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Turkey, the Mediterranean door to Asia

Main “Bazar Mall” Istambul

There’s hundreds of places to play tavla and puff on a nargil‌

… and delight yourself…

‌ to suculant feasts

The charm of the historical Mosques in Sultanahmet‌

…and the vivid Bosforos

Hagia Sofia was an Orthodox basilica, Catholic cathedral & Mosque. Today, a museum

It’s caligraphy

Blue Mosque

You can buy food right on the Bosforos‌

…or catch it yourself

On the way to the Black Sea

A quick visit to Anadolu Kavagi

View the door to the black sea from Anadolu Kavagi Castle

A great place to escape‌

‌ Istambul city life

The buses are like airplanes‌

‌with the advantage of seeing all the sights

15 hrs later‌ in GÜreme, Capadocia

“Fairy chiminies” millions of years old

breathtaking scenarios

Cathedrals carved into limerock

A place to discover on your own

Underground cities where Christians hid underground

50m underground

What used to be a whole village carved into stone‌

‌was recently used as shelter for sheperd’s livestock

Hiding from the sun @ Kadir’s Olimpos‌

… and swiming in lush bays with 26ºC water.

A mythological place with eternal fires

Kas. A scubadiving gem on the Mediterranean

Chill in the bays in Kas

Dive in a plane wreck

Pamukkale “cotton castle�& Heriapolis

What looks like snow‌

…are carbonate minerals left by the flowing water

The water here is also 26ยบC

Ephesus, tourist replace romans

A good game of tavla with chai‌

…or a Turkish barbeque are a must

Turkey, a place that redefines “hospitality�



See Turkey throught the eyes of Out The Studio. A collection of photos created during the 2011 trip.

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