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Outword California Staff PUBLISHER Fred Palmer

Women’s March LA 2018’s Message Is Hear Our Vote!


he Women’s March - Los Angeles 2018 is part of a national movement to unify and empower everyone who stands for women’s rights, human rights, civil liberties, and social justice for all.

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Women’s March LA 2017. Photo by Elizabeth Tracy.

March organizers, Emiliana Guereca and Deena Katz would like to stress that this event will focus on positive, unifying action and will be not only for women but for all who seek women’s rights, human rights, civil liberties, and social justice. Their goal is to harness the political power of the Women’s March by turning marchers into voters. The March will take place on Saturday, January 20th, 2018 beginning in Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles. “Women’s March Los Angeles 2018 is about having our voices heard, activating our community and unifying our community. Women’s rights are human rights,” said Guereca “In a time when we are all wondering what we can do, we can do this — let them hear our voice!”said Katz The non-partisan and peaceful event will unite in spirit with marchers locally and nationally in every state and major metropolitan area, to stand in solidarity for the American values represented by the marchers. For more information, visit www.

SD Pride Gives Over $100,000 to LGBT Serving Nonprofits

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an Diego LGBT Pride is has announce that due to the success of this year’s Pride event, they were able to donate $104,182 of the proceeds back to 51 LGBT-serving organizations.

Each year Pride organizers work to return proceeds from the annual Pride weekend to the LGBTQ community. Over the years, San Diego Pride’s community contributions have well exceeded two million dollars, which have been distributed to dozens of organizations through Pride Community Grants, sponsorships, and event support. The 2017 Pride grants help fund LGBT youth programs, sobriety services, LGBTQ

arts and culture, communities of color, programs that support our transgender community, LGBTQ health and human services, and many more vital resources that the LGBT community relies on and enjoys. One Pride beneficiary, The San Diego LGBT Community Center, has been gifted $13,150 in total in 2017, including $5,150.00 gifted during their 2 Million 4:1 matching campaign, which turns in to

December 7, 2017 - January 4, 2018 • No. 12

$25,750 thanks to their generous donors, and brings the total impact of Pride gifts to The Center to $33,750! “Our board, volunteers, sponsors, community partners, and ticket buyers can be proud that the support they’ve given San Diego Pride is now helping to serve our local LGBTQ community and beyond.“ said Executive Director, Eric Heinritz. For a complete list of grant recipients, visit

Folsom Street Events Donates Over $300,000


he Board of Directors of Folsom Street Events have announced charitable giving in the amount of $322,484, bringing the agency’s charitable donations to well over $6 million since it first started. C A L I F O R N I A

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“2017 was an outstanding year for Folsom Street Events. We are so appreciative of our sponsors, beneficiaries, beverage partners, and the leather/fetish community for their ongoing support of our events, said Folsom Street Events Executive Director Patrick Finger. “The size of this check demonstrates the strength, resilience, and support of the community.” Edwin Morales, Board President added, “For every member of the board, the Check Ceremony is our favorite night of the year. Putting on amazing events all year is reward enough, but this night is the icing on the cake, knowing we’re

making a significant positive impact in the budgets of so many amazing nonprofits benefiting the community nationwide.” Folsom Street Events, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, produces Hog Wild, Bay of Pigs, Up Your Alley, ROUGH, LeatherWalk, Magnitude, Folsom Street Fair, DEVIANTS, and more. The mission of Folsom Street Events is to unite the adult alternative lifestyle community with safe venues for selfexpression while raising critical funds for San Francisco-based and national charities. Gate donations at the fairs benefit local and national charities. For more information about Folsom Street Fair, please visit

Sin City Classic to Feature Athletes in 18 Sports


he Greater Los Angeles Softball Association (GLASA) has announced that 18 LGBTQ sports associations have registered to participate in the 2018 Sin City Classic Sports Festival.


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Outword California

In its 11 years, the annual sporting event has grown to be one of the largest annual LGBTQ sports festivals in the world and includes teams from across the United States and around the world. This year’s festivities will be held January 11-14, in Las Vegas. “The Sin City Classic provides a fun and safe playing field for the participating LGBTQ athletes to both connect and compete over the course of our four-day event,” says Ken Scearce, Sin City Classic Tournament Director. “We encourage all athletes to ‘Play You’ by being themselves, embracing competition and having a good time both on and off the field,” Each January LGBTQ athletes, fans and allies descend upon Sin City for a weekend full of competition, companionship and, most of all, fun. The 18 sports that will be participating in this year’s festival include: Billiards, Body Building, Bowling, Bridge, Cheer, Diving, Dodgeball, Flag Football, Frisbee, Golf, Ice Hockey, Kickball, Running, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball and Wrestling. In addition to the sports competition, attendees are treated to a weekend full of hosted events, including an Opening Night

December 7, 2017 - January 4, 2018 • No. 12

registration extravaganza, nightly events at local bars and a Closing Ceremony celebration event. The Sin City Classic began 11 years ago as a softball tournament, but over the years the tournament has grown to include over 200 participating softball teams as well as an additional 24 sports having participated throughout the years. As GLASA proudly celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2018, the organization looks forward to making the 2018 event the best-ever experience for all those dedicated athletes who participate. “Since 1978, GLASA has strived hard in its mission to provide a safe and fun environment to encourage participation in athletics. As we reach our 40th anniversary, we are proud to have grown from a tiny softball league to an organization with dozens of volunteers dedicated to our cause,” says GLASA Commissioner Larry Ruiz. “Not only do we have over 35 local softball teams participating year round, but our Sin City Classic Sports Festival allows us to reach so many more people. We are so excited for the 2018 Sin City Classic!” . For more information about the Sin City Classic or to register your team, please visit

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Health Insurance Law Looking Strong In California Despite Uncertainty In Washington


he past year was filled with uncertainty about the future of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — known by many as Obamacare. Efforts to repeal and replace the health care law were plentiful, but ultimately unsuccessful. Still, damage was done, in the form of a national tax bill that includes a provision to eliminate the requirement that most Americans buy health insurance annually. However, Covered California, the agency that administers the Affordable Care Act in California, has not been deterred in its mission to help millions of residents get health insurance. As the calendar turns to 2018, Covered California is in the homestretch of its drive to sign people up for health insurance by Jan. 31, the final day to enroll. As an incentive, the agency is touting lower prices and financial assistance available to most Californians who qualify. “The time is now to ring in the New Year with a quality health plan that provides protection and peace of mind,” said Peter V. Lee, executive director of Covered California. “We have seen thousands of people signing up every day as we near this key deadline.” A recent Covered California analysis found that the net monthly premiums for enrolleeswho receive financial help are on average 10 percent lower than what new and renewing consumers paid last year. The lower prices are a result of more financial help being available for consumers who qualify for assistance. The Affordable Care Act is designed to protect consumers by providing more premium tax credits when premiums rise. “With the Jan. 31 deadline approaching, we want to make sure that consumers know about the increased financial help that is available to help bring health care coverage within reach,” Lee said. “When you do the math, hundreds of thousands of Californians are the winners — getting quality coverage at lower rates than last year.” What individuals will pay varies based on their circumstances, including whether they get subsidies to help purchase coverage, where they live and the plan options they choose, Lee said. The analysis found that consumers who select a Silver-tier plan are on average paying $3 per month less than they were in

2017, while consumers who select a Gold-tier plan will pay on average $78 less per month. Since 2014, more than 3 million people have purchased health insurance through Covered California, and nearly 4 million have enrolled in the state’s Medi-Cal program. Together, the gains have cut the rate of the uninsured in California from 17 percent in 2013 to a historic low of 6.8 percent as of June 2017. “At the center of Covered California’s efforts are the people it serves, including patients and their families, and small business owners and their employees,” Lee said. “Covered California offers a consumerfriendly experience that is accessible to all Californians, recognizing the diverse cultures, languages, education levels and economic and health statuses of those we serve.” According to an issue brief by the Kaiser Family Foundation published in November 2016, LGBTQ individuals often face challenges that include inequality in the workplace and health insurance sectors, the provision of substandard care, and outright denial of care because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Kaiser report cited several recent legal and policy changes that have served to increase access to care and insurance for LGBTQ individuals and their families. Among them is the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. “While I’m sometimes ‘accused’ of being too optimistic, I’m also very much evidencebased,” Lee said. “And the evidence lines up behind the strength of what we have done and are doing both in California and across the nation: Millions with coverage, a plummeting uninsured rate in California, premium increases held in check with a competitive market and a good risk mix. “Whether the years ahead — 2018 and the 2019 plan year — are ones of peril or

promise for millions of Americans will be determined by the ability of Congress and the president’s administration to craft bipartisan solutions to deliver needed stability and lower premiums. We remain hopeful, but we will be ready to work for Californians regardless of the path taken.” Consumers interested in learning more about their coverage options should go to where they can get help to enroll. They can explore their options

These Tests Can Save Your Life


t’s that time again! When the new year rolls around, men often turn their attention to improving their health. “To make sure those resolutions stick, it’s important to understand why we set them in the first place,” says Dr. Dudley Danoff, a urologist and author of The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health.

While women are used to yearly health exams, men are not as keen on them. So if you are 45 or older, it may be time to get to the doctor for these simple tests that could easily save your life. Urinalysis — an array of tests performed on urine to check for infection, excess glucose (which may indicate diabetes), red blood cells (which may indicate tumors, polyps, or stones), or protein (which may indicate underlying kidney disease) Digital rectal exam — a physical examination of the prostate utilizing the

physician’s finger to check for abnormalities PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test — a blood test that, although controversial, is a very important screening tool for the early diagnosis of organ-confined and curable prostate cancer “These tests are essential to keeping men healthy — both physically and sexually,” says Dr. Danoff, a board-certified urologist. If you are still not convinced that these tests are lifesavers, at least make sure you’re aware of the following symptoms:

December 7, 2017 - January 4, 2018 • No. 12

and find out if they qualify for financial help by using the Shop and Compare Tool. They can also get free and confidential enrollment assistance by visiting find-help/ and searching among 800 storefronts statewide and the more than 17,000 certified enrollers who can assist consumers in multiple languages. In addition, consumers can reach the Covered California service center by calling (800) 300-1506.

Urinating frequently at night, diminished urinary stream, feeling of incomplete bladder emptying, or pain or burning while urinating Any pain above the pubic bone below the belly button or in the back or flank Blood in the urine or cloudy urine A change in erectile function A change in libido These symptoms may signal an underlying disease or dysfunction, including diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, or endocrine dysfunction. Outword California 9

Your 2018 Fat Loss Goals Simplified


by Kevin Mefford

like simple, I’ve always like keeping things as simple as possible when it comes to my fitness goals to not overwhelm myself at whatever task or goal I choose to embark on. All the new ‘fad diets’ and the fancy new gym spaces that are opening up leave us with much room to get confused and complicate things regarding what we should be doing for ourselves when it comes to achieving our health and fitness goals. If you’ve read my content in the past, then you know that I am a firm believer in creating and taking action on small daily habits that I like to call victories. Choosing to take a stance and make a firm change in your quest to a happier and healthier life is a journey you are sure to never look back on. But we must have a plan of attack to ensure that the motivation fire stays lit, we are achieving a level of success, and we’re excited about further results and goals. Trying to completely overhaul your lifestyle overnight by attempting to commit to eating nothing but high quality healthy foods, working out religiously, and completely cutting out all the things in life you enjoy can be a surefire way of disaster. And with that disaster comes feelings of failure that usually leads us back to the freezer grabbing for that pint of ice cream to make us feel better, at least for a short while, until the negative emotions come again. It is important to be patient because habits take time to develop. Most researchers say that big changes in habit forming can take months of deliberate action towards the goal. If this seems like you in the past, then a more habit-based approach may be an optimal place to start. The key to habit forming and long-term successful results is action repeated daily. The best “bang for your buck” when it comes to figuring out which habit to embark on first usually begin with a weight-lifting routine or nutrition

Kevin Melford and clients following a good workout

control. These are the two subjects I want to highlight here. Weight-lifting and resistance training is the most important type of formal exercise we can do to transform our body. Resistance training helps you maintain your lean muscle mass when dieting for fat loss. You’ll find that lifting weights will not only reshape and sculpt your body, but also

burn a lot of calories too, which equals more fat loss. I suggest that you start with what you know you can handle. Commit to a routine schedule of 2 days a week (say Wednesday’s and Saturday’s, which are usually slower times in most gyms) and stick to that routine. This is a more effective approach over trying to commit to 5 days a week and feeling that failure

Tez Anderson Kicks ASS - and So Can You!


by Tom Moon, MFT

It also includes other numerous unique challenges to survival, often including persistent behavioral health issues such as substance abuse, inadequate social supports, barriers to accessing community-based services, and truncated opportunities for realized by organizing the first West Coast He continued to survive beyond his employment and participation in society predicted deadline, but in the absence of any town hall by, for, and about long-term resulting in insufficient financial resources survivors of HIV. He expected that about effective treatments that might have given and poor quality of life. Other common thirty people would show up, but the event him hope, he came to see himself as symptoms include chronic anxiety, someone who had very little time to live. He was packed with over two hundred, told people that he was a person living with confirming that he was on to something that hypervigilance, irritability, insomnia, suicidal described the experience of many. AIDS, but in his heart he experienced AIDS Survivor Syndrome is a spectrum of feelings, self-destructive himself as someone who was dying of it. sustained trauma survivorship resulting from behavior, and chronic low Over the years he saw a number of self-esteem. competent therapists who treated individual living through the pandemic. The most Tez is the founder of vulnerable seem to be those who became symptoms – the loss of ability to enjoy life, Let’s Kick Ass, a HIV-positive in the 1980’s and 90’s when the social isolation, emotional numbness, and so grassroots organization of diagnosis was considered terminal. but since on – but both they and he missed the big HIV Long-Term Survivors ASS describes both those who are infected picture – how the history of surviving a focused on empowering and those who are affected, many other unique epidemic was causing the turmoil in survivors to reclaim their people, including many HIV negative gay his life. lives, end isolation, and men, and heterosexual women, find their It was only gradually, through his own envision a future for own experiences reflected in the description self-exploration, and after half a lifetime of themselves. They are of the syndrome. living with HIV, that he began to understand powerful advocates for What distinguishes ASS from the more that bigger picture and develop a conceptual changing the mindset of commonly known and related Postframework to describe it. He called what he survivors from merely Traumatic Stress Disorder is the sustained was discovering AIDS Survivor Syndrome surviving to thriving in accumulation of repeated and sustained (or ASS for short – Tez is a gay guy, after all.) meaningful, productive, trauma through decades of the epidemic. In 2013 he went public with what he had

hen Tez Anderson learned he was HIV-positive in 1986, the doctor told him that he could expect to live for about two more years. He lost any sense of a future orientation and fell into a deep depression.

10 Outword California

December 7, 2017 - January 4, 2018 • No. 12

emotion if you happen to miss a day. You can always build up from 2 days a week once it feels like it becomes a habit, without you even putting much thought into it. Nutrition control seems to be the part most of us tend to overcomplicate. The king of nutrients when it comes to achieving fat loss goals is protein. Protein is the most filling and appetitesuppressing macronutrient that will help cut calories, build muscle, and elevate your metabolism to expedite fat loss. Make sure you have a protein source at every meal and snack. Increasing your protein intake along with weight-training will surely bring some results your way. The next important nutritional habit to work on would be to make sure you are eating fruits and/or vegetables at every meal. These are unprocessed foods low in calories and high in vitamins and nutrients that will also help the fat loss process go faster. Try a new vegetable every week and you may find new healthier foods you enjoy. Once these habits are firmly established, I can assure that you have achieved some level of success and results. This should feel extremely motivating to look for the next level on your journey. Focus on the daily victories and be proud of yourself for the choices you make, for it’s the choices you make today that will show on your body in the future. -Kevin Mefford NASM-CPT CES, is a Certified Personal Trainer with a specialization in Corrective Exercise from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. His website is www.

independent and connected lives. Based in San Francisco, they are rapidly expanding and now have chapters in Portland, OR, Palm Springs, CA, Austin, TX and Washington, D.C. They can be reached at Tom Moon, MFT is Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy / EMDR, 879 14th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114. He can be reached at

Tez Anderson


New Rendezvous

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Now is the Time to Get a Hepatitis A Vaccination


he United States is currently experiencing the largest personto-person hepatitis A outbreak in more than two decades, predominantly affecting people who are homeless or who use drugs in unsanitary conditions. At the same time, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), is closely monitoring an increase in hepatitis A infections among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM). From January through December 2017, 59 cases of hepatitis A among MSM were reported in California. For perspective, during the same time period last year, there were 14. Although the majority of the cases among MSM are not part of the larger outbreak of hepatitis A, the increase is significant and has health officials concerned. California isn’t alone in identifying an increase in hepatitis A cases among MSM. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, as of December 18, 2017, there have been 3,813 cases reported in 22 European countries. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported dozens of cases in Colorado and New York City. So, what is hepatitis A? Hepatitis A is a viral infection of the liver caused by a virus with the same name. Typically, the virus spreads in settings with limited sanitation (such as toilets and hand washing facilities), or by consuming contaminated food or water. For MSM, the main risk factor is related to sexual transmission, particularly oral-anal

sexual contact. Symptoms may include fatigue, lack of appetite, nausea, diarrhea and jaundice. However, adults, particularly those with other underlying liver disease, are at higher risk of severe or fatal infection. The

good news is you can protect yourself. The best way to prevent hepatitis A infection is to get vaccinated. The hepatitis A vaccine is very effective and safe. Since 1996,

the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has recommended that all MSM receive two doses of hepatitis A vaccine administered at least six months apart. The first dose of hepatitis A vaccine

by Gil F. Chavez, MD, MPH

protects more than 90 percent of those who receive it, and a second dose protects more than 95 percent. Hepatitis A antibody can persist, providing protection for at least 20 years in adults who received vaccine as children. A state declaration in October provided emergency funds and a mechanism to purchase vaccine doses directly from the manufacturer. The declaration allows CDPH to manage vaccine distribution and supply so people most at risk are vaccinated first to help stop the outbreak. For vaccine distribution, CDPH has prioritized the counties where hepatitis A is spreading or have outbreak-associated cases. CDPH is then fulfilling orders from other counties, based on current available vaccine supply, the potential for spread in the county, and the local health department’s vaccination plans. Since April 2017, the department has provided nearly 120,000 doses of the hepatitis A vaccine for outbreak prevention and control statewide. Vaccine is available in the private sector for administration to high-risk groups including MSM. For more information, talk to your doctor, call your local health department, or visit this CDPH webpage or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Gil F. Chavez, MD, MPH is a State Epidemiologist and Deputy Director for Infectious Diseases at the California Department of Public Health.

Top 15 LGBT-Friendly Senior Living Communities Named

S, one of the nation’s top senior housing referral services, has released an article on the best fifteen thriving senior living communities for LGBT seniors, and several of them are here in California.

Bay Resort in Washington State; The Residences at Seashore Point in Provincetown, MA; Birds of a Feather in Pecos, NM; A Place for Us in Cleveland, OH; Carefree Cove in Boone, NC; John C.

The company recognizes that the LGBT senior community is currently a very important part of the American population, and that the struggle for resources and housing can sometimes be difficult. According to the American Psychological Association, “more than 39 million people in the U.S. are age 65 years or older including 2.4 million people who identify as LGBT. It is estimated that as the baby boomer generation ages, the older adult population will increase from 12.8 percent to an estimated 19 percent in 2030.” Although the LGBT community is growing steadily, the options for LGBT senior housing are not as flourishing. There are a handful of these communities across the country though, and has put together a list of the most welcoming. The top fifteen LGBT-friendly senior housing communities in America are: The Palms of Manasota in Palmetto, Florida; The Resort on Carefree Boulevard in Fort Myers, FL; Stonewall Gardens in Palm Springs, CA; Fountaingrove Lodge in Santa Rosa, CA; Triangle Square in Hollywood, CA; Rainbow Vista in Gresham, OR; Discovery 12 Outword California

December 7, 2017 - January 4, 2018 • No. 12

Anderson Apartments in Philadelphia, PA; The Pueblo in Apache Junction, AZ; Spirit on Lake in Minneapolis, MN; and Townhall Apartments in Chicago, IL. There is generally less acceptance of the LGBT community among older generations, which can make it very difficult to find a supportive community within the senior demographic. It is estimated that “48 percent of LGBT older couples face discrimination” according to a 2014 investigation by the nonprofit Equal Rights Center. In addition to discrimination issues, this community can sometimes encounter financial difficulties as well. These seniors can experience discrimination in the workplace, which can make it hard to afford senior housing and save for retirement. recognizes these challenges and aims to be a strong resource for LGBT seniors. Ryan Patterson, CEO and Founder states, “ will continue to be dedicated and focus on the challenges and needs of seniors of all backgrounds. The LGBTQ senior community faces additional challenges that other seniors do not have to deal with, and we like to provide resources aimed at this group to help make transitioning to senior housing easier for all involved.” To view the full article on the “Top 15 LGBT-Friendly Senior Living Communities in the U.S.” visit

L-Fund to Hold 4th Annual Gala Fundraiser

New Arts District Launches in the City of Napa

The honoree for this year’s Bobreta Franklin Community Service Award is Jewel Thais-Williams, owner of the famous Los Angeles LGBT nightclub Jewel’s Catch One, often called the “West Coast Studio 54.” She has been a community activist leading the movement to improve the lives of LGBT community in Southern California for more than 40 years. Jazz, Soul and R&B entertainer Elaine Gibbs and her five-piece Women’s Band will provide entertainment and dance music for the night. Due to the overwhelming response to the first three years of the fundraiser – all were sell-outs – and needing a larger venue each

Inspired by visually innovative arts districts in urban areas around the world, RAD extends along a widely used 1.7-mile section of the Napa Valley Vine Trail. “RAD Napa is a great new addition to the Napa Valley, which will inspire discussions, build connections, empower artists, and spark economic opportunities within our community,” said Chuck McMinn, founder and board president of the non-profit Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition. Three murals created by world-renowned artists are the first of dozens of works of art that RAD Napa hopes to commission in the coming years from both local and international artists. The first mural, Knocking on Heaven’s Door, was created by Bezt and Natalia Rak, two Polish artists known worldwide for their street art. The fanciful, 210-foot work, depicts a woman reaching toward a glowing butterfly. The second work, Chromadynamica is a 100-foot colorful abstract, with pixelated colors contrasting black and white elements. The piece is by Argentinian-Spanish graffiti artist Felipe Pantone, whose art may be seen in the U.S. as well as Europe, Asia, and Australia.


he L-Fund, the Coachella Valley’s only philanthropic organization to provide assistance to lesbians in financial crisis, will hold its 4th Annual Gala Fundraiser in February, and honor LA nightclub owner Jewel Thais-Williams.

year, the 2018 event will be held at the mid-valley casino and resort; a major event and entertainment site in the Coachella Valley. The Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa, known for its elaborate buffets, is providing the dinner spread. The evening also includes live and silent auctions along with a 50/50 raffle. All proceeds from the auctions and raffle will benefit the L-Fund’s financial aid to lesbians living in the Coachella Valley. The 4th Annual L-Fund Gala will be held from 5 to 9 p.m., February 17, 2018, at the Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa in Rancho Mirage. Tickets are available at


he Napa Valley Vine Trail, Napa Valley Wine Train, and members of the local arts community have partnered to create the Rail Arts District (RAD), the first art district in the Napa Valley.

The current installation’s third mural is titled Floating Napa and is by Barcelona muralist Cinta Vidal. Her work includes scenography, backdrops and murals that may be found worldwide. She refers to her Napa work as “ungravitied constructions.” Another RAD project in the works is the Napa Community Quake mosaic, designed to honor and memorialize those affected by the 6.1 magnitude South Napa earthquake in August 2014. This piece will be constructed primarily from household objects which broke during the quake and contributed by community members. The mosaic will be installed on a rail car donated by the Napa Valley Wine Train and placed on Soscal Street below Vallejo Street in 2018. An abundance of public space has been designated for RAD Napa – including up to 50 walls for murals, 15 locations for sculptures, and future plans for landscaping and gateway features. The local arts community hopes the area will act as an outdoor museum offering a rich cultural experience. NAPA continues on page 16

Gay Wine Weekend

July 20 - 22, 2018 Sonoma

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December 7, 2017 - January 4, 2018 • No. 12

Outword California 13

These Guys Are Well-Strung by Chris Narloch


ollowing two previous sold-out engagements, Well-Strung – the popular all-male string quartet – returns to Feinstein’s at the Nikko in San Francisco this January, and will also perform in SoCal at the Renberg Theatre. Hailed as “the hottest thing with a bow since Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games” by the New York Daily News, the classically trained foursome will perform pop/classical mash-ups featuring songs by artists such as Stevie Nicks, The Outfield, Queen, The Beatles, and Lady Gaga, among others. Well-Strung is composed of four handsome gentlemen: Edmund Bagnell (1st violin), Chris Marchant (2nd violin), Daniel Shevlin (cello) and Trevor Wadleigh (viola). The group formed in 2012 and has since gained international attention. The foursome plays universally recognized classical pieces while singing hits from the likes of Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, and other pop stars. Well-Strung has been invited to perform at the Vatican in Rome and at a gala for President Obama. 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton requested a special performance by Well-Strung after the release of their viral music video “Chelsea’s Mom.” Well-Strung performs at Feinstein’s at the Nikko this Jan. 18-20. Other upcoming concerts at Feinstein’s at the Nikko include Andy Karl and Orfeh (Jan. 12-13), Linda Eder (Jan. 25-27), Paulo Szot (Mar. 2-3), and Tommy Tune (Mar. 18) Please visit www.ticketfly. com. In Los Angeles, Well-Strung will perform at Renberg Theatre inside The Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center, on Jan. 21. For information, go to

The men of Well-Strung are Daniel Shevlin (cello), Chris Marchant (2nd violin), Trevor Wadleigh (viola) and Edmund Bagnell (1st violin),

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December 7, 2017 - January 4, 2018 • No. 12

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LA Artist Gets Personal in New Video Art Installment


est known for his award-winning musical comedy, SPORK, JB Ghuman, Jr. is presenting his latest original art expression, a 30-minute film that took nearly five years to create, kEEp scrEEming.

Drawing inspiration from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, the film features appearances by notable stars including Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears, RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Tammie Brown, adult film star Colton Ford, as well as JB Ghuman, Jr., in all his nude glory. Like his previous works, kEEp scrEEming is not intended to teach or lecture, but rather to activate minds and hearts. “I’d describe the film as a detailed journey on how to build the Merkaba,” he explains, referencing the divine light vehicle (“Mer” means Light, “Ka” means Spirit, ”Ba” means Body) that helps the enlightened connect with others also in tune with higher realms. “The mind is capable of seeing a reality outside of the one each of us live in. My hope is that the film inspires individuals to consider themselves part of a larger, greater force”. “I’m doing what I can to lift the zeitgeist and curate work that is angled towards progression of the human species as a whole and speaks to and embodies the ancient phrase, ‘I am that I am,’” he continues from his Los Angeles studio. kEEp scrEEming starts with haphazardly shooting visual and sonic material, then

trying to make sense of what he has collected by fitting the weird puzzle pieces together. He might pass out for days, but once he awakens, he’s right back at it, until eventually, fragments become a story told via a rhythmic subliminal way. All characters that do not show their faces in kEEp scrEEming — from the ejaculation sequence to the body covered light dancers — are Ghuman himself. He wants it known that it is him and no one else: not out of pride but to protect everyone who participated in the film from any judgment or critique that should go on him. “If one were to go through my entire catalog of work, they’d notice that my work leans toward an effort to aid, uplift and shine whatever I can. Even SPORK.” kEEp scrEEming, however, goes beyond his other works. In it, he manages to dive deeper than ever before in his storytelling. He goes forward and backwards, up, down, left, and right; even directions in-between for a true mind-altering experience. “In my work, I let my mind be the canvas, my heart its paint brush; then reality itself curates the path,” says Ghuman. “kEEp scrEEming” by JB Ghuman, Jr. is available on Youtube now. Visit

Napa continued from page 13 Initial funding of $100,000 for RAD was committed by the Vine Trail and Wine Train, in an effort to revitalize Napa’s commuter corridor to become an area where locals and visitors are surrounded by renowned art as part of the city’s growing arts and culture scene. The new arts district runs parallel to the Napa Valley Wine Train tracks in semiindustrial and residential neighborhoods, 16 Outword California

December 7, 2017 - January 4, 2018 • No. 12

located in the heart of the City of Napa from Vallejo Street to Redwood Road along Solano Avenue. Future art works will be selected through a collaborative process of public engagement with the shared vision of creating a dynamic cultural experience in an outdoor environment. For additional information on RAD, visit

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