 25.5 x 17.5”

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Art Focus Oklahoma Fall 2016  

Art Focus Oklahoma Fall 2016

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