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EKPHRASIS: Art & Poetry edited by Liz Blood

Ekphrasis is a place for poets to express their imaginative understanding of a visual piece of art. Here, poem and artwork recall earlier times of life and year, reminding us that each interval is about beginnings and endings.

Benjamin Myers is the 2015-2016 Oklahoma State Poet Laureate and the author of two poetry books: Lapse Americana and Elegy for Trains. His poems have appeared in The Yale Review, The New York Quarterly, 32 Poems, The Christian Century, Nimrod, Redivider, and others. In 2011, he won an Oklahoma Book Award for Elegy. Myers teaches poetry writing and literature at Oklahoma Baptist University. Sarah Leis is an artist, graphic designer and educator living in Oklahoma City. She works primarily in pen & ink and collage. She teaches in the College of Art & Design at the University of Central Oklahoma and at Classen School of Advanced Studies.

Salad Days by Benjamin Myers We lay down in that apocalypse we called our 20’s and waited on stony ground to bloom into something like resurrection: new life shaking us like wind in the trees, like hubcaps on that car you drove back then. We ate a lot of lentils. The Pope came to St. Louis, and his bubble car blocked all traffic. I lay down at an incline so the change rolled from my pockets and carried away the little scraps of paper on which I had written my thoughts. Later, I slightly rear-ended a Chevy full of puppeteers, sliding in a heavy rain. When they opened their trunk to check, it was a little Antietam of wooden arms and legs. I wanted to laugh and to cry standing in the median in the downpour. I remember one puppeteer bent over the trunk, grimacing, yanking at the tangled strings, bidding his tiny, wooden people to rise.

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Art Focus Oklahoma Nov/Dec 2015  
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